Socialists Take Over Nevada Democratic Party

It has been a stated goal of the Communists / Socialists to take over one of the two major parties in America (and for at least several decades). Looks like that process is proceeding to success in the Democratic party.

They just took over the Democratic Party in Nevada.

Tim Pool covers it nicely here:

The battle between insurgent progressives in Nevada and the Harry Reid machine began building in 2016.

Akela Lacy, Ryan Grim
March 9 2021, 1:17 a.m.

NOT LONG AFTER Judith Whitmer won her election on Saturday to become chair of the Nevada Democratic Party, she got an email from the party’s executive director, Alana Mounce. The message from Mounce began with a note of congratulations, before getting to her main point.

She was quitting. So was every other employee. And so were all the consultants. And the staff would be taking severance checks with them, thank you very much.

On March 6, a coalition of progressive candidates backed by the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America took over the leadership of the Nevada Democratic Party, sweeping all five party leadership positions in a contested election that evening. Whitmer, who had been chair of the Clark County Democratic Party, was elected chair. The establishment had prepared for the loss, having recently moved $450,000 out of the party’s coffers and into the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s account. The DSCC will put the money toward the 2022 reelection bid of Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, a vulnerable first-term Democrat.

While Whitmer’s opponents say she was planning to fire them anyway, Whitmer denies that claim. “I’ve been putting in the work,” Whitmer told The Intercept for the latest episode of Deconstructed. “What they just didn’t expect is that we got better and better at organizing and out-organizing them at every turn.”

So the Democrats invited Bernie into the Party, to get the far left Socialists on board with Hillary / Biden etc. What they didn’t expect or realize was that they were inviting into their party a political war. It will be great fun to watch the Democrats realize they have swallowed the poison and now can’t spit it out.

I just hope they don’t take the whole country with them now that AOC and The Squad are causing chaos in Congress and Kamala is set to take over and be our first Dear Leader. (Realize her voting record is left of Bernie…)

Entire Staff of Nevada State Democratic Party Resigns After Socialist Sweep of Party Leadership Positions

BY RICK MORAN MAR 09, 2021 10:11 AM ET
The entire paid staff of the Democratic Party of Nevada has resigned following a leadership election that saw all but one candidate win who wasn’t a dues-paying member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

It’s the Democratic civil war in microcosm: Bernie vs. Biden, left vs. far-left vs. the Looney-Tunes left. It makes for a compelling show but how it will shake out in the end is a mystery.

Nevada Democrats had been on something of a winning streak in the last few years, winning at the presidential and state levels. But as the Nevada Independent puts it, “Say Goodbye to the Most Effective Democratic Party in the Country” after socialists swept to power.
Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid maintained an iron grip on the party when he was in power but along with the iron grip came a velvet glove. His instinct was to smooth-over party rifts like this one by giving both sides something.

But that won’t work anymore. Politics has become a “take no prisoners” game and for the radical left, there is no compromise possible. It’s their way or the highway and dissent won’t be tolerated.

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group than the Democratic Party Elite…

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38 Responses to Socialists Take Over Nevada Democratic Party

  1. Speaking of takeovers. Meghan Markle has to be one of the shallowest, woke, most hypocritical and most self entitled person on the planet. Does she have political ambitions? If so she will drag your country way to the left and it will be ruled on emotion and not hard policies.

    Anyone like to suggest a date she might run or are there others -such as Michelle Obama and of course Kemala Harris who would likely get in first, but leave the door open for a Markle run in 10 years??

  2. Speaking of takeovers, I have no great feelings either way for Joe Biden, but he hasn’t looked well the last couple of outings and seemed rather confused. Is it likely Harris will step up to the big job in 2021? I can’t see Joe lasting four years

    Surely the American electorate realised this back last November and knew what they would be getting within a year or two?.

  3. E.M.Smith says:


    All the best evidence is that The People chose Donald Trump. It was the Democrat Party Machine (aided by the buggered voting machines…) that chose Biden. Obama brought “Chicago Style” voting to the Nation. They didn’t do the diddle big enough for Hillary, so doubled and redoubled it this time to dump Trump.

    So yes, the PEOPLE realized what Biden was, and voted for Trump. But the Democrat Party Machine counted the votes…

    Per Mr. & Mrs. Markle:

    I can’t see either of them being a candidate. Harry, pardon, Mr. Markle, just wants to play house and not be responsible (otherwise he would have stayed a Royal with all the power and perks that provides for having influence). Meghan is roundly seen, even in the USA, as having trashed a wonderful opportunity, p-whipped a Royal into submission, and generally being a self centered little air-head.

    None of that bodes well for a political run.

    They will make the rounds of the Talking Shows and be lauded by some nutty followers, and largely ignored by most of America. After all, what kind of social climber benefit do you get by hanging out with a Plain Old Citizen Harry? Not much benefit in saying I shared a beer with someone who’s not a prince, is there? It will take time, but the being ordinary will eventually set in and they will realize it isn’t “special” anymore. Mrs. Markel isn’t likely to get a lot of acting gigs, and past money only goes so far. I suspect the two of them will become acquainted with Standard Accounting as they run out of their accumulated money stores. (Burn rate exceeding income…) As they can’t continue to fund palaces & estates & gala parties, and that sets in, their list of invites will start to shrink as well.

    I’m just not seeing a path for them to continued importance and stardom. (Not unless Harry has a much bigger stash of cash and larger “pension” than publicly discusses.)

  4. H.R. says:

    E.M.: ” I suspect the two of them will become acquainted with Standard Accounting as they run out of their accumulated money stores. (Burn rate exceeding income…)”

    If it gets to that point with the Markles, I have a used trailer in good condition up for sale. Who knows? Maybe they will take a fancy to the trailer trash lifestyle.

    Ehhh… being former Royals and all, they’ll probably want a double-wide, not my trailer.

  5. H.R. says:

    I wonder how the Nevada rank and file will take to their new overlords?

    If one of, if not the major industry of Nevada is gaming, what’s the point of dealing blackjack or cleaning hotel suites when everything is free?

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    I wonder, with Socialists in charge, how long Nevada will remain free of State Income Tax. Once they start raising the Taxes, expect to see all the California Refugees in Nevada (including half my siblings) head to Texas…and vote for secession..l.

  7. philjourdan says:

    Kammy’s voting record is one of opportunism. She would not know a socialist from a socialite. But it does not matter, because this is good news!

    I am tempted to sing “Happy days are here again….”. The best laid plans of mice and men oft gang aglay. When the democrat leadership had only one enemy – Republicans – they had cheating down to a science. But now they got 2. And it just got 4 times harder. THis may be the only thing that saves the republic.

  8. philjourdan says:

    @ClimateReason – You should read Pointman – a fellow compatriot of yours that knows more about American politics than 99% of Americans do. But EMS gave you the skinny on the election. NO ONE (except a few useful idiots on the left – and that includes RINOs) is the least bit surprised at the deterioration of Biden. That is why he hid in the basement the whole time and would not allow anyone (had anyone even cared) to come to his “rallies”.

    As for Baby Harry – he cannot run for anything. He is not a citizen. And Bitch Megan? Let her run for anything. There are 2 kinds of folks in America. Those who do not care about the Royals. And those that love them. She pissed off one group and the other group does not give a damn. So where is her base? The Woke? All 10 of them?

  9. jim2 says:

    @ClimateReason – The “elites” heavily support Commie-lah Harris when she was running for President. But she wasn’t popular with the riff-raff and was seen to be unelectable. So the elites got Biden nominated with Commie-lah as VP. Then they cheated by various means to get him elected. Everyone knew after the Biden-Harris was put together that she was the desired nominee. And everyone knew Biden wasn’t physically or mentally fit to be President. He will be taken out via the 25th Amendment to the Constitution and Commie-lah will become President.

    Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

  10. philjourdan says:

    Yea, the only question is how long will they allow the charade to go on? I think his deterioration is faster than they planned. I think they felt that 6-12 months would be enough, but he is not going to last that long. At least he lasted longer than Harrison.

  11. David A says:

    Harry and Megan got a what 25 million dollar deal with netflixs. I am not sure what work they are required to do.

  12. philjourdan says:

    @Taz – welcome to big brother!

  13. Taz says:

    Before she married Britain’s dim-witted Prince Harry less than two years ago, Meghan Markle, was a minor Hollywood actress in the cable TV show, Suits.

    But she was more than an actress. Persistent rumors on the Internet say she was also a “yachter” — an actress or model, typically female, who supplements her income by prostituting herself on yachts owned by millionaires/billionaires. The term “yachting” however has been generalized to include not just prostituting on yachts, but sex-for-pay with wealthy men no matter the venue. (Urban Dictionary).

    According to the National Enquirer, in 2017 after Harry and Meghan engaged to be married, MI5 scrubbed the net of Meghan’s salacious past, sealed her court and medical records, and as silenced her friends and acquaintances with hush money and non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

    (Is it true? Well everything on the internet is true (rolling eyes). Does make you wonder.)

  14. Taz says:

    Maybe not a good idea to draw attention upon oneself? This one appears to be fantastically tone deaf.

  15. another ian says:

    Well “O, H & M” don’t see3m to have everyone in US on their side!

  16. another ian says:

    Not Nevada but far enough out to fit (IMO)

    “Hear my prayer: California’s proposed ethnic studies curriculum urges students to chant to the Aztec deity of human sacrifice.”

  17. philjourdan says:

    @Taz – Re: MM

    Before she became engaged to Harry, I had never heard of her. And cared less. Even now. I do not care if she was an Epstein come on for Bill Clinton or just a regular dime store whore. I still do not.

    But I look at this multi-millionaire trying to play victim, and the response of QE II. I am not a Royal-phile. But that lady has my respect. And her answer was pure class! Her son lacks all those qualities. And her grandson is the opposite of those qualities. But QE II is the last of the British Royals. After this, they should just junk it as no one is worthy of what she has done in the past 70 years.

  18. philjourdan says:

    @ANother Ian – next comes that actual human sacrifice. A republican of course.

  19. The True Nolan says:

    @philjourdan: “next comes that actual human sacrifice. A republican of course.”

    A Republican? Obviously. After all, a leftist doesn’t actually have a heart which can be torn out, they only pretend to.

  20. philjourdan says:

    @TTN – perfect explanation!

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    The founder of San Jose, California had his statue removed a couple of decades back and replaced with a coiled snake “statue” to Quetzalcoatl

    That many have noticed looks a lot like a pile of poo…

    This went to court where the court found that it was perfectly O.K. to have a statue to an Aztec Feathered Serpent God despite separation of Church and State since nobody was currently praying to him… (supposedly…)

    I’m very much looking forward to the first public performance of such praying as then we can dump the Dog Pile Of Poo Quetzalcoatl statue…

    Republican or Democrat, is there really much difference? Just so long as they are high enough up in the system…

    Yes, California was leading the trend again, by a decade or two, on the whole statues taken down thing…

  22. YMMV says:

    “The founder of San Jose, California had his statue removed” — Hmmm, who was that? I wonder what he did wrong. Being European? Disrespecting the indigenous?

    Britannica says: “The first civic settlement in California, it was founded by José Joaquin Moraga in 1777 as a Spanish farming community and was named Pueblo de San José de Guadalupé for St. Joseph (San José).”

    Of course, the natives were there first. The Ohlones or Costanoans (“from Spanish costeño meaning “coast dweller””). Since either 20,000 years ago or 3,000 years ago. No Aztec links.
    After that, in 1770, the “founding of the Presidio of Monterey and Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo”. In 1775, “Juan Bautista de Anza[3] led the first overland expedition to bring colonists”. He selected sites for the Presidio of San Francisco, the Mission San Francisco de Asís, and the Mission Santa Clara de Asís, and the pueblo San Jose. “El Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe (The Town of Saint Joseph of Guadalupe) was founded by José Joaquín Moraga on November 29, 1777, the first pueblo-town not associated with a mission or a military post (presidio) in upper Las Californias.”

    José Joaquín de la Santísima Trinidad Moraga. Wikipedia does not have a picture of him.
    This statue is (still?) at Lake Merced.é_Joaqu%C3%ADn_Moraga
    Wikipedia does not provide a list of all the evil things he must have done to have his statue removed. /sarc However, there are statues with red paint graffiti saying “Stolen Land”.

    Other San Jose statues have gone or are targeted.

    They paid $440,000 for the snake (“Plumed Serpent”) statue by the Mexican-American sculptor Robert Graham, who said it was “to symbolize the spirit of social harmony and diversity”.
    It says it is in Plaza de Cesar Chavez and that the existing firefighters’ memorial bell would have to be moved.

    It all started in 1992, when the San Jose Redevelopment Agency invited Graham, who was born in Mexico and formerly lived in San Jose, to create something to commemorate San Jose’s founders and to honor the city’s Hispanic population.

    Maybe it is all just a case of “out with the old guys we don’t know, in with monuments to ourselves”.
    Sorry Moraga, your fifteen minutes are up.

    History changes so fast, it’s hard keeping up!

  23. E.M.Smith says:

    IIRC his “crimes” were the founding of mission cities that “enslaved” the locals and “stole” their land. Also some assertion he had such on his rancho.

    “Converting the heathens” was also a crime of his, IIRC, or maybe just as proxy via the missions…

    Essentially anything that made the place more European was held as evil, so he had to go.

  24. gallopingcamel says:

    The Markles are to the UK as the Kardassians are to the USA.

  25. another ian says:

    “What pastoralists know

    Pastoralists are experts in managing extreme variability. In a volatile world economy, bankers should learn how they do it”

    “The lesson from the banking crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic, is that attempts at total control will always fail”

    News for “the brave new world

  26. p.g.sharrow says:

    53 million fake votes for Biden/Harris ? small wonder the majority of Americans are PISSED !
    End result according to Nostradamus, Socialists would so thoroughly discredit themselves that their philosophy would be eradicated…pg

  27. John Robertson says:

    Kate @small dead animals nails it again.
    “American Style Election”.
    Perfect meme and flows right by the censor bots .

  28. another ian says:

    And other things?

    “What’s Going on With U.S. Military and Democrat Politicization of The Institution”

  29. another ian says:

    My Democrat Friends are Getting Very Embarrassed”

    Via Tip of the Spear

  30. philjourdan says:

    @ANother Ian – If he really has any democrat friends (I doubt it, they hate conservatives period!), I have no sympathy for them. I would tell them “Stupid is as Stupid does”.

  31. another ian says:


    If there aren’t big heap of dems getting embarrassed by this it ain’t going to end peacefully (IMO)

  32. The True Nolan says:

    @ philjourdan: “I would tell them “Stupid is as Stupid does”.

    If they didn’t want to see a circus they shouldn’t have bought a ticket.

  33. philjourdan says:

    @TTN – They were signing on to a coronation. What they got was a circus.

    @Another Ian – Democrats do not have the dignity to get embarrassed. They are either too stupid or too meglomanical.

  34. p.g.sharrow says:

    For the Democrats it has always been WIN at any cost. Winning is the only thing that counts.

    Up until about 20 years ago they could only do small time cheating, 3-5% of the vote total, But this time they had actual control over most of the count by volume and may have created up to to 50,million phantom votes! out of about 135 million registered voters.

    The people are waking up to the fact that very few people actually voted for Biden/Harris. Democrat and Republican alike did not vote vote for these people that are acting like Communist tools. Even people that did vote FOR Biden are appalled at what they got.

    This is the end of the Democratic party because The counting system will not be able to deliver. a second act Local grass root activities are beginning to take hold and the computer companies will be blocked in any attempt…pg

  35. E.M.Smith says:


    Also, now that the details on the internet diddle are out:

    Next election will be the Battle Of The Hackers.

    Chinese Government vs Russian Government vs DNC Hacks vs Iranian Government VS

    Every single wanna-be and ideologically driven body on the planet.

    Heck, I’ve found my own self thinking about approaches and methods. Wondering if I could get “Felix The Cat” elected dog-catcher….

    You can be assured that next election there is going to be a DDos attack of epic proportions, too, as each of those entities tries to hammer the other one to keep their diddle out of the pool.

    Then there’s all the folks with printers who are going to be thinking: “You mean I can just print off a bunch of these and mail them in?”

    I’d not be surprised if we end up with 200% voter turnout…

  36. another ian says:

    “Bidenfall is now officially politically incorrect”

    Follow comments down from

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