Friends Of Australia Friday: 27 August 2021

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

The Tucker

Munster Burgers! With fries…

Bun, mayo, mustard, lamburger with salt, pepper and garlic granules to your preference. When almost done (about 3 to 4 minutes a side), a slice of Munster Cheese on top for the last minute.

Fries were cooked for 7 minutes at 375 F in Beef Tallow with 10% coconut oil in it.

The Wine

The Bargain Market (Grocery Outlet) is running low on Australian wines. I think we’re having an impact ;-)

The only choice I saw was Samuel Wynn “Dice With Destiny” red blend. It’s a good wine, and I’ve reviewed it before, so I don’t feel “limited”. ;-)

In Other News

Can there be news out of Australia when the whole country is under quarantine lockdown and leaving your home is a $1000+ fine?

I grieve for the loss of liberty in Australia and the impact of Fear Porn on the national psyche.

The Truckers are saying (or some of them are saying) they will have a nation wide strike on August 31. We’ll see what the rate of participation reaches.

I put this in a comment on the last Australia Friday posting, but for those who missed it:

Australia To Be SHUT DOWN by Truckers on Aug. 31 to “Throw off the Government”

Citizens in Australia are now openly talking about OVERTHROWING THEIR GOVERNMENT and are openly coordinating a first-strike: A nationwide trucking shut down beginning August 31. NOTHING will be transported anywhere until the government comes back under citizen control.

Things are turning very ugly in Australia (and in New Zealand) as government public servants “order” the taxpayers who pay their salaries, to remain locked in homes, NOT TO TALK TO EACH OTHER, and a slew of other ridiculous “rules” under the guise of a Flu-like illness they call COVID-19.

Things have gotten so far out of control in Australia that the state government of New South Wales even gave police the following:

Basically, the government has become the epitome of tyranny – giving their police powers that government DOES NOT ITSELF POSSESS.

You see, governments are formed by people, who give to those governments certain, limited, powers. A government cannot have a power that the citizens who created it, did not, themselves, possess to give to the government they created.

NO ONE has the right to simply forcibly enter any structure which they do not own.

NO ONE has the right to compel people to give information.

It goes on and on.

Yet this is what the lowly public servants of New South Wales, Australia, have actually done!

The people of Australia are fed up with this tyranny and they are now openly moving to forcibly remove the government. They intend to collapse the government by halting all trucking on the continent. NOTHING will move by truck, anywhere.

Since everything, except electricity and natural gas, MUST, at some point, move by truck, absolutely nothing will be moving in Australia beginning August 31.

No food. No fuel. No medicine. No chlorine to treat public water supplies. No supplies to hospitals. All of it will stop when the truckers strike on August 31.

In the video below, Australians are being told this is going to take place, and they are being openly warned to make sure they go out and buy enough food and supplies to get them through a few weeks.

The truckers know the actual power they have. Without trucks, a country implodes within a week. No country on earth can survive without trucks.

And the relatively few trucks in possession of government, even including those few in military, will utterly fail to meet the supply needs.

Planes and railroads don’t matter at all because it takes trucks to move things to and from both. No trucks, no movement of goods. Period.

As Australians start going hungry, with no food at supermarkets, no fuel in gas stations, no clean water from faucets, they will turn out by the millions to get rid of their government. The streets will be filled with people in uncontrolled rage; a population which has had enough and won’t back down.

This subject is now being discussed within Intelligence circles here in the USA and other nations, and the consensus is that if this takes place, the federal and state governments of Australia will not survive two weeks.

Even if the government seeks aid through NATO, there is zero chance of bringing in enough supplies or enough trucks and drivers, in time to avert complete collapse of the governments.

Then, the video:

So it begins… Counting down: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, TruckDay…

Boom or bust? Freedom begins or Tyranny wins? Place your bets and fill your cups. The show is about to begin.

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19 Responses to Friends Of Australia Friday: 27 August 2021

  1. Sandy McClintock says:

    Thanks for the warning EMS! Nothing on the news about the strike ;)

    Also on a different unmentionable topic, there has been a peek ‘behind the curtain’

    It shows that (5m:30s) CSIRO gave false information to a government enquiry and has quietly retracted their statement when they were caught out.

  2. wayne Job says:

    Hi Chief, It is a sad thing that I live in Melbourne Victoria OZ. At the moment we are virtually prisoners in our own homes. I fortuitously met a man that had the rules of our constitution; it is illegal for anyone to demand you cover or demand you cover your face. $5000 fine to any person who insists. To cover your hair same fine,Most people in OZ are unaware we have constitution setting out the rules for our individual states.

  3. beththeserf says:

    ‘We are now at the point in the process where the Army has been brought in to conduct surveillance and enforce compliance. The police are shooting at demonstrators with tear-gas, pepper spray and non-lethal but very painful plastic bullets, and government voices have approved discrimination on the basis of vaccination-status — nothing less than a system of medical apartheid. What started as “two weeks to stop the spread” has morphed into a violently repressive and discriminatory police state, with no end in sight.’ (Quadrant Online 2021/08)

    Couldn’t agree more.

  4. YMMV says:

    We see this over and over again, so there must be a name for it, like Godwin’s Law has a name.
    You start with constitutions, ethics, morality, Hippocratic Oath, and more, to keep you on the right side of decency and being human. But then you need one little exception, “for the greater good”. Of course it does not work and of course you tighten the screws more. And more. Until you know what. Godwin’s Corollary? The Good German Law? The Guantanamo Law? The Nazi/Socialist Attraction?

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    Um, I think there’s a term for that, but it escapes me at the moment. People attracted to doing the right thing end up in over-reach and doing bad. Maybe after the second cup of coffee ;-)

  6. cdquarles says:

    Noble cause corruption, may fit here. (It is very easy to fool oneself first; then, if you are evil, use that to fool others while seeming sincere).

  7. E.M.Smith says:


    YES! That was the term that was escaping me! Thanks! (I’d gotten trapped by “virtue” as in “virtue signalling” and could not back out to remember “Noble”… Virtue corruption turns up all manner of things in a search that are not the thing I desired…)

  8. philjourdan says:

    In years past, we have had debates here about “rights”. Specifically the Freedoms as enunciated in our Constitution (or magically found there by courts) versus the “privileges'” in Commonwealth countries. While America has seen a lot of infringement on their rights, the courts have for the most part struck down those infringements and it is just the lawless regimes (CA, NY, etc.) that continue to try to abrogate them.

    Even with our issues, we seem to be in much better shape than the commonwealth countries when it comes to basic rights. Not to say we will not be there someday (especially with grandpa gropes as the titular head). But right now, I am glad I do not live in those countries.

  9. YMMV says:

    Nobel Cause Corruption is related. I like the Barney’s P Curve theory. That fits right in with The Mythical Man Month book.

    It brings to mind the notice in some shops: rate $20 per hour; $50 if you watch; $100 if you help.
    And the problem with governments, especially socialist ones, is they never go bankrupt on a bad idea, they just keep throwing money and people at it.
    The other part of this problem is the Milgram experiment. You know the one, the psych experiment where the subjects gave increasing amounts of pain to the alleged victim because they were told to.
    With Covid, we have all sorts of people willing to carry out lockdowns and other restrictions, knowing the damage those things cause, just because they were told to. The WHO said so. Fauci said so. Whatever.

    BTW, the other cause of circles in your lawn is mushrooms. Fairy ring. Green circles, but not so green inside, and growing.

  10. John Robertson says:

    The dependent parasites have declared war upon their hosts.
    Seems even they desire a massive cull of their own numbers.
    This Dread Covid Theatre has sure exposed the useless and clueless,as the menace to civilization they truly are.
    Banishment is a potent tool.
    If your community has vicious parasites who benefit no one,ban them.
    This approach seemed to serve our ancestors well.

  11. E.M.Smith says:

    @John Robertson:

    The amount of information about who, what, how, etc. has been rather large. The light is on the leeches and they are squirming. But it is not yet clear how this drama ends…

    Banishment? To where? How would you prevent them waging their war from there?

    No, the general public will just suffer a ways longer, the over-reach will become greater, and when “All Hell Breaks Loose”, it will be very unclear who wins until one side is left standing, the other not so much.

  12. E.M.Smith says:

    This would sound like paranoid delusion to me, if it were not happening…but it is.

  13. E.M.Smith says:

    Just preserving an interesting if somewhat dramatic / paranoid leaning video:
    but each “cut” in the video has people who I know are honest and makes claims that have some or a lot of provable validity.

  14. yarpos says:

    “Can there be news out of Australia when the whole country is under quarantine lockdown and leaving your home is a $1000+ fine?”

    Thats just not so , why bother saying it? tainted with this BS it just leads to , how much of the rest is BS? just for entertainment I guess, however the gullible overseas actually believe it.

  15. E.M.Smith says:


    Does one really need to /sarc; tag Everything?

    OK, the whole country IS under a kind of quarantine lockdown as anyone coming into the country must jump through a lot of hoops and stay in a quarantine camp (aka “hotel”). Yes, folks living near Ayers Rock can go for a bit of walkabout, but kids on a beach get arrested (got arrested). AND they got a $1000 fine “to explain to mum” (quoting the “news”).

    So, in fact, it is a true statement about urban areas where most Australians now live. And where most “news” comes from. And yes, there’s a wee bit of sarc; in it. BUT sarcasm works due to the core of truth in it that gives it bite.

    You are locked up tight, for any outsider wanting to visit, and for Australians wanting a trip away, and for folks in major urban areas wanting an evening on the beach with chums. You are handing out $1000 fines for being “out of your home without ‘good cause'”. Said ‘good cause’ being decided by some smuck in a suit.

    If that bites at you, consider that that’s the point of sarcasm, to awaken the not quite awake, but without a full on face slap.

  16. E.M.Smith says:

    Well, it’s started. Truckers strike.

    Australian truck drivers protest mandatory vaccination and blockade, blocking major roads
    29/08/2021 Updated: 1 day ago

    Australian truck drivers blocked a major highway in northeastern Queensland in protest against vaccine regulations and strict border restrictions, causing traffic congestion for several kilometers.

    This action marked a series of continued protests by Australians frustrated by the state government’s COVID-19 lockdown and mandatory restrictions based on emergency public health orders.

    At 5:30 a.m. on Monday, the drivers parked their prime mover on the southbound lane of the M1 motorway, in Reedy Creek on the Gold Coast section of the main road. Thousands of Queenslanders use this highway every morning.

    A banner was spread out and covered the front of the two vehicles, which read: “The truck allows Australia to move on, not a politician.”

    A driver, Brock, who declined to give his surname, said that the drivers were protesting against the Queensland Government’s strict health order, which prohibits all individuals from entering the state, except for essential workers.

    Those workers deemed essential need to be involved in skilled construction, agriculture or medical care and must prove that Queenslanders are not competent for their jobs. In addition, they need to prove that they have at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

    It does also look like this is landing on top of a walk-out over wages and contracts.

    Though I find this headline very puzzling:

    Transport giant Toll says 7,000 truck drivers walking off job caused minimal disruptions

    by business reporters Sue Lannin and Gareth Hutchens
    Posted Thu 26 Aug 2021 at 8:19pmThursday 26 Aug 2021 at 8:19pm, updated Fri 27 Aug 2021 at 10:22am

    Seems to me that 7k on strike at ONE company would be more than “minimal disruption”…

    Transport giant Toll Group says a 24-hour strike by 7,000 truck drivers has affected some customers, with the impact including minor delays to the delivery of some medical supplies in Sydney .

    Key points:

    7,000 Toll truck drivers have gone on strike for 24 hours as part of enterprise bargaining negotiations

    Toll says the strike caused disruption for a number of clients including minor delays to some medical supplies in Sydney

    Toll plans to run extra services on Saturday to clear the delivery backlog

    Thousands of truck drivers employed by one of Australia’s largest transport firms went on strike across the country today in a stoush over pay and conditions.

    Why did they go on strike?
    The drivers are members of the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) and they are negotiating over their new enterprise bargaining agreement, which determines pay and conditions.

    Toll is offering a 2 per cent pay rise for the next two years and a $1,000 sign-on bonus after the workers agreed to forgo a pay rise last year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

    But the TWU, which is negotiating on behalf of the workers, is calling for a 3 per cent pay rise and job security.

    Negotiations broke down because Toll wants to cut overtime for permanent staff and use short-term contractors and workers from labour hire firms on lower wages.

    But most of the rest of the “news” I’ve turned up is just old stuff saying that today will come, not what’s happening now.

    Anyone in Australia got some clue to share on what is actually happening?

  17. philjourdan says:

    You are correct to be puzzled. But you only have to remember one thing. Oz ABC is just as fake news as our ABC.

  18. YMMV says:

    ‘The Fun Police’ report from Sky News Australia:

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