Friends Of Australia Friday Loin Chops, Frisk, Mashed, & Mr. Riggs

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

At Last, I’m a bit early this time. Trip recovery must be complete now ;-)

Wine Early & Later Late

Tonight will be a “2-fer” on wine. Once I get around to opening bottle #2.

First up, I’ve already had bottle #1. It is Frisk “Prickly Rosso”. That claims it is “Naturally prickly” and of 53% Dolcetto 47% Merlot. From Victoria, and a 2013 vintage so 8 years aged. With a 5 point scale “sweet meter” on the back at 4 out of 5 on “Med-Sweet”.

Well, IMHO, it’s more like “Yeah, sweet it is”. Like carbonated raisins in a glass. Definitely a “desert wine”, so glad I had it well before dinner.

Flavor is quite nice. Smooth and without any harshness or ‘bite’. It was to some extent like candy in a glass with some carbonation. Not so much that you felt it was fizzy, and not so sweet that it was cloying. But just kind of fun to drink and not care what you had with it.

I’d not pair it with cheese, crackers or a meat entree. But it stands alone well and ought to go well with a fruit appetizer or with a desert. It was selling at $4 / bottle at my Discount Store so I figured “what the heck”. I’ll be buying more of it as it is a very nice wine that will go with all those things your other wines just will NOT tolerate. Or just solo in the glass.

Sweeter than I’d expected, and I’d thought “Prickly” might mean something other than CO2, but whatever. Not what I expected and better than that too.

Dinner & An Impact?

The Loin Chops were up $1/pound and they were sold out of the Lamburger (minced lamb). Perhaps my One Man Campaign has spread to wider impacts? Whatever, I happily paid up an extra $1 or $2 for the loin chops.

They will be placed in a cast iron skillet standing on the bone end, roasted at 400 F for about 25 minutes (we like it “not-red”), then served with Mashed Potatoes and Home Made Lamb Gravy (from last time’s pan drippings) and a side vegetable to be named later (though I’m leaning toward green beans…)

The wine with dinner will be “Mr Riggs 2014 Lamane”, a Cabernet 88% Merlot 12% blend from South Australia.

I’ll update here once that’s done.

In Other News?

Once Again, I’m remiss in reading up on Australian News.

I’ve just been way to occupied with the Biden Idiocy Du Jure. You folks Down Under have left the USA news feeds, Al Jazeera had nothing to say, and RT was not paying attention either. So I’m not sure what all is happening.

Perhaps nothing much?

I’ll see if I can find something happening after I cook up (and eat!) dinner…

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12 Responses to Friends Of Australia Friday Loin Chops, Frisk, Mashed, & Mr. Riggs

  1. philjourdan says:

    Friday already? I just finished with Thursday! Long day and long weekend. From now to March, we got one major change lined up after another. I am not too old for this shit yet. But get back to me in 2 years.

    And as for the “Prickly Rosso”? Keep it. We did the desert wine tasting at several wineries. They all sucked. Like bitter sweet. They add sugar, but that kills the bouquet!

  2. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    The 2012 of that wine had 2.7% residual sugar.
    The 2012 version of that wine had 12.5% alc.
    The US allows up to 14, without paying an added tax.
    A wine from a warm region – either Australia or Lodi** CA, can easily push that tax limit.

    **Frisk is a new name to me, so don’t know what they do in the Lodi area.

    I’ll guess they stopped fermentation at that level of alcohol and coined the name for marketing purposes. It fits the (supposed) Italian of “little sweet one” (dolcetto).

  3. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    I’ll add that some folks like sweet wines. A female friend did.
    When headed their way, I would pull a cork on our dry red and add a heaping spoonful of sugar. Followed by a 15 mile trip. By the time her dinner was ready, so was her “sweet” wine.

  4. beththeserf says:

    I’m having baked lamb chops, baked potatoes and pumpkin,again, I chopped up spring onions and added salt flavour to the meal, I’ll do steamed beans and brocolli last thing…tossed down with a Pinot Gris. ) No reading OZ News, trying to avoid for the moment, enuff to digest with America’s decline into you-know-what under its new regime. But I am working on a Serf post re checks and balances, “The Political Restraints against Arbitrary Authority.” (

  5. Graeme No.3 says:

    Its summer in Australia and politicians try not to annoy the locals with announcements which would be mostly ignored anyway.
    China is still being belligerent on imports from Australia but Russia and Canada have asked if they can join in the WTO investigation re barley rejections, The Chinese can veto that and it could drag on for years. But just a reminder to the Chinese that their conduct isn’t winning friends.
    Sales of Australian wine into China have dropped to 2% of previous levels.
    The Prime Minister is under attack by the WOKE for not declaring that Australia will be carbon neutral (whatever that means) and refusing to change the date for Australia day (apparently a poll said that 82% didn’t want to change the date).
    The Leader of the ALP federal party is being undermined as various factions decide he is too Green or not Green enough on coal mining. The dispute is between those with electorates in the country who can see themselves losing at the next election, and those in the inner cities who can see themselves losing to the Greens at the next election.
    And the rush into renewables has left Sydney close to blackouts, despte reduced demand.
    And CoVid isn’t much of an issue at the moment except of the ABC* as they try to bring sown the government (as usual)..

    Think Demorats who think AOC is too moderate.

  6. beththeserf says:

    Masterly summation, Graeme No. 3.

  7. billinoz says:

    Summer here is on holiday
    No ripe tomatoes, peppers, or eggplants. And my pumpkins & sweet potatoes . are sulking because of the cold weather.
    Now WTF is global warming when we need it ?

    And your tennis star, Serena Williams is here in Adelaide South Australia. for the Australian Tennis Open. All of the stars have been in quarantine for 14 days ’cause of Covid…And now having a normal life like the rest of us. She took her daughter to the zoo !
    Maybe, maybe she will decide to stay here in Oz. Far far fewer problems & issues to deal with.

  8. John Robertson says:

    On the topic of nothing happening.
    Or “as seen on Youtube”.
    I am using a 2011 iMac desktop here,a week or so ago it let out a “crackle” and the screen went black.
    Then it would not restart.
    I tried local computer support and Apple agents,their response is Buy New F U.
    very ignorant.
    So online with my wife’s device I find a Utube recommendation to remove the graphics card,video of how to do so and then I baked it in the oven at 400F for 10 minutes,reinstalled it and my computer lives again..
    As the presenter said;”What have you got to lose”.

    For it turns out this graphics card was a known defect,but Apple,unlike Ford or GM can sell us junk at will..with no fear of recall.
    Still a little chuffed that it worked
    Of course every time I dissected the damn thing I would break another connector block or some such and internally every component proudly claims “Made in China”.

    On that note just how independent is Linux?

  9. H.R. says:

    Apple… rotten to the core.

    Interesting cautionary tale comment .

    The only thing apple I’ve ever owned got et in a cobbler or pie 😜

    Wait! We had a small orchard of about 30 trees that we had to thin a bit due to disease. Apple wood burns nicely with a lovely sizzling and popping as well as a wonderful smell.

    OTOH, my son uses nothing but Apple as his bidness is graphics, graphics, graphics. He’s a gamer and is also up-to-date on over-clocked water-cooled PCs and 48″ graphics monitors, so there’s that… which, along with $1.00, will get you any size coffee at a Speedway gas station. 😁

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    How independent is Linux? Independent of what?

    Linus and a group of core people make the kernel. GNU was the source of much of the Userland. All the code is open source, so everyone can fix bugs and make extensions. Every vendor of hardware tends to make one to several different versions to run on their hardware using their own programmers to do the port.

    Oh, and then there’s the dozens of applications that all tend to be written and maintained by different groups.

    It’s really sort of a Pot Luck of software. Lots of folks bring “something”, like the Mozilla Foundation does Firefox and Google does Chrome (that gets pruned down to Chromium for Linux as the crap is removed). And so it goes.

    Then IF for whatever reason you do not like their choices, you can take the source code and make your own version. That’s how we got Knoppix, and Wayland windows system, and all the variety of desktops from KDE to XFCE to Mint to…

    I’d say that’s pretty independent.

    Directions to make your own here:

    I’ve run Linux From Scratch. It’s kind of fun to do it…

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    The Mr. Riggs wine was a very nice wine. Smooth and just rich enough. Dry but not too dry. Very nice indeed.

  12. Tonyb says:

    You ask for news of Australia, well one new case has put the whole of Perth into a very harsh lockdown

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