Pure Bloods, Niki Minaj, Tyrants & Revolutions

This is another set of Dank Memes. Why? Because they center me.

I especially like this one due to the “Strain” in it at various points. My concept of “Strain” in a social commentary is when there is a pull between different pre-conceptions that results in a new understanding. A precursor to an Ah-Hah moment in many cases.

For example, in one of these, there’s a bunch of folks protesting “Vaccine Mandates”. Common Cause. My Enemy’s Enemy is My Friend kind of stuff. Who are these folks who have thrown in together? None other than BLM & MAGA. Then there’s Niki Minaj, a Jamaican Trinidadian singer or rapper, siding with the Red Necks accused of being RayCist!!! (but really not…)

Tyrants & Bullshit make for opposition from strange bedfellows. And good humor ;-)

The simple fact is that all people want to be free, to control their own lives, bodies, and liberties. We do not want puppet masters and are quit happy to cut some strings. AND to argue with each other. Sometimes to common ground. Sometimes to bitter ends. But it is OUR CHOICE.

Side By Side We Stand:


From 20 Sept 2021

10. Gov. Nuisance gets more votes after he’s pissed off most folks? Or maybe The Chicago Diddle is firmly in control of California? Gov. Nuisance signed 100% mail in voting into law after the diddle was done…

9. Armed J6 Protester being arrested shows his undercover cop ID…

8. Kids in MAGA being patted by Chairman Joe “Gropes” B. So who played whom, eh? Joe getting his chain yanked by J.Q. Public.

7. “You’d think you’d kinda know before you off’d somebody with a predator drone.” (Rand Paul questioning a chair warmer about who they murdered to look tough…) Drone score? 3 parents, 7 kids, one Toyota…

6. Benedict Milley.

5. Niki Menaj: I had no idea who she was. Now I want to find out more. I find it telling that we’ve got Black Rappers, Black Ordinary Folks, and MAGA and those falsely accused of being RayCist!@!! (like, oh, any Black that loves freedom and all the “red necks” of the world) all lining up “on side” together. Makes a fella feel all warm and welcome.. Y’all come ( I’ll start the drinks set-up… someone else get the BBQ goin’…) Can y’a rap to a fiddle?

BLM & MAGA team up in NYC! (We can get back to arguing economic systems after the Tyrants are dealt with…)

4. Vatican is in on it. I’ll take “God’s Chicken Soup” over Pontif pontifications… and the 1942 photo is downright spooky. (But matches events in Australia and your “leaders” statements).

3. The Australian police use a strange foam spray. I presume so the nerve gas / pepper spray sticks to your face and eyes. I find the similarity of protests around the world curiously hopeful. Though the folks in Holland have a special way about them. (Mikey Likey ;-)

2. I’m not un-vaxxed, I’m a PURE BLOOD! 100% non-GMO.

1. A GREAT quote from ol’ Ben Franklin (I hope it is real):

“War is when the Government tells you who the Bad Guy is. Revolution is when you decide that for yourself.”

I’m just not feeling like “Bad Guy” was a phrase then… but a search on it finds several references.

The the wrap with Niki and a discussion of swollen and non-functional man bits… from the jab… and yes, it does happen sometimes.

Oh, and footnote:

I learned what “Jorts” are. Shorts made from jeans. (We always just called them “cut-offs” but I guess that doesn’t cover hemmed or “born that way”…)

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20 Responses to Pure Bloods, Niki Minaj, Tyrants & Revolutions

  1. Philip Mulholland says:

    Origin of guy.
    First recorded in 1800–10; after Guy Fawkes.

  2. H.R. says:

    @Philip – Where did the ‘Guy’ in Guy Fawkes originate?

  3. jim2 says:

    HR – That is now Person Fawkes.

  4. Steve C says:

    @jim2 – Person? Surely you mean perchild? ;-)

  5. In Wolf Hall The Duke of Norfolk insults Thomas Cromwell by calling him a “Person”.

  6. YMMV says:

    The origin of the first name “Guy” is curious. We know how to say it in English, and that is supposed to be the way Guy Fawkes said it too, but I always thought of it as a French name, pronounced more like Gee. So I just had to look that up.

    Guy Fawkes was his name, but he also called himself Guido Fawkes after he spent years fighting for the Spanish. I guess it was a popular name then. There is a graph of it as a popular baby name, from 1880 to about 1970 here (but it doesn’t say where that data refers to): https://nameberry.com/babyname/Guy The same site claims: “The name Guy is a boy’s name of French origin meaning “guide, leader”.”

    But another baby name site gives other meanings:
    In Celtic Baby Names the meaning of the name Guy is: Sensible.
    In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Guy is: A name derived from the Hebrew ‘goy’, meaning Gentile. Also a colloquial term used to refer to a man.
    In French Baby Names the meaning of the name Guy is: Guide.
    In German Baby Names the meaning of the name Guy is: From the Old German name Wido, meaning wood. Famous bearer: the British Guy Fawkes.
    In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Guy is: Valley.
    In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Guy is: Life.
    In Teutonic Baby Names the meaning of the name Guy is: warrior.
    In American Baby Names the meaning of the name Guy is: warrior.
    source: https://www.sheknows.com/baby-names/name/guy/

    This one seems definitive:

    Proto-Germanic, the reconstructed ancestor language of Germanic languages such as English and German, had a word *widuz ‘wood’—this, in fact, is the source of the English word wood. This root was used in names such as Old Saxon Widukind, literally ‘child of the wood’. These names could be shortened to Wido. The short form was borrowed into Old French as the name Guy and into Italian as Guido. The initial g-sound was added to fit the sound pattern of these languages; neither allowed w at the beginning of a word, and borrowed words originally beginning with w were pronounced with g. (The same process is evident in French guerre and Italian guerra ‘war’, which derive from a Frankish word similar to English war.)

    Pre-Germanic into Old French, got it. Problem with saying W.

    After the Norman conquest of England in 1066, many Norman French loanwords entered Middle English. One of these was the name Guy, at the time pronounced [ɡiː] (like ghee). The word is now pronounced [ɡaɪ] because several centuries later, the Great Vowel Shift altered the pronunciation of long vowels throughout English. At the time of Guy Fawkes, this change in the name’s pronunciation had already occurred.

    Makes sense. And finally,

    The Oxford English Dictionary dates the first attestation of the common noun guy to 1806, meaning ‘an effigy of Guy Fawkes traditionally burnt on the evening of November the Fifth’. By extension, it came to mean ‘a person of grotesque appearance, especially with reference to dress’. The generic meaning of guy as ‘man’ is first attested in 1847; the OED notes that it was initially restricted to the US and later spread.

    source: https://panlex.org/blog/meet-the-etymology-guy/

  7. Jeff says:

    “The generic meaning of guy as ‘man’ is first attested in 1847; the OED notes that it was initially restricted to the US and later spread.”

    And with that, the first documented appearance of “manspreading”…

  8. jim2 says:

    Might want to keep that TOR browser going!

    The U.S. government is reportedly secretly issuing warrants for Google to provide user data on anyone typing in certain search terms, raising fears that innocent online users could get caught up in serious crime investigations at a greater frequency than previously thought.


  9. E.M.Smith says:


    Or just don’t use Google products…

    BTW, there’s at least a 40 year history that I know of of various TLAs asking various telecom and computer related companies to do key word searches and try to finger people.

    In the early to mid 80s, I was even part of a large number of folks who would put a line of Crap Triggers in the “signature line” at the bottom of our email. The purpose being to trip the detectors that caused a human to look at the email and waste their time reading things like “My car broke down and I had to get a new set of plugs”…


    “Bomb, Nuclear, Radiation, Terrorist, Sarin, D.C., Agent, Double Agent, Interrogation, Meeting, Communist, Russia, Soviet, China, Submarine, Radar, Sonar, Assassination, Funding, Uranium, Plutonium, Covert, Bribe, Blackmail, Murder”

    Great fun can be had that way by bored children and young adults. Eventually we got tired of it and figured that, by then, they had just added a filter to remove anything with that long list of specific key words in that order … or just did “grep -v E.M.Smith mail.archive” ;-)

    Today, with the abilities of current bots, were I so inclined anymore: I’d set up a server farm of about 100 Raspberry Pi machines. Each one hosting, oh, 100 “Terrorist Bots”, who would be busy constantly looking up recipes for various toxins, explosives, nuclear devices; searching for personal information on key Government Types Of Note and generally looking as much as possible like they were real honest to God Terrorists. Then have them randomly appear in various networks all over the world via the magic of VPN into all those loverly exposed hacked networks. Government. Corporate, whatever. (Best done from a foreign land where US laws are not applicable, BTW).

    Other fun could be had by making them, then setting them, with a long life battery each, behinds rows of books or taped under tables in public libraries and using the WiFi. Make every school look like a hot-bed at $50 / school. After the expected battery failure time, wait a couple of weeks, then go back and swap batteries…

    Done right, you could easily have 100 x 100 = 10,000 “active terrorist bots” showing up on 100,000 different places on the internet. Total cost about $5000 (and it would suck down that much TLA manpower and machinery in the first week… easy.)

    But these days I’m a retired guy who mostly tries to avoid his afternoon nap and spends more time pricing beer and getting the BBQ to light and cook than he does on computers. (At ALL, including the blog). Heck, I only “do” email about once a month and then just to delete all the SPAM.

    But the basic point:

    Any automated system can be exploited to death by feeding it what it is looking for (and doing that to excess).

    Should it ever become annoying enough that certain key words in searches (or email, or posting, or…) become cause for TLA visits, well, then it might be enough motivation to do more than just say “Oh, yes, I frequently search on U233 and U235, nuclear power is the future of humanity.” and watch them try to spin that.

    FWIW, this is an interesting place to leave finger prints:

    Fissile nuclides in nuclear fuels include:

    Uranium-235 which occurs in natural uranium and enriched uranium
    Plutonium-239 bred from uranium-238 by neutron capture
    Plutonium-240 bred from plutonium-239 by neutron capture.
    Plutonium-241 bred from plutonium-240 by neutron capture.
    Uranium-233 bred from thorium-232 by neutron capture

    Note in particular that U233 line. India made a test bomb that way just to prove it works… IMHO there’s a “back door” to “Special Nuclear Material” via short exposure flow of Th-232 through a research reactor then chemical separation of the U-233. But saying any more “would be wrong”, so I won’t.

    Oh, and we’d often “sign off” with a note to the TLA Agent:

    Dear Clarence Clearance, please look in my file and you will find I dated the Daughter of the Director of the Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Lab, and a buddy from our small student group designed the “device” that got stuck in the well on the way to testing so “leaked” over Nevada and a bit of Utah. So I’m a “hanger on” to the Club, OK? So don’t panic, just look me up first. It’s just a hobby and way to be “Cool” in the PhD. Nuke beer parties. Ya got to know the lingo to be cool.

  10. David A says:

    EM says, “ Any automated system can be exploited to death by feeding it what it is looking for (and doing that to excess).”

    Yep, before retirement our company spent a cool million or two on a KRONOS labor tracking automated system. I explained the costs to implement this my way, both more accurate and less costly, but still had considerably costs. I then explained the costs to implement it there way. (About a 3 percent increase in labor costs) My way was to take each employee badge and place it on a slotted board with all workers separated in each LOB, and when moving personnel from one production line to another, simply swiping their card out of one LOB into the other, and moving their card. ( This actually would have been helpful as when running a hundred plus person labor call into eight lines of business, regularly moving personnel from job to job, it was challenging to keep mental track of where everybody was) Although I was very good at knowing where everybody was.

    However the company said “nope, we have ghost workers in lots of Union cities, so the badge has to stay with the person.” I then asked the national manager pushing the program for his Kronos badge. He handed it to me. I went to the machine, swiped it into a job, and said “goodbye, go enjoy the rest of your day fishing” He looked at me a bit quizzically, so I added, “People manage people, automated systems do not. This just makes the ghost worker problem automated.”

    Alas, they spent a million or two, implemented the program, and canceled it a year later.
    In this case my boat rocking was perhaps too direct. However I did save the company 10 to 15 million a year on other procedures.

    Regarding the rest of your comment, you Sir, where you not the gentleman I know you to be, you would be a very dangerous enemy.

  11. The True Nolan says:

    @EM: “Fissile nuclides in nuclear fuels include:”

    What? No Neptunium?

  12. E.M.Smith says:


    By GOD man, you are right! Both as a precursor material for fairly simple path to Plutonium, and as a direct Boom Stuff blob.



    Precursor in plutonium production
    An important use of 237Np is as a precursor in plutonium production, where it is irradiated with neutrons to create 238Pu, an alpha emitter for radioisotope thermal generators for spacecraft and military applications. 237Np will capture a neutron to form 238Np and beta decay with a half-life of just over two days to 238Pu.

    So take a thin film of it, run it through a neutron source of the appropriate energy, and chemically separate your Pu, both thermal and Boom Stuff – see below. Nice. (Fast and thin exposure reduces the number of multiple neutron absorptions making Bad Stuff to filter out)

    I’ve left out the complicated chemical reaction / nuclear reaction formula as it is ugly in plain text and a PITA to fix it.

    238Pu also exists in sizable quantities in spent nuclear fuel but would have to be separated from other isotopes of plutonium. Irradiating neptunium-237 with electron beams, provoking bremsstrahlung, also produces quite pure samples of the isotope plutonium-236, useful as a tracer to determine plutonium concentration in the environment.

    Neptunium is fissionable, and could theoretically be used as fuel in a fast neutron reactor or a nuclear weapon, with a critical mass of around 60 kilograms.
    In 1992, the U.S. Department of Energy declassified the statement that neptunium-237 “can be used for a nuclear explosive device”. It is not believed that an actual weapon has ever been constructed using neptunium. As of 2009, the world production of neptunium-237 by commercial power reactors was over 1000 critical masses a year, but to extract the isotope from irradiated fuel elements would be a major industrial undertaking.

    In September 2002, researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory briefly created the first known nuclear critical mass using neptunium in combination with shells of enriched uranium (uranium-235), discovering that the critical mass of a bare sphere of neptunium-237 “ranges from kilogram weights in the high fifties to low sixties,” showing that it “is about as good a bomb material as [uranium-235].” The United States Federal government made plans in March 2004 to move America’s supply of separated neptunium to a nuclear-waste disposal site in Nevada.

    Woo Hoo! While I still like the Th -> U233 path better (due to U233 being as good as or better than Pu as Boom Stuff – i.e. makes small and flexible devices), having an alternative to U235 for “gun type” and heavy devices is a nice Hip Pocket option… Especially given the potential for chemical separation.

    I wonder how many other “edge cases” are being ignored…


    A quick search on Fissle Isotopes only finds “the usual” U and Pu. I wonder if Neptunium is not quite fissile and that’s why they used the U shells to get it to critical mass?


    Does look easy to extract:

    Neptunium metal is produced by reaction of NpF3 with liquid or gaseous barium or lithium at around 1200°C and is often extracted from spent nuclear fuel rods in kilogram quantities. Neptunium metal is silver in appearance, chemically reactive and is found in at least three allotropes:

    A PDF on making Pu Thermal & Boom Stuff via neutrons (note that the thermal profile of absoption for Pu and Np are very different, so thermal N can do the change and yet not disrupt the Pu)

    This one agrees on the usability:

    Looks like a bit longer exposure to neutrons to get Pu Boom Stuff (239):

    Short exposures of the neptunium targets in the reactors limit the production of the higher isotopes of plutonium. Typical SRS plutonium238 product had an isotopic composition of approximately 81% plutonium-238, 15% plutonium-239, 2.9% plutonium-240, and lesser amounts of plutonium-241 and plutonium-242. Unavoidably, some of the neptunium and plutonium are converted to fission products during the irradiation, and these must be removed during the chemical processing

    Odd… I have 2 different docs from what claims to be the same URL, but clearly isn’t. One the pdf, the other a .doc.

    OK, can’t give clean links. (Maybe I’ll dig into it later)

    Oddly, I’m having a bit of trouble finding out the fission products of Np. How many N of what energy…

    Well, I’ve saved both, so whatever…

    Looks easy to separate from nuclear “waste” and does look to be fissile (maybe) but certainly enough to be Boom Stuff with some added neutron source material if needed (and lots of stuff with extra neutrons is easy to get).

    Would be nice to know the Neutron Economy of it, but only if one were actually making a device. When in doubt, wrap it in a huge neutron reflector (Beryllium sheet or just in a deep sea ship under the water line in a lot of “bilge” or “ballast” water. Water and steel are good neutron reflectors but need a large bulk to work.)

    As the half life is Very Long it ought to slide by the U235 / Pu239 detectors. Especially if wrapped in enough radiation shielding (like a lead “ballast” lining the water tank “ballast”). I think a “Boat Bomb” of this stuff would be fairly easy to design and could be sailed into most ports of the world unchallenged. Maybe even up the Potomac…

    So an interesting question is “Can you get more Pu239 without making so much Pu242 and such that it is too hot to safely handle?” via thermal neutron exposure. Might need to tune the neutron energies to prefer Pu239.

    Other Nuclear Material is a recent designation for neptunium-237. This designation captures weapons usable materials that are not legally recognized as SNM or SFM (DOE 2003b).

    So a recent bit of knowing…

    The basic unanswered bit is just: It is FISSIONABLE but maybe not FISSILE so how much fissile stuff needs to be added to make it a fissile alloy / structure? Essentially how much must the neutron economy be improved to get it to go boom? Would a bit of Pu238 & Pu239 blended in “get you there” like the U shells did?

    OK, at this point I think my further “Digging” per a device will be dark for a while. While all of this is in the public sphere on the internet, so clearly not a secret; my surmise as to “how to use it” needs to stop here. Beyond this becomes “Things most folks may not think of at first blush”…

  13. cdquarles says:

    Successful systems are always parasitized.
    If one can do good with a system/something; someone else can and will use it for evil purposes.

  14. The True Nolan says:

    @EM: You have obviously done WAY more thought on nuclear technology than I have. I am starting to suspect, just ever so slightly, that you have a rather devious mind! I’m impressed! By the way, I am currently reading a book (I think it has been mentioned here (maybe by me! — but I loaned this book to my brother and just got it back)) about the Japanese project to build a nuclear bomb during WWII: “Japan’s Secret War” by Robert Wilcox. Apparently they made a considerable amount of progress and MAY (perhaps, maybe, possibly…) have tested a device days before their surrender. The equipment left by them in Korea probably helped advance the Soviet project. For some reason, nuclear physics never really appealed to me… But I did have a good idea about twenty years ago which I never really spoke about for quite some years. I see now that the basic idea is on the web, so I guess it is OK now, and besides, the web articles all say “won’t work” and they would never lie about something like that, would they? Back in the mid 1970s I read some reports that the USSR had designed an X-ray laser, one powered by a nuclear explosion. The basic idea was that you have a nuclear weapon mounted beside a tungsten rod, very similar to how you mount a xenon bulb beside a ruby rod in the first old lasers. The gamma ray burst raises the tungsten electrons to a higher energy level and as the electrons drop back you get an X-ray burst. (I am assuming that this was a superluminal laser which does not need mirrors, because good luck finding high efficiency X-ray mirrors!) Good luck as well in aiming the thing and I hope it has a worthwhile target, because obviously it self destructs when it fires. Anyway, about 1999 there were reports that an isomer of Halfnium would emit gamma rays when excited by X-rays.
    Note that this is an isoMER, not an isoTOPE. It is regular Halfnium 179 IIRC but with high spin nucleons. So — my idea? Mix powdered Halfnium isomer with powdered tungsten. It will sit there until you flash it with X-rays, which causes the Halfnium to emit gamma rays, which causes the tungsten to emit X-rays, which triggers more Halfnium gamma rays, etc. To quote wiki, “The energy release is potentially 5 orders of magnitude more energetic than a chemical reaction, but 2 orders of magnitude less than a nuclear fission reaction.” Would make a great nuclear trigger, perhaps enough to set off a fusion reaction. I forget what the half life of the high spin isomer was — something on the order of a few months maybe? And how do you spin the nucleons up in the first place? Put it in the beam of a cyclotron? Would sure make a great rocket fuel… I wonder if Elon Musk knows about this stuff?

  15. E.M.Smith says:


    Um, “indirect” in my approach to, um “interesting” problems and designs? Why yes… ;-)

    BTW, focused X-rays from the fission device are supposedly what is used to implode the Hydrogen (really lithium hydrate) device. They use styrofoam to direct the X-rays… Yeah, you read that right.


    A fusion explosion begins with the detonation of the fission primary stage. Its temperature soars past approximately 100 million Kelvin, causing it to glow intensely with thermal X-radiation. These X-rays flood the void (the “radiation channel” often filled with polystyrene foam) between the primary and secondary assemblies placed within an enclosure called a radiation case, which confines the X-ray energy and resists its outward pressure. The distance separating the two assemblies ensures that debris fragments from the fission primary (which move much slower than X-ray photons) cannot disassemble the secondary before the fusion explosion runs to completion.

    Who knew…

    Well, Edward Teller for one…

    The secondary fusion stage—consisting of outer pusher/tamper, fusion fuel filler and central plutonium spark plug—is imploded by the X-ray energy impinging on its pusher/tamper. This compresses the entire secondary stage and drives up the density of the plutonium spark plug. The density of the plutonium fuel rises to such an extent that the spark plug is driven into a supercritical state, and it begins a nuclear fission chain reaction. The fission products of this chain reaction heat the highly compressed, and thus super dense, thermonuclear fuel surrounding the spark plug to around 300 million Kelvin, igniting fusion reactions between fusion fuel nuclei. In modern weapons fueled by lithium deuteride, the fissioning plutonium spark plug also emits free neutrons which collide with lithium nuclei and supply the tritium component of the thermonuclear fuel.

    The secondary’s relatively massive tamper (which resists outward expansion as the explosion proceeds) also serves as a thermal barrier to keep the fusion fuel filler from becoming too hot, which would spoil the compression. If made of uranium, enriched uranium or plutonium, the tamper captures fast fusion neutrons and undergoes fission itself, increasing the overall explosive yield. Additionally, in most designs the radiation case is also constructed of a fissile material that undergoes fission driven by fast thermonuclear neutrons. Such bombs are classified as two stage weapons, and most current Teller–Ulam designs are such fission-fusion-fission weapons. Fast fission of the tamper and radiation case is the main contribution to the total yield and is the dominant process that produces radioactive fission product fallout.

    The first full-scale thermonuclear test was carried out by the United States in 1952; the concept has since been employed by most of the world’s nuclear powers in the design of their weapons. The design of all modern thermonuclear weapons in the United States is known as the Teller–Ulam configuration for its two chief contributors, Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam, who developed it in 1951 for the United States, with certain concepts developed with the contribution of physicist John von Neumann. Similar devices were developed by the Soviet Union, United Kingdom, France, and China.

    As thermonuclear weapons represent the most efficient design for weapon energy yield in weapons with yields above 50 kilotons of TNT (210 TJ), virtually all the nuclear weapons of this size deployed by the five nuclear-weapon states under the Non-Proliferation Treaty today are thermonuclear weapons using the Teller–Ulam design.

    There is no limit to how many stages of this you can nest. The limit that matters is that at 50 Megatons, most of the energy starts going into space as the atmosphere locally gets blown off…

    They have a nice diagram of it with the labels filled in for the Wiki:

    Personally I like the Russian trigger design myself, but compressing plutonium will do it too.

    Polonium 210 wrapped in Beryllium.

    Polonium-210 emits Alfa source, which in conjunction with Beryllium metal, produces neutron source that serves as the trigger for fission chain reaction for a nuclear bomb explosion.
    By irradiating Bismuth metal, Iranians have succeeded in transmuting it into Polonium-210. Tehran has lied to the IAEA that it has not produced Polonium-210 in the past 12 years, since 1993. It has also failed to offer convincing explanation as to why it had produced Polonium-210 in the early 1990s.

    It stays inactive until compression breaks the alfa barrier between the two, then you get a flood of neutrons and your fission chain is ignited…

  16. philjourdan says:

    Point of order Sir!

    Nikki is Trinidadian. Not Jamaican Man!

    But yean I love the strange bedfellows that Grandpa Gropes is making!

  17. E.M.Smith says:


    Shows you how much I know about Rappers et. al… I just heard the accent and remembered hearing it on my Jamaica vacation 40 years ago… and leapt off a cliff of conclusion…

  18. philjourdan says:

    @EMS – I know less than you about rappers. But I had read the story just before reading your post. I could not tell the difference between the 2 if I had to.

  19. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like the “Pushback” is starting to bite:

    Southwest Airlines cancels 1,000 flights and blames it on air traffic control issues and the weather: Passengers are left stranded for a second day in a row after pilots’ union sued over vaccine mandate
    Southwest Airlines cancelled more than 1,000 flights Sunday, and 808 Saturday
    The Dallas-based airline blamed traffic control and weather for the nixed flights
    It is demanding its employees be fully vaccinated by December 8, but a union representing nearly 10,000 pilots is trying to block the order in court
    Some passengers say they believe a pilot strike wreaked havoc with travel plans
    The airline’s pilots union denied its members were participating in any kind of industrial action

    Yeah, sure. Just the weather. Uh Huh… and it just accidentally happened as the lawsuit hit the courts…

    But social media users have cited a Friday court filing by the airline’s pilots union, the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, as evidence of a different cause.

    That filing sought to block pilots from having to have a COVID-19 vaccine, with Southwest setting a December 8 vaccination deadline.

    It is federally-required to vaccinate its employees as a holder of US government contracts.

    Travel industry analyst Henry Harteveltd cited the ongoing vaccine wrangle as a possible reason for the chaos.

    Dear Southwest:

    You can have a few government contracts and lose a whole lot of pilots and passengers, or you can do the right thing and recognize individual medical rights, privacy and sovereignty over their body while telling the Government their insidious over-reach is criminal and not going to work.

  20. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like the Air Traffic issue might have been a work stoppage too:


    FLORIDA NIGHTMARE — Federal Air Traffic Controllers conduct ‘mass sickout’ to protest Vaccine mandate…
    Posted by Kane on October 10, 2021 4:16 am

    See new Tweets
    HeadlineHunter! 🚨 Alerts
    BREAKING: Air Traffic Controllers In Jacksonville, FL Staged A Walkout Yesterday In Response To The Vaccine Mandate

    It’s Being Reported That All Flights In & Out Of FL Were Cancelled As A Result

    Mainstream Media Chose Not To Report On This As Of Yet

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