Disconnecting, Distancing, Divorce, Dissing… Declaration!

We are entering “the times that try men’s souls”…


“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

What I see happening now, is a microcosm of that moment in history. Millions of Americans are distancing themselves from “The Media”, the “Social Media Oligarchs”, and from the imposed government of an illegitimate regime.

We are “dissolving the political bands which have connected” and simply saying “no.” and that is enough for now.

I’ve generally avoided “Social Media” anyway, for the simple reason that 20 years (or is it 30 now?…) ago I saw that it could come to no good putting that much personal information on the internet.

Since about 2000 I’ve reduced / avoided / discouraged using email to talk to me. PRISM program dissolved that utility. NSA later confirmed the choice… Snowden advertised what was known to Geeks.

Now “Cancel Culture” has brought the Woke Army to hysteria as they seek out any possible thought that does not now, or was in the past, not in keeping with the Woke-O-Sphere rules of this moment. Then they crucify the person.

So tell me again why on this Earth in this time I would ever want to use Facebook, Twitter, Tik-Tok, YouTube or any such public advertising of “Here be a target!”?

So we step away. We “distance”. We simply choose not to be there and choose not to associate with the ilk.

“See Kohai, how they distance themselves?” Senpai to Kohai in Rising Sun.

When things turn to shit, folks find a way to step away, to disengage, to distance from the stinking pile of poo.

We see that as a hoard of folks flee California for places where liberty still can be found: Texas and Florida for example. I hope to be among them in the next months.

“Time to be among them!” Senpai to Kohai…

It can be seen in the flood of Tax Migrants leaving New York for Florida…

It can be seen in the collapse of viewers for CNN and other Lame Stream Media / Yellow Stream Media… and the dramatically plunging circulation for formerly important news papers like the New York Times. Hard Left New Media like Huff-Po and BuzzFeed now trying desperately to stay alive as readers abandon them and their revenue is in free fall… hoping layoffs and cutting off staff can stay ahead of the gang-green rot of being WOKE! And failing…

What is happening is simple. Those folks who keep a tidy mind, have an ability to think critically, and respect their history are simply choosing to Divorce themselves from the Left Wing Socialist ROT that is destroying the nation.

So far it has been relatively passive distancing and disconnecting. Lately we’ve seen an increase in “dissing” the other. ( I know I’m no longer passive. Someone puts this crap in my face, I’m pushing it right back in there’s with a big fat “NO! Thank you. It’s your crap so you can swallow it. Lord knows I won’t.”)

I’ve hardened my soul to the fact that I must engage in the conflict or be destroyed by it. I don’t want to do it. I don’t like conflict or confrontation. BUT it isn’t me who has a choice in the matter… So I will do the only things I can do. Engage and resist.

After Distancing and Disconnecting and even some Dissing fail to work, there is no choice but to engage and resist. How far and how hard that resistance? That will depend on The Other as much as on me. I am a “Finished Person” and I’m not about to embrace the Woke Crapper Baptismal Water. I’ve not enough life time left to be retreaded and I’m not interested in it anyway.

For now, I’m on a path of “Passive Aggressive” quasi non-compliance. Of building the necessaries for a worse future time. But like all animals: IF attacked, passive can leave the building very fast. It is not a long march from Disaffection and Distancing and Dissing to Defense and Destruction.

I hope we do not “go there”…

“But hope is not a strategy. -E.M.Smith”

We will see what unfolds in the fullness of time.

Believe me, dear Sir: there is not in the British empire a man who more cordially loves a union with Great Britain than I do. But, by the God that made me, I will cease to exist before I yield to a connection on such terms as the British Parliament propose; and in this, I think I speak the sentiments of America.

— Thomas Jefferson, November 29, 1775

Believe me, dear Sirs: There is not in the USA a man who more cordially loves this union than I do. But, by the God that made me, I will cease to exist before I yield to a connection on such terms as the Woke Socialists and Biden Administration propose; and in this, I think I speak the sentiments of True Americans.

-E.M.Smith, 2 April 2021

Thus the Distancing starts to turn to Defiance.

Florida and Texas will Defy before they submit. Florida has already thrown down the gauntlet on Vaccine Passports. (Guess where I’m moving…)

We might well see the break-up of the USA over this. The whole Bible Belt is not keen on where things are going. Up through “Fly Over Country” is not bought in.

There’s a very simple solution on offer: Throw out of the union California, Oregon, New York City (in fact the whole Boston to Washington DC and North Virginia teat sucking urban wasteland), and Chicago.

If possible, retain the rural conservative counties in those States that are not part of the Urban Fester.

Simply Disgorge the Rot.

What will happen?

I have no idea.

What I do know is that the Divide can not be stitched up again. You do not instill Decency and Decorum into a Sociopath overnight. We are Dividing into separate Nations, be that on a map or not.

Either one side wins, or Destruction does.

I hope we can avoid Destruction. but that is not my choice to make anymore. A rigged vote removed my choices.

Just my opinion, worth all you paid for it.

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About E.M.Smith

A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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45 Responses to Disconnecting, Distancing, Divorce, Dissing… Declaration!

  1. erl happ says:

    Believe me, dear Sir: there is not in the British empire a man who more cordially loves a union with Great Britain than I do. But, by the God that made me, I will cease to exist before I yield to a connection on such terms as the British Parliament propose; and in this, I think I speak the sentiments of America.

    — Thomas Jefferson, November 29, 1775

    I can use those carefully chosen words to declare an independent point of view in relation to what the town planning system, the renewable enthusiasts and all those who want to dictate behaviour in so many fields, are doing in Australia. Including the National Broadcaster.

    Thanks for standing tall and asserting an independent voice.

  2. beththeserf says:

    Likewise… They, the globalists and social medja oligarchs, have attacked everything that made Western Civilisation great, cheap, reliable energy, rule of law, free speech and right to be an individual, rationality, open enquiry,, theyre propelling us back to the Dark Ages as fast as they can

  3. andysaurus says:

    I came to much the same conclusion a couple of months ago. For me it boils down to a decision not to lie or be complicit in lies. I could enumerate the areas of lies, which include Russian collusion of Trump, Climate/Energy, Modern Monetary Theory, benefits of the standard american diet, big pharma’s altruism, Biden’s honesty and mental acuity, widespread belief in white supremacy, critical gender theory etc. etc. but I’m sure all your readers have their favourites.
    All of these are intended to undermine and destroy the belief in Western values that were hard won in the British/American enlightenment (N.B. NOT the French). Most attack the most basic faith in the building blocks of society: the individual and the family.
    I’m sure that most of us will agree that these are very likely supported by enemies of The West, even if they are not initiated by them.
    That should be enough to recognise that we are in the fight of our lives.

    Personally, I would go further than that and suggest that the enemies of The West are agents of Satan, AKA The Father of Lies, but even if you don’t agree with the religious argument, there is no need to dismiss the rest of my thesis.

    God help us.

  4. JP Miller says:

    EM, welcome to Florida! I lived only a few miles from you 1992-2013 and enjoyed a wonderful lifestyle with many great friends from Stanford and Silicon Valley — what a group of people!, although most were badly mistaken politically. In those days we could still discuss our differing views and remain friends. My wife and moved to Florida (Naples) in 2013 to be close to grandkids, which has worked out very nicely, with the side benefit of being surrounded by folks with more similar views on what’s needed for a civil society and the role of government therein (limited, very limited). Also side benefit of no state income tax and belonging to a golf club, which allows me to indulge my passion for an endlessly engaging activity.

    My part of Florida has weathered the COVID storm quite well. Of the ~500 people I know in my club (almost all over 60, many over 70) and another ~200 in my immediate community whom I know of, only ~10-15 have gotten COVID and there’s been only 1 death. Almost all local cases were contracted when people were traveling elsewhere. All this is due, AFAICT, to people here being sensible about social distancing. Sensible, not hermits. My wife and I and friends continued to play golf several times a week and do eat out (indoors and out) on occasion. All this with NO statewide COVID mandates. Admittedly, our county supervisors implemented mask wearing requirements for businesses, which I am now pressing them to drop. However, we “stayed safe” through personal responsibility, not government mandate. Schools have remained open. There have been few if any nursing home COVID breakouts and hospitals have had no problem dealing with the very ill. Almost all the people I know (an older crowd) have been vaccinated. Ron DeSantis is one of the most solid, sensible elected officials I have had the pleasure to know.

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy Florida, although you may, like me, wistfully remember the “good old days” in a place that was very special for a period in time. Maybe never again?

    This woke nonsense and green nonsense must eventually give way to reality because it is all total fantasy, as is all Marx-inspired thinking. I hope there is no terrible toll getting there, but it appears there will be. So sad.

  5. Steve C says:

    Well said. If I were living on your side of the pond, I’d stand entirely with you, as it is I very much share your opinion of the “local situation” as experienced here in the UK. I wonder whether you get the feeling I have as I walk around town these days, an uneasy feeling that everything has been ‘hollowed out’ and is on the point of collapse? Even the pretence of representing the interests or opinions of the population of the country has gone here, being steadily replaced by authoritarian diktats barked from “above” telling us where we may go, what we must do and, increasingly and worst, what we must think and say. As many of us have noticed, all pointing in the direction of some sort of vile global feudalism.

    I came to the conclusion before the turn of the century that I had never lived under a government which I would call anything but traitorous – the more I read, the more obvious it became that the agenda had never been about the welfare of the population. On the way to enlightenment, I realised the scale of the error I’d made as a spotty schoolboy in deciding that history just wasn’t interesting, thereby achieving a record of being never out of the bottom three in the class. Too damn smart for your own good, young Steve.

    This century, I have watched the rot accelerate through more and more areas of life – “the building blocks of society”, as andysaurus aptly puts it – and the effects on my once-civilised homeland have been uniformly disastrous. I was born among my people, a people who had just prevailed in war and who were proud of their thousand year heritage, living in our beautiful (if scarred here and there by the war) homeland. I have watched as “our representatives” have larded on ever more Thou-Shalt-Nots and instructions and requirements to whip us into line, as they tore down our beautiful, ornamented century-old buildings and replaced them with ugly glass-and-concrete slabs, as they broke up the infrastructure of our country to sell to profiteers. And – remembering that the UK never had the multiracial aspect of the US – I shall die among a rabble, a rabble in which those who are not Britons seem to be privileged in every way in all their dealings with us and who, in many cases, treat us with open contempt. The Godforsaken soul of Coudenhove-Kalergi must be grinning from ear to ear in its pit of fire.

    Having had my stomach turned watching (inter alia) the repellent “opening ceremony” of the Gotthard Base Tunnel a few years ago, I’m not sure whether simply to agree with andysaurus’s religious position, or side with those who suggest that the GEBs who lay on such spectacles do so simply to gross us out and show their contempt for us, rather than as articles of their faith. Given that such events are an indication of what is found acceptable by those who wield such power in our world, it is not an encouraging indication either way.

    Whatever Dr. Johnson said, I am proud to declare myself a patriot. I stand with my people, for our country, our culture. Sadly, now in my 70th year, I have given up hope of ever seeing a government to which I can pledge any allegiance at all, still less unconditional, and the indoctrinated young of ‘my people’, never taught to think, care nothing for our culture, our history, our anything at all as they tear it down. God help us, indeed.

  6. H.R. says:

    beththeserf: “[…] theyre propelling us back to the Dark Ages as fast as they can”

    It will indeed be feudalism. “They” (GEBs and their minions) see themselves as “Smartest in the room”. “Important”, “Entitled”, “Deserving”, “Rules for thee and not for me”, and a few more that make a normal person go What The Hey-ell?!?!?

    We have scoffed, but “They” believe it all and have been working towards recreating that halcyon time when people respected their betters and knew their place.

    They see the rest of us as sub-human serfs who should keep our mouths shut, doff our caps when they pass, and be grateful for any table scraps that we can scavenge from the garbage heap behind their palaces. Oh,, and work our fingers to the bones – gratefully and without pay – to support them in the style they are entitled to.

    Part of what I got out of E.M.’s post, though not explicitly stated, is there are aLOT of ‘normal’ people out there who have been rolling along for years, minding their own business, puzzling over ‘The Loony Left’, and ignoring it all.

    Now that the GEBs and their minions (useful idiots) are in position and are imposing their idyllic Feudalism, it’s in in-your-face and can no longer be ignored.

    “They” are not going to stop. The ‘normal’ person has to realize that and do something about it. The GEBs are counting on a large number of ‘normal’ people NOT facing up to that reality.
    .OTOH, I can’t argue against andysaurus’ point they “They” are agents of Satan and just plain evil. Given the destruction that they are intentionally bringing about, “They” must have bought into the idea that it’s better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven.

  7. rhoda klapp says:

    JP Miller, not the club up on Crayton, by any chance of the many clubs in Naples? My niece works there.

  8. corsair red says:

    I will only add a conscientious and realistic second to everyone.

    As JP Miller said, welcome to Florida! Have lived here since day one, and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Certainly not now when we have the governor who is proving to be the adult in the room.

  9. H.R. says:

    JP Miller: “This woke nonsense and green nonsense must eventually give way to reality because it is all total fantasy, as is all Marx-inspired thinking. I hope there is no terrible toll getting there, but it appears there will be. So sad.”

    I wrote above about the GEBs and their willing (gullible, useful idiot) minions. The GEBs have to have minions and they have to be idiots because always, always the useful idiots must be disposed of once their usefulness is done.

    You and I know, and a bunch of others, that Marxism in its various forms always

    – Intentionally destroys, but cannot “build back better” It never happens

    – Always disposes of its useful idiot minions because idiots that can be easily manipulated can just as easily be manipulated to target those in charge. Useful idiots are dangerous to everyone at some point.

    – Never gets voted out. It is a yoke that is always collapses or is overthrown.

    – As you point out, there is always a terrible toll when Marxism is imposed.

    So yeah, the ‘Woke’ will really be surprised when they finally run up against the Marxist wakeup call.
    .I used to be golf-crazy. It is very enjoyable. But I took to fishing because I can nip out at any time and fish for 30 minutes, an hour, or many hours and there’s no tee time. Also, I have some fishing mates for a sociable fishing outing or I can just up and go myself, at any time.

    I will be hitting the practice range this year. When I left off golfing I was a bogey golfer; bogies, pars, double-bogies, and the odd birdie all added up to an average of one mistake per 18 holes.

    But I do miss golf. I always thought of it as billiards on a really, really, really big green table. It takes the same mental focus and the same skillful striking as playing pool. In golf, as with pool, it’s all on you. Your results are all your own.

  10. Pinroot says:

    Well said EM (and everyone else). The thing I worry about with all these people leaving California and NY (and other blue areas) is that these people will bring their failed ideas to their new home states and eventually turn it into the place they left. They’re not smart enough to realize that they are a big part of the problem and that the slippery slope is a real thing.

    One of the problems with a lot of the blue states is that the large blue urban areas completely overwhelm the more red rural areas. I know that states like Oregon, Washington and Colorado have red counties trying to secede and join states like Wyoming and Montana. I wish them all the best and hope they are successful.

    In my personal life I’m trying to find like-minded individuals, and a lot of my friends are becoming like-minded, based on what they see going on around them. My biggest issue is my wife, who is very woke. I find I have to police my language and watch what I say more and more often. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that there will probably come a day when we will have to go our separate ways because of our political beliefs. More and more often she tells me that she’s disappointed in me or that she thought I was “smarter than that” and that “I’m not thinking for myself” because I don’t agree with her on something (apparently for some strange reason “thinking for myself” means I will be in complete agreement with her). I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

    This is an excerpt of an interview done in 1984 with Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB defector. It’s interesting in that you can see what he talks about happening now.

  11. barkerjim says:

    Chiefio, thank you for your voice!

  12. JP Miller says:

    Rhoda, no, not the club on Crayton.

  13. E.M.Smith says:


    Dan Bongino’s take on that Bezmenov video:


    On the point of “Woke” Californian’s bringing their rot with them:

    In the past, emigration from California to Texas was due to economic considerations. A house for $200k instead of $Million and a bigger newer house at that.

    Now the emigration is due to political considerations. The folks leaving are the ones who lust for the Red State and are fed up with Blue. Just like those leaving Cuba for Florida were very against communism and arrived as conservatives.

    What I think you will see is not a dilution of the Red State ethos, but an enhancement of it.

    Maybe I’m just “looking at only myself” too much, but while I’d love to stay in California (the weather can not be beat anywhere and I’m really fond of the Pacific Ocean) I simply can see no future for the State under Democrat rule. Nor any chance it will be dislodged again. I want to escape the Democrat Machine.

    IMHO that’s what a lot of the present evacuees are thinking. Dear Lord, please let me move to where a Conservative can be free… I think those folks are very unlikely to ever vote for a Democrat again. I know I won’t.

  14. p.g.sharrow says:

    You guys are in for a surprise, Those middle class Liberals always move to where the grass is greener. Republican run states have always been economically better off until the middle class liberals move in and demand more services and perks just like they enjoyed in the place that they ruined. It is the real conservatives that stand and fight. Liberals have only conviction “Me win First” let the Government take care of the less well off…pg

  15. Pinroot says:

    @EM – Thanks for the link to the Bongino video. I’ve never listened to him, although I keep meaning to. It’s funny that he covered the Bezmenov video on his show yesterday, it’s just a total coincidence that I posted it here today. I liked his take on it, and I’m surprised that more people like Bongino haven’t covered it or talked about it. I think that the entire interview is over an hour long, but that excerpt really gets to the heart of it.

    I hope you’re right about people leaving the blue states to get away from the progressives. The problem always seems to be that once they settle they realize that there is some service or system that doesn’t exist in their new home, and wouldn’t it be great if they just had this one or these two
    (or more) things. And down the slippery slope everyone goes. We recently met a young couple from California, and they seem like genuinely nice people. The have just moved here, and liked it so much that mom and dad are now moving here to retire, along with their siblings. As I said, we all like them, but privately, several of us have said that we hope they leave their politics back in California and just appreciate the area for what it is, and not for what they think it should be. Time will tell…

  16. Taz says:

    I don’t want immigrants from other states. Time to mine our border. Only want those who will fight. By definition, those are the ones staying.

    Now sending your arms and expertise? That’s doable. Take back your state.

  17. philjourdan says:

    Distancing is what I am doing. MLB shuns Georgia, I shun MLB. Do I announce it on every twat feed? No. They see it in reduced viewers. Same with Coke, Delta, and any other “woke go broke” idiot company.

    Rome was not built in a day. And companies are not going to change in a day. But keep the faith and to your guns and eventually (and quietly) they understand they just cut their jugular!.

  18. E.M.Smith says:


    It is a question of utility. Am I best used as a subversive inside a Hard Blue State, or as a Patriot on the line in a Red State?

    I’ve done the “conservative in blue” for a few decades now with nothing to show for it.

    IMO, it is more utility for me to be in a Red State driving the Blue Idiots in it to distraction and out of the State… Essentially, it is my belief that it will be more effective to form a Hard Red Defensible Core, and then work to build back out from it. As it stands now, there’s nothing I can really do to change the slide (plummet?) of California into the Marxist Toilet.

    At what point does it make more sense for the Conservative to bail out of the failed State and set up defensible shop somewhere else?

    IMHO that point is now, for me, here.

  19. John Robertson says:

    I’m with you on that stance.
    The parasitic overload have served us notice.
    They will NEVER leave us alone.
    They lack the self respect necessary to extend that courtesy to any others.
    The need to feel “In control”,precludes any decency.
    “NO” is a word not understood in Progressive Comrades mindset.

    To tolerate other people and their chosen ways,requires a certain of peace mind,that the evil greedy bastards can never reach..
    For when you know,by self examination,that all other people are evil greedy bastards out to pillage the weak,screw the poor and stomp the helpless..
    You might be a modern Liberal.

    Who was that country singer;”I think my dogs, a Democrat”?

    The bit that has me stumped,is how the parasites came to believe they are necessary?
    Vital even,for they sound and act as if we cannot live without them,as they provide nothing of value to anyone,except fellow freeloaders.
    Delusions of adequacy much?
    As they loudly demand the removal,reeducation or extermination of the citizens who feed them..

    As I said,does not compute.
    The non tool users declaring WAR..On the tool users.
    As absurd as carbon based lifeforms declaring “Carbon is Pollution”.
    Rudyard Kipling wrote a fine description of our growing state of mind..variously titled The Awakening or When the Saxon began to hate..I know what he speaks of.
    I too do not want to go there.
    But surrender is impossible.

  20. John Robertson says:

    Meh considering such things,David Bowie Diamond Dogs.
    The title track ..just picture the Rats in business suits.

  21. gallopingcamel says:

    I hate to find the wonderful people who inhabit this site in a pessimistic mood. You are living in a wonderful time that will morph in ways the ruling elites won’t like.

    The Medieval Catholic church was at once too corrupt and too expensive to be tolerated. Over a century it was replaced by nation states that were more efficient such as the one ruled by Henry VIII.

    Over time nation states have become too corrupt and too expensive to be tolerated. Even in the USA the corrupt elites defy the will of the people and take away our freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The ruling classes seem all powerful since they include the administrative state, congress, the presidency, big business, the banks, academia and the “Media”.

    Yet it is all an illusion that will collapse in breath taking fashion thanks to the “Gamestop Effect” which is simply the “Little People” voting with their pocket books.

    Modern nation states depend on Keynesian economics which means “Fiat Currency” (aka Funny Money) controlled by governments. This all started in 1914 when many countries came off the “Gold Standard” to finance “World War I”. The USA restricted private ownership of gold in 1934 but remained on the “Gold Standard” until 1971. Switzerland came off the gold standard in 1992 and (AFAIK) there are no countries on the gold standard today.

    The purpose of “Funny Money” is to rob people who have saved money over their life times so that the government can fund fund wars and other wasteful expenditure. Globalists have perfected this approach since they are able to reduce the buying power of our savings while reducing interest rates to zero (or even negative rates).

    Bitcoin was invented in 2012 and in less than nine years later it is poised to replace “Funny Money” as a means to “Store Value”. It may soon become an even “Harder” asset than gold. You don’t need to put all your assets into Bitcoin to destroy “Funny Money”. Just put 10% of your assets into it and that will be enough if millions of others do the same. You could lose 10% of your assets but it is much more likely that your investment will multiply by a factor of ten.

    So what happens if the USA makes the owing of Bitcoin illegal? Nigeria tried that as you can read here:

  22. E.M.Smith says:


    No need to go for exotics like bitcoin (where forgetting your password can lock you out of all your money forever as there is no other way in… and people have done that…)

    For generations when inflation lurks, folks just buy “durable stuff”. Doesn’t matter what it is, just needs a ready market and durability. The classics are Real Estate (and now you can buy bits of real estate as REITS just like stocks), gems (the ‘sew diamonds in your coat’ method ;-), “collectables” from stamps to art to classic cars to whatever. Just don’t hold cash and cash denominated deposits. Easy peasy.

    Heck, you can even get commodity ETFs so if you like you can hold grain, copper, lumber, whatever…

    So it is easy to exit “Funny Money” and be in “stuff” instead. I am. I get a check, and spend it. 95%+ of everything else is in real estate and “stuff”.

  23. p.g.sharrow says:

    I have come to the realization that Liberal socialism is a learned behavior that is contrary to normal. People generally want to be helpful and get along with their peers. Over all of history, the people have rejected Socialism and must be driven into it and trained to accept the slavery to the ELITES that goes along with it. This time is no different. The people are getting their noses rubbed in it big time by those insane with their imagined power over all means of communication EXCEPT the W.W.W. ! The more they put the screws to Media the more people turn to the Internet. I have great faith that we will prevail and soon. I have been watching this game being played for nearly 75 years and like the Camel can see the revival all ready taking place. This lockdown of the State Education system is the killer of their brainwashing system. Private and Locally controlled schooling was the norm less then a hundred years ago. Socialism and the necessity of creating the “New man” Has been driven thru media and educational systems to be the new norm, but on the street it is being increasingly rejected. Normal people just need to be given the light to be able to openly say “Hell No” to this foolishness. Every one of us that comment or post on the web encourage Lurkers to find their voices. As the Socialist lose their hold they become more loud and desperate. In the long run they are their own worst enemy, their divide and conquer weakens them. Nearly 35 years ago I was telling computer Geeks that feared GEBs and government overreach that they and the internet would prevail because they would always be ahead of any attempt to take control over information and control over information has been the key power of the Elites. The invention of the hand held communication/computer and the WWW/Internet means every person in the world can communicate with every other person in real time and in their own language. This has got to be the Greatest Invention ever devised for freedom and the end of Rulling Elites.

    We don’t Need them !…pg

  24. E.M.Smith says:


    I have a posting in the works on the rejection ;-)

    As the GEBs try to quash communications on the internet, “folks like me” are also assuring they can’t. (That whole ‘how to’ on i2p for example).

    Sometime in the next couple of days I expect to have a Raspberry Pi M3 “minimal image” (so small and not my usual 6 GB ;-) with i2p already in stalled and ready to boot made and available for download. (I’ve already worked out the 2 ways to do the anon-publishing, one via i2p, the other via tor). Then I’m going to just set up a server to serve it…

  25. Pinroot says:

    @EM re i2p – I finally have my RPi Zero properly running i2pd. It took a bit of work and learning on my part, but I’ve shown that something as simple as a $10 RPi Zero will let you at least donate bandwidth. I was up and running but getting very few “transit tunnels”. Transit tunnels (in i2pd vernacular) are tunnels that are using your router as a hop to other locations. I would occasionally get one or two, but that was about it. I finally decided to put the Zero on the DMZ, outside the router’s firewall. I am now getting roughly 400 transit tunnels, and have seen it go as high as 801. The Pi itself is running along averaging about 30%-40% cpu usage, although it will sometimes spike up to 90% for a brief time. At one point it started getting hot (DietPi has a few custom scripts to give you system info, including temp and clock speed). Once the temp started getting a little high (~140F), I took to top of the case off (there were no vent holes in the case so that was probably my issue there) and once I removed the top cover, the temperature came back down to a safer level (~130F, which it considers “warm, but safe”). So, as a proof of concept, I’ve shown that even a little $10 RPi Zero can run i2pd and contribute bandwidth to the project. Next I’ll go with a RPi 3+ and add a web server so I can run an eepsite, along with an irc server.

  26. philjourdan says:

    @John Robertson

    The bit that has me stumped,is how the parasites came to believe they are necessary?

    Participation trophies.

  27. u.k.(us) says:

    I watch CNN just to see …what I’m up against.

  28. gallopingcamel says:

    p.g. sees the big picture and our computer savvy leader has the smarts to show us how to prevent the “Elites” from shutting down our communications on such radical ideas. The revolution starts here; it will be peaceful but overwhelming. The best revolutions are the ones where bloodshed is minimal. My personal favorite is the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688 that replaced king James II with William of Orange.

    In 1997 Davidson and Rees Mogg wrote a book titled “The Sovereign Individual” that predicts the “Demise of Nation States” thanks to microprocessors and cryptography. Here is one of the many relevant quotes:

    “The changes implied by the Information Revolution will not only create a fiscal crisis for governments, they will tend to disintegrate all large structures. Fourteen empires have disappeared already in the twentieth century. The breakdown of empires is part of the process that will dissolve the nation-state itself. Government will have to adapt to the growing autonomy of the individual. Taxing capacity will plunge by 50-70 percent. This will tend to make smaller jurisdictions more successful. The challenge of competitive terms to attract able individuals and their capital will be more easily undertaken in enclaves than across continents.”

    Let’s see how that works for an individual who has saved $1,000,000 over his lifetime. If he is lucky he is earning 2% interest ($20,000 per year) while he is spending $50,000 per year. To survive he has to draw down from his investments while paying taxes on his “gains”. If he tries to earn more in the Wall Street Casino he may lose “Bigly” as in 2008.

    If he opens a bank account in a jurisdiction that respects banking secrecy (e.g. the Cayman Islands, Switzerland or Bermuda) he can transfer at least a part of his assets beyond “Uncle Sam’s” ability to track them and tax any “Gains” that may come from investments. This is what our “Elites” have been doing for decades but it has been difficult for us “Little People” to do likewise since we can’t afford lawyers to set up shell companies to conceal ownership.

    Thanks to Cryptocurrency you don’t need “Trusted Third Parties” to conceal ownership or transfer your assets anywhere. If you take ownership of your own Bitcoins you can lose it all if you forget the password but that is a small price to pay for the ability to prevent governments from knowing how many Bitcoins you possess.

    Most people will buy Bitcoin from Coinbase, Gemini or the many other trading companies. These enterprises operate just like brokerage accounts for trading stocks and shares. You can’t lose your “Crypto” even if you lose your password since it can be reset via your broker.

    While these companies probably won’t steal your “Crypto” they can’t protect you from government theft similar to what happened recently in Nigeria. In 1934 the US government did something similar when they made the ownership of gold bullion illegal so you can bet that they are looking at following Nigeria’s approach.

  29. E.M.Smith says:


    If you feel like it, putting up a summary of “Lessons Learned” for the Pi Zero could be a good thing.

    Should you want to do that, put a comment in one of the articles saying you ready and I’ll put up a “shell” posting where you can then put it all in a comment that the posting will point at. (That is, the posting will say “Take it away PinRoot and the Pi Zero!”…)

    I got the “interesting” experience of spending much of today trying to turn my old Pi Model 1 (whatever the first ones were… B? B+ something…) into a usable thing again. After (what? 10 years since first introduced and I bought it?) it had gone flaky. Ethernet sporadic on the up / down. USB not always seeing keyboard / mouse. Thought maybe it was toast…”

    Well, a bit of “in and out” with a fresh cable in the Ethernet port, and similar with an old dead USB adapter in the USB ports got keyboard and mouse happy, and Ethernet, I discovered, flaked every time I touched the cable…

    AND the old 10 Mbit Lynsys cheapest 5 port hub it had been plugged into for about a decade (and was in use long long before that constantly for about 20 years… and deeply sun yellowed from what little morning sun comes in the office…) had frequent collision lights on one port despite me not doing anything on that device… on but no traffic generator…

    So swapped the dodgy cable and hub for a fresh one of each ( I have two more Lynksys that were not in use over the last 15+ years… for a while I had them in various work kits for when I needed a port somewhere and there wasn’t one open ;-) and suddenly the Ethernet issues went away ;-)

    Then I got to go through the whole Devuan Ascii to Beowulf upgrade thing. One one 700 MHz core. However, having only installed minimal CLI Ascii it didn’t have nearly so much to upgrade… HOWEVER, I decided to install task-xfce-desktop on Beowulf. Over 1000 packages. Some hours later after dinner…. I had a nice desktop.

    It is surprising to me but it DOES run a nice xfce desktop OK. Stays under the 1/2 GB memory too. There is no Firefox nor Chromium available (it is armel and so not high on folks porting list, and the memory is a bit under what the browser consumes at boot…) but everything else was there. Even used LibreDraw to look at a desktop image png file ;-)

    BUT, you do need patience. Clicks on “open a terminal” often got me 2 for my impatience…

    Bottom Line is that, as of now, I’m no longer running Alpine Linux on anything and the Pi M1 is also a Devuan now. AND it’s working right again.

    But I need to think of something to do with it ;-) Using it as a desktop was interesting but not something I’m likely to repeat… (Does make systems admin a little nicer though ;-)

    Given that your single core armel is doing well with i2p as a router, maybe that’s a job for it…

    We’ll see. I’m not yet done running through my various boards and figuring out what’s to become a who ;-)

    Booted my Odroid C1 and found a PearlLinux on it from about 5 years ago. Beautiful look and feel and very Mac like. Faster and more responsive than I’d expected. Yet when I tried to do an apt-get update, no joy. I don’t have the “https” method installed. No worries, swap to ftp://debian.security.org… Nope, Just hangs. Found a reference saying Debian was stopping all their FTP servers a couple of years ago. OK… (Only workaround I can see is to rsync make my own Debian repository and then point at it with FTP, update the https method, and be done). Or just blow off the beauty of it as it isn’t being maintained and all and put something else on it. Just walk away… like I did last boot 5 years back…

    Anyway, Raspberry Pi Stack done now. Odroid C1, C2 up next. Then likely a break before I take on the Odroid N2, Rock64 conversion (as it is now in production doing i2p so a full OS swap would be an issue…) and the little laggards. The cheap seats at $14 x 2 and $17. 2 x Orange Pi One and a Pine 64A+. Not presently doing anything. So last on the list. One of the Orange Pi One boards is my FTP server with 8 GB of LVM on it, but all I want to do with that is start it up, drain the data to plug in disks as I don’t really need NFS for inside the same room… and then repurposed it all.

    So I’ve got lots of candidates for use in various servers. Too many. ( I really ought to just take about 1/2 of them and put them back in their packages and store them ATM. Right now I’m not doing the cluster computing stuff I wanted to use them for…) We’ll see how I feel about Yet More OS Updates tomorrow ;-)

    The Manager in me is saying box up the stuff not actively in use and move on to directly valuable today stuff… The Geek in me want’s them all updated and ready to go, polished and nice… I think Manager & Sloth are going to gang up and get there way ;-)

  30. gallopingcamel says:

    I have a great admiration for the “Republic of Ireland”. While I was born in Wales, the best ten years of my life were spent in Belfast.

    My work involved building factories in Ulster that is under the control of the UK government and in Cork that is part of the Republic of Ireland.

    While that was 50 years ago it was obvious that the policies of the small jurisdiction (the Republic of Ireland) were far superior to those of the UK. Hence the Celtic Tiger that ate their competitors. In a world where the “Returns From Violence” are diminishing expect smaller jurisdictions to thrive.

  31. E.M.Smith says:


    What you are cycling around has a term of art in economics.

    Minimum Economic Scale.

    There’s also a Maximum Economic Scale.

    LOTS of folks talk about “economies of scale” as though bigger is ALWAYS better. It isn’t. It’s a plural ’cause it runs both ways. How does size, large or small, change your success.

    For things like Steel Mills, it is basically the bigger the better as fuel and materials and labor costs all drop with bigger crucibles and buys.

    But for other things, larger just kills them. Often seen in personal service operations.

    My favorite example is a hot dog cart. A large corporate operation may buy hot dogs a little cheaper, but not much. Then the overhead of shipping and coordinating all those hotdog shipments around the country is costly. Finally the cost of all the Suits and C_Suite folks and their bonuses kills anything left. But the real killer is that Corporate eventually decides THEY KNOW BETTER and will issue the ruling that all carts stock the same dogs and condiments as they get a better price on them.

    Now enter the One Guy with ONE Cart who knows his area. He’s between the Jewish Temple and the Jewish run shops. IF He puts even ONE of those corporate Pork Dogs in his cart, he sells nothing. So he buys only Kosher dogs. Maybe even gets a Rabbi to certify his cart. Similarly the guy with the cart near the Polish & German Catholics, he knows the Polish Dogs with Kraut and Mustard are THE thing to stock. Further, he knows the local Polish butcher who makes this special one all the locals crave and it is cheap to buy with zero shipping and marketing costs.

    In between, all the other industries have their own mix of things that make big better, or worse, or small better, or worse. It is the various economies of various scales that “EconomieS of scale” refers to.

    What does electronic communication do? It shoved Minimum Economy Of Scale for publishing down to one guy with a keyboard. It shoved Minimum Economy Of Scale for Recording Artist and News Reporter down to one person and a recorder or camera. Micro-lending can now go 1:1 with direct donations.

    It still doesn’t change the economics of steel mills and coal mines, but a lot of other stuff does change.

    How does this relate to Government?

    Many things were given to Government to do as nobody else was big enough, or nobody else would pay for it (but the intermediation of tax extraction could be bent to it…). At one time we had large Private Armies, but now mostly they are government with only modest mercenaries still around. Buying a private Nuclear Submarine is beyond most folks budget… But for other things, especially those based on communications and information holding, processing, and flowing: Government is no longer needed.

    What good is the CDC when information about a disease outbreak in any part of the world shows up first on the internet? Instead of being the source of information about it, they become the folks playing catch up. (We saw that here with understanding of the role of vit-D, zinc, HCQ, Ivermectin et. al. showing up MONTHS before the CDC / FDA were even aware of it. The W.H.O. is still about a year behind.) What use is a Department Of Education when individual educators can find the proven best materials and methods in about an hour of online searching? The list is long.

    Huge chunks of government are now redundant. This burden will crush until the system collapses or until a better one replaces it. IMHO, issuing money is one of those things. We’ve ample proof that the Central Banks of Centralized Governments destroy currencies with inflation. We also have electronic exchanges where I can carry around in my phone tons of commodities, with instant prices, and immediately trade them to anyone else for whatever they have; or both of us can convert to ANY intermediary currency in common use should we wish to complicate the trade. Why do I need money printed by a government when I can carry a ton of any metal, grain, or other goods in my phone as a token and swap if for bread and circuses at my whim? Only laws stand in the way of that right now.

    Bitcoin and Crypto Currency are just one example of how that can be done.

    I’m not a big fan of Bitcoin for a few reasons, but they are fairly geeky. Lots of folks seem to love it and don’t mind the volatility. Lord knows the value can’t decay over time any more than paper money does as zero is zero.. and Bitcoin at least has a lid on total that can exist… plus a lot leaks out of existence. Folks lose the ‘key’ to their wallet, or die before telling a family member, or just lose their phone and didn’t have a copy anywhere else. Those ‘coins’ are forever trapped and gone. The fundamental nature of money is that it has value if people think it has value. You want to value a string of bits in a long chain of bits that sucked up a lot of real world Watts to compute them? Go right ahead. (Me not so much).

    Yet as a transactional currency it has utility, and that is enough.

    What fascinates me more is just how resistant Government is to the realities of changes in the economies of scale and how they can operate way outside of the bounds of efficient scale, and continue to do so for decades (centuries?) until the total becomes so imbalanced the entire nation collapses. You would think folks would notice and correct first before that point.

  32. rhoda klapp says:

    Government has not taken over all those things because they were things that only government could do. Government takes things over whenever the opportunity arises. Are you aware of any instance of the creeping ratchet of the Feds ever being reversed? Me neither. Here in the UK we did have the Thatcher years when a few nationalised industries were sold off, but that was an anomaly.

    We may reach the point where much of government is irrelevant, but it will not go away. Not voluntarily at least. As we watch it is trying to go worldwide. Interfering with everybody, without end. without limits.

  33. H.R. says:

    E.M.: “What fascinates me more is just how resistant Government is to the realities of changes in the economies of scale and how they can operate way outside of the bounds of efficient scale, and continue to do so for decades (centuries?) until the total becomes so imbalanced the entire nation collapses. You would think folks would notice and correct first before that point.”

    Y’all know the first rule of Bureaucracies is to increase headcount and budget. And the first rule of politicians is Get Elected with the second rule being Stay Elected. To stay elected, give a bunch of people jobs, meaningful or not, and they will vote to keep you in office to protect their “phony-baloney jobs” (Blazing Saddles).

    All that goes hand in hand when you have a professional political class, and we’ve had one for years at all levels of government.

    The Citizen Government, where people earning their own keep stepped up to take a turn running minimum necessary Government functions for a couple of years and then returned to their job, farm, or business, disappeared long ago. On the whole, our early elected officials didn’t follow Rule 2 – stay elected – very much.

    One of the problems is human nature. Eventually, someone gets elected and likes the power and/or the money via kickbacks and other schemes and starts following Rule 2. Then they create bureaucracies to bolster Rule 2.

    Once programs or departments are set up, they never go away. They only grow larger and when a new politician is elected, they keep the bureaucracies because they will support (Rule 2) whoever is in the office.

    Anyone who was elected to downsize and clean things up will be undermined and stymied. The bureaucracy will work hard to make sure they are a one-and-done politician so things can get back to normal.

    The events during President Trump’s term bear out what I just wrote above. It is remarkable what he did accomplish despite the inertia of our current massive bureaucratic State.
    .So, to your comment that “you’d think folks would notice,” they do. But due to professional politicians and bureaucracies, anyone ‘folks’ send to clean up the mess either gets coopted or squashed like a bug.

    The only way out is to starve the beast, but on the Federal level, the beast quite caring about having enough money and have just started printing it. We can no longer starve the beast.

    The Government and its bureaucracies will collapse and it won’t be pretty.
    All of what we’ve been discussing is in the history books many times over and for many countries and empires. It seems there is no escaping the repeats. But at least those who know their history can be ready for the inevitable.

  34. David A says:

    @EM. Why don’t governments correct? Political expediency?
    Greed, “don’t rock the boat” and corruption. Nobody in a corrupt system wants change, even if they don’t like it, rational fear prevents the logical actions. ( That’s my take anyway)

    Regarding currency and carting tons of goods or commodities.
    By Jove your right. Instant barter of real goods, or rights to real goods. I purchase a car from you, and you agree to receive my equivalent ownership of soy beans.

    Setting aside legal isuues, there is also the same problem as exists with money. The common issue must be trust. Does the P.M. you are bartering really exist? Is the physical really there? And unfortunately our culture and government is destroying trust.

    Well, after my weekly Friday through Sunday news fast, I glanced through the newsfeeds this AM. Maybe I will make it a five day weekly fast.

    All the Best….

  35. E.M.Smith says:


    I did not address things “taken over” by rapacious governments as “economies of scale”, only those things we “gave to” them at the start. Avarice does not stop at the door of a government office.

    Per reversals: Yes, but short lived so could be seen as the ratchet doing a relax and reset for the next stroke. After W.W.II there was a small wind down (UK removed rationing for example), then Reagan over here, Thatcher there, and most recently Trump pruned a tiny bit (now being reversed as fast as the President Harris administration can do it.


    I fear you are correct about our inability to stop the plunge. Only good thing is that it often takes a bunch of years to fully manifest, so some time to prepare…

  36. Pinroot says:

    @EM re: RPi Zero – Thanks EM, I’d like to do that. Even though it has taken me several weeks to get things like I wanted, I could now do it again in an afternoon :) And it’s the sort of thing that you can put together and then just “set it and forget it”. It’s also the sort of thing that we’re going to need to know as the powers that be start cracking down on us and our freedoms, places to find and communicate with like minded individuals without worrying about being cancelled for wrong-think. It will take me a few days to get it all together, but I’ll let you know when I’ve got it ready. I’m also looking forward to checking out your distro that you’ve put together.

  37. E.M.Smith says:


    I’ll give it a couple of days then put up a tech posting with said pointer to you in it.

    The description here will also get duplicated to my I2p web site copy at the next update after it, so will persist there even if here gets whacked.

    As you can tell, I’m (slowly but persistently) building an “alternative infrastructure suite” and posting How To Docs for it. I’m also now putting up demonstrator systems (as of the I2p router) and eventually hope to have a full downloadable “production system .img” set folks can just “install, minimally configure, and go”.

    One BIG thing I learned out of buying these multiple SBCs (aside from just their specs and what I can do with them) is that the “ecosystem” of each one varies dramatically as does the technical competence of the vendor offerings. UNfortunately, the Raspberry Pi is an example of both good and bad extremes.

    Good: Huge ecosystem of users. You can get just about anything on the R. Pi and it seems like every possible project and OS has examples and downloadable builds.

    Bad: Tech Mediocre. Raspian is armel across ALL platforms to make it easier to support. One image on all hardware. BUT that means your 64 Bit aarch64 FAST hardware with FAST special instructions in the instruction set, is running as a 32 bit machine with simple old not as helpful instructions. Heat management in design is just missing. I/O subsystem mediocre. But they hold the $35 price point…

    That means it matters a Whole Lot to evaluate the vendor attitude about software and OS…

    Orange Pi, for example, has gone to only 2 sources for Orange “provided” OS downloads. Google or Baidu. One is in Chinese and the other wants you to log in with google credentials. Essentially making their OS builds unavailable to me as I do not have nor want a Google Account. Then, very few folks make any OS for the Orange Pi One (as it is a very low end H3 chipset and ‘not interesting’…)

    What this means to me I I’ll never buy another Orange Pi {whatever} again (unless they ditch this policy).

    Similarly I’ll not be running Raspian again for anything but experimental / testing purposes (like showing i2p runs on it) or as first bring-up on new hardware before I can install a different OS.

    Software, and OS software: It’s a big deal.

    FWIW: I’m generally quite pleased with how well Devuan handled dist-upgrade to Beowulf. A few odd bits on a couple of platforms, but generally just fine. (Modulo the need to nuke the blood red / cinnamon color choices ;-)

    As of now, most easy to work with have been the Raspberry Pi family, Odroids, and the Pine64 / Rock family. Oh, and it takes about a year to 2 years for a given SBC to be fully supported and debugged, but then some vendors stop new OS releases for it just a year or so post end of production. So the sweet spot of reliability and new functions comes about 2 years after first product ship.

  38. philjourdan says:

    @EM – forget hot dog carts. Think mom and pop. Want a new deck? Go with the corporation and pay 20% more. Or go with a single owner (get references) and pay a lot less! I shun the corps on that stuff and always go with recommendations on small business. And so far have not been disappointed.

    I once got 3 estimates to replace my breaker box. Big Corp said $2500. Small Corp sad $1900. DBA said $1100 (and he came highly recommended from a friend). Need I say more?

    BTW – when the county inspector came out, he kept repeating one word.


  39. Kneel says:

    “Thus the Distancing starts to turn to Defiance.”

    I guess I’m still in the “distancing” part then :-)
    When I go to the pub or a restaurant, they ask you to log in to the “contract tracing” web-site.
    Thing is, they only ever ask “Did you scan the code?” or “Did you go to the web site?”
    So I scan the code and go to the web site.
    Then I fill out the form – but don’t submit it.
    It looks like I’m doing it.
    I can truthfully answer “yes” to the two questions above, and even “Did you fill out the form?”
    But Big Brother doesn’t have my details.
    So they are happy, and I am happy, and no-one is the wiser.
    Works for me…

  40. Kneel says:

    “Setting aside legal isuues, there is also the same problem as exists with money. The common issue must be trust. Does the P.M. you are bartering really exist? Is the physical really there? And unfortunately our culture and government is destroying trust. ”

    Sounds like a job for a new block-chain based app…

  41. gallopingcamel says:

    H.R. gets it:
    “The Government and its bureaucracies will collapse and it won’t be pretty.”

    When governments are rendered insolvent by the transfer of assets into “Crypto” they will fight back. The 2020 form 1040 demands that you declare any Crypto investments and if you don’t the folks who sold them to you will (e.g. Coinbase, Gemini and their ilk).

    Savvy investors who take ownership of their Crypto assets will be hard for the government to track but it will try:
    “Like an angry farmer, the state will no doubt take desperate measures at first to tether and hobble its escaping herd. It will employ covert and even violent means to restrict access to liberating technologies. Such expedients will only work temporarily, if at all. The twentieth century nation-state, with all its pretensions, will starve to death as its tax revenues decline.”

    Page 19-20 in the most subversive book I have ever read……The Sovereign Individual by Davidson & Rees-Mogg.

  42. gallopingcamel says:

    You are proposing “Civil Disobedience” and we should keep looking for ways to do more of that. In the end the most effective disobedience will be to withdraw our support for Fiat currencies generally and the US dollar in particular.

    Since “Stupid Government” is back in style it would not surprise me if this country were to follow Nigeria’s lead by making the ownership of Crypto illegal.

  43. E.M.Smith says:

    I have no details yet, but the SEC is suing LBRY over their use of crypto…

  44. David A says:

    Setting aside legal isuues, there is also the same problem as exists with money. The common issue must be trust. Does the P.M. you are bartering really exist? Is the physical really there? And unfortunately our culture and government is destroying trust. ”
    Kneel says…
    Sounds like a job for a new block-chain based app…”

    Perhaps, yet I understand it as accurate accounting, or somewhat corruption proof accounting. I am not certain how it gives any assurance that the actual commodity is not leveraged.

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