Dr. Seuss – The Banned Digitally Burned Books

I’ve found each of these available for download on the Internet. I’ll not “out” the sources as I do not wish to send a mad mob of Communist / Socialist / Progressive / Democrat (is there really any difference between them anymore?) Culture Abusers after them.

Each one has had the PDF inspected and opened and such by me while watching that nothing horrible seemed to happen to my computer. that said, it is always possible that anything you find on the internet can have crap embedded in it. I’ve not done a full forensic analysis on these, and not inspected the metadata for source (if they left that in, it’s on them).

I’m putting them up one at a time. So this list will grow to all 6 in the next few hours. Right now I’m just going to test that one of them is available. In theory you can click the link and get the PDF to open in your browser.

I’d originally intended to just put these on the Dark Web i2p copy of this site, but figured “You know what, this is Dr. Seuss and it is out of copyright. IFF TPTB want to try to cancel my site over that, then we will know absolutely they are evil and it is a “no holds barred” fight of destruction against America. If I can’t say “Come And Take It!” over Dr. Seuss, when can I?

So here we go:

Number One of Six

If I Ran The Zoo – I can’f find any image in here at all that could possibly be a problem. I rough scanned the text but didn’t read it with a full on SJW Corrupt Mind Filter in place, so maybe it is just too subtle (or isn’t there at all…). Maybe it’s a PITA thing and ANYTHING “zoo” is considered horrible? Maybe you can find something that’s a possible trigger. (If so, shout out so I can start posting it everywhere!)


Number Two of Six

McElligot’s Pool – A fanciful story about a kid daydreaming of his isolated little pond connecting to the ocean and all sorts of odd fishes in it. Again I can find nothing. There’s one picture of an Eskimo in a traditional fur coat fishing, perhaps it is no longer allowed to depict people in the clothing of prior traditional cultures? If so, a whole lot of history is going up in smoke…


Number Three of Six

And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street

This is a fanciful tail of a kid daydreaming again, about things he might see on his boring street. On page 20, his imaginary parade adds a “A Chinaman who eats with sticks”. Well I’ve eaten with “chop sticks” too and they ARE sticks. The guy has long pigtail in his hair as was common in prior history and is in traditional clothes (rather like the folks in top hats and tails are in traditional clothes). He is shown with a yellow skin tone, but a quick scan shows no tan or brown used in the book. Looks like a 5 color offset print to me. So the choices would be one of the other solid colors (black, red, blue…) or NO color at all like the other “white” people who are printed without any skin color, just as black outlines.

So does that fit the definition of “hate crime” now? Any skin color not a perfect match to reality? Even in books with yellow giraffe like things and sky blue elephants? Sheesh, somebody psychotic has got ahold of a microphone and is shouting idiocy at the world about their imaginary hallucinatory offendedness.


Number Four of Six

On Beyond Zebra – A fanciful story of letters past Z and the imaginary animals they stand for. I can find nothing offensive it it. Apparently I’m not insane enough… /sarc;


Number Five of Six

Scrambled Eggs Super

All about scrambling eggs from a huge variety of imaginary birds.

About page 17 he enlists help from friends from a town near the north pole. They are NOT shown as Eskimos, but just as people in what look like fur pajamas with fur around the face. Then a few pages later enlists a friend named “Ali” who is wearing a Fez and again somewhat traditional Turkish clothes. So where’s the beef? Can’t ever show anything other than post 2000 clothes or what?


Number Six of Six

The Cat’s Quizzer

On about page 11 it asks how old you must be to be various things. One of them is Japanese. the Character shown, very tiny as only a part of the page, has on a traditional big round hat of the kind still worn in the field. It looks like he might have a yellow skin color. Then again, there’s a BUNCH of kids / people with unrealistic PINK skin too. Plus his targets of getting 100% WRONG on the quiz are both Gingers. Does any of that matter? Not that I can tell.

More disturbing is the number of questions I got wrong… ;-)


I Think That’s It

I found a reference saying those were the Banned Book By Neo-Nazi-Socialists. If there are others, leave a comment and I’ll try to find and preserve them.

As time permits I’m going to download a PDF of all the Dr. Suess books “just in case”. It also looks like Cat’s Quizzer might have a few pages chopped a bit short at the bottom in the scan, so I’m on the hunt for a better copy.

Then there’s Pepé Le Pew. Pointers to on-line videos of his to download and archive highly appreciated. Looks like we’ll likely need to find the entire pre 2000 cartoon and comedy library…

For The Life Of Me – They Don’t Offend

So farI can’t find anything in these that rises to the level of banning offense. The only possible explanation for taking offense lies in the mind of the reader. Someone desperately hunting to find a cause to justify an empty pointless life via the Offended Warrior Deception.

Supposedly one has a “Black man drawn as a boxing gorilla”, but what I remember is in a book full of animals doing human things, a Gorilla who was a boxer. We’ll see if I can find that one as I work my way through them.

I draw my line here. Dr. Seuss will NOT disappear and I’ll make sure to read these to my GrandKids. I may even print them out, put them in nice folio binders and leave them at playgrounds…

Sidebar On Tech:

As I was sent off to paranoia forensic land by a stupid SystemD behaviour that had me working with my home directory in two different file systems… I moved these to an isolated “disposable” system image prior to inspecting them. Yes, ever one of these was opened and inspected in a Chromium Browser on an Orange Pi One computer. That’s (roughly) $14 H3 SOC based computer with 512 MB of memory and ONE USB connection.

It has done a credible job. Having looked at 3 so far, and opened them sometimes 2 at the same time, for fairly large PDF files, and with Chromium open with 7 tabs at the moment (one this posting edit window), I have 385 MB of memory currently used and 244 MB on swap ( a mix of about 128 MB of ZRAM and a 1 GB /var/SWAPFILE swap file on the uSD card). It has occasional swap lags, but really not bad at all.

It feels about like the v6 Raspian on the Pi M3 with 1 GB of memory. Go figure.

I does need a $25 USB hub with it to use both KB and Mouse (or get a combined KB / Trackpad on one wire or dongle) and to allow adding USB disks to it. I’m running Debian 10 Buster on it (and tested i2p routing) from Armbian. As I’m not moving my home directory around on it, the SystemD homedir management bug has not bit me here.

Sometime later I will re-candle this device as a NetBSD board and do a comparison of browser and such. (ALL my Armbian boards are headed toward some kind of BSD or a Devuan port. I have Devuan Ascii on the Odroid AUX and Devuan Buster on the RockPro64. Other than the occasional test cases and / or some other special need, all my Armbians are headed for one of those two. Oh, and the odd Gentoo like I have on one of the Raspberry Pi boards.

Oddly, this particular Debian refuses to let me change the clock speed by the usual means. Not sure why or how. It is running at a measly 1.01 mHz on what ought to be 1.2 MHz chipset. So 1/5 or 20% slower than spec. I’m hoping BSD runs full speed.

But even with that, were this my ONLY computer, I’d still get done what was needed.

Really surprising really. IIRC list is $10 and it ended up $14 with tax, shipping, etc. a couple of years back. One of these fits in an Altoid tin with room to spare and there’s a similar board with a built in WIfI chip / antenna. So a very low end entry point to things like a Freedom Box or simlar.

Once this posting is done, this instance will be set aside for conversion to BSD, so it is somewhat amusing to think of it spending it’s last work day reading Dr. Seuss ;-)

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65 Responses to Dr. Seuss – The Banned Digitally Burned Books

  1. Clay Marley says:

    I thought 2020 was bad. Now in 2021 I have to go to the Dark Web to find Dr. Seuss?

  2. Weetabix says:

    You’re a good man.

  3. Power Grab says:

    The only thing I can come up with that might trigger the accusation of “racist” directed at Dr. Seuss is related to something my ex used to talk about. He said that certain of TPTB wanted to eliminate the white race. They want to blend all races into one color. I think they expect that to eliminate wars…or something like that.

    I guess if you burn all the books and movies and music and smash all the statues into smithereens that illustrate people of a distinct race (as opposed to an all-encompassing one-color race), that would be seen as a good thing. And anything that opposed that burning/smashing would be seen as deserving of cancellation and elimination from the culture of any and all nations.

    Oh, and I guess nations are supposed to be eliminated, too.

    I just keep concluding that control freaks are trying to remake the world into a one-size-fits-all mold.

  4. pinroot says:

    Well, I found the ‘offending’ material in “If I Ran The Zoo”. On page 12 you’ve got three (white) Chinese guys, with the text “With helpers who all wear their eyes at a slant”. And on page 21 you’ve got some stereotypical black natives, so there’s some more racism for you. I’m sure if you look close enough, you can find some other ‘offensive’ material, lol (I saw some French chefs and Russian Tsar; those stereotypes could offend someone). And that’s all it takes to get cancelled…

    FWIW, if you’re ever accused of anything by some SJW type, DO NOT APOLOGIZE!! To normal people, an apology is basically “Oops, didn’t mean to do that, won’t happen again” and the ‘offended’ party accepts the apology and moves on. For the SJW, an apology is an ADMISSION OF GUILT! And the guilty must be punished! You can apologize some more, grovel, beg forgiveness, go on TV and tearfully apologize and beg forgiveness… It won’t matter a bit to them, you still need to be punished, aka cancelled in some way. So save your sorrys for someone more deserving than your SJW accuser.

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    Ah, thanks! I was so busy looking at the long neck bird I missed the Black Porters. So depicting Black People is Bad, eh? OK…

    Yes, they have pot bellies and oddly shaped faces, but so do all the other characters. these are NOT photo-realistic people. I have red hair gene and red beard and I do NOT look like the Gingers, nor does my red-head daughter.

    It’s a friggin’ cartoon. Things are supposed to look odd.

    I think I’m offended by the SJWs finding offence in everything. Where do I go to get them canceled?

  6. another ian says:


    Re “He said that certain of TPTB wanted to eliminate the white race. They want to blend all races into one color.”

    A friend might have said not very observant – reckoned that “Necessity was the mother of invention and the father of halfcastes”

    And E.M. here are some more

    “Think Dr. Seuss is bad? 12 more children’s books that deserve immediate canceling”


    Soon to join the trade in illegal weapons – the trade in illegal children’s books?

  7. Pinroot says:

    I told the story in another thread, but “Little Black Sambo” was one of the first children’s books to be cancelled nearly 20 years ago. I found a copy and gave it to my nephew who had never heard of it. That was at least 15 years ago, I wonder if you can find it anywhere these days.

    I need to finish reading the Dr Seuss books to see what other wrong think they contain.

  8. george o'har says:

    Thanks for doing this. Much appreciated. I hope everyone prints what you have here, samizdat style.

  9. Pinroot says:

    Wow, I just checked Amazon, and they still carry Little Black Sambo. I’d post the link, but it’s way too long.

  10. philjourdan says:

    I read the same thing about The Zoo book as Pinroot did.

    I wonder what the woke would say about the Movie Hatari? You have a lot of natives running around with just shorts on. And to top if off, the female lead (Elsa Martinelli) wears blackface (painted on by the Warusha). And to top that off, she is given the name Mama Tembo! Mother of Elephants (I am sure in reference to her wide size 28 waist). Then she has to dance with them – cultural appropriation.

    Start downloading all the old classics. They will be gone by summer.

  11. jim2 says:

    Little Black Sambo (you can delete most of the right side of Amazon links)

  12. jim2 says:

    The purging of the military, the coming purge of firearms, and the cementing in of GEB power is way more disturbing than the cancelling of books and other classical stuff. But still, a pisser in and of itself.

  13. Taz says:

    ZeroNet – everyone should mirror this board.

    /drsuessbannedbooks/ – Dr. Seuss – The Banned Digitally Burned Books


  14. Taz says:

    It’s not enough to punish them for the banned books. Let’s post ALL of them. Hopefully, they’ll never sell another book – forever.

    It’s time to make examples of these people.

  15. beththeserf says:

    Forbidden books, it’s an Authority thing.

  16. H.R. says:

    I took “The Cat’s Quizzer” and found that I’m not a hopeless dumbass.

    The one I thought was stretching it was the ‘100 Hs’. For example, “Halloween Pumpkin” was either a pumpkin or a Jack-O-Lantern. I thought the good Doctor was stretching it a bit there.

    However, when I got to the answer page, I then saw that one of the points of the book was to not think in terms of very narrow rules, but to broaden a kid’s mind to expand the rules as far as possible. I had caught it in a couple of places, but missed the point entirely on the ‘100 Hs’ page.

    That was pretty cool and a good lesson to plant in developing minds.

    The other thing I liked was when presented with no rules, for example, “What would you do if a dinosaur showed up in your backyard?” it encouraged unfettered imagination with no rules to hold a kid back**. As I recall, naming the beast pulling the one-wheeled cart was another example of that (Edgar, definitely an Edgar 😜), and I think there were a couple of other chances to let the imagination run.

    I had never seen that book. I’m guessing that I’ve missed a dozen or more of the Dr. Seuss books, maybe more. I think he was still writing new ones long after I’d moved on to more age appropriate works.

    I think I need to catch up on the ones I missed. There is something in each of his books that adults can appreciate even though they are primarily directed at teaching children to read. Sometimes it’s only the whimsy. Other times it seems there’s a more subtle lesson.
    ** I got stuck. What I’d do depended on what kind of dinosaur. 😁

  17. Ossqss says:

    @HR, I can only offer this :-)

  18. pinroot says:

    From the aptly named “Scary Mommy” website:

    Know Better, Do Better: 10 Common Phrases That Are Racist

    There’s lots of other comedy gold there, if you can stand it.

  19. E.M.Smith says:

    FWIW, got NetBSD 9.1 on the Orange Pi One now. Installed nicely and the “bootable image” came with Xorg already installed. But…

    I’m still trying to get xfce (or any windowing system) to launch. Yet another case of mysterious failure to run and a million possible reasons. I may drop back to an 8.x install (as 9.1 is ‘new’ so may be a bug) but we’ll see. Once I have it worked out I’ll post a cookbook article.

    If, for whatever reason, I can’t get it doing windows before my patience runs out, I’ll make it a Devuan Userland / Armbian boot FrankenSystem… I’ve done that a couple of times now and seem to be getting reasonably good at it ;-)


    You sure that’s a /sarc; site? Or is PC Crap just so far out there you can’t parody it reliably? I’ve known some self appointed Language Police who could easily buy into that list…


    After I recognized my first “trip” over a “not a choice”, I realized I’d not answered some earlier ones correctly. (I think it was the dinosaur in your yard one…), but didn’t go back to fix my answers ;-) I figure on a pass #2 I’d likely score near 100%, but that wold be cheating… maybe ;-)


    One of my favorite movies of all time…


    OK, you have me willing to bring up a Zeronet Instance now… I’m going to put it on the same Rock64 as my i2p router. I’m pretty sure they will not interfere with each other and that there’s plenty of bandwidth. I added an old usb hard drive, mostly for a huge non-uSD swap, but it also has a 400 MB unused partition on it which is doing nothing and could be contributed to the global store…

  20. pinroot says:

    This is the sort of thing I was talking about when I said “Don’t apologize to the SJW/Woke crowd”:

    Mumford & Sons Guitarist Forced Into Groveling Apology Over Antifa Book

  21. YMMV says:


    There is a certain irony in legions of woke leftists supporting the cancellation of these books, though, because Theodore Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, was certainly a man of the progressive left, and this messaging often drips from the pages of his books.

    The Lorax, an “anti-free market opus”.

    Like Yertle, one might be inclined to take this as a fable to highlight environmental awareness, but as is usually the case with artists venturing into the realm of anti-capitalist allegory, it’s all a bit on the nose. It is a children’s book, after all, and the message is impossible to miss. The story is meant to feed a social awareness that industrious individuals’ ravenous desire for profits lead to the mismanagement and destruction of resources. This lesson has certainly been imbibed by a generation of young people reassuring itself that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” and demanding that government, not greedy capitalists, manage the world’s resources for them.

    The left eats its own.

  22. E.M.Smith says:


    Thus my statement that my response will be “That’s Bull Shit” to their face.

    It’s very clear that ANY attack by the radical left is to “make an example” and destroy. So how can that be thwarted? Just Do Not Agree. The “premise” is that you did something wrong. To apologize is to ratify the premise. How do you STOP that “ratification”? Call it the BS that it is. Loud and Proud.

    To some extent, that’s the purpose of this article. To call it BS to claim these books are horrible and need banning. Because it is.

    The left wins against cowards. Don’t be the coward.

    Unfortunately, far too many folks are happy to be cowards and change “sides” to be part of the mob just to avoid being their target. That strategy never wins, it just slows the end a little bit. (See the French Revolution for the end game of capitulation to the Mob and Mob Rule).

    Civilization is a thin veneer over human darkness. Mobs exploit that darkness. If you fail to halt the mob, prepare to be consumed by it.

  23. rhoda klapp says:

    From pinroot’s link about forbidden words:-

    It was used by British colonial soldiers (never a good sign) and made its way into a Rudyard Kipling poem (another bad sign),

    Well, I won’t accept a slur against my favourite poet, so here’s a snip from the offending poem, from memory..

    “Gawd bless you, Fuzzy Wuzzy, at your home in the Sudan, you’re a poor benighted heathen, but a first-class fighting man.”

    The rest of the poem contains nothing but respect for its subject. Nothing but respect.

  24. Tim. says:

    There is a discussion on the banning here https://www.spiked-online.com/2021/03/03/why-the-cancellation-of-dr-seuss-matters/ that tries to point out the irrational ‘thinking’ behind it.

  25. philjourdan says:

    @Taz – Agree – we are now the underground. We will keep Civilization alive outside of the Masters of the Universe until they shrivel on the vine and we can once again publish in public.

    No one is watching the new movies because all are woke. And boring. Anyone see CTA 2? It sucks donkey d*cks.

  26. H.R. says:

    CTA2???? Whut the HEY-all! (h/t Compu Gator) izzat?!?

    The last movie that Mrs. H.R. and I saw at the theater was Aquaman, down in Florida.

    We’ve seen a couple of new releases on the cheap; our $8.00/month premium upgrade to one of those streaming sites. The rest have gone totally unwatched.

    They ain’t gettin’ no money to speak of from us.
    BTW, Aquaman was responsible for me growing a ponytail. It’s about 15″ – 17″ long now. The Aquaman character had a man bun, and both the Mrs. and I absolutely hate man buns. So what do I want to do? Grow a man bun of course, just for the irony of it all.

    Well, I couldn’t even do a man bun even for the irony factor, so I decided to grow a ponytail. At the 2019(?) Chiefio Blog meet and greet in Lakeland at Sonny’s BBQ, I think I had about a 2″ or 3″ ponytail. (E.M. and Rhoda might recall.)

    But my plan was to grow it for two years, and this is the year for the cut. With the stupid-ass Covid restrictions, I have not been in any mood to go to the barber shop for a haircut, so it’s still growing.

    One thing I do want to do before I go back to my Engineer’s haircut is to do some Greta Thunburg braids and take a picture of that. (OK… I’m chuckling just thinking about that irony factor.)

  27. philjourdan says:

    H/T to CompuGator? For coming up with Coming to America 2?

    I saw part of it. It was not funny. It was not clever. And it was painfully woke. I am embarrassed for Eddie Murphy. The original was perfect! Stereotype? He came from Wakenda before there was a Wakenda!

    Last night I watched – Hatari, Hellfighters, and Donovan’s Reef. And they were great! They could never be made today. But I do not give a damn. I have them digital.

    Tonight, I think I will do Auntie Mame (with Rosalind Russel – better than the Lucille Ball one, but that one is not bad), Chisum, and Paint Your Wagon.

    The only movies I watch on Premiums channels are:

    Midway (surprisingly good for a remake – it takes the view from the Enterprise while the original took the view from the Yorktown)
    Hacksaw Ridge (unbelievable!)
    Jumanji: The next level.

    And nothing from commercial TV except Home Improvement, Last Man Standing and the Bugs Bunny/Road runner hour.

  28. philjourdan says:

    @HR – want to know a dirty secret? I saw the first of the Avenger Armegeddon movies (whatever it was called I do not recall), but have yet to see the second. The last DC movie I saw was the Justice League. I just do not care to see any of the others. No interest. I guess that is why they cater to the kids. They GOT to see them or some such BS.

    Me? I am building a John Wayne and Clint Eastwood digital library – then I cut myself off from all streaming services.

  29. H.R. says:


    a) I didn’t know CA2 was the movie “Coming to America 2.” Thus the questioning. Now I know.

    2) Compu Gator seems averse to swearing or using 4-letter words (good man!) so for ‘hell’, he uses ‘hey-all’. Kinda Southern dialect swearin’. Thus the h/t to Compu Gator.

  30. H.R. says:


    “Paint Your Wagon” is worth preserving for all time just for Clint Eastwood singing, “I Talk To The Trees.”

    I won’t search, but is that the only musical Clint Eastwood has ever done? What a hoot! I think that was the last time evah! he was ‘sensitive’ on the silver screen.

  31. philjourdan says:

    @HR – sorry about that. I have only seen part of CTA2. And the part I saw really sucked Moose D*cks (my language is colorful when it comes to modern day movies). As it is on all the “Woke R Us” channels, I naturally assumed that we all knew about it. H/T to you for NOT knowing about it. I learn from WTV (Woke TV), through osmosis. But I never watch it (the wife does – a true believer in fake news – but I still love her).

    I will have to watch Compu-Gator closer. I had not noticed that trait (but then I do have a habit of finishing the words when letters are left out and do not realize I am doing it).

  32. philjourdan says:

    @HR – I actually worked with a gentleman who lived where they shot that film (Oregon). About 10 years after it was filmed. My youngest son, a videophile, hates the movie! (but then again we have more in common than we do not). He is 28, and his response? “Why would anyone want to listen to Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin sing?”

    He can name ever director and producer of every film in the last 80 years!

    But I did cause him to tape his head. I asked him if he had seen HonkyTonk Man (but he still objects to Lee Marvin who has the best song – I Was Born Under A Wandering Star).

    And in answer to your last question, kind of? Honky Tonk Man, he played a C&S singer. And my son actually liked that movie (he is one of those Academy Awards folks). Clint also sang the theme song for Grand Torino. He is a good C&W singer, but Paint Your Wagon was his first singing gig. So you either love the movie or hate it. There is no middle ground.

    I love it, my son hates it, and we bond over it! Aint love grand? LOL

  33. p.g.sharrow says:

    “Paint Your Wagon” my favorite Horse Opera 8-)
    Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood “singing” and diggin for GOLD near Hell Town!
    A fun movie that I enjoy, Songs to remember that can be sung even if you can’t sing…pg

  34. H.R. says:

    Hunh… I did not know Clint Eastwood sang the theme song for Grand Torino. That was a good movie.

    Along with the good Dr. Seuss, I suppose most of Clint Eastwood’s movies are banned for some PC reason or other, if not all of them by the Feminazis (sniff… ‘bye, Rush) just for Eastwood’s toxic masculinity.

    I’m trying to think of a Clint Eastwood movie I didn’t like, but I’m coming up blank. Even the throwaway, silly, “Every Which Way But Loose” and the sequel, “Any Which Way You Can”, with Eastwood as Philoe Bedoe , was quite entertaining. A bit cheesy, but fun. Innit what movies are supposed to be; entertaining, fun?

    “Right turn, Clyde.”

  35. pinroot says:

    My favorite Lee Marvin movie was “The Dirty Dozen”. I remember seeing it at a drive-in with my dad and brothers. It was a great movie with an all-star cast. I’ve got a copy of it and like to watch it now and then, since it brings back some good memories.

    Speaking of drive-ins, the last movie I saw at a drive-in was “Water World” with Kevin Costner. Not a great movie, but it was fun because we were at the drive-in, in the back of my pick-up with lawn chairs. Post covid, I would expect to see drive-ins making a comeback. We’ll see.

    I’m trying to collect some of the old stuff, like John Wayne westerns and some Clint Eastwood stuff, old sci-fi movies, old war movies and those sort of things. The new stuff just doesn’t cut it anymore. Almost all of it is unoriginal, or woke, or a remake of something that wasn’t that good to begin with. I haven’t been to a theater in years and haven’t missed it at all. Bad movies, overpriced refreshments… I’m not missing anything.

  36. H.R. says:

    @pinroot – Movie ticket prices aren’t too bad if you have a Senior discount. Also, if retired, a lot of theaters have promos like “$2.00 Tuesdays” or some such.

    But the Popcorn and soda prices… OH MY!!! That’s the only reason theaters are surviving.

    Oh, and there seems to be a trend towards adding a bar in theaters. $8, $9, $10 drinks and $5.00 to $7.00 beers.

    That’s nice to be able to have an adult beverage while watching a movie. That was very rare just a few years ago, at least in our area.

    The money isn’t in the tickets. The money is in the concessions.

  37. cdquarles says:

    Movie theater? What’s that? It has been nigh on 20 years since I and some family members went to the theater to see one. What was it precious? Oh, a remake of War of the Worlds. I did watch some on DVD though, after that. For a time, I had Hulu and Netflix. I have long since dropped them, as well as television, after the 3rd Stargate series died and the SciFi channel remade itself to Scyfy. Ugh. As far back as I can remember, maybe excepting things like major concerts or opera or other stage productions, it was the concessions where the money was made and not the tickets. I can see where that is more true today than it used to be.

  38. E.M.Smith says:

    I think a lousy Star Trek movie with too much swoopy camera movement and too loud special effects was my last in-theatre experience. 10 years ago?

    Having a high def TV, free snacks, movies on demand, pause for potty, rewind … makes it rather more pleasant at home.

  39. The True Nolan says:

    My wife and I watch a rather limited entertainment menu — but I have to recommend one older (about 10 years, pre-ultra-PC) series from the BCC, “The IT Crowd”. In my opinion, one of the best written comedy shows ever produced, but relatively unknown. It is available on Netflix. I have been told that there was a US production of it made which was not nearly as well done.

  40. rhoda klapp says:

    The IT Crowd is British, or at least Irish/Brit. But not BBC. It’s very funny for those of us who have been in IT support. It has a stablemate from the same writer, which may not be available in the US, called Father Ted. That show is hilarious at least for those of us who are not RC.

  41. pinroot says:

    @HR – Well, I qualify for the Senior citizen discount, and we have a $3 theater that shows movies that have just finished their big run in the main theaters, but even with all that, there’s just nothing out there that makes me say “Wow, I’ve really got to see that!” And even if there is, it’s just easier to wait a bit and see it on demand (or find it on Kodi). And for all the reasons EM mentioned, I think I’d rather put on some comfy clothes, grab a drink and watch it from the sofa.

  42. The True Nolan says:

    @rhoda klapp: “Father Ted”? I am not familiar with that show. I’ll have to check for it. Thanks, rhoda!

  43. philjourdan says:

    @PG Sparrow – Horse Opera? There are maybe 2 horses in the whole show! Mule opera is a better title.

    But Best movie ever is my title. As I do like it and it pisses off my son the movie critic!

  44. philjourdan says:

    @HR – First, the Every which way movies are NOT throw aways. The first is a DQ movie. The second is “Hold my Beer” movie (there is actually a scene in there that does exactly that!)

    The only Clint movies I do not like are the Bridges one and the High Plains Drifter (except it being played in Earthquake).

  45. philjourdan says:

    @Pinroot – My favorite Lee Marvin movie was Donovan’s Reef. But the last movie I saw in a drive in was “Night of the Grizzly” with my girlfriend in a VW Beetle and we were steaming the windows! ;-)

  46. philjourdan says:

    @CD – Since my youngest turned 21 (7 years ago) I have not been in one either. Before that, I did it for him. (Movie theaters)

  47. E.M.Smith says:

    Lee Marvin drunk on a drunk horse in Cat Ballou

  48. pouncer says:

    The NYC Public Library is keeping Dr Seuss on the shelves.


    No statement on how to replace the books when they wear out, nor protecting them from theft for re-sale at eBay exorbitant pricing.

    Any minute I expect to hear that Robert Service has been condemned:


  49. philjourdan says:

    I was waiting for my wife to finish her shower so I could wash the cat dishes (if I was them while she is showering, it causes a problem with water temperature). Paint your Wagon was on, so I was singing along with “I was born under a wandering star”. She finishes her shower and comes out and wonders why she marries men that sing that song!!!

    LOL! Ok, so now I kind of like her Ex (never met him he lives half a continent away).

  50. Compu Gator says:

    I gave up on movie theaters quite a few years ago, even tho’ I could afford their prices, because of the rude continual yakking (whispering no longer the norm), incl. spoilers, and newfangled cell-phone abuse. So, e.g., I 1st saw The Right Stuff on network-broadcast t.v., as edited, keeping myself alert enough to pause-out commercials as taped it on my VCR.

    I might be misled by my overly small sample-size [♞] [🕷], but I’ve figured out what it was that I didn’t like about the relatively recent superhero movies that’ve been derived from the venerable comic-book lines (i.e., DC vs. Marvel): The DC ones I’ve seen, or from which have seen excerpts (e.g., J.L.A.), are really martial-arts movies!  Or at least show it to excess. Borrr-innng–at least to me.

    Worst are movies that involve zombies (e.g., the Japanese-video-game-derived Resident Evil series [⸸]), because (by definition) the heroes can’t kill them, so the hand-to-hand combat goes on, and onnn, and onnnnnn.

    At least in Wonder Woman, there was less of the martial arts, and starred a heroine definitely worth looking at: Gal Gadōt, i.r.l., a former Miss Israël (2004), now nearly 35 and “married with children”.  I’d read that she was cast in Justice League of America was more-or-less to fill out the roster of superheroes [☆], and the studio was clueless about how popular her character would become.

    I believe that the studio has Gadōt under contract for 2 more movies. I fear that the studios will decide that they can’t continue a successful character franchise without wokeification. Maybe require that she gain weight to appeal to the same demographic that was pleased to see obese women wearing “plus-sized” swimsuits in a recent year’s Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Issue”.  Now that I’m thinking along such lines, it wouldn’t be a modern script if it didn’t incorporate sexual-identity issues. After all, Wonder Woman’s native island is devoid of men. A studio displaying comparable stupidity & arrogance could become 1 of the most compelling examples for “get woke, go broke”!

    Note ♞ : The Batman movies might be an exception, even the “Dark Knight Trilogy”, having had their most-recent releases more years ago: 2005, 2008, 2012. And the “Motion Picture Anthology”: 1989, 1992, 1995, 1997. I hadn’t realized that there had been so many, but I’d already given up on movie theaters by then: “What order should you watch the Batman movies and shows?”  Maggie Tillman, Contributing editor · 6 October 2020:  https://www.pocket-lint.com/tv/news/149433-batman-timeline-best-batman-movie-show-viewing-order.

    Note 🕷 : It’s my impression that the Marvel-brand superhero movies are all pretty recent, but I’m outside their marketing demographics: Not only my advanced age, but also that I don’t recall ever reading any of the Marvel comics, so why bother with the movies?  And so I won’t be searching for relevant links to post.

    Note ⸸ : The 1 that I watched all the way thro’: The Final Chapter (2016), was unsubtly hostile to Christianity: Devotional objects like crucifixes were in the hands of zombies, and the leaders were determined to bring on The Apocalyptic End of Days on their own terms. Wasn’t forced to watch them?  True enough. But I was stuck in a hospital for a few days, and I gave it a try, as what seemed closest on their cable system to sci-fi. That movie never progressed to being more worth watching:  I say “No redeeming social value”.

    Note ☆ : Wkp. claims that she was introduced instead in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), but leaves it murky whether or not her role was Wonder Woman:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gal_Gadot#Acting.

  51. philjourdan says:


    As usual, you are spot on. But miss one thing. Gal Gadot is Jewish and they are the new “privileged” class. So they must be shunned.

  52. Ossqss says:

    We have had the drive in’s open the whole time. They were busy to say the least. The only way I would do a theater is if there was a new Godzilla movie out and they served beer.

    Oh, wait they do!>

  53. H.R. says:

    @Ossqss – Other than the Covid nonsense, which put us off movie theaters because… masks, we go to the theater for special effects movies. Can’t beat the big screen.

    For the rest, like Pinroot, E.M., et al have commented, we wait until it can be streamed at home.

    But there are some movies that come along that ya just gotta see on the big screen with the Dolby bass rumbling through your guts in the background.
    @Compu Gator – Yeah, zombie and slasher flicks have never been on the H.R. household viewing list either. I think you nailed it… boring, and might I add… cheesy in a negative way.

    However, a few years ago, we gained an interest in the martial arts films. We call them “hokey fight flicks” because they are quite entertaining due to the impossibilities depicted. You have guys running on their fingertips or the ceilings and jumping 40 feet in the air. Then they get hit with multiple killing blows and kicks and, whoopsie! jump up for another round. It just pissed them off, even though their ribs should be in 200 pieces, their skulls fractured multiple times, and their legs and arms should be jointed in 4 or 5 places. “I’m good. Bring it on!” Then they go on to kick the other guy’s ass.

    Also, there is a newer genre of hokey fight flicks out that have absolutely STUNNING cinematography, costuming, and period settings. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” is one of the first and best of those. There have been several more made since that one. The scenery, sets, and costumes are breathtaking. And yeah, I can only vaguely recall the plots (they had a plot?) because the visuals are the reason to watch. Absolutely beautiful.
    Then there is Bollywood…………….

    Let’s not go there, shall we? Just tiptoe right on by that topic 😜

  54. YMMV says:

    Hollywood then. Headline: “Meghan complains to UK regulator over TV host Piers Morgan”. Anyone who doubts “Princess Pinocchio” must be cancelled. Piers was more gentle than I would have been to call her that. There’s a better word for those who do nothing but aggressively complain.

  55. philjourdan says:

    Markle proves you can be a victim even when you are a multi-millionaire.

  56. The True Nolan says:

    @H.R. “there is a newer genre of hokey fight flicks out that have absolutely STUNNING cinematography, costuming, and period settings. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” is one of the first and best of those.”

    I would recommend “Hero” and “The Emperor and the Assassin”.

  57. H.R. says:

    Yup. I’ve seen those too, Jason. It’s all about the visuals, innit?

    I’d have to re-watch a bit of both to recalls the plots. They are just an excuse for the cinematography.

    The old ones are cheesy. The new ones are… you know… It reminds me of the breakthrough that was the Wizard of Oz. It’s black & white vs. Technicolor.

    The plots are still secondary in both the old and the new, though. Hero loves girl (or hero is girl and loves guy), hero gets ass kicked around a bit, then hero kicks ass. There’s often an Emperor thrown in somewhere, or a drug kingpin if it’s a modern setting.

  58. Compu Gator says:

    philjourdan commented on 13 March 2021 at 1:27 am GMT:

    But ⟨you⟩ miss one thing. Gal Gadot is Jewish and they are the new “privileged” class. So they must be shunned.

    The actress I identified as Miss Israël in 2004 is Jewish!?  Oy, vey!  Who could’ve guessed?  So the new Wonder Woman is verboten!?

    Oh, day-yam!  While drafting this comment, I learned that she has a new film out, the reportedly Cold-War-themed Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) [⚠], and I haven’t seen it yet!

    Note ⚠ : “[P]remiered on December 15, 2020, via the DC FanDome virtual platform. It was theatrically released in the United States by Warner Bros. Pictures on December 25, 2020, and also made available to be streamed digitally on HBO Max for a month before it going to premium video on demand.”:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonder_Woman_1984.

  59. philjourdan says:

    @Compu-Gator – the Woke says you have not missed anything. She absconds with an innocent man’s body and then does vile sexual acts upon said person without his conscious! As it is inhabited by a Cis Gender Male named Steve Trevor! I am so looking forward to seeing that movie! But not coming to an Amazon or Netfliz near you! Gender appropriation!!!

  60. Steve C says:

    Ace cinematography? Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes (Aguirre, Wrath of God), directed by Werner Herzog and starring Klais Kinski as Aguirre – although the real star is the breathtaking scenery. The progressive crumbling of Aguirre’s quest is also something to watch, as he goes steadily, completely insane.

    If the rumours are true, one of the locals employed by the filmmakers came up to Herzog during filming, telling him that everyone could see that he and Kinski hated each other and asking if he would like Kinski ‘removed’. Apparently Herzog stared into space for quite some time before declaring, “No. I need him to finish the film!”

  61. Compu Gator says:

    Highly on-topic cartoon (via browser’s ‘View Image’):

    Antonio F. Branco
    AAEC Ref Num: 210854
    Date Published: Friday, March 5, 2021
    Copyright: 2010 [sic]

    I decided that WordPress hosting would foul up the comments for this entry in Chiefio blog if I’d submitted what was really an entire Web page that displayed the specific details immediately above:

  62. Compu Gator says:

    (Day-yam, getting WordPress hosting to display submitted images is an obnoxiouslly time-wasting p.i.t.a.!)

  63. E.M.Smith says:

    Someitmes it isn’t wordpress, but the web page of origin, as someone tries to be ‘cute’ and make it hard to just display so most folks will be forced to ‘hit the link’. So you get a REGULAR page named .jpg and in it is the real .jpg… and other shenanigans…

  64. Compu Gator says:

    Eureka!  Dr. Seuss’s intolerable transgressions of woke dogma have at last been investigated & reported by a Canadian network of newspapers: “Here are the ‘wrong’ illustrations that got six Dr. Seuss books cancelled” [*].

    Maybe it took a network mostly of Canadian newspapers to refuse to be scared away by attempts at intimidation by U.S. corporate lawyers (presumably Penguin Random House LLC: Seuss’ surviving publishers).

    Note * : Tristin Hopper: “Here are the ‘wrong’ illustrations that got six Dr. Seuss books cancelled”. © 2021 National Post, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. (Canadian newspapers and a few Canada-focused Web sites, h.q. in Toronto), Mar 02, 2021 · March 3, 2021:  https://nationalpost.com/entertainment/books/here-are-the-wrong-illustrations-that-got-six-dr-seuss-books-cancelled.

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