FBI Investigating Congress Members Over 6 Jan

Seems that the FBI is being weaponized against Congress Members. Collecting cell phone records to look for some way to hang them. I’m pretty sure it will manage to avoid looking at any Democrat records… Dump a few more Republicans out of the Senate and hey, easy running to perpetual Democrat / Chinese rule.

First ran into it in this very good Tim Pool video:


He references this article:



The inclusion of congressional phone data in the FBI investigation raises thorny constitutional questions.

Ken Klippenstein Eric Lichtblau

WITHIN HOURS OF the storming of the Capitol on January 6, the FBI began securing thousands of phone and electronic records connected to people at the scene of the rioting — including some related to members of Congress, raising potentially thorny legal questions.

Using special emergency powers and other measures, the FBI has collected reams of private cellphone data and communications that go beyond the videos that rioters shared widely on social media, according to two sources with knowledge of the collection effort.

In the hours and days after the Capitol riot, the FBI relied in some cases on emergency orders that do not require court authorization in order to quickly secure actual communications from people who were identified at the crime scene. Investigators have also relied on data “dumps” from cellphone towers in the area to provide a map of who was there, allowing them to trace call records — but not content — from the phones.
The FBI is “searching cell towers and phones pinging off cell sites in the area to determine visitors to the Capitol,” a recently retired senior FBI official told The Intercept. The data is also being used to map links between suspects, which include members of Congress, they also said. (Capitol Police are reportedly investigating whether lawmakers helped rioters gain access to the Capitol as several Democrats have alleged they did, though Republican officials deny this.)

The Justice Department has publicly said that its task force includes senior public corruption officials. That involvement “indicates a focus on public officials, i.e. Capitol Police and members of Congress,” the retired FBI official said.

So “they” are “coming for the Congressional opponents”…

Hey, RNC: Any interest in fighting back against demonizing and vote fraud yet?

Then this:

In a letter sent two days after the riot to 11 major cellphone and internet companies, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Apple, and Facebook, Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., urged the companies to “immediately preserve content and associated meta-data connected to” the riot. Some of the telecommunications providers questioned whether Warner has the authority to make such a request, but a number of them appear to have been preserving data from the event anyway because of the large scale of violence, the source said.

Large scale of the violence? 5 people died. Turns out 2 of them in the crowd were natural causes (stroke, heart attack), one was a crowd crush that is an accident that happens in big crowds. ONE was a crowd member shot by a Capitol Employee of some sort. That leaves only one who was ASSERTED was an attack by ‘the crowd’. Supposedly hit on the head with a fire extinguisher. Except now we have him on video that night saying he was fine, his MOTHER saying he was not hit and that it was an unrelated stroke, and retractions of the earlier story.

So in reality what we have is that in about 1/4 to 1 million people, 3 died of health problems (not at all unusual), one was shot by an over zealous (probably security of some sort) agent, and one was a crowd crush accident. That is, in fact, extremely LOW “scale of violence”.

We also know now that many were BLM and ANTIFA folks putting on Trump gear and acting as Agent Provocateurs trying to create a violent image as a False Flag event. We have video of them changing clothes, one arrested and on camera in the event (probably more but only one I personally have seen the film), and eye witness accounts.

Mine being one of them. I *saw* what looked to me like Antifa folks (based on clothes, speech patterns, affect, attitude, age and more – they did not fit the model of the Trump folks all over the rest of the place). I *saw* them trying to gin up participation. I had 2 of them try to get me involved and I said no.

So what is this whole thing? To me it looks exactly like an attempted False Flag that managed to recruit maybe a hundred or so folks out of hundreds of thousands, to commit very LOW GRADE “civil disobedience” at worst, but now being ginned up and painted as the equal of 911 or Pearl Harbor. Just complete bull shit.

How can you have Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis and so many more with blocks of buildings on fire, miles of stores looted, mobs in the streets beating people, occupation of blocks of a city and declaration of an Autonomous Zone complete with armed guards and shooting deaths; ALL of that “Peaceful Protest”, but a minor percent of a group breaks some windows and enters a building, that’s the end of civilization as we know it? What?

This is just a fraud, yet again.

I’ve reached the point where ANY Democrat is, first and foremost, to be assumed a corrupt, lying and manipulating or manipulated evil person. How can you assume anything else given their history of actions and lies?

BTW: I am NOT a Republican. They are useless feckless wimps who can’t find a single spine between them and are in some cases complicit in Swamp Dealings anyway. I’m an independent best described as a “middle of the bird” Libertarian leaning traditional American.

FWIW, we have confirmation from another source:


FBI Seized Congressional Cellphone Records

February 22, 2021 at 2:18 pm EST By Taegan Goddard 102 Comments

“Within hours of the storming of the Capitol on January 6, the FBI began securing thousands of phone and electronic records connected to people at the scene of the rioting — including some related to members of Congress, raising potentially thorny legal questions,” The Intercept reports.

“Using special emergency powers and other measures, the FBI has collected reams of private cellphone data and communications that go beyond the videos that rioters shared widely on social media.”

So it goes.

Oh, and “Am I worried”? Nope. At most MY cell phone data can confirm exactly what I’ve said here publicly and improve the time stamps. At the Ellipse listening to Trump until the speech ended. Slowly walking toward the Capitol building. Stopping at the car to listen to news and have a snack / warm up. Hearing on the radio that the Troubles at the Capitol were already underway (and had been for about 20 to 30 minutes before Trump finished speaking). Walking on the approved roads to the road in front of the Capitol (from which my published photo was taken), seeing it a mess, and leaving in short order.

Though if they can get the film of the Antifa guy with a bull horn in front of me (I’m the one in the motorcycle suit) and his two handlers (to my left), that would be very helpful in showing Antifa False Flag activists.

Bonus Tim Pool video on DNC Congress Critters trying to ban Fox, Newsmax, America One, etc from Cable News too:


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25 Responses to FBI Investigating Congress Members Over 6 Jan

  1. John Robertson says:

    This January 6th Street Theatre is another litmus test.
    All the fake outrage and posturing has failed to draw the eye away from the lies.
    This is the International Year of lying or International Year of The Lie..
    And the professional parasites are all exposed.

    As you note,every “victim of the mob” has turned out to be not.
    The attempts to convince the public that Bad Orange Man did this thing,fell apart,yet the Presstitutes refuse to cover “The rest of the story”,for even as they are now admitting the narrative they wove was bunk,they refuse to investigate the obvious..Who benefited by these lies?
    If they “were mistaken” why do they not now report what actually did happen?

    The attempts to label conservatives as terrorists and out of control rioters,is so lame as to be funny.
    Lets see,conservatives are from the tool using proportion of society,supposedly they turned up in Washington determined to destroy..
    Yet the Capitol still stands..
    So are the idiots in media calling conservatives incompetents?
    Are the congress critters so useless,that they project their “skill set” onto the crowd?

    When it comes to dealing with our progressive comrades and government minions obstructing,we have a problem.
    Arguing with idiots is self defeating.
    They have self identified as our enemies and openly attacked.
    We on the other hand ,fear what we will become if we sink to their level.
    The comfort and luxuries we will lose by returning their madness appalls us.
    So unless the situation is life or death,we retreat.

    For unless I am ready to destroy,there is no sane or civil way to counter bureaucratic madness,the parasites use our resources to abuse and waste us..Time is on the bureaus side.
    The Just Us System has evolved to crush the individual .
    So we wait and fester.

    I almost look forward to the societal collapse these fools and bandits are engineering.
    Except I know we could head it all off,by banishing the destroyers.
    As most of the parasitic overload proclaim their faith in Man made global warming,I figure the restructured Canada could provide an Island Sanctuary for the demonically possessed.
    Where they can astonish us all by proving the lifestyle they seek to impose upon all.
    I want the TV rights for the Carbon Free Utopia,set in the ever warming Arctic Circle..

    Kipling keeps coming to mind,we are awakening and not in a nice way.
    For with self restraint,consideration of consequences come a slow burn.
    Must be the clansman in my inheritance,or it could be that thing in human nature that seeks justice and fairness,things without which cooperative ventures cannot succeed.
    Or it could just be the age old duality of man..
    For while I have learnt to love building things,fixing such for pleasure..I know I like to watch things burn.
    The other irony,”The FBI investigates”.Does this even have traction with half the population?
    Can such an outfit even be considered fit to investigate any crime, or “insurrection”?
    I am surprised State Authorities even give the FBI the time of day.

    The Redneck rebellion is being provoked as we watch.
    When those governing(Ruling?) represent nothing about you and the stink of corruption lays across all civic institutions,as these same fools and bandits decree taxpayers to be Domestic Terrorists.
    Once the next logical stage of this is exposed,that being the arrest of citizens and the blatant theft of their assets by the Parasites.
    An impoverished nation cannot support such a horde of parasites,yet these same seek to destroy the very system that permits their existence..
    So we will come to a cull.
    As soon as both sides see it as necessary.

    Or we could organize and banish the fools.
    However as I understand history and human nature ,option 1 is more likely

  2. mddwave says:

    So did have your cell phone with you?

  3. mddwave says:

    Sorry I just read the whole post. You did have your cell phone

  4. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    The FBI thing will likely fizzle – – that being a WAG.

    Short lists are being circulated showing the multi-million dollar amounts tucked into the $2,000,000,000,000 “Panic20/21” relief package. Astounding! Not much there to be in good spirits about.

    Newest wrinkle is a plan to use $86,000,000 to send 25,000,000 masks to community health centers, food pantries, and soup kitchens.
    Say what?
    There are masks everywhere. Any place we go we see masks. Boxes.
    Our local Cattle growers association teamed up with others for a big food give-away a couple of months ago. As cars entered the approach street each driver was given a packet (10 or so masks). Not sure why. We never got out of the car during the 15 minutes the staging took.
    We haven’t opened that package – how many masks does a person need. [RE: Tolstoy’s “How Much Land Does a Man Need?”]

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    I had a cell phone with me. Mostly used for photos. There were so many people that you could not connect to a cell tower. I’m suspecting that’s going to be problematic for the forensics guys.

    I’d rather have had a phone where I could selectively turn off the cellular radio / microphone /etc. but don’t have one. Camera On is also Ping Tower On.

    Maybe it is time I built my own phone… I’ve thought about it long enough. (It isn’t that hard, really. Just a Linux SBC, available software, and some peripherals that happens to include a cellular radio with id card. Add switches, case, battery, and configure software. Folks made a Raspberry Pi Phone many years ago…

    Biggest issue is it ends up big and clunky. Size of a book instead of an Altoids tin…

  6. DonM says:

    Hey Nancy & John,

    Its not only “why supply more govt masks now that they are everywhere?”;
    It’s, “Who gets the admin overhead from supplying masks that are billed at $3.44 each (delivered)?”
    I’ll be happy to manage that contract and take the 8% admin fee.

    (anybody remember my sarcastic goofiness about wearing 3 masks at a time? does fauci read this site?)

  7. pinroot says:

    I’ve seen some people breaking down the stimulus bill. There is very little in it that is directed at Covid, it’s mostly being called a trillion dollar giveaway to Chuck and Nancy’s liberal friends. Money to bail out several states/cities, billions to the unions, almost none to Main Street and regular folks.

    Biden screwed up (?) and said the N word during a live speech. It even showed up in the closed captioning. Silence from the media. Just imagine if it had been Trump.

    The left has basically weaponize the FBI with regards to the right. Someone has started up a web site where you can report friends and neighbors who voted for Trump. I’m not sure what they plan to do with this info. It’s called trumpvoterlist.org. I haven’t been able to connect, I think that it’s suffering a DDOS attack, but who knows.

    Disney has decided that The Muppets need a trigger warning to let you know that they feature stereotypes and other bad things that were bad then and are still bad today, but they’ll let you watch it at your own peril.

    @EM – If you have a smart phone, you can put it in airplane mode and still use the camera.You just can’t back up photos to the cloud (if you use something like that). I found this link on YouTube on how to build a phone from a RPi:
    It’s not tiny, but it’s nowhere as big as the early ‘portable’ cell phones, and there’s no Google or Apple looking over your shoulder. Of course, there’s no camera in this one, but you can still get a small stand-alone camera. With the PiPhone and a small camera you can have the best of both worlds, a phone, a camera, and no Google/Apple crap on either.

  8. Ian W says:

    Just after the ‘riot’ which wasn’t – there were a series of video clips most of which have been memory holed by Google/YouTube. One showed an ‘agent provocateur’ (AP) appear from behind the police lines where the police had stopped a corridor full of ‘crowd’. The AP was easy to spot he was in almost fancy dress. Wearing a ‘deerstalker’ type had with furry lining and black rimmed glasses, a haversack full of kit, and given to waving his arms about and shouting.
    Just prior to the Ashli Babbitt shooting the same AP works his way to the front of the crowd that is held back from the ‘members lobby doors’ by what appears to be at least 5 capitol police. He reaches around them and smashes one of the door windows – they do not react. Then does the same with another window – it appears he must have a glass hammer in his hand. Then after what could have been signals to the police – the line of police actually file away to the side leaving the doors undefended. At this stage the AP starts banging the windows with a hard hat – and you can already see an arm with a pistol in it pointing at the right hand door. This was not a spur of the moment shooting. The AP continues smashing the doors and eventually smashes the top window of the right hand door out. Babbitt foolishly climbs into the opening and is immediately shot by the waiting gunman. The police that filed away from the doors reappear complete with several fully armed ‘tactical’ support with long guns running up stairs alongside the crowded corridor (where did they come from in 10 seconds?) as someone tries to administer first aid to Babbitt the AP sidles past all the police and down a set of stairs out of sight of most of the crowd – and begins to change clothes!! AP then climbs back up and exits through the crowd – job done.
    This was the most overt set up that I have watched and must have been briefed to all the police on the doors at the members lobby or they would not have meekly slipped away on the AP’s signal to leave the doors unguarded. Alongside the wall at the top of the stairs there were 2 or 3 dark suited guards that appeared to be in charge standing like military against the wall. They did not act until after the murder when magically the line of police guarding the doors filed back into place. They let the AP go through police lines and has he passes the more heavily armed tactical group some videos show him ‘explain’ who he was and they let him pass to go down the stairs to change and then up back across the police lines and into the crowd to ‘escape’.
    The entire exercise seemed well planned and the intent was to shoot at least one demonstrator at the members’ lobby doors. The shooter is visible for a while and the gun is unwaveringly aimed at the door that Babbit would eventually climb through even though it was only one of the broken doors.
    This was NOT a self defense issue. A warning shot around 2 minutes earlier would have been sufficient to stop the door breaking. But that was not the intent.

  9. another ian says:

    More GEBing



  10. E.M.Smith says:

    @Ian W:

    Yes, that video was posted on another thread, but with a Voice Over by someone claiming the whole thing was fake and nobody was really shot. I pointed out that it was fake / staged, but that it was likely expressly for the purpose of shooting someone. An organized False Flag.

    I’ve managed to be in the undercover circle at “demonstrations” before (it seems I come across with the right ‘cop’ demeanor…) and these things are NOT natural events. They are scripted with plenty of undercovers and various agents coordinating. I have every reason to believe this one was the same, with the DC Police, Capitol Police, and DNC coordinating with BLM & Antifa agents as actors. It is the only thing that fits all the known facts (and video evidence…)


    Oh Boy! I know a few people with Biden bumper stickers to report to that Trump Voter Badgering Site!

    Oh Yeah, “Airplane mode”… but do you know it really really isn’t pinging? ;-)

    You can add a camera to the Pi, so also to the Pi-Phone…

    FWIW, I’m more likely to just install a de-Googled version of Android to my existing Samsung device… https://e.foundation/

    /e/ is a complete, fully “deGoogled”, mobile ecosystem
    /e/OS is an open-source mobile operating system paired with carefully selected applications. They form a privacy-enabled internal system for your smartphone. And it’s not just claims: open-source means auditable privacy.

    We could have just focused on an OS, but apps and online services are crucial components of our everyday experience, too.

    These online services, including our search engine, email platform, cloud storage and other online tools, create a unique privacy enhanced environment.

    https://doc.e.foundation/devices/ over 100 devices supported. A small sample:

    Google Nexus 6
    Google Nexus 6P
    Google Pixel
    Google Pixel XL
    Google Pixel XL 2
    HTC 10
    HTC One (M8)
    LG G2 (International)
    LG G3 (International)
    LG G5 (International)
    Motorola Moto E
    Motorola Moto G
    Motorola Moto G 2014
    Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)
    Samsung Galaxy J5 3G
    Samsung Galaxy J5 LTE
    Samsung Galaxy J5 LTE
    Samsung Galaxy J5N LTE
    Samsung Galaxy J7 (Exynos)
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (3G)
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (LTE)

    So that’s most likely to be my first step. Just de-Google the phone with an OS / Apps swap.

    Then, if needs are more than that, do the whole “phone with switches” thing…

  11. philjourdan says:

    I take back every thing I have said in the past 2 weeks about this site.

    That being said, THANK YOU!!!

    The FBI was weaponized 5 years ago! THose trolls did not leave during our Presidents term (Trump). They just sabotaged. So yes they are doing exactly that.

    I voted for Trump as a spoiler in 16. But I am a full on Trump supporter now. If he creates a new party, I will join it. Any republican running in my voting area (I do not care if it is for dog catcher), I have one question. Do you support Trump?

    They are out to get you. Steven Crowder posted a video of him visiting addresses on absentee ballots. Twitter banned him for that.

    Fake news is what you get when you listen to big tech or YSM. They are all lies. But the underground will not go away. Deplatform Fox News (bag Newsmax and American Thinker – they are just patsies of the left)? Go right ahead. We have TOR. And there is not thing one you can do about that. What? TOR is hard? We got techies to show the way.

    Stupid is not a strategy and lying destroys your talking points. You will lose the day due to your stupidity and lying

  12. philjourdan says:

    @John Robertson says:
    24 February 2021 at 5:52 pm

    WOW! Preach it man! That was great!

  13. YMMV says:

    “Oh Yeah, “Airplane mode”… but do you know it really really isn’t pinging? ;-)”

    Well, no, not me. It always seemed strange to me that commercial airliners were so sceptical to interference from cell phones. Are they still? Or was it just a way to keep people from talking on cell phones to the annoyance of other passengers? Is that even an annoyance anymore, since cell phones are ubiquitous now? Or it wasn’t to do with air safely at all, just a courtesy to ground cell towers…

    WiFi and Bluetooth is allowed now for most of the flight.

  14. E.M.Smith says:


    So what did you say “about this site” in the last two weeks?… that needs retraction… ???


    Per Tor:

    Is it self explanatory enough? Or would a “Beginners How To Guide” to Tor (on, say, a Raspberry Pi) be worth putting together?

    It is a good enough for most things anonymizer for visiting public web sites, but isn’t perfect and doesn’t keep sites up that are being shut down or help banned persons have a presence. Though if you add in .onion sites then banned folks can have a presence… So maybe a guide to .onion in addition to the Tor browser?

    @John Robertson:

    I had to cool a bit before I could respond. (I rarely to almost never need to ‘cool’ over anything… but this FBI vs Congressional “Republicans” & Patriots is too much.)

    Per “Destroy the Capitol”:

    Had We The People wanted to destroy the Capitol, it would be level ground today. We are the people who do the mining, bulldoze fields, implode buildings and so much more. I can “take down” a house with nothing more than two “tuna sized cans” of explosive and 2 sacks of flour. (Dad was Combat Engineering and taught me some things about blowing up, and building, bridges…) Set the flour sack on the tuna can. The detonation spreads it through the room then you get the Dust Explosion as it takes down the building. So “whatcha gonna do?” Eh? Ban FLOUR? ( I can make the rest).

    It would take me about a month of prep (mostly doing some math and looking at building layout) and a team of maybe 1/2 dozen Guys With Guts & Brains to level the Capitol Building. ALL with “commonly available materials” like flour, charcoal, and “horse piss derivative”… (Or a half dozen other mixes…) IF we wanted it down, it would be down. BUT It is OUR building. It belongs to We The People as The People’s House. So why would WE ever want to damage it?

    Or take a couple of “Construction Companies” worth of “Guys with Caterpillars”. First thing I learned to drive was “Farm Equipment”… Nothing much stands up to a dozen Cats & Diggers. They can be there in about 2 hours… Oh, and your pretty little fence isn’t even an annoyance. More like a sign reading: Start HERE!

    One small town learned that the hard way when ONE guy got pissed off and took a BIG Cat through the downtown area…

    But the simple fact is that NOBODY on the Trump Train wanted to do any of that. We know how, but it would be wasteful and waste is a Sin. (Better to just replace the poachers squatting in the buildings).

    But yes, you are right. It stands because we WISH IT to stand. Nothing more.

    Per: “I almost look forward to the societal collapse these fools and bandits are engineering.”

    I’ve said many times that “I Voted For Bernie” as the “Break It” candidate. Then we had a shot with Trump as a “Fix it” candidate. I voted for “Fix It!” as I prefer “Fix It” in the “Fix it or break it” binary choice.

    But now SCOTUS has let stand the Vote Fraud and the Stolen Election and ensconced Usurper Biden as POTU-Sino. THEY have removed “Fix It” from the table. Well, if you can’t choose “Fix It”, what can you chose?…

    But I’m starting off small as just Passive Aggressive. Contribute nothing to their side. Don’t watch network crap anymore, have add blockers on Goggle Ads (and more including a DNS grounding of them). Don’t buy products from “Woke” companies. NFL no longer exists to me. Coke is now toast. Plus happily going to sign up for every possible Government Gimme I can work. We’ll give it, maybe, a year, 2 tops. Then reassess. If “Passive” “break-it” doesn’t do enough, then we’ll figure out what more can be done. Heck, I might even vote for more socialists…

    “Fix it or Break it” and Fix-it has left the building…

    I do have some positive contributions. As the Climate Scam is pointless at this point (no amount of reason will work, only dead bodies under ice will be hard to hide) I’ve put my Climate Model on hold. For now, my tech skills are going into building a Safe Space to be an American. I’ve settled on i2p as the core, with already built in web services, IRC Client, and encrypted Email. I’ve also pretty much settled on Pleroma as a Faceplant alternate and Miniirc as the IRC server of choice (implementation example coming ‘soon’…) and then Peertube is already there as a fully individualized unstoppable video server platform (with honorable mention to Odysee, Bitchute, etc. etc. and Gab, Minds, Parler as commercial options. Use them while you can, but when they get driven to the wall, I’ll have tested alternatives and cookbooks).

    So that’s my contribution. A Right & Center American Refuge of tech option HowTo’s

    Oh, and BTW, I’m buying ZERO of anything from China if I can avoid it. I’m also asking family and friends to NOT give me Amazon Gift Cards for a ‘gift’. Financial Scorched Earth. It’s something I can do, so I will do it.

  15. beththeserf says:

    “n why do so many of these globull elite own private jets? … Al Gore, Bill Gates, (heaps,) John Kerry, Leonardo Caprio, google-ites, Larry Page, Sergy Brin, Eric Schmid??

  16. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    beth @ 4:08

    …private jets…

    John Travolta is a pilot, owns, and flies jets. He admits to being extravagant in this respect.
    Most of the rest likely lease or have partial ownership, like a time share. NetJets is one such company, now, part of Warren Buffett’s companies. JetLease is another.
    Numerous people have to have security with respect to housing and travel. Why? Because they face regular danger by kooks of one sort or another.

  17. Pinroot says:

    Re cellphones on planes: I was under the impression that in the early days of cellphones, they didn’t want them running because they said it could interfere with the instrumentation/avionics or some such reason. I always wondered it a cell phone could do that, what about a cell phone tower? I’ve had my phone on while in a plane, and there’s no signal, since you’re practically in a Faraday cage at 35,000 feet. Today a lot of flights offer in-flight wifi, and you can use your bluetooth headsets. Airplane mode is basically all or nothing (no wifi, no bluetooth, no cellular data/service, although I think GPS will work, but your maps won’t update unless you have an app that works off-line).

    I like the idea of the /e/ phone, although mine isn’t on the list of phones that will work. You also have to root your phone to install it, so you really need to own it (and not be leasing it from your carrier as a lot of them do today).

    I like the idea of i2p and am planning to get started on something this weekend since the weather is supposed to be cold and rainy. I think the only “downside” is that they don’t offer exit nodes like Tor does, which keeps the traffic inside the i2p network but it can’t be used like Tor to basically ‘tunnel’ your way through the network and then pop out to the clear net at some random location. There aren’t a lot of i2p sites out there, but hopefully the network will grow as more people become aware of it.

  18. Pinroot says:

    EM said: One small town learned that the hard way when ONE guy got pissed off and took a BIG Cat through the downtown area…

    That was the killdozer guy, city pushed him and he eventually pushed back.

  19. beththeserf says:

    Nancy and John H, you are likely right about some of those private jetters. Looks like Bill Gates , though, owns his fleet.

  20. E.M.Smith says:


    There are exit nodes on i2p, just not many and they are a bit slow. There’s some other name used for them too. Outproxy? Something like that. You will find this out when you accidentally type a regular URL into your i2p proxy settings browser then wonder why the page is loading so slowly…

    You will observe this if you watch my i2p site as you load a page. It slows dramatically as some wp.S0 etc. stuff is shown to be loading in the URL listed active lower left of the page… all the stuff I did NOT copy over in my copy that WordPress accesses anyway…

    It is BETTER to use Tor for regular internet sites, but not obligatory.


    Using I2P outproxy
    You can use I2P to visit regular sites.


    How do I access IRC, BitTorrent, or other services on the regular Internet?
    Unless an outproxy has been specifically set up for the service you want to connect to, this cannot be done. There are only three types of outproxies running right now: HTTP, HTTPS, and email. Note that there is no SOCKS outproxy. If this type of service is required, we recommend that you use Tor. Please be aware that the Tor project recommends against using BitTorrent over Tor, as there are serious anonymity-related issues associated with doing so.

    Privacy and Safety

    Is my router an “exit node” to the regular Internet? I don’t want it to be.
    No. Unlike Tor, “exit nodes” – or “outproxies” as they are referred to on the I2P network – are not an inherent part of the network. Only volunteers who specifically set up and run separate applications will relay traffic to the regular Internet. There are very, very few of these. By default, I2P’s HTTP Proxy (configured to run on port 4444) includes a single outproxy: false.i2p. This is run on a voluntary basis by Meeh. There is an outproxy guide available on our forums, if you would like to learn more about running an outproxy.

    So you can set one up (say, at Digital Ocean?) or you can use one of the existing ones or the default one for web traffic of “false.i2p”. But they do exist for HTTP, HTTPS, and email (which, other than FTP, is pretty much everything I do…).

  21. The True Nolan says:

    @philjourdan “The FBI was weaponized 5 years ago! ”
    I would say 28 years ago in 1993. One of the first things Bill Clinton did was to (illegally) get the FBI to hand him files on every Senator and Representative. Obama was just more recent — and he weaponized essentially ALL of the Federal government, including the IRS

  22. philjourdan says:

    So what did you say “about this site” in the last two weeks?… that needs retraction… ???

    Just about everything, Mea culpa

  23. philjourdan says:

    @Pinroot – Re: cell phones in planes,

    It has nothing to do with avionics. It is all about money. Flight 94 proved that.

  24. Pinroot says:

    @EM – Yeah, I should have qualified that. There is that one exit node/out proxy at false.i2p (and a few others), but one way out is just about as bad as no way out (especially when you consider the number of exit nodes Tor provides, along with all the traffic that might be trying to use that one out proxy). I think the main aim of i2p is to create a sort of secret parallel network, not a method of anonymizing yourself on the clear net. I like the idea of a secret parallel network that has as little contact with the outside network as possible.

  25. Joe Nobody says:

    Love the site. Been reading up on i2p as I really don’t remember how I set it up on my machine. For a “secure phone” I’ve been thinking about https://puri.sm/products/librem-5/ which seems like a pretty secure Linux phone though it isn’t cheap. Thanks for also confirming my suspicions about the False Flag stuff. I’m not into conspiracy theory stuff but I do like to stay at least knowledgeable of what has been going on.

    This is a fly-by comment. Keep up the good work. Going back to lurking.

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