Friends Of Australia Friday: 20 August 2021

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

The Tucker

Tonight will once again be the mini-T-bone “Loin Chops”, roasted, surrounded with a bed of small colored potatoes (red, purple, yellow) cut into bite size chunks, rolled in olive oil, and sprinkled with “Greek Seasoning”. Tonight, since they are not quite fully defrosted, cooking at 350 F or 375 F for about 30 minutes to give time for the heat to warm the middle before the outside cooks too much.

Steamed chard leaves, coated with a bit of real butter will be the side vegetable.

Dessert is a “Triple Fudge” chocolate cake ;-)

The Wine

As I was only near a regular grocery store, tonight I’m having the Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon. It seems to be the Australian wine all the chain grocery stores carry.

It’s a nice wine. Dark and rich. But the nose is a little light. Smooth on the palate, but a bit more like a Merlot than a Bordeaux. Still, very drinkable right from the bottle, which is likely the point. Not intended for cellaring after all…

I’ve got a bottle of “Two Buck Chuck” Shiraz (that now sells for $3 at Trader Joe’s…) and may see how well the Yellowtail takes to blending when dinner is over.

In Other News

Looks like BHP is moving focus to Australia, and expanding oil & gas operations. I’d guess Australia will be set for fuels for a while, then.

Mining giant BHP is set to leave the FTSE 100 index after unveiling plans to scrap the dual listing of its shares in London and Sydney.

The company, part of the UK’s blue chip index since 2001, will move its main listing to Australia as part of a huge shake up announcement on Tuesday.

BHP regularly tops the list of the FTSE 100’s biggest companies, depending on fluctuations in market values.

The move will see some investor funds that track the FTSE sell BHP shares.

“Now is the right time to unify BHP’s corporate structure,” said Ken MacKenzie, chairman of the world’s biggest listed mining company. “BHP will be simpler and more efficient, with greater flexibility to shape our portfolio for the future.

“Our plans announced today will better enable BHP to pursue opportunities in new and existing markets and create value and returns over generations.”

The move comes as BHP announced it was combining its oil and gas assets with Australia’s Woodside, creating one of the world’s 10 biggest producers of liquified natural gas.

BHP’s chief executive, Mike Henry, is trying the shift the company’s focus towards metals such as copper and nickel, and away from fossil fuels. BHP has also put its last thermal coal mine up for sale.

Kind of a mixed message. Or are they saying Woodside is a separate company that is buying their gas operations? Not BHP becoming one of the 10 biggest?

Under the merger of the oil and gas assets with Woodside, BHP shareholders will have a 48% stake in the new company.

BHP had come under pressure from some shareholders, notably activist investor Elliott Advisors, to simplify its structure.

Ah, got it. Shut up the activists with “See, we don’t own any oil & gas” (We just own a LOT of another company that owns oil & gas…)

Looks like some Australians caught up in Biden’s Embarrassment of a route retreat:

Taliban ‘carrying out door-to-door manhunt’
15 August 202115 August 2021


An intelligence briefing for the UN says the Taliban are stepping up the search for “collaborators”

More anti-Taliban protests have taken place in several cities

At least 12 people have been killed at Kabul airport since Sunday, a Taliban official says

Western countries continue evacuating nationals and Afghans who worked for them

Asked in an ABC TV interview if he made any mistakes with the Afghan exit, US President Biden says: “No”

The IMF says that Afghanistan will no longer have access to its funds

And it looks like The Beeb is packing up and escaping themselves:

We’re pausing our coverage

We’re pausing our live page coverage of developments in Afghanistan. Thanks for joining us. Here’s a round-up of the latest developments:

A UN document says the Taliban are intensifying their hunt for people who worked for and collaborated with Nato and US forces

Among those killed is a relative of a Deutsche Welle journalist they were hunting for

There has been continuing chaos at Kabul airport where Western nations are evacuating their citizens and Afghans who worked with them

Some 7,000 Americans and other evacuees, including Afghan allies, have been airlifted out of the airport since Sunday

The heartbreaking scenes at the airport include the case of a child handed over to soldiers over a wall at the airport, as seen in the video below

So it goes…

Were it me, I’d just have some Warthogs taking out any vehicle full of Taliban that approached Kabul until it was time to leave… I guess the idea of “suppressive fire” is lost on Babbling Biden.

Then there’s “No cases but ready to lock down anyway”:

Tasmanian government announces lockdown plan, despite recording no new Covid-19 cases

An Australian state with one of the highest vaccination rates and no cases of Covid-19 has announced a lockdown plan if a Covid situation arises.

Anthony Piovesan
NCA NewsWire
AUGUST 20, 2021 10:55AM

The Tasmanian Premier has announced a “lockdown plan” despite the state having zero active Covid-19 cases in the community.

Peter Gutwein said he was not declaring a lockdown at Friday’s morning announcement, instead providing Tasmanians with a plan if a Covid-19 situation was to suddenly escalate.

Mr Gutwein said the state government’s intention would be “to go in as hard as we possibly can” and then “come out quickly”.

That would mean a snap lockdown of three to five days, he told reporters.

“What we’re doing is putting out a plan to indicate to people what could, and will occur,” the Premier said.

Mr Gutwein said depending on the type of outbreak, officials would base the rules on the public health advice at the time.

The Fear Porn is strong in them…

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  1. Sorry I missed this — not ’cause I fit the biker mold, but it just seems like a hellofa good time.

    The article writes 700,000 as 7,00,000, and continues this odd notation with other numbers.
    One six pack too many, I gather.
    As with last year, the covid worrywarts are on their bullhorns shouting “super spreader”.

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Since most of the folks there went last year, any “superspreader” aspect would mean that they are all now immune… Just sayin’…


    S.D. had 2 Covid Deaths on the 17th. 376 “cases” is a bit of a spike, but likely a fixed percentage of the population per day as the town goes from near nothing to gigantic overnight…

  3. I guess they can get the Δ version that seems to give folks the sniffles somewhat like a regular cold.
    That’s not good front page copy.

  4. beththeserf says:

    It’s Friday lamb again, my lamb casserole which is a kind of Irish Stew. I like it because it’s tasty and good for you and it’s also easy, just add sliced vegetables, condiments and water to the cutlets and cook. And you cook enough so that it does two nights, tastes even better the second night.

    I also like my Irish Stew because I make it to go with Chiefio’s post, it comes around like an island of certainty in an uncertain world.

    Now I know that nature is changeable and humans embrace that reality with innovations and we even like solving mysteries. We’re adaptable, but too many chaotic events too fast and it becomes difficult for us to deal with change, that’s why we like rule of law but not rule by fiat, those government sudden lockdowns and isolation and such.

    I don’t have a weekly set menu except Friday and Saturday, I following Heraclitus here, who said “You don’t step into the same river twice, ‘ but Friday lamb, well it’s like the Four Seasons, happy for some constancy imposed on flux. :)

    Re nature, celebrating it’s blend of disorder and order, since I’m from the Humanities, I’ve written a poem: ‘Grasses bend and tremble in the breeze,/ Leaves flap and flutter down from trees,/Dust flies upon the swirling air, /Hats depart heads of wind-blown, tossled hair,/ Nature’s perpetual motion is everywhere.’

    So this is one of my responses to lockdown in Oz.

  5. John S Howard Jr says:

    What time do we eat?

  6. John S Howard Jr says:

    Anyone get the feeling that this is all planned? That maybe the Globalist prefer Muslims as useful for the moment. That could be mutual. I mean, who walks away from billions in military hardware and state of the art weapons and facilities. Who gives billions to a Harvard grad installed by us(US), who then makes a run for it with all the cash? Afghan Security Forces won’t fight or can’t fight without munitions, aircover and fuel? Is it a case of look here not there?

  7. beththeserf says:

    Come around 6.30, time for an aperitif. Dinners at 7.00

  8. Julian Jones says:

    Looks like Aus is set for a big day tomorrow, powerful 8 min vid :

  9. E.M.Smith says:


    We have Lamb on Thursday (Australia Friday) and then Sushi on Friday (local grocer has a great sushi counter – made to order). Sunday will be “something a little special” that I dream up at the time. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday tends to be a rotation of a chicken dish (or two times a week – fried, roasted, in saffron rice, etc.), occasionally roast turkey thighs, wings, or legs; shrimp; fish – fried, sauteed, or baked; and a Mexican (often Tuesday) meal – fried burger with onions & garlic & sometimes mushrooms, seasoned with salt, pepper, comino / cumin, and salsa as you like it, refritos from a can, tortillas made into burritos, quesadillas, whatever. Oh, and sometimes I’ll do Polish Sausages (either as “Bangers & Mash” or as fried medallions, or as Kraut Dogs ;-)

    There’s also the occasional “change up”. Sides change. Salads in several types (sometimes it IS the dinner as I make a Chef’s Salad with leftover meats and packaged ham.) I occasionally will make Ham & Yams & Green Beans with buttered home made bread (a favorite, but now I use 1 pound canned hams instead of a month supply ham…). There’s also a “cold plate” on occasional hot days. Roll up cheese slices, ham slices, other sandwich meats and stick toothpicks in every inch or so. Cut between the toothpicks. Put on a plate with a center small bowl of salad or cole slaw. Add either 1/4 slices of hard boiled eggs or make deviled eggs. You can also add carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, cauliflower bits, etc. Cottage Cheese scoop optional. But those are the variations on the basic theme above. I used to do a Tuna Noodle Casserole a lot, but we are now trying to be more keto.

    It’s been a while since I’ve made Lamb Stew. Maybe I’ll make it for next time… I would usually buy chunks of lamb stew meat to make it, but have not seen that in shops in ages. Now we mostly just get “preferred cuts” as all the packaging is done in factories. So chops, legs, and the occasional lamb shanks as some folks like them. And lamb-burger. No longer do I see stew meat, kidneys, etc. (How can you make a proper steak and kidney pie without kidneys?)

    So I have a bit of an issue with tossing chops into a stew pot… OTOH, I really really like lamb stew… Maybe I’ll get a leg somewhere and carve it myself… But we rarely see bone-in legs anymore either. I’d usually toss the bone into a stew pot. Between “no bones” and no proper stew meat chunks, the lamb stew just didn’t get a trigger to make it. Guess it’s up to me now.

    What I remember:

    lightly flour and brown meat.
    Into pot: Browned meat, carrots, onions (can be caramelized a bit first if you like), turnips in moderation (or rutabagas), toward the middle add potato chunks, add garlic if you like it, at the end add canned peas. Season with salt, pepper. (Optional bay leaf, rosemary – that I’m not fond of…)

    Let it simmer until the meat is tender and the potatoes are “fork soft”. About and hour or 2 depending on your patience level.

    I was never all that fond of the turnips so often leave them out. Rutabagas can be a bit milder (or get a better class of turnip that isn’t hot and bitter ;-) I’ve also used frozen peas added about 15 minutes before I’d have added canned peas.

    So what all do you put in your lamb stew?

    @John S. Howard Jr:

    I have a simple “rule of thumb” I’ve learned to apply to All Things International In Scope:

    What happens IS the desired goal, absent strong evidence to the contrary.

    To expand on that: People at the tops of national power structures are not ill informed nor are they operating in isolation, so even if an idiot (like Biden) is nominally in charge, that just means the control structure is behind him somewhere. They do not do things by accident, they do them by design. Just because you do not see the design does not mean it is absent.

    Exceptions to this rule tend to be “point events”. Things like the space shuttle blowing up, that shifted national space policy for a few years; or 9/11 (that was either a surprise attack or a surprise false flag depending on your degree of paranoia, but was not expected by most of the folks and governments around the world – so things shifted).

    So $2 Trillion did NOT go to The Afghan People, nor their businesses. Where did it go? Where it was intended to go. “Defense Contractors”, various businesses and concessionaires of the US. The well connected in D.C. Sure, a $Billion or two was slopped over the cup edge to some local powers to keep them on board with the program. Just a small Vig for cooperation. Sure, a bunch of equipment was left behind or destroyed. Guess what, now Uncle Sugar needs to buy replacements…

    After a while, applying that rule of thumb, the world is much less of a surprise…

    @Julian Jones:

    Nice video. One hopes it is, in fact, what is forming up in Australia. So far, though, what I’ve seen is a minor number of folks with backbone and a whole lot of folks “just following orders”…

    Heck, I’m largely “just following orders”. I carry a mask. Put it on going into shops “just to make others feel better” (and not get hollered at). My biggest “resistance”? I’m not vaccinated (with a vaccine that has now failed…). I’m not out marching in the street or waving flags.

    Being mostly retired I don’t need to do much other than sit at home and occasionally go shopping anyway. We did have dinner out one night this week. Wore masks into the restaurant then off at the table. I was happy to drop a little cash on a struggling restaurant and it was almost a bit of normalcy. BTW, the Marie Calendar’s “Stacked Shrimp” appetizer is very good! Warm shrimp on top, avocado chunks on the bottom, all in a cylinder with a salsa zing in the middle! (small tomato, pepper, and other stuff chunks in a nice juice). Only downside is $55 out the door for that with potato soup and a chicken pot pie… Prices are definitely rising fast.

    So what does it mean when “Dinner Out” is a minor act of defiance? Eh?

  10. Julian Jones says:

    Thank you E.M. Let’s definitely hope so … just spotted in the last few days, a few Aus bureaucrats, police I think, beginning to look sort of ‘Ceaușescu at his end’ like in their wobbly pronouncements on this … maybe my wishful thinking.
    Usurper Doolally also maybe headed the same way over Afghanistan …

  11. beththeserf says:

    Your menu is so cosmopolitan, E.M. and mouthwatering… I do not brown my meat for Irish stew, it’s a broth, gets its flavour from carrots, onion and potato well cooked. No rosemary.

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    @Julian Jones:

    I’m at my “this far and no further” point, though. While I’m “planning an escape” to the Free State Of Florida; it is a race condition with Gov. Nuisance and his “lockdowns”… I’ve already planned a process to escape IFF in fact it becomes necessary. In about 4 to 6 weeks, the spouse will be in Florida along with 2 out of 4 cars. Her job is to find a place she likes and get ready to move in. (In fact, move in with her “road kit” and the stuff that’s in the two cars for “life in hotel suite”).

    My job is to shove everything we are keeping into “Pods” and send them that way (as quickly as possible). Put the house up for sale (after some repairs in the middle sometime…).

    Then comes the tricky bit: I can either “load up the dogs” and remaining “travels only with me” stuff into the car and leisurely cross the country (if the Idiots In Charge have been slow enough); OR I get to follow my “pre-planned stealth route” across the country. Buying gas with cash in rural areas (no credit card trail / flag) with only the Burner Phone used. Crossing State Lines where I expect there will be NOBODY at 2 AM. Little country roads that maybe get 5 cars a day anyway. Some of them look like dirt roads on the maps.

    I hope Biden’s proposed “State Vaccine Border Checks” are history and he got good and roasted for it. “But hope is not a strategy. -E.M.Smith” so I’ve got a plan…

    I’ll be tracking the news, and IFF such idiocy is announced as “coming soon”, then the house and any stuff not yet in Pods will be left to sit, a neighbor asked to watch it, and Dogs & I load up and go early (spouse either on a plane or ride-along as details indicate). We are cash flow positive (mortgage paid off trivially if desired, and ends in a few months in any case) so not a big cost to “just let it sit” until sanity returns.

    So is that “resistance”? In a small way I suppose. Moving to where I can be of better use, where there’s the will to “Just say no” (if not quite yet “Hell NO! Damn it!”.) Join up with like souls in mutual defense posture.

    FWIW, I’ve “hung out with cops” a lot over the years. (Law Enforcement Eagle Scout and all…). They are generally a well founded in reality conservative lot. Yes, they “just follow orders” a lot; but they also often have strong traditional values. Many will be “on your side” when push comes to shove and the taking up sides happens. I know Sheriff Grady in Florida is on my side…


    Remember that I grew up in a restaurant. I’m basically a “Short Order Cook”. There’s a bunch of stuff I’ll make on demand at any time. Like “Grilled cheese sandwich”. We stock sliced bread, mayo and cheese. So anytime someone wants one, it’s done in a few minutes. Ditto tuna sandwiches or “tuna and crackers on lettuce bed” or “soup and crackers” as I stock a couple of canned soups. Lunches tend to be that way (along with leftovers from dinners). There’s also “fruit in yogurt or kefir” (sometimes for breakfast too ;-) and breakfast dishes like French Toast / Pancakes / Bacon & Eggs / Oatmeal… Think of your typical American Short Order Restaurant, that’s what I do. (So sometimes I roast a whole chicken, then next day have chicken sandwiches for lunch… and then chicken soup from the leftovers).

    The spouse isn’t fond of Indian, so I’m using pre-made pouches of Lentil Curry over Rice when I want an Indian lunch ;-) I also make a fairly nice Fried Rice, usually from leftovers. So a Roast Chicken and White Rice dinner will have a lot of left over rice. Next day the rice is better for making fried rice. At that point, rice and chicken bits get together with onion, carrot wafers (use the peeler to take off bits), peas and seasoned with Chinese 5 Spice and a little soy sauce. When cooked almost enough, make a “well” in the middle and pour in a scrambled egg. Cook it to just done with small stirring, then blend the bits into the rice stuff.

    But those kinds of things are more “occasional”. The “usual” tends to fried or roast chicken (sometimes BBQ over hardwood – H/T to P.G. for the Manzanita wood!) and fish (butter sautee, floured and fried, or baked salmon with capers…). Not much beef as it makes our joints creaky / hurt a bit with RA. Oh, and sometimes I’ll use the 2 level steamer with rice in the bottom, “Asian Vegetable Mix” (frozen) and fish in the top for a one pot meal. 2 other “one pot meals” are putting a package of “Saffron Rice” in the slow cooker (per package directions but leave out the fat) and add small chunks of chicken (skin on as that supplies the fat – raw or home canned both work) with canned peas added optional. Another is a can of Cream of {chicken or mushroom} soup in the slow cooker. Add chicken parts cut to about 1 inch thick max / or near the bone for thighs, an onion, carrots, celery, and top with potato chunks. 6 to 10 hours on low, 3 to 5 hours on high.

    Maybe I ought to write a “Short Order Cook Cookbook” ;-) Everything I do is either fast, or easy, or both 8-)

    Per browning meat:

    Depending on speed, I’ll brown it or not. The Maillard Reaction improves flavors
    but can be skipped and it’s still good. The browned flour helps make a nice gravy effect, but broth is just dandy too. When broth, I like to ladle the meal over slices of bread on the plate. Bread soaked in the broth, with bits of potatoes and lamb on it, is just wonderful ;-) Especially a light whole wheat.

    So time permitting (and ambition) I’ll do the browning step. Otherwise I’ll skip it and still be happy.

    We used to do Pork Chops more. (Fried with applesauce and a vegetable, plus corn bread or dinner rolls). Now not so much. No real good reason. Just drifted away for a while. Maybe I’ll get some more… But I think it was the Polish Sausage that took their niche ;-)

    I think I’m a cook at heart… I like it a lot more than computers…

  13. The True Nolan says:

    @EM: “The spouse isn’t fond of Indian, so I’m using pre-made pouches of Lentil Curry over Rice when I want an Indian lunch”

    The Indian pouch foods available are marvelous! Costco has a few varieties, but if you want the mother-lode of choices go to a good Indian grocery. If one were storing food for hard times, the pouches are shelf stable, very tasty, and will convert rice, bulgur, potatoes, or any kind of pasta into something tasty. My wife is an accomplished Indian chef and great proponent of Neelam Batra’s cook book:
    but some nights if she doesn’t feel like cooking there’s always the rice cooker and three varieties of pouches. Throw in some Indian pickles and dinner is ready!

    @Julian Jones: “a few Aus bureaucrats, police I think, beginning to look sort of ‘Ceaușescu at his end’ ”

    The Auzzies are coming to a choice, they can either choose a Ceausescu moment or a Final Solution moment. Good luck to them. Paranoid? Maybe… but there are at least two groups of psychopaths (the Globalists, and the CCP) who would love to see Australia with the same population it had in 1750. And if such a thing were to happen the only reason why the psychopaths would lose a night’s rest over it would be if they were too excited to sleep.

    @John S Howard Jr: “I mean, who walks away from billions in military hardware and state of the art weapons and facilities. ”

    Who walks away? Troops who are ordered to walk away by commanders who will receive good jobs with corporations. Which corporations? The ones who were promised contracts with the Taliban if the equipment is left behind. Or it could be just wartime confusion. I’m with EM on this though. If it has political implications (it does) and it happens, then nine times out of ten, someone planned it that way.

  14. E.M.Smith says:


    Note that I trimmed all the “ref=…” stuff off of your Amazon link. There’s usually a place where you can shorten the link just after the product identifier and drop all the marketing / tracking info.

    No big, just makes the links shorter and easier to see what they are actually doing.

    Per leaving equipment behind:

    You don’t actually need to order it. Just order the troops to load up on transport. They will assume it is someone else’s job to move the gear and go. Thus no fingerprints of orders to “leave it” and attributable to “someone forgot”…

    Per Australia:

    Remember that The Globalists think the world needs to have vast areas revert to “Nature”. To “save the planet” (for eventual destruction by rocks from space? Nuclear war? Solar nova?…)

    Biden announced his desire to set aside 30% of US Land by 2030 as off limits to people. Note that in Democrat Controlled States we have “out of control” wild fires (set by arsonist True Believers and with inadequate early suppression… by design?) busy clearing out whole towns.

    30 by 30: A Push to Protect U.S. Land and Water
    The effort to conserve at least 30% of U.S. land and ocean by 2030 is part of an international push for conservation aiming to protect biodiversity and mitigate climate change impacts.

    So guess who lives on that 30%. Not the land THEY own. Not Martha’s Vinyard or NYC. Nope. YOUR dirt.

    Watch the full episode—now available for *free* on #EpochTV!

    Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, whose state is 97% privately owned, argues that President Biden’s ’30 by 30′ plan will be a “land grab” that will be devastating to rural communities, because it will drive up property taxes, hurt farmers and ranches, and ultimately drive up the cost of food in the US. Ricketts also explains that Nebraskans care about conservation, and are already doing a tremendous job without interference from the federal government.

    #PeteRicketts #Biden #Conservation

    So which 30% of Australia is up for grabs, eh?

    Might be easier to grab it if the people just up and died first… /sark;

  15. The True Nolan says:

    @EM: “Might be easier to grab it if the people just up and died first… /sark;”

    New rule of thumb: Look at any area with an European derived culture. The easier it is to book a flight there from China, the harder they are pushing the vaxx.

    Gotta remove the old tenants before the new owners can take possession.

    (And I am not blaming the Chinese. I am blaming the Globalists and the US politicians who sold out and did not follow their oath of office.)

  16. philjourdan says:

    Just got back from a 36 hour 2k mile trip to pick up a French Bull dog. RVA to Miami and back – driving. That is enough driving for me for a long time.

  17. beththeserf says:

    Re the land grab…There’s a land acquisition program taking place in developed nations as per Chapter 15 .3 of Agenda 21 proposing ‘urgent and decisive action’ to be taken ‘to conserve and maintain genes, species and ecosystems with a view to the sustainable management and use of biological resources.’ The UN-designed Wildlands Project, a master plan of Agenda 21, is part of the design to transform land from public ownership to large tracts of no-go wilderness managed by technocrats, each eco-area protected by buffer zones and with designated corridors linking human habitation areas. In the United States, in 1993, the Clinton Administration adopted the Agenda 21 Wildlands Project Plan and here it is, easily available on the internet.

    Agenda 21, Chapter 7, Promoting human settlement development , is the program design whereby almost everybody is to be herded into cities for sustainable development. A framework for strengthening management recommended at 7.16. is the ‘United Nations Development Programme /World Bank/United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) Urban Management Programme (UMP), Its coverage should be extended to all interested countries during the period 1993- 2000.’

    An allied program to the UN Habitat Sustainable Cities Programme is ICLEI the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. Section 7.21. Agenda 21, specifically recommends involvement with ICLEI, not surprising since ICLEI was responsible for preparing the Local Council section of Agenda 21.

  18. H.R. says:

    Bloody hell, Beth! Who can make sense of that map?!? Looks like a terminal cancer diagnosis.

    I just look at it and and say. “They’re on drugs, getting paid big bucks, and we’re all screwed.” Would anyone in private enterprise waste even a janitor’s time on that? And it’s usefulness to humanity is…. (waiting)… (waiting)… (waiting)… (waiting)…

    Somebody’s mum thought their little Johnny was brilliant when he figured out he could pick both nostrils at the same time when he used both hands. So the UN hired little Johnny.

  19. beththeserf says:

    HR- All int he name of susstainable development, compliments of the U.N.
    A lot of local councils have already adopted Agenda 21 initiatives under names like ‘A Greener City.’ What these programs envisage is a way of life in cities across four domains of ecology, economics, politics and culture, the sustainable city that will feed itself with a sustainable reliance on surrounding countryside, power itself with renewable energy and produce the smallest conceivable ecological footprint and climate change impact. In my home town in OZ, the Melbourne City Council is already on board with new building codes for sustainable development. More high-rise development along public transport systems, punitive rates charges on single dwellings, bike zones on main roads and controls on energy use, twin planks of technocrat control, land use and energy , item 7.3, in their Greening City Policy:
    7.3.1 Introduce five-star energy ratings for all new residential buildings into the Victorian Building Regulations, and promote and encourage the inclusion of new energy efficiency standards for commercial development in the Building Code of Australia
    7.3.2 Implement planning policies on renewable energy, starting with guidelines for wind farms, in order to integrate the Government’s policy of support for renewable energy resources across the State with the planning system
    7.3.3 Support the development of a series of energy-efficient, greenhouse friendly demonstration projects, for example, Epping North as a sustainable suburb
    7.3.4 Ensure that all Major Projects Victoria developments incorporate high levels of energy efficiency
    7.3.5 Update the Victoria Planning Provisions and related guidelines to reflect and support the goals and directions of the Victorian Greenhouse Strategy
    7.3.6 Introduce changes to Victoria’s planning and building systems that will be needed to help adapt to the impacts of climate change – following the completion of a three-year CSIRO research program funded by the Government

  20. H.R. says:

    @Beth – They are building a “sustainable community” a couple of miles away from me.

    It’s supposed to be a walking/biking community with a small “main street” that will have some professional offices (doctor, dentist, accountant & whatnot), and some small shops with apartments above.

    The houses are from (USD) $450,000 to over $1 million, and around here, $1 million still gets you a wOwZA! house you can wander around in, on acreage, unlike the US coasts. They also have some townhomes and apartment blocks.

    How’s it going? Two or three of the million dollar homes were built on speculation as model homes and still sitting almost two years later. Nobody wants to spend that kind of money only to be surrounded by renters. While some lots sit empty, the spotty vacant lots (1/4 to 1/2 acre) in the surrounding neighborhoods are rapidly being snapped up and those neighborhoods are just about built out now.

    They are just finishing up the shops, but already it’s apparent that people will be driving to the big box stores 6 – 10 miles down the road to get better selection and prices. Other than the few professionals and those who can work from home, everyone else will be commuting in their cars to their jobs in the major metropolitan area to the South.

    Because of the surrounding neighborhoods, there’s no way to expand that “Fantasy Island” community. or bring more jobs and services closer to it to still allow walking and biking for all the resident’s needs.

    I suppose they will run an express bus terminal from there to connectors down in ‘the city’, but the number of people driving (USD) $80,000 to $120,000 dollar cars around my neck of the woods astounds even me. We are tripping over Teslas. (The neighbors 2 doors up have 4 Mercedes and there’s just hubby, wife, and one kid who just started driving last year. The kid got one of the Mercedes, of course. That’s not even a weird story up this way.)

    The point being that the people buying houses up this way are NOT going to take the bus. Any efforts at mass transportation will fail.

    Oh, to top it off, the neighborhood is right beside two freight rail lines that are very busy. The neighborhood edge starts about 200 meters (if that) from the freight lines. The tracks are two miles from me and I can hear the trains when the ambient daytime sounds are gone. It will be really loud right next to the tracks. Good luck keeping renters in high end apartments with all that racket. Many won’t last past their one-year lease.

    (Hmmm… lessee… where can we put all those illegal immigrants who need “free” housing? Hey! I know where there are some empty apartments. The people in the million dollar homes right beside them won’t mind.)

    Checking the Magic 8 Ball… “All Signs Point To Fail.”

    Agenda 21 will be rammed down our throats, because as I described above, people are not voting for it with their wallets.

  21. E.M.Smith says:

    San Jose / Santa Clara / Sunnyvale / Mountain View (Silly Con Valley) area has a very nice “Light Rail” system. It connects to the heavy rail CalTrain at a couple of points and CalTrain connects to the San Francisco Airport via BART. (San Jose Airport has a bus that goes about 3 blocks to the Light Rail line). BART also stops near Oakland Airport (shuttle bus to the airport) so you can get to the Big Three airports of the Bay Area by public transit rail pretty easily. Most of the time… (BART sometimes / often stops at midnight and other rail doesn’t run dead of night either).

    So I’ve gotten into the habit of using Light Rail to get to the Airport, or more often, to get HOME from the airport when no-one is around to pick me up at the airport.

    On my last trip (depositing car in Florida and flying home), I took the bus from the airport to Light Rail, only to find 3 foot tall weeds in the middle of the tracks and a sign saying it was closed until further notice. (Spouse got to drive over and pick me up…). But why?

    Seems some months ago a “Disgruntled Government Employee” of the light rail system showed up at work and shot some folks. (Perhaps we need to reduce the number of Government Employees as they “Go Postal” more than others, it seems… /snark;) The remaining employees were sent home to have a bit of a think and recover… but it seems that as long as the ‘Grief Pay’ is flowing they have not been able to recover enough to actually go back to work. Even folks who were not in the building at the time… That happened back in May, so about 3 months now, headed for 4.

    In the mean time, they have trained EVERY RIDER OF LIGHT RAIL not to use them and to NEVER depend on them again. Ever.

    Oh, they also were my way of getting home from my mechanic, as he is about 1 mile from their station in his town, 15 miles away. Not any more…

    So, do you think I’ll EVER choose to live where I depend on Public Transit? (They built miles of 4+ story apartment blocks and businesses along the Light Rail line for just that Agenda Folly reason… all those folks now screwed.) The short answer is “no”. I have a car, it does what I want when I want, and it doesn’t just decide to evaporate for 1/3 of a year or more…

  22. A very sobering account of the ineptitude of the US govt in pulling out troops and not anticipating the surely obvious collapse of the Afghan army

    The US marines are under orders to stay at the airport and not to go into Kabul to bring in nationals and Afghans at risk and must watch as British troops do just that.

    Biden has left its allies in the lurch having promised Nato they would leave enough infrastructure to allow things to continue but pulled the plug suddenly to the fury of Boris Johnson and the other Nato allies.

    I would hope this would show Biden for the dithering idiot he so apparently was, even back last November. How is this all playing back in the States?

    This is a significant moment in World History and probably signals the end of the American century as you hand over the Baton to China..

    Perhaps a young, dynamic, tough President serving 2 full terms can retrieve the situation for the US and the West but I don’t see anyone like that on the horizon.

  23. H.R. says:

    @E.M. – We’re in flat farmland to the ‘burbs sprawl in all directions. We have no “corridors.”

    Years ago, the Dems ruined the city (Ahead of the curve! Beat the rush to ruination!) and most businesses moved to just inside or outside the 55 mile outerbelt that surrounds the city.

    We have some Park ‘n Ride Express buses to the central city, where a lot of government employees are situated. Those routes do OK, not gangbusters, but OK. It seems the buses only cover the rush hours because at all other times, it’s a long haul with few riders. So what they are doing is sensible enough.

    What has happened to a lot of workers was that they stayed over to work on something urgent, and the express buses would make their last run at 6:00 pm. Those that got burned went back to using their cars.

    So… We could have feeders down to the outer belt. We could have circulators around the outerbelt. What no one has ever been able to overcome is the “last mile (or three)” shuttles from the circulators. It would take hundreds of them all with low ridership.

    Oh, and of course every politicians wet dream, Light Rail, comes up from time to time, but thankfully it always gets shot down, although not before dumping a few hundred thousand dollars on some political crony’s firm for a light rail study. We’ve had a dozen of those.

    There’s just no population density at the proposed terminus of any of the rail routes, so no one wants to drive miles to catch the tram and then transfer once or twice more when they can just drive directly to work.

    All that being said, I know light rail works pretty well in Cleveland. Ohio because it’s really a thin, long urban area along Lake Erie. There are a lot of places light rail and buses work just fine. (Dad and I went to the end of the Cleveland line in the early ’70s and rode it all the way into downtown Cleveland, just for the cheap, l-o-o-n-g fun train ride.)

    Oh, light rail works pretty good in D.C. because so many – tourists and workers – are heading to a central area from the “spokes”.

    But then there’s the problem you mentioned. Out of service, regardless of the reason, affects thousands of people, whereas if someone’s car breaks down, just that person is SOL.

  24. jim2 says:

    CimateReason – it is a mistake to blame this on Biden. He is just a puppet. The blame lies with the leftist, idiotic, Dimowits and their ken. They destroy everything of value they touch and replace it with vacuous, useless, nonsense. They need to be destroyed.

  25. E.M.Smith says:

    Heard on the radio, a quote from Biden from back in the Viet Nam era… Something like, talking about the women, children and supporters of the USA abandoned in the fall, ~’We don’t owe them anything’ and that we ought not do a thing to help them…

    He’s just expressing the same thing in Afghanistan…

    Self centered vacuous numpty.

  26. So Biden has form for discarding peoples? Back then Saigon was a disaster but there was no other superpower in town, the Chinese were still riding round on bicycles.

    With Saigon 2.0. the same pictures of Helicopters and panic but the Worlds policeman and his western alliance have been humiliated by a bunch of illiterate goat herders and this time round the Chinese are smiling inscrutably.

    When we further destroy ourselves by spending trillions on putting together a far inferior energy system in order to combat so called climate change that smile might become outright laughter.

  27. I think this is the quote you were after from Vietnam–floppy-joe-biden-fought-to-keep-vietnam-war-refugees-out-of-america

    This time round Biden has hung his allies out to dry as well. Taiwan next? Ukraine? Israel? Australia?

  28. Of course this time round-unlike Saigon- the internet can be used to promote your victory

    A mocking take on the famous Iwo Jima moment with the Taliban dressed in US military equipment, some of the $80 billion left when America withdrew.

    Is America not furious? Is Biden going to be run out of town or forced to step down?

  29. E.M.Smith says:


    No, America is not furious. It varies by person and group. No, Biden is not going to be run out of town nor forced to step down. TPTB put him in place as their puppet and he is doing that just fine. China owns him and doesn’t want to pay to buy a new one.

    Some folks are furious. Veterans, for example. One friend of mine was aghast at it, and I said “even clusterf**k doesn’t cover it”. But I’m not furious about it. I’m jaded. To me, it is just what I’d expect from Bejing Biden and his “Price Is Right” administration. Why be furious about the expected? Reject it, yes. Call it out, yes. Point at the failure and absurdity of claims it isn’t his fault? Certainly. Work for “Regime Change” here? Of course. But what good is done by anger?

    Frankly, I find the photo of them raising their flag kind of funny. Nice to see they have a sense of the absurd.

    By the way, it already IS outright laughter behind closed doors…

    But not much I can do about it until 2022, and even then likely no effect as the Chinese own (literally) the vote counting company and the DNC manages the counting process… so “good luck with that whole voting thing” seems the case…

    Frankly, I’m happy to be out of Afghanistan and I’m fine with Afghanistan choosing its own style, manner and way in the world. IF the Afghans really wanted a western democracy then their Army would have given them one. It didn’t. It wanted the Taliban to run things. So that’s what they get. With luck, all that military gear left behind will keep other armies out.

    What I’m not happy about is wasting $2 Trillion and untold American lives on a fools errand that was clearly that from the start. You can not turn a Muslim country into a Christian Democracy and you cannot liberate a people who do not wish to be liberated. It is their culture and all that is accomplished by attempting to change it via installing “our corruptible guy who does what we want” is that the citizens come to resent the government and want it gone. Now it is. Had we just held decent valid open elections for what kind of government, then the leader of it, at the start, AND THEN LEFT, the country would be fine today. Instead, we wasted all that time and treasure and now the Taliban will bust folks chops for a couple of more decades and THEN, MAYBE, the Afghan people can start expressing their will.

    One less shit hole for our military to be wallowing in, trying to perfume it up.

  30. beththeserf says:

    HR says re Agenda 21 Fantasy Cities…
    ‘The point being that the people buying houses up this way are NOT going to take the bus. Any efforts at mass transportation will fail.’ Hope so, and their plan fails here in Oz likewise, H.R.

  31. p.g.sharrow says:

    The abrupt pull out of American forces was deliberate for effect. Did you listen to Trump’s Alabama speech last night? The SHTF moment has begun. Biden has retired for his last vacation…pg

  32. cdquarles says:

    The rally was in Cullman, which is about 100 miles away from me. Some 40,000 people showed up (if reports are accurate). A branch of ALGOP had its meeting in Cullman before the rally, by the way. I didn’t go, but I hear it was a barn burner of a rally :).

  33. E.M.Smith says:

    In the video it looked like the crowd stretched to the horizon! (yes, optical illusion of wide angle lens)…

    I’ve come to really like Alabama & Mississippi. One of my favorite trips had a diagonal run across Mississippi from I-20 down to I-10. Another one had me do something similar with a “wander” across Alabama. (Just pointed it “that-a-way” and took roads going that way… ended up in all manner of little rural towns ;-) so can’t quite say the route. I really does pay to get away from The Big City in each State to see what it’s really like.)

    I think the Urban Democrats have completely missed the fact that a LOT of rural Black Americans and Hispanic Americans are fairly conservative and traditional. Trump connected with them. Then some started coming to Trump Rallies and were welcomed and now it looks like a growing movement… A fair number of folks remembering, and some teaching the young ones, that it was Southern Democrats who wanted slavery and Northern Republicans who ended it.

    We’ll see if it matters, though. Have to get the Voting Machine Company out of the hands of China and the Vote Counting (AKA “Manufacture”) out of the hands of the DNC first…

  34. another ian says:

    “Australian Police Beating More People in the Streets Than the Taliban
    August 22, 2021 | Sundance | 8 Comments”

  35. The True Nolan says:

    @EM: “I’ve come to really like Alabama & Mississippi.”

    If you like south-central Tennessee you might like north Alabama. North-eastern Alabama around Fort Payne is worth a look also.

  36. E.M.Smith says:

    Hey, Australians:

    Looks like you have one week to “stock up” as the truckers are going to shutdown the roads next Tuesday Aug. 31.

    Wonder if American Truckers might want to get a piece of that action…

    Australia To Be SHUT DOWN by Truckers on Aug. 31 to “Throw off the Government”

    Citizens in Australia are now openly talking about OVERTHROWING THEIR GOVERNMENT and are openly coordinating a first-strike: A nationwide trucking shut down beginning August 31. NOTHING will be transported anywhere until the government comes back under citizen control.

    Things are turning very ugly in Australia (and in New Zealand) as government public servants “order” the taxpayers who pay their salaries, to remain locked in homes, NOT TO TALK TO EACH OTHER, and a slew of other ridiculous “rules” under the guise of a Flu-like illness they call COVID-19.

    Things have gotten so far out of control in Australia that the state government of New South Wales even gave police the following:

    Basically, the government has become the epitome of tyranny – giving their police powers that government DOES NOT ITSELF POSSESS.

    You see, governments are formed by people, who give to those governments certain, limited, powers. A government cannot have a power that the citizens who created it, did not, themselves, possess to give to the government they created.

    NO ONE has the right to simply forcibly enter any structure which they do not own.

    NO ONE has the right to compel people to give information.

    It goes on and on.

    Yet this is what the lowly public servants of New South Wales, Australia, have actually done!

    The people of Australia are fed up with this tyranny and they are now openly moving to forcibly remove the government. They intend to collapse the government by halting all trucking on the continent. NOTHING will move by truck, anywhere.

    Since everything, except electricity and natural gas, MUST, at some point, move by truck, absolutely nothing will be moving in Australia beginning August 31.

    No food. No fuel. No medicine. No chlorine to treat public water supplies. No supplies to hospitals. All of it will stop when the truckers strike on August 31.

    In the video below, Australians are being told this is going to take place, and they are being openly warned to make sure they go out and buy enough food and supplies to get them through a few weeks.

    The truckers know the actual power they have. Without trucks, a country implodes within a week. No country on earth can survive without trucks.

    And the relatively few trucks in possession of government, even including those few in military, will utterly fail to meet the supply needs.

    Planes and railroads don’t matter at all because it takes trucks to move things to and from both. No trucks, no movement of goods. Period.

    As Australians start going hungry, with no food at supermarkets, no fuel in gas stations, no clean water from faucets, they will turn out by the millions to get rid of their government. The streets will be filled with people in uncontrolled rage; a population which has had enough and won’t back down.

    This subject is now being discussed within Intelligence circles here in the USA and other nations, and the consensus is that if this takes place, the federal and state governments of Australia will not survive two weeks.

    Even if the government seeks aid through NATO, there is zero chance of bringing in enough supplies or enough trucks and drivers, in time to avert complete collapse of the governments.

    So it begins…

    One week to “flash in the pan” or “pan fried politicians”.

  37. E.M.Smith says:

    This story says protests are ramping up down under:

    Hundreds arrested, massive fines during Australian lockdown protests
    JAZZ SHAW Aug 22, 2021 11:01 AM ET

    In Australia, the city of Sydney has been on lockdown since the middle of June. Melbourne was locked down at the beginning of this month. A couple of weeks ago we looked into some protests that were starting to spring up (again) in response to the country’s harsh limitations while there were relatively few new COVID cases. Most of those were comprised of a few dozen people at scattered locations, with most being dispersed when the police showed up and started rousting the crowds. But two weeks later, there is no end to the heavily restrictive lockdowns in sight, and the protests have swelled into the thousands, being organized in several cities. The police response has ramped up in response. The latest round of unrest resulted in hundreds of arrests and even larger numbers of significant fines being imposed on people. (Associated Press)
    While the injuries to police officers are disturbing, it’s a clear sign that people are no longer simply backing down and going home when the cops show up. Some of them are fighting back. More than 250 people preferred to go to jail rather than simply acquiescing. Of course, this isn’t the first time that the lockdown protests have boiled over. The number of protesters in Sydney back in the middle of July swelled into the thousands

    The Globalist Authoritarians are pushing this one hard. Looks like The People are (finally?) starting to push back…

    So it goes.

  38. The True Nolan says:

    I am still hoping for a peaceful resolution to the situation in Oz, but it looks like the politicians are so incredibly arrogant they are determined to sink the boat. Australians may not have too many guns these days, but they still have machetes, bricks, arrows, vehicles, fists, piano wire, spears, clubs, and acid. If the police there are smart, they will back off and side with the people on this.

    “If they are smart.” Yeah… I know. I am still hoping.

  39. E.M.Smith says:


    Not to mention what can be done with a wooden catapult / trebuchet / ballista and a long chunk of copper or aluminum cable with a grappling hook on the tail (ball on the front) launched in an arc over all those thousands of miles of electrical grid…

    Then there’s the old standard of a “cleaning crew” with 5 gallon buckets “spilling” them at the doors to a building and tossing a match…

    Heck, just light a “spare tire” on fire at the air intake of a high rise… (one can also apply various, ahem, chemical understandings… to have the air filled with cyanide or phosgene gas rather easily.

    Or just a few dozen Cement Mixer drivers who “accidentally” dump their load at bridge entries, down vent shafts of underground transport, in the middle of a runway, etc. etc.

    THE thing “the political class” needs to understand is that they ONLY EVER govern with the consent of the governed. Get too far away from that point, long enough, you get a revolution. The unfortunate thing is that the “political class” has recognized that they do have a window of time and distance, and are willing to “push it”…

    “Become Ungovernable” is VERY easy to achieve. Just show up at work, and call in from the parking lot with “I just started coughing”… and go home. 2 weeks of that and the country is moribund.

  40. E.M.Smith says:

    In the ’70s we made very crude tennis ball cannons (“spud guns” today) from drink cans and strapping tape. Fuel was several flammable liquids, but lighter fluid preferred due to the nozzle.

    We REGULARLY launched tennis balls over a 5 story building.

    For smaller residential lines, I’m pretty sure I could make a “spud gun” launcher to drape a cable over the 22 KV lines at the tops of the poles…

    How many blocks (power blocks not city blocks) need to be disabled that way for the urban grid to destabilize and crash?… 20%? 30?

  41. The True Nolan says:

    @EM: “THE thing “the political class” needs to understand is that they ONLY EVER govern with the consent of the governed. ”

    This PDF has a rather good forward, but it takes up the first half of this version. Jump to page 39 if you want to just read Boetie. This was written in the mid-16th century.

    The opening page of the essay says:
    “The fundamental political question is why do people obey a government. The answer is that they tend to enslave themselves, to let themselves be governed by tyrants. Freedom from servitude comes not from violent action, but from the refusal to serve. Tyrants fall when the people withdraw their support.”

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  42. E.M.Smith says:

    I’ve not read it. Read of it. Will read it.

    FWIW, my belief is that people form governments not to control themselves, but to control others, then discover the result…

  43. another ian says:

    This morning’s “Oz from the outside”- and NOT a good look

    “The nightmare of the bureaucratic “nanny state” is that it has no conscience”

    The increasing stream of these ought to make discussions at the “Oz Tourist Bureaus” interesting

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