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This is another semi-random collection of links, papers, and videos about or related to Chinese Wuhan Covid aka Covid-19. They are in no particular order. Some will have a brief comment about them, some will be unadorned. Why do this? Because I now have 114 tabs open in my browser and clearly I’m not making these into postings as fast as I’m finding them (still packing and ‘fixing up’ the house). The little tabs are now so small I can barely get a mouse click on them without accidentally hitting the “close” cell.

Some of these will have been cited by other folks, and I just don’t want to lose them in the waterfall of comments. Others are new. Yes, it is VERY long. Ought to keep you all busy for a while ;-)

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This article has an embedded video of a woman testifying before congress. I agree with their assessment of it! Black woman with a Ph.D. in Cellular & Molecular Biology reads them the riot act… (What is it about Black Women that makes them so effective at dressing down stuffed shirts? ;-)

The Video is embedded in the article or you can jump strait to Rumble:

POWERFUL: Woman Gives Best Speech I Have Ever Seen EXPOSING the Vaxx!
by noah 6 days ago

This next one was posted by someone on another page and I’ve only managed to read part of it so far. It is fairly information dense and has large blocks of text… But I’m needing it out of my tabs and somewhere I can easily find it again ;-)

C-19 Pandemia: Quo vadis, homo sapiens?
1. Summary:

The WHO’s mass vaccination program has been installed in response to a public health emergency of international concern. As of the early days of the mass vaccination campaigns, at least a few experts have been warning against the catastrophic impact such a program could have on global and individual health. Mass vaccination in the middle of a pandemic is prone to promoting selection and adaptation of immune escape variants that are featured by increasing infectiousness and resistance to spike protein (S)-directed antibodies (Abs), thereby diminishing protection in vaccinees and threatening the unvaccinated. This already explains why the WHO’s mass vaccination program is not only unable to generate herd immunity (HI) but even leads to substantial erosion of the population’s immune protective capacity. As the ongoing universal mass vaccination program will soon promote dominant propagation of highly infectious, neutralization escape mutants (i.e., so-called ‘S Ab-resistant variants’), naturally acquired, or vaccinal neutralizing Abs, will, indeed, no longer offer any protection to immunized individuals whereas high infectious pressure will continue to suppress the innate immune defense system of the nonvaccinated. This is to say that every further increase in vaccine coverage rates will further contribute to forcing the virus into resistance to neutralizing, S-specific Abs. Increased viral infectivity, combined with evasion from antiviral immunity, will inevitably result in an additional toll taken on human health and human lives. Immediate action needs, therefore, to be taken in order to dramatically reduce viral infectivity rates and to prevent selected immune escape variants from rapidly spreading through the entire population, whether vaccinated or not. This first critical step can only be achieved by calling an immediate halt to the mass vaccination program and replacing it by widespread use of antiviral chemoprophylactics while dedicating massive public health resources to scaling early multidrug treaments of Covid-19 disease.

India’s Ivermectin Blackout
By Justus R. Hope, MD Aug 9, 2021 Updated Aug 13, 2021

Ivermectin Wins in India

News of India’s defeat of the Delta variant should be common knowledge. It is just about as obvious as the nose on one’s face. It is so clear when one looks at the graphs that no one can deny it.

Yet, for some reason, we are not allowed to talk about it. Thus, for example, Wikipedia cannot mention the peer-reviewed meta-analyses by Dr. Tess Lawrie or Dr. Pierre Kory published in the American Journal of Therapeutics.

Wikipedia is not allowed to publish the recent meta-analysis on Ivermectin authored by Dr. Andrew Hill. Furthermore, it is not allowed to say anything concerning showing the 61 studies comprising 23,000 patients which reveal up to a 96% reduction in death [prophylaxis] with Ivermectin.

One can see the bias in Wikipedia by going on the “talk” pages for each subject and reading about the fierce attempts of editors to add these facts and the stone wall refusals by the “senior” editors who have an agenda. And that agenda is not loyalty to your health.

and more…

Another link from others that I want to preserve:

Crap…. (OAS and OC43)*

I hate being right.

In this study we profiled vaccine-induced polyclonal antibodies as well as plasmablast derived mAbs from individuals who received SARS-CoV-2 spike mRNA vaccine. Polyclonal antibody responses in vaccinees were robust and comparable to or exceeded those seen after natural infection. However, the ratio of binding to neutralizing antibodies after vaccination was greater than that after natural infection and, at the monoclonal level, we found that the majority of vaccine-induced antibodies did not have neutralizing activity.

This is not good. Now we know why the stabs target very high antibody titers — several times that of natural infection, and the doses were not adjusted down.

I had wondered about that: It makes exactly no sense to target wildly-higher titers than natural infection with a vaccine, yet all of the shots do exactly that. The question was why and now we have the answer: A large percentage of the antibodies produced are not neutralizing, so to get enough that are they cranked up the dose.

This is dangerous — very dangerous — because the non-neutralizing antibodies can enhance infection. What we don’t know, because we didn’t take the time, is whether the decay is linear in both sorts or whether one decays first. But again, this is data we did not have before we mass-stabbed people — and unfortunately it explains why dosing was set where it was and that fact, and the potential bad side of all those non-neutralizing antibodies, which could lead to SEVERE ADE and kill you down the road was never discussed nor explained by any of the manufacturers.

And another one from the same guy / site:

Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid*

I warned everyone.

Now even CNN is on it, although they (like SAGE) think we’re smarter than nature — and evolution.

They write that some variants that have emerged over the past few months “show a reduced susceptibility to vaccine-acquired immunity, though none appears to escape entirely.”

But they caution that these variants emerged “before vaccination was widespread,” and that “as vaccines become more widespread, the transmission advantage gained by a virus that can evade vaccine-acquired immunity will increase.”

In a word: Duh.

I know I’ve been banging on this drum since Covid-19 started but it is no-less important today, especially in the context of holding people accountable for killing several hundred thousand Americans and the economic destruction they brought upon the nation.

To be sterilizing a vaccine must prevent infection. Since you never get infected you never replicate the virus and thus do not shed it. If you do not shed it the potential path of the viral life-cycle for that particular infection ends with you and thus you cannot pass on or cause a mutation. You are sterile against that disease; from the point of view of the virus you are a lifeless rock. Among commonly-used sterilizing vaccines are MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), Varicella (chicken pox), OPV (oral polio) and others. The only time that such a vaccine fails is when you do not build immunity (such as due to immune compromise.) This is extremely rare and the protection from such vaccines tends to be either decades-long or lifetime.

A vaccine that is not sterilizing permits the virus to infect you and replicate and as a result you can infect others. Technically it is not a vaccine at all (which by definition prevents infection); it is a prophylactic therapy. Such a “vaccine” instead acts to reduce or eliminate symptomatic disease. You don’t know you’re sick and you don’t get sick. You don’t go to the hospital and you don’t die. Unfortunately since you don’t know you’re sick but are infected and the virus is both replicating in you and shedding you are more-likely to spread the infection to others. All of the current Covid jabs are in this category and so is, for that matter IPV (injected polio vaccine — the original Salk discovery.)

This is a link to the “Table Top” / “war plan” from the UN about how to roll out Covid.

Event 201
The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.

This one looks at where cases are increasing the most, and finds it is in the most vaccinated places. No surprise, really, since the vaccinated were found to get a second case 6+ (or more) times the rate at which the naturally infected catch it again (Israeli study with a link in here somewhere ;-) There’s a lot of links in the original that I’ve not reproduced here.

Covid Cases Are Surging in the Most-Vaxxed Countries, Not in the Least-Vaxxed
By Paul Craig Roberts

July 20, 2021

Dr. Robert Malone, who pioneered the mRNA vaccine technology is concerned that the countries with the smallest percentage of their population vaccinated have the fewest number of new Covid cases. Countries with the largest percentages of population vaccinated have surging numbers of new Covid cases. See this, this and this.

Dr. Malone shares his calculations Based on CDC/VAERS data:

The Pfizer vaccine is 3-5 times more likely to cause a male 12-17 years of age to be hospitalized than Covid itself. For a female of the same age, the vaccine is 4-5 times more likely to cause hospitalization than Covid.

Females 12-17 years of age are 72% more likely to die from the vaccine than from Covid.

If this report is correct Dr. Malone’s warnings might cost him his life. With so many murdered by the vaccines, what is one more life?

Here is another report that cannot be verified or refuted because the tyranny under which Western people live will not allow the report to be acknowledged.

A nice write up about “issues” with the Covid test:

The Problems with the COVID-19 Test: A Necessary Understanding
February 8, 2021
by John Hardie, BDS, MSc, PhD, FRCDC


On August 26th, 2020 Professor Mark Woodhouse, a senior scientific advisor to the UK Government stated the following, “We couldn’t think of anything better to do. Lockdown was a panic measure and I believe history will see that trying to control Covid-19 through lockdown was a monumental mistake on a global scale, the cure was worse than the disease.”1 Such a frank admission from an infectious disease epidemiologist is significant because it emphasizes a failure by governments to appreciate the limitations of the coronavirus tests on which all policies and precautions to eliminate or reduce the spread of Covid-19 are based. This article will attempt to unravel the complexities of a test whose results are far from definitive.
The failure to satisfy Koch’s modified viral postulates and the inability to satisfactorily isolate SARS-CoV-2 should casts doubts on the efficacy of any test that purports to identify the causative agent of COVID-19. In highly technical reports authorities bemoan the absence of clearly defined standards for the collection, transportation and preparation of samples which lead to errors in the interpretation of results.8,9,12,14 This dilemma is exaggerated by the absence of internationally accepted validation criteria. Until all of the above are corrected Bustin is of the opinion that testing programs for SARS-CoV-2 are, “wholly inadequate, poorly organized and surrounded by confusion and misinformation.”12

This understanding means that all the policies, procedures, recommendations and preventive measures associated with COVID-19 are based on a questionable foundation. Had the limitations of the test been fully appreciated by Professor Woodhouse he would not have been admitting to a monumental mistake.

The dental profession has not escaped this conundrum. All of its recent alterations to patient care are based on the assumption that tests identifying infectious SARS-CoV-2 are accurate. The fact that this is patently incorrect should stimulate a reassessment of the relationship between dentistry and COVID-19. Further reasons for this advocacy will be identified in future articles which will discuss the likelihood that a patient testing positive does in fact have COVID-19 and the true lethality of the infection.

This one is a “First Hand Report” of an American visiting his parents in India and his experience with Ivermectin.

Ivermectin: An Untold Story Of A “Wonder Drug” That Made a Difference In India (Eyewitness Account)
by Yogi Salsa

I have a story to tell. But will you listen?

During the winter of 2020, I flew from the United States with my parents to Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, in India. The purpose of our visit was to return to the place I had known as a young child and complete the important mission of relocating my grandparents back with us to the United States all within a month. The trip was unfolding without a hitch, and the area was just like I had remembered it-vibrant and full of life.

Before our arrival, the Indian government had just completed a vaccine campaign resulting in millions of people receiving jabs, so confidence levels were high, evidenced by the reopening society. Unfortunately, my travel plans were obliterated by a personal family tragedy that required me to remain in India months longer than anticipated. During this dark time in my life, the entirety of India was visited by a catastrophe of its own, as the Delta variant of the coronavirus swept across the country like a firestorm.
My family physician gave me strict protocols to follow and prescribed readily available medications that the pharmacy delivered to my doorstep. The life saving 14-day protocol consisted of antipyretic medications around the clock to break the fever and four pharmacological big guns so to speak :

Ivermectin (Anti-parasitic)
Doxycycline- (Antibiotic)
Azithromycin- (antibiotic)
Hydroxychloroquine (Immunosuppressive drug and Anti-parasitic)
The initial grip of the variant had me battling high fevers and difficulty getting full air exchange. I was instructed to lay chest-down with one pillow beneath my pelvis and another near the neck. Within one day, I could breathe better as my oxygen levels gradually rose from a low of 89 to a healthy 97. My symptoms improved steadily from that point on. Yes, it took time to fully get my stamina back as it does in most influenza illnesses, but I did recover.

How about reports of adverse events in Children from the vaccine:

(NEW) Covid-19 vaccine adverse events in children
There are 18 deaths reported after Covid-19 vaccine among children aged 12-17.

That’s according to the most recent data in the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Database from a search conducted by Children’s Health Defense.

One of the most recent deaths reported is that of a 15-year old boy, who previously had Covid-19 but was vaccinated, anyway. He died four days after getting his second Pfizer shot and collapsing on a soccer field.

Another recent death is that of a 13-year old girl who died after suffering a heart condition after her first dose of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

There were 432 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis among 12-to-17 year olds. Almost all of them were after Pfizer’s vaccine. There were also 86 cases of blot clotting disorders in children, all of them after Pfizer’s vaccine.

Lawyers starting to smell money… (A “Two Fer” of links…)

By The Phaser | August 13, 2021


Michael Green has filed a class action lawsuit initially representing 1,200 first responders against the Governor’s vaccine mandates with thousands more expected to join.

Honolulu Fire Captain Kaimi Pelekai gives an emotional testimony about losing his job because he doesn’t want to put this experimental vaccine in his body after spending the last year taking care of COVID-19 patients.

Attorney Sean Williams says that there are already effective treatments like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

And, according to the CDC, it is unnecessary to test asymptomatic people because they do not spread the virus.



Has an embedded video along with text.

23 days ago updated 22 days ago

“In a few weeks I will begin my 24th year as a law professor at George Mason University. Last year I volunteered to teach in person, even though I’m in my 50s. Teaching law is my job and I owe my students my best. I also knew I could do it safely … During the spring of 2020 I contracted and recovered from Covid-19, which I later confirmed through a positive antibody test.”

Those are the words of Professor Todd Zywicki. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Zywicki explained why he is suing George Mason University over their vaccine mandate, which states that GMU may terminate the employment of any worker who remains unvaccinated.

Send in the Variants, there must be Variants…

Hospitals around the world now being filled with “fully vaccinated” sick patients as injections rapidly spread new “variants”
Tuesday, August 10, 2021 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) New reports out of Australia and Israel suggest that upwards of 95 percent of all new hospital admissions around the world are sick patients who got “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Contrary to what the American mainstream media is claiming, the only people falling ill amid all the recent talk about the “delta variant” are those who took Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections for the Fauci Flu, which have injured and killed many thousands of people.

“I understand that most of the patients are vaccinated, even ‘severe’ patients, exactly,” stated Israeli Dr. Kobi Haviv to News Israel 13, debunking the lie from Tony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky that Chinese Virus injections protect against “severe” symptoms and hospitalization.

The FLCCC has a set of responses to various agencies and such that is worth looking over:

Agency Responses

This page contains our statements regarding the actions or inactions of various national, regional, and world public health agencies, including the FDA, NIH, WHO, etc.

May 12, 2021 | Public Statement
FLCCC Alliance Statement on the Irregular Actions of Public Health Agencies and the Widespread Disinformation Campaign Against Ivermectin

Awareness of ivermectin’s efficacy and its adoption by physicians worldwide to successfully treat COVID-19 have grown exponentially over the past several months. Oddly, however, even as the clinical trials data and successful ivermectin treatment experiences continue to mount…Read Full Statement

April 7, 2021 | Article
Expanding Our Strategy to End The Pandemic

Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Colleen Aldous write that the World Health Organization and National Institutes of Health now have all the data they need to recommend ivermectin to prevent and treat COVID-19—and put an end to the pandemic.

Dr. Zelenko’s Protocols:

Fundamental Principles

Treat patients based on clinical suspicion as soon as possible, preferably within the first 5 days of symptoms. Perform PCR testing, but do not withhold treatment pending results.

Risk Stratify Patients

Low risk patient – Younger than 45, no comorbidities, and clinically stable
High risk patient – Older than 45, younger than 45 with comorbidities, or clinically unstable

Treatment Options

Low risk patients

Supportive care with fluids, fever control, and rest
Elemental Zinc 50mg 1 time a day for 7 days
Vitamin C 1000mg 1 time a day for 7 days
Vitamin D3 5000iu 1 time a day for 7 days

Optional over the counter options

Quercetin 500mg 2 times a day for 7 days or
Epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG) 400mg 1 time a day for 7 days

Moderate / High risk patients

Elemental Zinc 50-100mg once a day for 7 days
Vitamin C 1000mg 1 time a day for 7 days
Vitamin D3 10000iu once a day for 7 days or 50000iu once a day for 1-2 days
Azithromycin 500mg 1 time a day for 5 days or
Doxycycline 100mg 2 times a day for 7 days
Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) 200mg 2 times a day for 5-7 days and/or
Ivermectin 0.4-0.5mg/kg/day for 5-7 days Either or both HCQ and IVM can be used, and if one only, the second agent may be added after about 2 days of treatment if obvious recovery has not yet been observed etc.

Treatment Options

Dexamethasone 6-12mg 1 time a day for 7 days or
Prednisone 20mg twice a day for 7 days, taper as needed
Budesonide 1mg/2cc solution via nebulizer twice a day for 7 days
Blood thinners (i.e. Lovenox, Eliquis, Xarelto, Pradaxa, Aspirin)
Colchicine 0.6mg 2-3 times a day for 5-7 days
Monoclonal antibodies
Home IV fluids and oxygen

Doctors against the Experimental Jab:

Another prominent scientist speaks against the covid vaccine

In a public comment to the CDC, molecular biologist and toxicologist Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D., called to immediately halt Covid vaccine production and distribution. Citing fertility, blood-clotting concerns (coagulopathy), and immune escape, Dr. Lindsay explained to the committee the scientific evidence showing that the coronavirus vaccines are not safe.

On April 23, 2021, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices held a meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. The focus of this ACIP meeting was blood clotting disorders following Covid vaccines. Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay spoke to the CDC during the time set aside for public comment.

Molecular Biologist and Toxicologist Calls to Halt Covid Vaccine

“Hi, my name is Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay. I hold a doctorate in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Texas, and have over 30 years of scientific experience, primarily in toxicology and mechanistic biology.

In the mid-1990s, I aided the development of a temporary human contraceptive vaccine which ended up causing unintended autoimmune ovarian destruction and sterility in animal test models. Despite efforts against this and sequence analyses that did not predict this.

I strongly feel that all the gene therapy vaccines must be halted immediately due to safety concerns on several fronts.

Janci Chunn Lindsay: Covid vaccines could induce cross-reactive antibodies to syncytin, and impair fertility as well as pregnancy outcomes
First, there is a credible reason to believe that the Covid vaccines will cross-react with the syncytin and reproductive proteins in sperm, ova, and placenta, leading to impaired fertility and impaired reproductive and gestational outcomes.

Respected virologist Dr. Bill Gallaher, Ph.D., made excellent arguments as to why you would expect cross reaction. Due to beta sheet conformation similarities between spike proteins and syncytin-1 and syncytin-2.

I have yet to see a single immunological study which disproves this. Despite the fact that it would literally take the manufacturers a single day to do these syncytin studies to ascertain this [once they had serum from vaccinated individuals]. It’s been over a year since the assertions were first made that this [the body attacking its own syncytin proteins due to similarity in spike protein structure] could occur.

Pregnancy losses reported to VAERS lead to demand to halt Covid vaccine

We have seen 100 pregnancy losses reported in VAERS as of April 9th. And there have [also] been reports of impaired spermatogenesis and placental findings from both the natural infection, vaccinated, and syncytin knockout animal models that have similar placental pathology, implicating a syncytin-mediated role in these outcomes.

Additionally, we have heard of multiple reports of menses irregularities in those vaccinated. These must be investigated.

We simply cannot put these [vaccines] in our children who are at .002% risk for Covid mortality, if infected, or any more of the child-bearing age population without thoroughly investigating this matter.

[If we do], we could potentially sterilize an entire generation. Speculation that this will not occur and a few anecdotal reports of pregnancies within the trial are not sufficient proof that this is not impacting on a population-wide scale.

Covid vaccine causes blood disorders

Self explanatory… vaccinating soldiers more lethal than just getting the disease:

Has en embedded video.

Army Doctor Reveals More Soldiers have died from the Vaccine than died from COVID

Posted on August 27, 2021

Tells us what you really think about the vaccine:

The Vaccine Holocaust Is Well Underway—The War Against Humanity
Posted on July 16, 2021 by State of the Nation
By Walt Gelles

The world has been ambushed. We are in the midst of a war against humanity.
Yet most people aren’t aware there is a war going on.

Those who carried out the ambush have easily and quickly overrun country after country, like Hitler’s blitzkrieg “lightning war”. Those who did the ambush—call them the Globalists, the Ruling Power Elite, the Global Deep State, the One Percent (actually an infinitesimal fraction of the world population)—are a handful of super-wealthy elitists, at war with 7.8 billion people.

So far they’ve used two main bioweapons—a lab-engineered virus, and the harmful, often deadly COVID-19 “vaccines” (genetic modification agents) backed by a relentless propaganda campaign to trick people into getting the jab.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer’s former Vice President and Chief Science Officer, issued this warning in March 2021: “I’m well aware of the global crimes against humanity being perpetrated against a large proportion of the world’s population….I have absolutely no doubt that we are in the presence of evil…and dangerous products [the gene-based vaccines].” Basing his observation on his 40-year medical research career, Dr. Yeadon believes the vaccines are often lethal and serve only one conceivable purpose: depopulation.[1]

We’re in very bad shape. The world needs to wake up, AND FAST, or tens of millions of people are going to die in what is already a vaccine-induced holocaust.

Bioweapon Number 1

Then some commentary on the Rush Rush Approval bypassing process…

Absence of Due Process in COVID-19 Vaccine Approval – Propaganda in Open View
by Dr. Peter McCullough | Aug 27, 2021 | Healthcare, Politics

August 23, 2021, will be recorded in history for schools of public health and classes in regulatory science to reveal how a highly regimented and codified process for a new drug or biologic approval can be manipulated, corrupted, and then falsely represented to the public in order to promote more forced use of a product that is ineffective and unsafe on a reluctant population.

On this day, the US FDA met with representatives of Pfizer and BioNTech to evaluate the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine after eight months of use in the public program. What happened was one of the most amazing sleight-of-hand maneuvers performed in pharmaceutical history.

This product, which is a joint effort from two companies, was split into two legally distinct entities, having minor differences as products, and then moved forward as a pair to leverage the Emergency Use Authorization and the FDA approval processes simultaneously. There were no publicly available briefing booklets from the sponsor(s) or the FDA (usually 80-120 pages), no post-marketing report of safety from the public program, and no corroboration of statistical analysis or missing data. There was no committee of academic and statistical experts to review the results. Instead, a meeting was held between the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA, and legacy data, preceding the Delta outbreak was reviewed, giving the meeting participants the knowingly false impression of high vaccine efficacy which clearly has been lost as the SARS-CoV-2 had mutated.

Instead of a full committee hearing and a thumbs up or down procedure, a decision was made, and separate letters were issued:

Another look at the Israeli study, this time from ZeroHedge:

‘This Ends The Debate’ – Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta

SATURDAY, AUG 28, 2021 – 05:44 AM

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the rest of President Biden’s COVID advisors have been proven wrong about “the science” of COVID vaccines yet again. After telling Americans that vaccines offer better protection than natural infection, a new study out of Israel suggests the opposite is true: natural infection offers a much better shield against the delta variant than vaccines.

At least some members of Congress are asking somebody a few questions:



Sen. Ron Johnson: 5 Questions for FDA About Pfizer Vaccine Approval

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) on Thursday sent a letter to Dr. Janet Woodruff, acting commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, demanding answers to five questions pertaining to the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer Comirnaty COVID vaccine.

Children’s Health Defense Team
In his letter, Johnson asks these five questions:

1. Why didn’t the FDA grant full licensure for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine that is in use and available in the U.S.?

2. How are the Comirnaty and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines “legally distinct” and what are the “certain differences”?

3. There is no doubt that the FDA’s action will lead to more vaccine mandates and increased pressure on those currently choosing not to get vaccinated. Your letter to Pfizer suggests that “there is not sufficient approved vaccine available for distribution.” Is there sufficient supply in the U.S. of the Comirnaty vaccine to ensure that those being vaccinated under mandates will be receiving the FDA-approved version? Or is it more likely (or certain) that they will be vaccinated using the vaccine administered under the reissued EUA?

4. If there is insufficient supply of Comirnaty vaccines for those succumbing to the coercion of mandates, isn’t the FDA de facto endorsing vaccine mandates utilizing EUA vaccines?

5. Will individuals who receive either vaccine be afforded the same legal protections if they are injured by the vaccine? If not, why not?

This isn’t the first time Johnson has written the FDA about COVID vaccines. On Aug. 22, he sent a letter to Woodcock; Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH); and Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, criticizing the FDA’s decision not to hold a formal advisory committee meeting to discuss Pfizer’s application for full approval of its vaccine.

Another look at the “Approval” non-process:

BOOM! Major law firm confirms FDA deceived America with its confusing ‘approval’ of Pfizer vax
When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Aug. 23 it had granted full approval to the first Covid “vaccine” under the brand name Comirnaty, the mainstream media immediately ran with the narrative.

Some Videos

Note that most / all of these videos have links to the papers cited in the show notes for that video. I’ve not put those links here for most of the videos, but you can get them by clicking the “watch on Youtube” button in the video then scrolling down to the links in the “show more” of the show notes.

First up, a Dr. John Campbell video where he says that the recommendations are changing. In particular, with vaccine failure, The Powers That Be have decided we “can’t reach herd immunity” and “everyone will get exposed”. To which I say “Well Duh!”. Remember “15 days to slow the spread.”? That was NOT about herd immunity, it was about slowing the rate at which we all got exposed to match the rate of hospital treatement. So now, almost 2 years later, TPTB are on board with that? Maybe now we can get some approval of therapeutics that work…


Mary Holland UN April 26, 2016 part1 where she points out the Cancel Culture attack on thinking people asking questions about the vexxine and that forced injections violate the Nuremberg Code. IMHO a “Must Watch” as it lays out so much so well.

Part 2:

Mike Huckabee (6 min) on who are the most Vaccine Hesitant. (Turns out it is the most educated and most closely aware of the medical profession… i.e. the most informed.) They also tend to be of neither major party, and independent voters.

An interesting look at a paper about THE most common comorbitities or pre-existing conditions in folks who land in the hospital with Chinese Wuhan Covid. Hypertension (50.4%), lipid metabolism disorders (49.4%), and obesity (33%) were the most common. Also, oddly, “anxiety & fear”.

I found some of the comments also interesting. 30% higher deaths among those with “fear and anxiety”. Makes you wonder about all those FUD (Fear Uncertainty & Doubt) nags on the TV… and everywhere really. Cites a CDC paper. (20 min.)

Here’s some of the comments. Note that this site looks like a “touchy feely health nut” kind of place, not likely to attract a lot of red-neck Trumpers… just sayin’…

Ikeoma Divine

1 month ago
I’m a travel nurse who worked two CVD-19 contracts last year. I noticed that calming my patients by asking them to turn off the news and assuring them of their chances of survival their oxygen levels immediately improved. People were fearing for their lives, most unnecessarily. The body follows the mind.

Samiksa Love

3 weeks ago
Some of the best doctors: fresh air, sunshine, great nutrition, regular exercise, good sleep, water, proper breathing, laughter, hope/purpose, Jesus.

Ja Gast

3 weeks ago
It’s sickening that the healthy people are being victimized over everyone else’s fears.


2 weeks ago
“The man who doesn’t read the paper is uninformed, the man who does is misinformed” -Mark Twain


3 weeks ago
C-19 , the biggest gaslighting campaign in history since the “war on terror.”

The cited article:

Same Guy looks at the Israeli report on natural immunity vs vaxxed / enhanced:


In this video, Dr. Moran looks at vaccination post infection, is it needed? The answer is no per Israeli study, yes per CDC. (9 min)

Medicine with Dr. Moran

In this video, I address a recent study that the CDC and news outlets were widely reporting that indicated the previously infected unvaccinated people are more than twice as likely to catch COVID than previously infected vaccinated people. Is this really true though? I go through the study and outline all of the limitations of this observational small study. I also talk about a recent observational data from the Israeli Health Ministry indicating that during the Delta surge they found opposing results. Physician researchers are finally talking about natural immunity and the protection that it provides to those who unfortunately acquired it.

The CDC study saying it helps was seriously broken. Little things like not checking what virus the folks had the 2nd time they were infected…

Then a 2nd Dr. Moran video, this one specifically looking at the Delta Variant (11 min):

Natural Immunity vs Vaccinated Immunity with the Delta Variant
433,662 viewsAug 8, 2021

Medicine with Dr. Moran

How is natural immunity vs vaccinated immunity doing against the Delta variant? How well does natural immunity work against Delta compared to the original strain? How well do different vaccines work against the Delta variant? We know more now about the Delta strain of Covid-19. In this video I review three studies comparing natural immunity and vaccinated immunity with Coronavac against the Delta variant. One of the studies also compares other variants to the Delta variant.

Has very interesting graphs showing antibody levels in naturally infected vs vaccinated over different variants.

Dr. Mobeen (DrBeen) on the Israeli study comparing Ivermectin to other approaches. Ivermectin results in significantly lower viral load. Basically spends 1/2 hour to say “Ivermectin works in outpatients” in great detail.


Drbeen Medical Lectures

New Ivermectin Study By Prof. Eli Schwartz (Awesome Results) – Israeli Study

A new study by Prof. Dr. Eli Schwartz et. al. from Israel has shown favorable outcome on viral load and culture viability using Ivermectin in early treatment of non-hospitalized patients.

I find this video fascinating. This young woman has interesting videos from Eastern Russia (Siberia) that are generally of a travelogue type. As I’m unlikely to ever get a tour of the far east, it’s a nice way to “wander around with a local”. I’ve watched several of her other videos before Covid. In this video she goes through the process of getting a vaccination with the Russian vaccine: Sputnik. (12 minutes)

I found the process interesting, her reported symptoms too. The amount of English and Latin Alphabet signs in the mall (where the shot was given) surprised me. It looks like Russians are quite comfortable with “our” alphabet. (I still struggle with theirs…)


In this next video, Dr. Tess Lawrie looks at Ivermectin in “Long Covid” cases. Short at a bit under 4 minutes. Basically says it ought to work but not enough is known about folks with long duration covid and treatments for it.

Long Covid-19 Foundation

In this podcast we discuss studies and trials on IVM with Dr Tess Lawrie. Dr Tess provides solid data on what has been achieved in another countries and gives some hints on what is happening in the UK. It worth to say that there is so many obstacles in the UK that we as a community need to know about.
Join our group, become our member and learn on how to manage Long Covid syndrome.


Some MDs look at the use of Ivermectin in hospitalized patients. From comments, it looks like the Natives Are Getting Restless ;-):

ICON Study: Use of Ivermectin in Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19
January 2021 Journal Club

Journal CHEST
2.25K subscribers
Join moderators Viren Kaul, MD, and Divya Patel, DO, and journal CHEST® authors Juliana Cepelowicz Rajter, MD; Michael S. Sherman, MD, FCCP; and Jean-Jacques Rajter, MD, as they discuss the article “Use of Ivermectin Is Associated With Lower Mortality in Hospitalized Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019,” which will be published in the January 2021 issue.


Glenn Beard

I have been a practicing physician for over 40 years and I’m telling you that if you wait for randomized controlled studies ( usually funded by pharmaceutical companies) to be done you are handcuffing yourself in your ability to treat patients. William Osler said “ let your patient be your teacher “ and he was absolutely right


The issue is that when people are dying how do you refuse a patients who are dying a possible treatment that could save them in order to have a blind study!

Colin Bloor

Three court cases in USA, IVERMECTIN stopped in hospital, Juge ordered it to continue, saving 3 lives.

wayne walleye


A whole hour of a panel discussion…


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27 Responses to Another Collection Of Chinese Wuhan Covid Links

  1. jim2 says:

    Meanwhile according to one top expert, initial data being gathered in the healthcare system suggests the booster shots are generally helping prevent COVID-19 infections.

    “The indications we’re receiving are indeed very preliminary but they are very, very good in [terms of] preventing infection,” Gabi Barbash, a former Health Ministry director, told Channel 12 news.

    He added that there would be better data on the booster’s efficiency toward the weekend and said if the figures “look as they do now,” the Health Ministry would likely recommend those over 40 get a third vaccine shot.

  2. jim2 says:

    Just reading the top three references in the video about vaccine vs infection immunity effectiveness against the Delta variant – the abstracts seem to be saying two shots of vaccine is similar in effectiveness to natural infection.

  3. Mordineus User says:

    So what is the proper dosage of ivermectin for the purposes of prophylaxis ? If a person were to have, purely for the sake of argument, some of the pour-on for cattle, what would be the proper dosage. Mg/Day per lb. of weight I think would be preferred?

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    Similar in effectiveness… for a limited short time. After several months, the jab does far less while natural immunity continues higher. For SARS-1 the natural immunity lasts years to decade at least, while the vaccine attempt ended in ADE. Not a good precedent. For SARS-2 we don’t know yet. Will folks end up on “Boosters every 6 months for life” or else you get ADE? Might be nice to have an idea what happens when your neutralizing antibody titre drops after a year…

    What I’ve not heard, but dearly want to know, is “Does vaccine + infection give natural immunity to capsule and other virus parts?” and “Does natural immunity + vaccine improve or diminish immunity long term?”

    I’d also love to know “Does Ivermectin + virus exposure yield natural immunity?”. On some thread somewhere I think it was David A. said for $25 some pharmacies can run an antibody test. If that is true where I am, I’ll punt the money just to see what my status is ATM. I’m pretty darned certain that after almost 2 years of running across the country a couple of times and being out and about in public unmasked and unafraid: I’ve been exposed to the virus.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, and down near the bottom of the posting, check out the video by Dr. Moran with:

    Then a 2nd Dr. Moran video, this one specifically looking at the Delta Variant (11 min):

    Natural Immunity vs Vaccinated Immunity with the Delta Variant
    433,662 viewsAug 8, 2021

    Medicine with Dr. Moran

    How is natural immunity vs vaccinated immunity doing against the Delta variant? How well does natural immunity work against Delta compared to the original strain? How well do different vaccines work against the Delta variant? We know more now about the Delta strain of Covid-19. In this video I review three studies comparing natural immunity and vaccinated immunity with Coronavac against the Delta variant. One of the studies also compares other variants to the Delta variant.

    Has very interesting graphs showing antibody levels in naturally infected vs vaccinated over different variants.

    The graphs are a bit opaque as to exactly what they mean (or I’m having a slow day…) but they are very interesting.

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    @Mordineus User:


    PREVENTION PROTOCOL (for Delta variant)
    lvermectin1 Chronic Prevention
    0.2 mg/kg per dose (take with or after a meal) — twice a week for as long
    as disease risk is elevated in your community
    Post COVID-19 Exposure Prevention2
    0.4 mg/kg per dose (take with or after a meal)  — one dose today, repeat
    after 48 hours
    Gargle mouthwash 2 x daily – gargl


    That I believe is in the article above somewhere already… Note I’m chopping out and presenting JUST THE MIDDLE of the protocol here, and it is for folks already infected:

    Moderate / High risk patients
    Elemental Zinc 50-100mg once a day for 7 days
    Vitamin C 1000mg 1 time a day for 7 days
    Vitamin D3 10000iu once a day for 7 days or 50000iu once a day for 1-2 days
    Azithromycin 500mg 1 time a day for 5 days or
    Doxycycline 100mg 2 times a day for 7 days
    Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) 200mg 2 times a day for 5-7 days and/or
    Ivermectin 0.4-0.5mg/kg/day for 5-7 days Either or both HCQ and IVM can be used, and if one only, the second agent may be added after about 2 days of treatment if obvious recovery has not yet been observed etc.

    So those 2 protocols, from MDs, range from 0.2 to 0.5 mg/kg doses, with various numbers of days between doses.

    I’m not a doctor and can not make any medical recommendations. I can say what I do. I’m about 100 kg, so I use the dose for a “100 kg sheep” as written on the box, and that is 10 ml, once per week as pour on. That works out to about 2 x the FLCCC dose for prophylaxis (at least in one of their earlier iterations when I was first figuring out what to do for me).

    Do note that the FLCCC has a list of MDs that will prescribe real human ivermectin for you and IMHO, that’s the far better route to go. I started with the pour on before they were around, and I’ve been on farms enough to know you get it splashed on you in more than the human dose anyway, so was not very worried. With farm experience, I was willing to “go there”. If you are not experienced and not able to properly calculate the right dose / schedule (or are just a little lax about such things) then just get a prescription from a real M.D.

    Information on dosage, rates, clearance rates, side effects, etc. can be found in the Physicians Desk Reference:

    Mine is old and paper, but there are online ones along with pdf downloads.

  7. E.M.Smith says:

    Another very good write up, from a link in a comment to an SDA article here:

    Could It Be a Population Reduction Plot After All?

    by Paul Craig Roberts via
    Last year once I realized that the Covid campaign was a fear campaign and not a scientific or medical campaign, I understood that the operating agenda was not a public health agenda. It became clear that there was a profit agenda and also a control agenda in which civil liberties and their legal and constitutional protections were being cast aside.
    We are living under a Covid policy that has no evidence whatsoever in its support. Lacking any evidence for the ruling policy, suppression of the actual facts is the operating principle. The utterly corrupt public health authorities, dumbshit ignorant politicians, and scum presstitutes repeat lies over and over, relying on constant repetition to turn the lie into truth. The vast bulk of the world’s population, lacking the education and energy to think for itself, is satisfied to have the media tell them what to think.

    The public health authorities, dumbshit politicians, and scum presstitutes censor the scientists and doctors who actually understand the health challenge and know what to do to get it under control, thus preventing information other than the controlled narrative from reaching the public.

    Here is the known information that is suppressed:

    The Covid vaccine does not protect against acquiring Covid, nor does it prevent vaccinated people from spreading the virus.

    The Covid Vaccine has massive adverse effects and is on course to cause more illnesses and deaths than Covid. Among the adverse effects are infertility and spontaneous abortion.

    The vaccine trains the virus to evolve variants that escape the vaccine.

    The lethality of the Covid virus has been massively overstated.

    The number of Covid cases were massively overstated by a defective PCR test.

    The outbreak of new cases ascribed to the Delta variant are worst in the countries with the most heavily vaccinated populations.

    Known cures such as HCQ and Ivermectin are intentionally blocked from use by official protocol.

    Large numbers of top level scientists and doctors are calling for a halt to Covid vaccination. These calls are suppressed by the scum presstitutes and ignored by official authorities.

    Why? Is it just profit? Is it just control? Or is there a darker agenda?

    Despite the known, clear, and incontestable failure of the vaccine to protect against infection and its known dangers, the authorities are pushing forward with more vaccination. This makes no sense whatsoever. Why have the authorities secured the cooperation of US employers, military, hospitals, and police forces to mandate Covid vaccination?

    Why are public authorities using both government and the private sectors to coerce vaccination when the public authorities are fully aware that vaccination does not protect, but causes health injuries and deaths and spreads the virus?

    Why is there no public debate about the serious threat that the Covid protocol presents to the world’s population?

    How did scientific and medical truth become a “conspiracy theory”?

    And the presentation by Dr. Simon Gold per the vaccine referenced in the article:

    One hour, and so far it’s great!

  8. David A says:

    EM says, “ ADE? Might be nice to have an idea what happens when your neutralizing antibody titre drops after a year…”

    It may take that or more to know about ADE, which I understand is difficult to prove.
    However, from what I have read the antibody drop is far more rapid. ( Again, the Israel model)
    This study said…. ( With inserted commentary)

    “ In vaccinated subjects, antibody titers decreased by up to 40% each subsequent month while in convalescents they decreased by less than 5% per month. Six months after BNT162b2 vaccination 16.1% subjects had antibody levels below the seropositivity threshold of <50 AU/mL, while only 10.8% of convalescent patients were below <50 AU/mL threshold after 9 months from SARS-CoV-2 infection.

    “In other words the dosing they used, and the original titers, concealed the decay below effective levels which was not being tested for but would have shown up in infections among vaccinated people had the original level been lower.”

    In our study, we show that following vaccination, the levels of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies decrease rapidly, indicating that BMPCs may not be created adequately and therefore anti-SARS-CoV-2 humoral immunity might be transient (Ibarrondo et al., 2020; Seow et al., 2020). 

    So. If there is little or no B-cell recall then the vaccine is a failure as it cannot stimulate durable immunity at all.  That is, the jabs are basically the same (via a different mechanism) to receiving monoclonal antibodies if you get infected; yes, you have an antibody titer but the jabs fail to train your immune system to recognize the infection in the future.  As that titer wanes the protection becomes increasingly worthless and, since we know mutational binding changes are occurring the potential for vaccine-caused harm by potentiating infections remains a distinct possibility as that occurs.”

    And we know it is VERY likely, with heavily vaccinated nations showing rapid acceleration of cases, that the many many asymptomatic infected are doing the spreading.

    Regarding test for past exposure…
    “ alternative.

    Now there is; Kroger and several other pharmacy chains will run basically the same test (finger-stick, linear flow) for about $25-30 on a walk-in basis, so that's the alternative today. You're basically paying them $20 to prick your finger and $5 for the test.

    If you think you had it wait at least two weeks; IgG will take about that long to register, and the signal should continue to get stronger for at least a month and likely several months.”

  9. David A says:

    This post is, IMV, an excellent summary of several posts from “The Market Ticker”

    A brief excerpt…
    “ The spike protein that is part of Covid-19, and which all the current vaccines instruct your body to produce is, by itself, pathogenic. This was first published as a pre-print, it came out before we went on a wild jabbing spree, the original study that set off the alarm bells came in September of 2020 and when the study work was done it was dismissed by many as being “not peer reviewed” (who remember, endorsed a whole bunch of other bull**** such as masks, denial of early treatments and so on.)

    Well, that excuse is gone now. Two articles, both now published, and which I originally discussed as pre-prints before we mass-jabbed people are now out in public and published form here and here.

    Both demonstrate quite-conclusively that the spike protein alone, absent the rest of Covid-19 “the virus”, is pathogenic.

    Again, in case you missed it further up near the top, all of the current vaccines deliberately produce that spike protein, which by itself causes disease, specifically clotting-related disease, in your body. Deliberately causing your body to produce that pathogen (which then elicits the antibody response) is how all of them work.”

    But it keeps getter in more informative, linking several more papers together.

  10. jim2 says:

    EMS – I can’t be certain, but since the viral protein minus the spike would be novel to one vaccinated, it seems to make sense the immune system would “see” those new viral proteins as foreign and swing into action. Of course, IANAD.

  11. E.M.Smith says:


    It comes down to a process who’s name escapes me at the moment. Antigenic priming? Original Antigenic Sin? Pathogenic priming? One of those I think…

    Humans are typically infected with influenza viruses in childhood and then continuously exposed to antigenically distinct influenza virus strains throughout life. Antibody responses elicited by initial influenza virus infections can be boosted upon subsequent exposures with antigenically drifted influenza virus strains. Here, we examined how initial influenza virus infections affect antibody responses against subsequent infections with an unrelated influenza virus subtype. We show that heterosubtypic infections in ferrets and humans boost hemagglutinin stalk antibodies that paradoxically do not bind effectively to the boosting influenza virus strain. We propose that hemagglutinin stalk antibody repertoires are shaped by the specific subtype of influenza virus that an individual encounters early in life, and that this affects susceptibility to heterosubtypic infections later in life.

    So the question I have is simple: Does the vaccine cause Pathogenic Priming that over-rides the exposure to the real virus? Maybe yes, maybe no. YAQWoA. Yet Another Question Without Answers… We’ve got a lot of them so maybe it’s time for a new acronym…

    @David A:

    Yup. On another thread I quote from an article that says just the spike protein alone can cause changes of gene expression in the lungs for genes related to inflammation

    and point out that there is no “THE” Vaccine, but various vaccines, and some of them have modified spikes for prevention of the S1 cleavage and others do not, so things are likely variable by type of vaccine.

    So, too, I’d expect any “Pathogenic Priming” effects to vary by product.

  12. jim2 says:

    Homology between human and viral proteins is an established factor in viral- or vaccine-induced autoimmunity. Failure of SARS and MERS vaccines in animal trials involved pathogenesis consistent with an immunological priming that could involve autoimmunity in lung tissues due to previous exposure to the SARS and MERS spike protein. Exposure pathogenesis to SARS-CoV-2 in COVID-19 likely will lead to similar outcomes. Immunogenic peptides in viruses or bacteria that match human proteins are good candidates for pathogenic priming peptides (similar to the more diffuse idea of “immune enhancement”). Here I provide an assessment of potential for human pathogenesis via autoimmunity via exposure, via infection or injection. SAR-CoV-2 spike proteins, and all other SARS-CoV-2 proteins, immunogenic epitopes in each SARS-CoV-2 protein were compared to human proteins in search of high local homologous matching. Only one immunogenic epitope in a SARS-CoV-2 had no homology to human proteins. If all of the parts of the epitopes that are homologous to human proteins are excluded from consideration due to risk of pathogenic priming, the remaining immunogenic parts of the epitopes may be still immunogenic and remain as potentially viable candidates for vaccine development. Mapping of the genes encoding human protein matches to pathways point to targets that could explain the observed presentation of symptoms in COVID-19 disease.

  13. jim2 says:

    You better get ur IVM while you can!

  14. YMMV says:

    Original Antigenic Sin — ah yes I remember that now, so much to learn, and it has been so long, so much to re-learn!

    “the AMA said in a statement, joined by the American Pharmacists Association and American Society of Health-System Pharmacists”

    It’s easier to get any recreational drug you could possibly imagine. How about setting up safe-ingestion sites if they are so worried that I might get hiccups or something from overdosing IVM?

    For those who are new to IVM, here is a good interview which covers the basics: it works, and censoring information about it is bad, and why are they doing that, and regulatory capture.
    This is a YT link (regard it as very temporary). He is also on Odysee and Rumble, links follow.

  15. E.M.Smith says:


    Hey, you are right! Illegal drugs are much easier to get. Guess we’ll need to start asking the “Drug Dealers” to stock Ivermectin! A new market for them…

  16. The True Nolan says:

    @AC Osborn: “The AMA calls for Ivermectin to be banned for treating COVID.”

    As always, let me interject the caveat of “let us assume that the article is reporting the actual facts of the matter.”
    From the article: “Ivermectin, often used as a deworming agent in animals and sometimes for humans, is not approved to treat COVID-19 and has not been shown to work for that purpose.”
    “Use of ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 has been demonstrated to be harmful to patients.”
    Also, in a statement that pegged my irony meter: “Experts say that instead of risking the use of unproven drugs, people should get vaccinated.”

    Anyone who reads links here or does even basic research knows that Ivermectin has MUCH more evidence of safety and efficacy than the various mystery injections do. Bearing in mind that the AMA is composed of health care professionals who must know better, the only conclusion I can plausibly reach is that they are evil. We might argue about what specific flavor of evil they happen to be, but I see no other reasonable conclusion other than “they are evil.”

    Anyone want to argue that the AMA is giving out a logically and medically defensible judgement on this? Anyone? Can anyone think of a reasonable, non-evil, justification for banning practicing Doctors from prescribing Ivermectin for COVID?

  17. YMMV says:

    “Can anyone think of a reasonable, non-evil, justification for banning practicing Doctors from prescribing Ivermectin for COVID?”

    Not me. Is there any precedent for this?

    NIH is really NIH.

    I was searching for what the alleged “bad effects” actually were and what the poison control center would tell you to do when you called about your overdose.

    Funny thing, the first link I looked at went to a Canadian site selling IVM. For future reference:

    The next site was for animals but it looks quite good: Parasitipedia.

    The intriguing part of this page is this:
    WHO Acute Hazard classification: Not listed

    “The World Health Organization (WHO) has established a classification of pesticides by hazard based on their estimated acute toxicity for humans. Since pesticides are not directly tested in humans, the classification is based on toxicity studies done on laboratory animals, mostly rodents, but also other mammals.”

    The “bad” IVM thing must be “it works”.

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  19. jim2 says:

    I got nothin’. All they are doing is losing even more trust, and they didn’t have much to begin with.

  20. YMMV says:

    In case that was too subtle… NIH
    “National Institutes of Health” = “Not Invented Here”

  21. E.M.Smith says:


    Plausible reasons for banning M.D.s from prescribing Ivermectin for Covid:

    1) It cuts into the $Billions from jabs and boosters (and lots of M.D.s own stock…)

    2) You really want that cushy marketing adviser job at Pfizer after your Govt. Retirement vests.

    3) TPTB GEBs are pressuring you to let them kill off the Useless Eaters and, well, Clintoncide is a known parasitic toxin that the GEBs like to use on folks who bother them…

    4) It’s YOUR AGENCY, Damn it, and if ANYONE is going to say what is allowed, it’s YOU, not them. They need to be made to bow down and worship your power.

    5) You were told by someone who read a paper about a guy who did a study somewhere that said it didn’t work and you really want to get to the after dinner cocktail party so just run with that. Besides, reading is hard.

    Oh, you said non-Evil… Let me think…

    Um, nope. Got nothing.

    Besides, didn’t we get “Right To Try” legislation?

  22. David A says:

    Don’t forget, hospitalizations for Covid are LOCKED into the same lousy treatments, and if they vary, they are denied certain protections and funds.

  23. beththeserf says:

    ‘Follow the money.’ ‘ n old one but a good one.

  24. David A says:

    This was what was a bit different in the post I referred to above …

    “When the trials were being done last fall I found it utterly astonishing that both Moderna and Pfizer had set their dosing to produce extremely high antibody titers — 10x, 100x or more than produced by natural infection. That looked at the time to have been a truncated series of dose:response trials undertaken in the interest of Warp Speed; that is, “be fast rather than accurate.” Obviously you do not want to err on the low side (you get no protection) so if you’re going to screw it up the direction to do so is on the high side, assuming toxicity at that level is reasonable It turns out the decision wasn’t reasonable, however, because doing that wildly increased the risk of the above reactions, since to produce that sort of high antibody titer you needed to put more spike into the body and we now know the spike, standing alone, is dangerous. (Incidentally the CDC still claims the spike is harmless, despite two peer-reviewed and published papers documenting otherwise and all the in-field adverse events which dovetail exactly with what those papers describe.)

    But, as Israel has now shown with conclusive data antibody titers from vaccination wane at 40% a month while those from infection decrease at a much slower rate and in fact broaden in terms of recognition to the virus over time.


    The broadening is indicative of B-cell recall, which is utterly crucial for lasting immunity. Antibodies do not circulate forever in the blood and other tissues; they eventually degrade and are replaced — if your body’s immune system system has been trained. Your B-cells are largely responsible for this, along with T-cells and a whole cadre of other components of the immune system. This is why monoclonal antibody infusions protect you right now, when infected, but do not provide lasting immunity on their own. The infection itself does, but not the infusion. If you give the infusion to a non-infected person you wasted it; they have protection for a short period of time but it goes away.

    The evidence from these now-published decay rates is that B-cell training does not happen with any of these vaccines. This is important and, it would appear, both Pfizer and Moderna (along with J&J) either knew or should have known this. In fact they all may have deliberately rigged their studies to be submitted for EUAs knowing the failure to produce a durable immune response was not going to be discovered due to time considerations. This cannot be proved without a bevvy of subpoenas of course but it is a reasonable and rational explanation for setting the dose and produced titer where they all did.

    You can bet the vaccine makers will all do everything in their power to evade disclosure of what they knew and when in this regard because if in fact they knew that B-cell induction did not happen and deliberately set dosing to produce a result intended to game the EUA process that is quite-arguably intentional misconduct which is the bar that must be cleared to void their legal immunity for all of the adverse events PLUS all those who got infected as the defectively-produced immunity waned.

    Consider a 40% per month decay rate for these injections and a natural infection that produces a titer of “100” (units don’t matter for this purpose, nor does the actual number — just the ratio.)

    If the jab produces an original titer of 1,000 (10x as much) you get the following titer level on a monthly basis for the jabs:

    0: 1,000
    1: 600
    2: 360
    3: 216
    4: 129
    5: 77
    6: 46

    At six months you’re probably below the protection threshold. Note that it takes 12 months, starting from 100 with a 5% monthly decay for natural infection, to reach the same titer.

    So why does the titer decay so much slower if you get infected? Simple: It doesn’t actually go away; natural infection trains your B-cells which is a durable response and thus capable of immediately restoring protection if you get challenged with the virus again, which you will. This is why the Cleveland Clinic, following their employees who got infected, found zero re-infections over more than a year’s time among more than 1,000 infected and recovered individuals. It is also why a recent study found that natural infection and recovery was 13x as protective as the jabs.

    This is how every other virus works and with natural infection by this virus, most of the titer is to the “N” protein which CANNOT mutate materially and still be a virus capable of infecting and replicating in humans. The vaccines do not include any part of the “N” protein and thus cannot produce a response to it.”

    So natural immunity is very likely sterilizing against all mutations!

    The CDC and WHO CANNOT be so ignorant. Yet by vaccinations to the already exposed they are not only reducing another control group, they are exposing at least 30 percent of the global population to dangerous vaccines, for absolutely zero productive reason, and preventing hundreds of millions from getting the vaccine that were NOT exposed to Covid. ( not that I think it a good idea for them to have the vaccines)

    So why? Why are they so anxious to have as many as possible receive this vaccine, even if there is zero need for them to get it, and it may harm or kill them? Why? Are they eugenics advocates? Is there a version of the virus coming that WILL trigger ADE OR OAS? I dislike even having such thoughts.

  25. jim2 says:

    David A –
    SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-based vaccines are about 95% effective in preventing COVID-191,2,3,4,5. The dynamics of antibody-secreting plasmablasts and germinal centre B cells induced by these vaccines in humans remain unclear. Here we examined antigen-specific B cell responses in peripheral blood (n = 41) and draining lymph nodes in 14 individuals who had received 2 doses of BNT162b2, an mRNA-based vaccine that encodes the full-length SARS-CoV-2 spike (S) gene1. Circulating IgG- and IgA-secreting plasmablasts that target the S protein peaked one week after the second immunization and then declined, becoming undetectable three weeks later. These plasmablast responses preceded maximal levels of serum anti-S binding and neutralizing antibodies to an early circulating SARS-CoV-2 strain as well as emerging variants, especially in individuals who had previously been infected with SARS-CoV-2 (who produced the most robust serological responses). By examining fine needle aspirates of draining axillary lymph nodes, we identified germinal centre B cells that bound S protein in all participants who were sampled after primary immunization. High frequencies of S-binding germinal centre B cells and plasmablasts were sustained in these draining lymph nodes for at least 12 weeks after the booster immunization. S-binding monoclonal antibodies derived from germinal centre B cells predominantly targeted the receptor-binding domain of the S protein, and fewer clones bound to the N-terminal domain or to epitopes shared with the S proteins of the human betacoronaviruses OC43 and HKU1. These latter cross-reactive B cell clones had higher levels of somatic hypermutation as compared to those that recognized only the SARS-CoV-2 S protein, which suggests a memory B cell origin. Our studies demonstrate that SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-based vaccination of humans induces a persistent germinal centre B cell response, which enables the generation of robust humoral immunity.

  26. jim2 says:

    Israel has a high number of cases, but serious cases and deaths lower than in last wave. A lot of cases means a lot of people are getting the “natural” inoculation. This should bode well for the future, no?

    The Israeli health ministry has pointed out the number of serious cases in Israel appears to be falling. And among those aged over 60, serious cases in the unvaccinated was running at 15 times greater than the vaccinated.

    The mortality rate in countries with high vaccination rates has plummeted, even those seeing rising cases.

    “The severe disease rates in the vaccinated are about one-tenth of those seen in the unvaccinated, which means the vaccine is still over 90 per cent effective in preventing severe disease,” infectious disease specialist at Sheba Medical Centre, Professor Eyal Leshem, told Canadian TV station CBC.

    Cases are also thought to have spiked after parents were asked to proactively test their children at home before sending them to school, which revealed high number of asymptomatic cases in kids.

    Around half the new diagnoses in Israel are in children. However, children – even those unvaccinated – are far more resilient to covid and few fall ill.

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