Alta California Anyone?

Some long time ago, I made the suggestion that the USA ought to just Annex Mexico.

I wasn’t at all the first one to suggest this. I actually started looking at it from the point of view that it was not so good an idea, but found some merit in it. But most folks didn’t seem to like the idea. OK. I can see that too, as that was my starting point.

But the reality is that I grew up in a TexMex Mexifornia kind of environment. I’ve got no problem with Mexican Culture and like a lot of it more than Gringo Culture (like, oh, the Democrat controlled cities… compared to Mexican Rural Cowboy Culture that’s almost identical to American Rural Cowboy Culture as they are highly mixed).

However, given recent political changes in D.C., it is clear that adding a few tens of millions of added, relatively poor, folks to the mix would just accelerate the plunge into Socialism.

Heck, the present influx of Illegal Aliens (and that IS what they are) is shifting the demographics of California dramatically as it is. Last week I went to a rural WalMart Superstore about 30 miles south of me. This is in a rural farm town that has cheaper prices, reminds a bit of my rural roots, and historically there was a mix of mostly Gringos and some Mexican ancestry folks, with the odd bits of Spanish spoken in the line.

This time? Almost everyone was “Mexican looking” and the dominant language I heard was Spanish. Maybe 10% Anglos in evidence. This shift has been going on for decades, so not an overnight thing. But clearly a tipping point has been past.

Which reminded me of the rural central valley California towns that also have come to be dominated by imported Mexicans and other Hispanics. Legal and not. In many, now, there’s a few old rich land owners, and a lot of Hispanics, and some old folks who’s kids are waiting to sell the house to fund their Condo In The City…

What is happening is that California is becoming a Mexican State in population and in many ways, in culture.

Total Hispanic Or Latino population in California

Total Population: 14,013,719
Male Population: 7,080,128
Female Population: 6,933,591

That’s out of about 39 million now. So about 35%. In the official numbers. And rising fast.

Some locations it is much higher:

The Imperial Valley on the U.S.-Mexican border is about 70–75% Latino; communities with many Latinos can also be found in Riverside County, especially at its eastern end, and the Coachella Valley. The Central Valley has many Mexican American migrant farm workers. Latinos are the majority in 14 counties: Colusa, Fresno, Glenn, Imperial, Kern, Kings, Madera, Merced, Monterey, Napa, San Benito, Santa Cruz, Tulare and Yolo counties.

So basically you have some Rich Whites in San Francisco and the Upscale Areas of the Los Angeles Basin living off the supporting counties around them that are just full of Hispanic Immigrants.


How about we just: Give California to Mexico.

Issue a “Y’all Come” to Hispanics elsewhere in the USA who would like to be in a land where Spanish is more common and the weather is great, announcing the intent to “move on” with the demographic shift underway, then just make Alta California a State of Mexico.

Gives Mexico a place to expand their population. Embraces the demographic destiny of the place anyway. Removed about 40 Million “liberal” votes from the USA (and 53 House Of Representatives Members from California plus 2 Senators of the Liberal Bent). Takes a MAJOR PITA out of the rest of the nation what with California proposing all manner of nutty laws and such.

In general, it lets the rest of the nation just “get on with it” on the being American front.

California already has border stations set up. It is bounded by mountains with a limited number of big roads to the rest of the nation.

California Border Crossing / Inspection Station

California Border Crossing / Inspection Station

California Border Protection Stations (CBPS) are 16 checkpoints maintained by the California Department of Food and Agriculture along the state’s land borders with Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona.

So logistically it would be easy to do too.

Now I know some of the rural and especially mountain counties might not want to go along with this, and there might be a case to make for splitting out some of the Cascades Range area or some of the Sierra Nevada counties and adding them to Nevada. I think that can be fixed up adequately.

Then maybe the Rich & Powerful of San Francisco and Beverly Hills might complain, but just tell them it’s cheaper and more plentiful gardeners, maids, and servants, plus remind them of Antonio Banderas & Shakira… Tell them casting calls will be GREAT!…

In Conclusion

Yeah, we might lose a port or two. OTOH, we’ll have much cheaper labor unloading the ships in those ports and trains “cross border” already in place. Do we really care who runs those ports as long as the Chinese Goods arrive? (Evidence so far is “no”.)

Now I also know some of you are asking why not Oregon and Washington State, too. Well, maybe eventually. For now it is really just the 2 major cities in those States that are screwed up. Though perhaps one could arrange for Portland and Seattle, just the cities, to be given to Mexico. That might take some more thinking. Perhaps as a “step 2″…

For now, just California would likely be enough. Or maybe just 2/3 of California (though we’d need to move a few border stations). We could keep the northern coastal and mountain areas, and a bit of the Sierra Nevada (like the California side of Lake Tahoe) and even a chunk of the Mojave Desert, as it is mostly just empty with gas stations and fast food along the freeways to the border. Disgorge the Coastal Cites with their Elites and the Central Valley with the farms. (We already import lots of produce from Mexico, so why not just add that to the mix).

Looks like a “Win Win” to me.

Just give me enough warning time to finish leaving the State…

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18 Responses to Alta California Anyone?

  1. Nancy & John Hultquist says:

    Try a line along Route 50 – South Lake Tahoe toward Placerville – then cut to the NW across Folsom Lake using the Sacramento County line. SE of Granite Bay swing toward the junction of I-80 and Route 65.
    North of Yuba City, cut west along Pass Road (south of the twin Buttes), and at the Sacramento River – follow it to the NW of Chico where the north boundary of Glenn County is a straight line west where it meets Mendocino County. Then get to the Pacific Ocean any of several ways, depending on what one wants to do with that county.

    Note that Sacramento goes to the new Mexico with this configuration.

  2. jim2 says:

    I’ve kept waiting for Cali to slide off into the Ocean. Not happening fast enough, so you might have a viable Plan B there.

  3. Jim Masterson says:


    When we flew back to Moffett from the north along the coast, you could see the depression in the terrain from the San Andreas fault line as we approached San Francisco. I think only a part of California would slide off into the ocean.


  4. jim2 says:

    @Jim Masterson – Every little bit helps!

  5. The True Nolan says:

    Welcome Mexico into the US? Take California out of the US and give it to Mexico?

    How about bring Mexico into the US, but take out California anyway and leave them on their own?

  6. erl happ says:

    You’re talking like Mark Twain. Lots of good laughs in this piece.

  7. philjourdan says:

    #! – Not all of California was Spanish (it was only administered by Mexico but was never Mexico). Part was Ruski!

    #2 – The “Imperial Valley is indeed mostly Hispanic. About 3-5 generations now. They are in no mood to cede to Mexico (not all Hispanics are Mexicans).

    #3 – Annexing Mexico is a better idea. Most of those who remain there, are very entrepreneurial. We Annex them and do a Hong Kong number on them (without the betrayal). Medical care is cheap! Prescriptions are cheap! Dental, visual, etc. are cheap. SO we do not allow the US laws in our new states,

    #4 – THEIR Southern Border is well defended and violators are dealt with harshly, That becomes are new Southern Border and illegal immigration problem solved.

    And I love Mexican culture! I married a Mexican!

  8. jim2 says:

    Even today, the Tehanos in Texas tend to vote conservative.

    Mar 08, 2019

    March is Texas History Month and we at Texas would like to take this opportunity to educate and bring awareness about the true lives and legacies of Tejanos and their contributions to the 1835-1836 Texas Revolution. Tejanos are descendants of the first Spanish, Mexican and indigenous families on the Texas frontier. Very little is known about the role they played in the political, economic and military arenas of the revolution for Texas independence.

    This brief essay attempts to highlight these efforts with the beginning of 1832 and the Tejanos presenting their “Bexar Memoria”, grievances, to the Mexican federal government. These demands were for more adequate military protection against hostile Indians, more independent government control for Texas and a return to the 1824 Federalist Constitution. These reframe had been voiced since the joining of Coahuila and Texas.

    Ultimately, Santa Anna’s dictatorial stance led to the first shots at Gonzales and actions for a revolution to be taken. Then, the Battle of Mission Concepcion led by Texian Cols. James Bowie and Austin occurred. This engagement is also participated in by three Tejano Cavalry Units under Captains Juan Seguin, Placido Benavidez, and Manuel Flores along with almost three hundred Tejanos.

    This action is followed by the famous ‘Storming of Bexar,” where men led by old Ben Milam are joined with Captain Juan Seguin’s’ Calvary units numbering almost two hundred men. Together, they capture San Antonio from Mexican General Cos’s Army which numbered over one thousand men. This victory will lead both Texians and Tejanos to begin to fortify the Mission de Valero into “Fortress Alamo.”

  9. E.M.Smith says:

    @Erl Happ:

    Thanks for catching that…

    I tried to ride the exact line between some humor and some biting truth. (It’s a British thing I got from Mum…). Presented entirely “dry” and ambiguous.

    IMHO it is the best kind of humor. When you can’t tell where the bite stops and the laughing begins. Cry / Laugh. Both in equal proportion…

  10. Skeptic. says:

    Many centuries ago there was a plan (dream) proposed by the Spanish explorers/Catholic church to create a separate country to be named Quadra. This country would include all lands west of the Rockies (Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California and Mexico).

  11. p.g.sharrow says:

    The Constitution of the California Republic states that Mexican and Anglo ‘s have equal legal standing, That Republic still stands because That Republic voted to join the Union and can vote to leave at anytime. After the Civil War the Supreme Court ruled that session of states was a legal possibility. Like Texas, California was never a territory of the United States in spite of US Official History. During the Civil War, California was exempt from Income Tax and
    military conscription, Federal Army judiciary control. Californian GDP is the 6th largest in the world. No need for it to join any country to stand alone…

  12. another ian says:

    jim2 says:
    3 May 2021 at 7:23 pm
    I’ve kept waiting for Cali to slide off into the Ocean. Not happening fast enough, so you might have a viable Plan B there.

    Jim, While you’re organising that please make sure it can’t wash up on the east coast of Australia

  13. philjourdan says:

    @pg Sharrow – the Constitution of the Republic of Texas has that and more. It has the ability to divide into 5 states. It also can leave at any time (the war of northern aggression did not settle that issue and do not give me Texas v. White – that is not law. It is dicta).

    I welcome the Cali departure! Please go. And take in those 300m illegals. you deserve it.

    Texas, even the democrats there are fighting Biduh!

  14. philjourdan says:

    @another Ian – me too!

  15. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    No worries…. Hawaii and New Zealand are in the way. It’ll get stuck on one of them. If it doesn’t get stuck on Hawaii (about 500 million years, plus or minus a few hundred million) give me a call and we’ll adjust course. ;-)

  16. John Robertson says:

    Forget that.
    Those are surrender Monkey thoughts.
    Just as Western Canadian Independence is.
    I propose the Fortress North America Concept.
    Now that our “enemies Within” have all self identified and stated their contempt for every civic institution we hold necessary..The Time has Come..
    Salt Water makes a great boundary,And casting our Parasitic Overload into the Sea has a fine sense of Justice to it..
    Clearly establishing a continent where The Constitution will rule,simplifies life immensely.
    For Mexicans deserve the chance to enjoy Rule of Law,Equal Justice for all and The pursuit of happiness…
    As we have all just discovered that our effete elites deny us all of those things,citing a Health Emergency,we now can acknowledge we have way more in common with the average Mexican than our own “Leaders”..

    I have a good use for the heads of those “protecting us” from the Dread Covid.
    Mounted on spikes they can rot on deserted a warning to any other such “helpers and invaders”..
    Covid has been a true revelation.
    Government is useless,clueless and extremely dangerous to all individual citizens..
    as we see the ugly nature of our parasitic overload, now proudly revealed..shall we cast them into the sea and unite with our southern comrades who have been suffering under the yoke of a effete elite even longer than we..Who fancied ourselves to be free..
    Time to make that freedom real and reaffirm them rights..
    Shall we toss the Marching Mumbling Morons?
    Good Enough for Government…??

  17. The True Nolan says:

    @philjourdan: “It also can leave at any time (the war of northern aggression did not settle that issue and do not give me Texas v. White – that is not law. It is dicta).”

    True, that the War did not settle the question, or rather it only settled it for that particular time but not forever. Virginia had stipulated when it joined the Union that it could leave when it wished, just like Texas stipulated, but when the War came and Virginia and Texas tried to leave… well we know how that worked out. But that was then and this is now, the point being, that “the Law” is only the Law until it isn’t. It stops being the Law whenever The Powers That Be either don’t or can’t enforce it. The Law is only the Law when it has force behind it.

    I saw an interesting saying the other day:
    Optimists study English. Pessimists study Chinese. Pragmatists learn to use a rifle.

  18. philjourdan says:

    @TTN – I agree. And for the record, more than just VA and TX have that written into their acceptance of the union. So Cali Can. And we wish they would.

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