Portland Tonight, No Riot Squad, This Will Be Enlightening

After one of the Portland Rapid Response Team did his job during a prior riot and used his baton to end resistance to arrest, he was indicted.

Now, with another riot scheduled for tonight, the entire Rapid Response Team has resigned. (They are still going to be regular patrol officers, but have resigned from the voluntary extra duty and extra pay of being on the Riot Squad).

After all, who wants to take a job where you will be indicted if you do it?

Tim Pool’s take on it (Comes after the story of an Atlanta Suburb ‘seceding’ from Atlanta due to Woke Policing Policies):


Written Form:


Portland riots: Police crowd-control team resigns after officer indicted

Every member of a police crowd-control unit in the US city of Portland has resigned after one of its officers was indicted on an assault charge.

The charge stemmed from violent anti-racism protests that rocked the city, in the state of Oregon, last year.

Prosecutors allege the officer used “excessive and unlawful use of force” against a protester in August 2020.

But Portland’s police union described the decision to prosecute the officer as “politically driven”.

The crowd-control unit, known as the Rapid Response Team (RRT), is comprised of about 50 police officers. They serve in the team voluntarily and are deployed during events such as riots, large-scale searches or disaster situations.

In a statement, Portland police said members had “left their voluntary positions and no longer comprise a team”. It said the officers would continue in their regular assignments.

It will be an interesting time in Portland in the next few weeks… Maybe it’s time to tune in to “Portland Andy” again and watch the streets live…


“When you need the riot squad in minutes, and they are only months away”…

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About E.M.Smith

A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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14 Responses to Portland Tonight, No Riot Squad, This Will Be Enlightening

  1. H.R. says:

    E.M., defund the police and/or force them to quit is all part of the GEB’s strategy.

    It will give the GEB fascists the excuse to form our very own U.SofA. Federal Gestapo.

    The fly in that ointment that I see is that there are a LOT of Red counties. If the Feds try to disband State and local policing on the excuse of the planned failure and absence of law enforcement in Blue cities like Portland, I believe all the Red county Sheriffs will not put up with that nonsense.

    In general, all of those Blue cities/metro areas are surrounded by Red counties. ‘The Plan’ should work in the Blue areas. I see problems expanding it out into the Red areas.

    What I wrote above isn’t very refined, but it covers my broad take of what we are really seeing in the cities of perpetual riots.
    Note: I’m not sure Blue, Blue, Blue Chicago is part of ‘The Plan.’ It’s always been a violent city. I don’t think the local PTB want to give up their fiefdoms. Besides, near as I can tell, Chicago thinks they run D.C. anyhow 馃槣 They won’t want the Feds messing about in their business.

    GEBs, meet CEBs. (Chicago Evil Bastards) May the worst one win 馃ぃ

  2. philjourdan says:

    I would have quit the force entirely. I do not understand why any Portland cops are still on the job. They have no support.

  3. The True Nolan says:

    @philjourdan: “I do not understand why any Portland cops are still on the job.”

    Not to belabor the obvious, but of course the paycheck might be important. In a slightly more nuanced look, if I were a cop I would be VERY tempted to stay on the payroll and simply do as little as possible. Apparently that is what the official job description is. The cops don’t make policy. The city leaders and police commissioner does. If the people of Portland actually want the law to be enforced, it is up to THEM to over rule the city leaders and police commissioner. The cops can’t (and shouldn’t have to be) the ones to demand that the law be enforced.

    In a nutshell: The cops CANNOT enforce the laws unless the people support enforcement.

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    Police have the patience of Job. If they didn’t they could not do the job. They also know in exquisite detail about gradual escalation and about “pain has direction” and how to control a perp.

    So you start with just a little pain in the direction you need the perp to go, then increase the pressure as needed. All while staying legal and polite.

    So the officers (having already, no doubt, booked a “hell of a lot” of overtime already), can easily “step back” for the rest of the year without a big loss of income. Or seniority. For officers near retirement, that seniority is worth a “Hell Of A LOT!!!” (as in $thousands / month for the rest of their life). Any officer on the RRT is NOT a rookie. These will be folks with a LOT of years on the job. Many can likely take early retirement. Some nearly full.

    So you just say “no more special duty for me, I’m going to finish out my time sleeping in the patrol car, then take the retirement package”. Knowing that this will put “pain” with “direction” on the political idiots above you. All, no doubt, with Union support and likely even management support.

    I don’t know the rules in Portland, but many PD will have retirement options at 20 to 30 years on the job. (Very few go to 60 YO for police…). So a LOT of guys into it 10 to 15 years are not going to walk away from that. BUT, they would be happy to spend 5 years eating donuts in the squad car while they write parking tickets… FWIW, that is exactly what I’d do were I on the Portland PD right now. (Realize I was at one time on track to be a Sheriff Deputy and taking the training… so it isn’t like I’ve not got clue on this.) Political Bosses say they want “no enforcement” and loudly say “ANY officer who uses any force will be persecuted”; well, OK. I’m “Just following Or-Durs!” (Herr Commandant! ) and sitting it out for a while.

    All the while being able to help resuscitate the kid found in the pool unresponsive, or take the burglary report in my neighborhood, or serve a “Court Ordered “restraining order” on Bad Dudes.

    In essence, it is a focused message about the political nature of RRT use and letting officers take the fall for PC Bull Crap; while not abandoning the meat and potatoes law enforcement in their own communities nor taking a HUGE hit on retirement pay accrued.

  5. Terry Jackson says:

    From Glenn Greenwald, a man of the Left, on the possible role of the FBI on Jan 6

    And from Angelo Codevilla, on a similar topic

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    @Terry Jackson:

    Anyone who thinks that any and every political action group with a nationally known name is not infiltrated by at least 3 to 4 TLAs of Law Enforcement or “Intelligence” nature; that person is seriously out of touch with reality.

    While at the Capitol, I saw at a minimum 3 highly suspicious characters who where not very good at keeping their cover. I’d expect there were at least a few DOZEN more who were better at it. One I’ve taken to calling “Groucho Padre”. He had on a Padre outfit (long black robe thing with hat with Micky Mouse like ears…) and did a fast “Groucho walk” around the whole area with a video camera. He was clearly trying to record as many faces as possible. No way he could be “framing the image” for an art shot. No way was he “recording a story”. It was all just rapidly Groucho Strut as fast as possible with camera at chest height grabbing faces for facial recognition.

    There is ZERO chance he is actually a “Padre” anywhere, and about 100% he was FBI or maybe CIA / intel related.

    Then there were the Hawkers. Folks in new or ill fitting “camo” and other “Good Ol’ Boy” garb rushing up excitedly to tell folks the DOOR was OPEN and ‘Come ON – That’s where the ACTION is!!!’ Yeah, right. That’s where the “send the rubes and sheep to the slaughter” was. I didn’t bite.

    There were others. One was clearly ANTIFA trying to get us to go up on the steps. (Signature bull horn on shoulder strap, black clothes, and all). He approached me (all in black too.. as I was doing my own camo / undercover dress…) and started his pitch. RAPIDLY, a 40-something lady all in black and another guy with her came over an intercepted him. They had an interesting conversation about how things were developing on the steps. (I’m pretty sure he mistook me for his “dear leader” and she had to run over to clear that up…) Clearly they were trying to get MAGA folks to run up onto the steps (and this weasel and his “girl friend” had left just in time for any MAGA Rubes to be bagged by Capitol Police… he said so…)

    So I absolutely KNOW that ANTIFA clad and trained (by behaviour & observables) folks were working the crowed trying to get Trump Supporters up on the steps.

    WHEN EVER there is a political gathering of thousands, and especially when any “tension” is in the air, you can be SURE that there is a dramatic and significant presence of “Agencies” and undercovers. I’ve been in their coordination and planning circles in the past (likely because I look the part of Cop and not-quite-cool Undercover so they accepted me.)

  7. philjourdan says:

    @TTN – Re: “if I were a cop I would be VERY tempted to stay on the payroll and do as little as possible.”

    And that is where my understanding fails. I cannot do a job half assed. I have ben in that position before (not in law enforcement), and found another job. I was making good money in the half assed job, but I felt like I was defrauding the shareholders.

  8. The True Nolan says:

    @philjourdan: “I cannot do a job half assed. I have ben in that position before (not in law enforcement), and found another job. I was making good money in the half assed job, but I felt like I was defrauding the shareholders.”

    I understand. The last time I quit a job, I was in a similar situation. Was making DARN good money, but my employer (I won’t give their name, but will only say that it is spelled exactly the same as “Fujitsu”) had continually laid off more and more workers and expanded my responsibility to make up for the lack of workers. I was running what was formerly a five man territory, maintaining computer equipment in three states and driving about 50,000 miles a year. My boss kept telling me “if you need help, just let me know!” “OK. I need help!” “Sorry, we don’t have anyone available.” I quite when I could no longer do a good job by my standards. Apparently I was doing well enough for company standards — but not MY standards. I quit. My boss’s response? “Why didn’t you tell me you needed help? How can you do this? I thought you were my friend!”

    Grrrrrrrrr….. 20 years ago and I still don’t like it.

  9. E.M.Smith says:


    Has a lot of “spin” included. Basically there was a “Flag Wave” event in a park. Antifa shows up and starts attacking people who defend themselves. NOT a case of “Proud Boys” causing anything. Police do show up (State and Local – no riot squad) and things break up.

    Bolding done by me for editorial comment:

    Members of Antifa and the Proud Boys clashed in a riot outside of Portland on Friday.

    The incident began with a flag wave event, attended by local community members and individuals associated with the Proud Boys, according to KOIN 6 News. After the arrival of Antifa, this flag wave quickly devolved into violence between the two groups.

    Just what in hell does “associated with” mean? Are they members, or just drank a beer at a bar with some guy? “Devolved”? How about the truth: Antifa showed up to start a fight by attacking peaceful flag wavers.

    In the article is a link to an Andy Ngo tweet. Looks like a lot of guys in Black Block with mondo sized tear gas / bear spray trying to hose down the opposition. Some counter spray too. Has video:

    Andy Ng么
    Breaking: A brawl has broken out between antifa and right-wing protesters at a park near Portland in Oregon City. The antifa called for comrades to go fight the flag waving rally attendees. Police declared a riot.
    Andy Ng么

    Jun 19
    Replying to
    Plumes of pepper spray fill the air at the riot in Oregon City where Portland antifa brawled with right-wing protesters.

    So I guess we now need to carry a gas mask if near a US Flag…

    The bottom tweet is very interesting. Has 2 cop cars in the background with lights on while the “right-wing protesters” are in a walking line walking back Antifa who are in retreat.

    Andy Ng么

    Jun 19
    Right-wing protesters regroup after the pepper spray fight against antifa at an Oregon City park south of Portland. They chant, 鈥淔鈥 antifa鈥 while marching. Police declared a riot during the brawl. Antifa had earlier put out call for comrades to come fight.

    Then back at the article:

    The brawl was halted upon the arrival of state and local law enforcement, according to the Portland Tribune. (RELATED: Entire Portland Police Rapid Response Team Resigns)

    Organizers of the flag wave had reserved Clackamette Park in Oregon City for their event, according to KOIN 6. This group had been gathering regularly alongside the highway and in the park, despite threats from Antifa.

    After the clash was dispersed, members of the flag wave moved along the highway, where they continued with their event.

    That makes it sound like the police rounded folks up and got in the middle of it. The video from Andy shows them sitting back in cars with the flashy lights on, but not between the groups, and with Antifa just in full retreat.

    Looks to me a lot more like “Police showed up, Antifa tucked tail and ran, Peaceful Flag Wavers return to Flag Waving”.

  10. E.M.Smith says:


    Your comment is being held in moderation as I decide what to do with it. There are several issues.

    First off, your email address looks like a fraud. Second, posting from the Netherlands you are making recommendations for Portland? Um, seems odd.

    But, the biggie: You advocate for a criminal act. Not just any criminal act, but the criminal act of murder of Antifa. I can not allow advocacy for criminal acts to be posted. Aside from the fact that I personally can not condone such things, it also has the potential to make me an “accessory”; or to have me charged with a variety of lesser crimes (things like “aiding and abetting” or even the de novo “crime” of an emotional state – hate towards someone.)

    So I’m sorry, but I can not let that comment through. This is a polite place where one of my strongest “rules” is to never have an “insult to the person”; and I can think of no stronger insult than to say you wish someone dead.

    For that reason, I think this is likely not the place for you.

  11. philjourdan says:

    MOngo is most likely an FBI plant.

  12. jim2 says:

    If it’s the FBI they need to get some professional writers! “Mongo” Really?

    Mongo is a fictional character appearing in the Mel Brooks 1974 film 鈥淏lazing Saddles.鈥 He is portrayed by Alex Karras. Described by Jim, the Waco Kid (Gene Wilder) as 鈥渕ore of a what鈥 than a who, Mongo is a tall, violent, unintelligent creature with superhuman strength and a bullying nature.


  13. E.M.Smith says:


    Yeah, I flashed on that too. (I get a full visual of Mongo including the hat and frown ;-)


    Yeah, thought of that too. Does fit the pattern of being a little OTT trying to impress the Bad Guys and showing “creds” on the dark side. Pushing to get folks to state intent to do something illegal.

    Unfortunately for “Mongo”, I’m not interested in anything either violent or illegal and would (do) actively discourage that kind of thing. Heck, at the 6 Jan thing, as soon as we saw folks on the steps being gassed, I took a couple of photos (from the allowed side of the barriers at the circular road) and suggested that we ought to just leave as “they ought to be setting up a perimeter”. Then we (along with the majority of the folks who had walked from Trumps speech up to that area) promptly got in the car and left. ZERO interest in staying around to watch (and negative interest in being part of the show…).

    Even asked the traffic cops for directions out of the area. If they had body cams on, we’ll be shown as polite senior citizens asking how we get out of the area.

    I’ve been in undercover coordinating meets a couple of times now. It is absolutely certain that in any public protest there will be a collection of folks from a few TLAs working both sides of the crowd. Probably part of why I have zero interest in joining any such groups. I just stand off to the side and observe.

    In any case, I’m still trying to decide if I just want to trash the posting from “Mongo”, or turn it into a Carping Comments raw material input. Critique it and show why it is unacceptable behaviour. I’m leaning toward that, BTW.

    FWIW, one of the “tells”, IMHO, for an undercover trying to get in with a perceived bad crowd, is they are a little excessive in their, um, “enthusiasm” for doing illegal things. Lots of big talk. Not much actual activity. Not a laid back milquetoast type either. Trying to “talk the talk” a little too much (or sometimes a lot too much).

    Whatever. It’s hard to tell the overly enthusiastic undercover wanna-be from the slightly nutbar true believer. It doesn’t matter much to me anyway, as I’m going to leave any place that has folks pushing for violence; regardless of reason. Just not into it. I’m all about self defense, but have zero interest in starting trouble. It always goes sideways one way or another and the very first rule of self defense is “If at all possible, just get the hell out of there”. So I do.

    As Sensei would say:
    “When two tigers fight, one of them dies and the other is grievously wounded”.

    IF and ONLY IF there is no choice to leave, de-escalate, or defuse AND you are attacked, then you defend with all you have. But first and most you do not want to be one of those 2 tigers.

  14. philjourdan says:

    @Jim2 – Mongo is also a linux DB app. Anyone reading EMS knows he is a big Linux guy, so that is a great handle. Besides, we already know that most of the folks who broke into the capitol or broke windows were Antifa or FBI stooges. And with Wray deciding to make white supremacy the #1 crime, he needs criminals.

    That dog do hunt.


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