4th Of July – Independence Day! BBQ & Such

It’s the 4th of July, American Independence Day!

I made BBQ Italian Sausages & BBQ Chicken using Manzanita wood (Thanks P.G.! I still have a bit left!), a bit of charcoal to extend it into round two (didn’t want fresh wood flames on the added bit of fuel…). Side Salad (mixed lettuces, shredded cheese, ranch dressing)and eSteamed Broccoli.

The BBQ-ing ws done on my Pile Of Bricks BBQ, just because I could ;-) Not quite the original layout, but close. I may “document” this one someday. Basically I don’t use 3 long ways out the back, instead just set a corner back a bit to give 2 vents each side of it. Most any stack seems to work. I’ve even just done regular 6 brick layers (like the top layer) and just leave 1/2 inch between bricks for the air flow in. It’s all good. Add grill and optional cover pan (from an old camp grill, the bottom always rusts out long before the cover has any issues).

To slow down the chicken after getting it started (as fat drips onto the coals and you get a fire / heat / rendering positive feedback loop) I’d put 1 brick at each end of the grill to lift it. Turn them on edge for 1.5 reduction. Or stack 2 on each end if you need very much slower. Tongs help ;-)

Plus beverages of your choice as folks chose.

There’s a block party going on (whole street closed down and bands / tables / huge BBQ set up) complete with city permits, and I’ll cruise it as the evening wears on.

Fireworks to come, though some folks were setting some off last night, and a few bangs during the day.

Best wishes on this, the day were we remind those European and Elite powers that think they are in charge, just what happens if you push just a little to far a little too long…

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13 Responses to 4th Of July – Independence Day! BBQ & Such

  1. Annie says:

    Best wishes belatedly for the 4th July! I hope the rest of your day went well.

  2. E.M.Smith says:


    It did!

    Into the evening the bangs and pops and kabooms! got a bit much. I retreated to the house and couch with the dogs. They get excited and upset after the first few bangs and such.

    So got to watch a variety of stuff I’d missed with them on each side of me. (They quiet down immediately on being under a blanket on the couch with the Alpha on duty ;-)

    In particular, I caught up on the Trump speech in Sarasota Florida. Just an OMG speech. He’s pulling no punches on calling the election a fraud. I think “he’s got the data” showing it was a fraud; or he’d not state it so absolutely. (Then again, I think I’ve seen the proof, so there’s that. Even in California, the votes violate Benford’s Law so are almost certainly fraudulent. That’s the distribution of leading digit property of counts of things, where it makes a smooth curve. California has distinct “preference” for the digits humans like to pick when they think they are being random…)


    UPDATE: Benford’s Law Has Been Used to Prove Election Fraud in the Past – Joe Biden’s Numbers in Michigan are 99% Flawed — No Surprise that Tech Giants are Banning This Information
    By Jim Hoft
    Nov 8, 2020, 5:32 pm

    From a TGP reader: Biden’s vote numbers in Michigan do not match Benford’s law at a 99.999% significance level. Benfords law has been used on many occasions to prove election fraud (2000&2004 elections, 2003 California gubernatorial election, etc.). Let me know if you would elaboration but …

    The article it points at:



    By using the audit statistical technique known as ‘Benford Analysis’ the precincts in Milwaukee are where the focus of any fraud audit in Wisconsin should take place.
    In Wisconsin on the night of the election, President Trump was winning early into the morning. However, when Americans woke up on Wednesday Joe Biden had somehow taken the lead in Wisconsin after a vote dump of 100,000 votes appeared overnight.

    Everyone in the US knew Wisconsin had been stolen and the votes for Biden all appeared at once in the middle of the night:

    The concerns with the unreasonable increase in ballots in Wisconsin led one expert to share with us his analysis on Wisconsin voter data as it currently stands. Our expert who remains anonymous shared with us his analysis using the audit statistical technique known as Benford Analysis. This technique identifies outliers in data sets. Our expert shared:

    I saw that some people had the idea of analyzing vote totals in context of Benford’s Law, so I ran a first-digit analysis on precinct-level vote numbers coming out of Wisconsin, using data from the 15 largest counties (skipping 2 which had unworkable data).

    Of the 4 counties, 802 aggregated precincts comprising the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area, we get a significant deviation from the expected using Biden’s vote totals, and a p-value of 0.00002 (0.002% probability of a result at least as extreme as this one). Clearly, it does not follow the expected pattern. Trump’s vote totals are much more consistent, with P = 0.87. [The Biden data makes no sense in Milwaukee.]


    HERE THEY ARE: The Five Most Obvious Acts of Fraud in the 2020 Election that You Are No Longer Allowed to Discuss
    GATEWAY PUNDIT ^ | 1/17/2021 | Jim Hoft

    and so much more…

    So what do you do when your government has been parasitized by a communist insurgency and you are under an illegitimate rule of a fraudulent government? Still pondering that one.

    The RSBN coverage of the Trump speech in Sarasota 90 minutes:

    I’m testing their “embed” code here (we’ll see if WordPress barfs on it):

    Java Script:

    {The Javascript failed so I’ve deleted it. The iFrame link does get you to the video, but so does the https link above.}

    Iframe URL:


  3. Pinroot says:

    Happy belated Independence Day! I didn’t really do anything, the wife was staying at her mom’s and I was on my own. I made yogurt last night (not very festive, but I eat a lot of it so we’ve learned to make our own). Today I’m grilling a pork loin (smoking it actually) so that will be ready in a few hours. We’ve got a variety of fresh veggies from a local farmer’s market, so we’re good to go on that front too. Just a day late :)

  4. philjourdan says:

    Happy Independence day belatedly. Sorry I missed the day, but was doing my patriotic duty and cleaning cat boxes. ;-)

  5. John Hultquist says:

    Food: blackened salmon, onion rings, and cheap wine.

    My only excitement for the day was checking on fire fighting activity about 2 miles from home. Crews, a couple of dozers, and one helicopter contained the burn before dark. No word on the cause.
    I went to where I could see the action – drove a mile, but the fire was another mile away. I’ll go have a look today – just because.

  6. H.R. says:

    We did our 4th of July cookout on the 3rd.

    The kids checked the weather and it was going to be 80(F) on Saturday and 90+(F) Sunday, the 4th. It was the right choice.

    I fired up the smoker grill with hickory pellets and fixed fresh beer brats, Bahama Mama sausages, fresh local rope – not links – kielbasa, some pork/chicken hot dogs (daughter-in-law does not like the taste of beef; she didn’t have it growing up in China), some bratwurst patties, and hamburgers.

    If you haven’t already cottoned on to it, yes! That was a lot of meat!

    We grilled a coarse cut veggie mix on the gas grill: yellow and zucchini squash, onion, green and red and yellow peppers with a spritz of olive oil and a sprinkle of Herbs du Provence for seasoning.

    The daughter-in-law made a side salad of marble-sized mozzarella balls, red and yellow grape tomatoes, halved, chopped fresh basil, and balsamic vinegar for dressing.

    I made my “World’s Greatest Pasta Salad.” So far, no one has disputed my claim, because every single person who has ever had it always says, “This is the best pasta salad I have ever eaten.” There have been no exceptions to that reaction to date.

    There was a bit of mustard/egg potato salad, but not much was eaten. I think it was overkill by that point.

    I was told not to have any desserts, but I cheated and picked up some bakery-made items; a 6″ diameter, single layer Black Forest cake, and a 6″ diameter apple crostata.

    And that was it, I think.

    P.S. The desserts survived nearly intact. There were a couple of small slivers missing from each. Sunday was a different story, however. What’s that old movie; “Gone In 60 Seconds”? 😜

  7. another ian says:

    Looks like you’ll have to DIY


  8. H.R. says:

    Oh wait… there was more. I forgot about the munchies table, cheese board, fixin’s…

    … but I’m done writing about it all, so I’ll spare y’all the details.

    6 people. Food for 16 people. Leftovers divvied up. Nobody had to cook Sunday or today. That was the plan.

  9. Pinroot says:

    @HR – That’s a LOT of meat! And it all sounds delicious!

    I have a friend who did a really slow smoke/cook of four Boston butts (about 14 hours) and only three people showed up to eat (him, his wife and a friend). He was expecting his kids and significant others to show, but they all had made other plans. So the friend went home with a nice plate of pulled pork, and the rest got pulled, then vacuum sealed and frozen.

    The wife is still back and forth between her mom’s and here. Kind of reminds me of when we were dating 20 years or so ago. She’d come over, we’d hang out, and eventually she would have to go home to her kids. Now, she comes home, we hang out, and she has to go and check on her mom. The more that things change…

  10. H.R. says:

    @Pinroot – The purpose of all that food was the leftovers. Purposely w-a-a-a-y too much.

    Hey, I was going to do a whole pork butt on Sunday, the 4th, but since the kids wanted to eat Saturday, it didn’t leave me enough time to refrigerator thaw it.

    That’s OK, though. I’ll do the pork butt in a couple of weeks.
    .So… pizza or wings and beer every night while the Mrs. is away tending her mom? What… you’re going to miss out on all those home-cooked tofu dinners? Poor guy 😜

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  12. Pinroot says:

    @HR – Since my MiL just lives across town, the wife has been coming home and cooking for us/ me. She’s cooked more than I can eat, so no room for pizza and wings (which was probably her intent 😁). So I’m eating pretty well and even getting a little “me” time in the evenings when she goes to check on her mom. The only downside right now is that I like to cook when she’s not around, but she’s cooked so much there’s no need for me to cook. ☹ Of course, it could be worse, so I won’t complain.

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