An Interesting Outsider View Of Our Medicating “Sickness” System

I find the relatively strong “Indian” Accent a bit of a bother, but the insights are worth it.

An outsider looking in at American Medical History finds it not a “Health System” but a sickness system. History is presented of the tie of oil (Rockefeller) to the creation of our “a pill for every ill” approach and the repudiation of “natural cures” with the vilification of doctors practicing it.

I find rather enlightening parallels to our present Mr. Gates & Cronies trying to force vaccination on everyone instead of cheap known therapeutics. Same kinds of motivations and actions as in the history here.—Herbal-Medicines:3

Divide et Impera

How John D Rockefeller Medicine killed Natural Cures and Alternative Medicine/ Herbal Medicines – YT – 24-08-21.

This newest documentary is about how John D. Rockefeller and his family created modern medicine that destroyed natural cures, herbal medicines and alternative medicine. There is a lot of politics and money involved behind our modern medical system.

In my “Emergency Prep” I have a copy of a pharmacopoeia from before this time with the prescribed plants and extracts listed for various diseases. For just the case of a collapse that takes out the medication system… I think it might be this one from 1888:

Here’s a history of Pharmacopoeia for folks interested in more about how it changed:

Oddly, even in DuckDuckGo, searching for “Pharmacopoeia of 1888” or similar searches keeps trying to steer me to the 2018 version… Almost like someone was trying to hide the historical ones.

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3 Responses to An Interesting Outsider View Of Our Medicating “Sickness” System

  1. Julian Jones says:

    Thank you EM … exactly the same thing happened to our agriculture over the past 100 years … Rockefeller learned early on the power of PR and capture of academia.

    (Just presently writing up the catastrophic decline of gammarus shrimp in UK rivers; excepting urban rivers – these are free of the veterinary anthelmintic, Ivermectin, which otherwise runs-off pastures contained in manures during rainfall. Would be hard to make this up – I know the man who advised on the commercialisation of this remarkable pharmaceutical 40 years ago – we argued about it at that time; our eel & salmon numbers have crashed coincident with its use. Has saved millions in the tropics from ghastly parasites however – and you know the rest !
    High animal welfare standards, intergenerational low stress husbandry and good herbage, tannins etc livestock will self medicate perfectly well … and keep more profit for the farmer. And so on.).

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Glad you liked it. I found it rather well assembled and presented.

    Interesting about shrimp. I’d not thought about that. A LOT of wildlife depends on invertebrates for dinner and contamination would nuke them. Not just shrimp either. Crawdads, various bug larvae, various fly nymphs, worms, etc. Hmmm….

  3. philjourdan says:

    Sadly, I know this all too well. I guess I am jaundiced by my mother who was vehemently against pill popping. I refuse them except in the most extreme cases. I do take vitamins, several in fact. But eschew the prescription game. And absolutely refuse to do the sanitizer route! Our bodies were not born in a sterile environment. Removing all chance of interaction with bad bugs and not allowing the bodies natural ability to fight off disease only makes it certain that a little bug is going to slam you.

    I guess that is why I get sick so seldom, and recover quickly.

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