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Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Z-Stack, Quercetin And More

It looks like Quercetin works well with Zinc. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has a mix or “stack” of it with Vit C &D that he uses in a clinical setting with good effect. Continue reading

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Climate Models Get Clouds Wrong – They Cool

Warm Clouds, Cold Clouds, and how Climate Models are broken in more ways and to greater degree than before. Ignore the actual processes in clouds, and you will be wrong. Ask anyone who’s lived in Florida or Hawaii and they will tell you Clouds & Rain cools you as the summer rains come. Continue reading

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Trump Getting Ready To Rumble!

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!! with the POTUS (The Real One) as The Donald moves to Rumble for his video / Ohio Rally! Continue reading

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Did We Hit Our Cultural Peak In 1984?

Was 1984 the peak of USA / Western Civilization? I think maybe so… Continue reading

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