Gateway Pundit Endorsed … By Google Ban

Google has banned The Gateway Pundit from their ad program (aka “demonetized” the site).

So I take that as a “Ringing Endorsement of the site. Hit the link, check them out, forward the link to others as “FULLY ENDORSED” by a Google demonetization.

Let’s see if we can get a “Double Endorsement” via the Wiki…

The Gateway Pundit (TGP) is an American far-right fake news website. The website is known for publishing falsehoods, hoaxes, and conspiracy theories.

I take that as not only a “YES”, but a “HELL YES!!!”. “far-right” meaning “not communist”. “fake news” from the Wiki meaning “said Russia RUSSIA RUSSIA!!! was a hoax” and that the “DNC Cheated”. I.E. reliable truth.

Founded by Jim Hoft in 2004, The Gateway Pundit expanded from a one-person enterprise into a multi-employee operation that is supported primarily by advertising revenue. During the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, the site received over a million unique visitors per day. Twitter permanently suspended Hoft’s account (@gatewaypundit) on February 6, 2021, for repeatedly publishing misinformation about the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Folks, it looks like we have ourselves a Trifecta of endorsements! Gateway Pundit scores a Hat Trick!

So what’s on their front page today? (I’ll just quote some headlines):

They Openly Mock Us Now: Taliban Hangs “Traitor” by the Throat From US Helicopter in Kandahar Left Behind by Joe Biden (VIDEO)

August 30, 2021, 12:59pmby Jim Hoft 1213 Comments

Operation ‘Pineapple Express’ – Rogue Team of Retired US Vets Rescue Afghan Allies During Secret Missions Conducted BEHIND BIDEN’S BACK

Biden Regime Investigating Republican States Preventing Mask Mandates In Schools – “Discrimination”

Joe Biden Slams Hand on Podium: “I’m Not Supposed to Take Any Questions But Go Ahead… I’m Not Going to Answer on Afghanistan Now” (VIDEO)

“Joe Biden Continues to Insult Black Men Openly” – Biden Refers to Senior Advisor Cedric Richmond as “Boy” (VIDEO)

Exclusive: HUNDREDS OF PATRIOTS Turn Out in Wentzville, MO with 9 Hour Notice to Honor LCpl. Jared Schmitz Killed in Kabul Bombing (VIDEO)

Completely Confused Joe Biden to Staff: “Uh, Cedric, Uh, Who Are We Going to Next?” (VIDEO)

COVID DISINFORMATION: Post Reporter Tries to Make Mask Fanatics Seem Heroic

Umair Haque Repackages RussiaGate, Tries to Fool Readers, Shames Self

‘Fact-Checkers’ Spring Into Action, Defend Joe Biden After He Appeared to Doze Off During Meeting with Israeli PM

Trump Releases New Statement on Biden’s Botched, “Feeble-Brained” Afghanistan Withdrawal

“It Struck the Family as Scripted and Shallow” – Biden Meeting with Pregnant Widow of Dead Marine Doesn’t Go Well – Convo Only Lasted 2 Minutes

84% of Americans Say Wait to Leave Kabul Until All Americans Are Evacuated — Biden Regime Disagrees and Will Leave Hundreds of Americans Behind

Large Tree Uprooted by Hurricane Ida’s Winds Topples Onto Home While Woman Asleep in House – Damage Scenes Across Louisiana (VIDEO)

Pentagon Spox John Kirby Still Doesn’t Know How Many Americans Are Stranded in Afghanistan Behind Enemy Lines, Punts it to State Dept (VIDEO)

WAYNE ROOT: Treason: Afghanistan Disaster is More Proof Biden is Owned Lock, Stock & Barrel by China

STEVE BANNON GOES OFF after Another Weekend of Joe Biden’s Continued Humiliation and Destruction of America (VIDEO)

“The Opposite of Dunkirk” – Erik Prince: Biden Regime Is Telling Local Governments Not to Cooperate with Private Contractors Rescuing Americans in Afghanistan (VIDEO)

FOX Reporter Dagen McDowell Gets Choked Up Talking About 13 US Military Heroes in Afghanistan with Pete Hegseth (VIDEO)

Conservative Purge Continues: Chase Bank Tells Gen. Michael Flynn They Are Closing His Accounts and Cancelling His Credit Cards; Claim Continuing to Allow the Decorated Veteran Access to His Accounts “Creates Reputational Risk”

The Biden Effect: Just In – North Korea Reportedly Restarts Activities at Yongbyon Nuclear Reactor; Site Has Been Shut Down Since 2018 When Trump Showed Strength

As Inflation Skyrockets in the US, Russia and Saudi Arabia Sign Agreement Ending the ‘Petrol Dollar’, Putting the US Dollar and Economy at Even Higher Risk

Sky News: Impeach Joe Biden If He Doesn’t Clean Out ‘Woke’ Pentagon Brass

“Do You Think You Get to Tell Black People What to Do?” – EPIC! – CJ Pearson DESTROYS Angry Racist on MSNBC (VIDEO)

Rockets Fired on Kabul Airport; C-RAM Reported Activated to Intercept Attack

‘Catastrophic Damage’: Entire City of New Orleans Loses Power; Water and Sewage System Crippled by Hurricane Ida

Joe Biden Has Just Fulfilled Osama Bin Laden’s Prophecy for America — This Is How Biden’s Disaster Will Be Portrayed by Jihadists for Decades to Come

Biden’s Insane Policies Are Destroying the Economy Too – Consumer Spending Sentiment Plunges While Inflation Reaches Highest Annual Increase in 30 Years

“He’s Finished!” – SKY News Australia: Joe Biden “Cannot Survive” Fallout Over historic Afghanistan Disaster (VIDEO)

Report: Biden Regime Targets “ISIS-K” Terrorists in Kabul Missile Strike – Kills 3 to 6 Children Instead

Secretary of State Blinken Vacationed in the Hamptons as Kabul Fell to the Taliban

Secretary of State Blinken Claims US Never Gave Taliban Kill List – Then Admits US Gave Names of American Citizens to Taliban (VIDEO)

DISGUSTING – Joe Biden Checks Watch During The Dignified Transfer Of 13 American Heroes Killed By His Incompetence – “Is It Nap Time Yet?”

Looks comprehensive and accurate to me, given what I’ve seen & heard in other news outlets; plus the ones with VIDEO are self documenting / verifying.

If any of those stories interest you, hit the link and have a read.

I’ve now bookmarked the site and added it to my “News” index.

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7 Responses to Gateway Pundit Endorsed … By Google Ban

  1. jim2 says:

    I love Gateway Pundit! Like any other site, trust but verify, but I go to that site multiple times a day. Highly recommended!

  2. Ossqss says:

    This fellow was banned the other day by twitter for speaking truths. He has been on Tucker many times. Thought to share.

  3. David A says:

    I liked highlighting Chase Bank and General Flynn. I hope everybody not “woke” that has an account, pulls it.

    I generally read G.P. mostly just the headlines and certain articles. They do sensationalize a bit, not as much now, the insanity writes itself, and it’s hard to exaggerate some of it.

  4. philjourdan says:

    I have been reading Gateway Pundit for several years now. It is where I go for information on the AZ audit.

    And I am demonetizing my Chase card. While they have re-instated his card, sorry, all the “oopses” go in one direction. Tomorrow I get a new Visa.

  5. another ian says:

    “Infighting in the Deep State? Backstabbing in Washington? Say it ain’t so!!!”

  6. another ian says:

    Fits with that by the look of it

    “U.S. Intel Hits Biden Again, Leak Transcript and Recording of Call With President Ghani – Biden: “there is a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture”
    August 31, 2021 | Sundance | 69 Comments”

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