Global Communist Push Is The Root Cause

While the first part of this Epoch Times video is interesting (it covers 2 court cases where one finds a school CAN mandate the jab and another finds they can NOT.) it is the second part where a lady from Colombia is interviewed that I find most interesting.

You see, she points out that the Same Playbook is being run by the Global Communist movement against her country. To me, this points at the Root Cause. We know the players. Same ones are in Colombia (Antifa, BLM, etc.) and doing the same things. She then traces back to some of the origin points of their efforts and points at coordination footprints in the sand…

While I think it is worth watching both segments, you can skip forward to the 11 minute mark to just pick up the Latin American Insurgency segment:

This is, IMHO, an attempt by a Globalist Marxist Movement to destroy ALL independent nations and republics. Not a surprise, really, since their doctrines include the assertion that first you must destroy what “is” to replace it with the Utopian Communism, and they believe in the destruction of nations as “true communism” is global not national.

I think this also explains the big push to have an Open Border on the US south and import a load of folks from Latin America. It is to have an open access for a hoard of Communist Infiltration not just “refugees”. It is literally opening the door for the Communist Insurgents.

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11 Responses to Global Communist Push Is The Root Cause

  1. Sandy McClintock says:

    My father was a Major in WW2 in Germany and saw things happening that are not talked about. One story he told me was right at the end of WW2, when he spotted a large group of captive German soldiers being marched down a road by Russian soldiers. My father asked where were they going and was told don’t ask. Later, he discovered these prisoners had all been executed by the Russians.
    As a youngster, I was incredulous when he warned of the inevitable march of Communism around the world. I visited Russia in 1970, and knew the ordinary people were just like us, so it seemed unlikely that the senior Party folk was not the same.
    Now I know better – my father was right – look out.

  2. John Hultquist says:

    Utopian Communism and Utopian Islam and the rest of us.
    I see things getting worse, and maybe never better.

  3. jim2 says:

    But is the word “missile” gender neutral?

    China launched a new hypersonic nuclear-capable missile that circled the entire globe at low-orbit in August, the Financial Times reported.

    US Intelligence and US Military officials were left stunned.

  4. The True Nolan says:

    @E.M. I think you are absolutely correct that is is a push for world communism.

    There is no facet of our lives which is not touched to some degree by production and distribution of goods. Because communism controls (at least in theory) ALL productive enterprises and distributions, it is the ultimate in centralized control of human life. The Greedy Evil Bastards want power, and Communism offers them the biggest glittering prize of all, the power to control anything a human does — even life and death. The ignorant yahoo masses hear “to each according to his needs” and all that means to them is that a loving communist government will give them free stuff regardless of how much they produce. Paradise!

    There is a reason why Communism offers free food, free housing, free education. It is the same reason why mouse traps have cheese.

  5. YMMV says:

    Communism by some other name, maybe.
    Communist and other similar parties still exist, but hardly anybody votes for them.

    Similarly, I don’t hear people quoting Marx or Lenin anymore. The ideas are still there, but those espousing them don’t know where they came from. Maybe all utopian ideas are the same. Maybe Communism has been reinvented from scratch. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that the cattle can believe it is a good thing while being led to slaughter. And that those in control, those in power, know how to stay in power. And rich.

  6. Steve C says:

    Is it a “communist” or a “fascist” push? (Not that there’s much to choose between them in practice.) I’m starting from the comment made by Mussolini (a man who was in a position to know!) when he said that “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”. The only difference this time around is that both “state” (UN/banks) and corporations are global, but it does sound very much like what’s aimed at us.

    When the bankers last tried to force a New World Order 90 years ago, one brave man, FDR, stopped it by putting his country first. I can’t see a single global politician capable of that (or, more importantly, even inclined to think about doing it) today. They’re all complicit, traitorous trash.

    A fine, long read on the topic (about 1 month old):

  7. cdquarles says:

    I’d disagree with you about FDR stopping a banker NWO. In my opinion, he cemented a government dominated banking system via stopping gold coin and paper note circulation, national deposit insurance, national credit union rules, federal mortgage stuff (Freddie MAC and Fannie MAE). Federalized student loan for college/university study came later.

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    @Steve C:

    In Communist Doctrine, Socialism is seen as a stepping stone to the final “Global Communism Utopia”. National Socialism is seen as a minor abomination as it is not “Global”, but was pushed in many countries anyway on the theory that once in place, you could merge in other countries (which they then proceeded to try doing by force in W.W.II and we know how that worked out… More recently they’ve been doing it via political manipulation and deception – vis the EU and Britain’s Escape…)

    Mussolini pushed the Corporate Integration angle (~”Who cares who owns the business as long as they do what Government Tells them to do?”) As did Nazi Germany (though not as fancy a process. In Fascist Italy there were formal Workers Representatives and Government Representatives sitting on the Boards of corporations and calling the shots). This was christened “3rd Way Socialism” or in more recent years “Market Socialism”. It is still the Fascist model even with the new name.

    Note that Hillary & Bill Clinton have stated they are “3rd Way Market” advocates…

    FWIW, internationally, “Market Socialism” has had a big resurgence in the last 50 years. The USA was what is called “A Mixed Economy” with a LOT of Government Regulation in a basically free market. About 25-ish years ago, that turned into a “3rd Way Market Socialism Lite” via enhanced regulatory powers mixed with “Regulatory Capture” by the industries and a load of incestuous board memberships. About 20-ish years ago, the Quango turned into an NGO Flood for the GEBs to exert control via tax free organizational battering rams using lawfare and such. Much of this change was started by the “Progressives” of Wilson and FD… it just took a while to ‘grow up”.. Note that “Progressive” is American code for “socialist lite” and the “progressives” of that era lauded Mussolini right up until war started. Hillary has said she “is a progressive not a liberal”…

    (This is also why “liberal” has two meanings. In America the “Progressives” were held in contempt for causing the Great Depression & W.W.II so they changed their name to “Liberal” and tarnished up what in Britain & the Colonies primarily meant Libertarian / Conservative. Thus the difference in meaning between the USA & UK / Australia / N.Z. etc. Now having made “Liberal” a “dirty word” here, they were trying to rename back to Progressive thinking everyone forgot, but some of us started reminding…)

    Note that after Nixon, China changed from a Communist style to a Market Socialism (“corporatism”, Fascism, 3rd Way, pick your mutating label). Under Xi it is now being turned back into a Communism orientation (his take-down of the “Oligarchs” and “Billionaires” and removal of private ownership underway).

    So overall, the push is back toward Communism (China moving toward it from 3rd Way, USA moving hard into Socialism & 3rd Way with momentum that way, EU pulling hard to destroy individual National Rights and get everyone into a single Market Socialism, etc.) just with different places moving at different rates and from different starting points.

    FWIW, it is true that Fascism / Corporatism / 3rd Way / Market Socialism (again, pick your term for all the same things pretty much with only trivial details at variance) is in fact a very efficient way to run an economy and is highly productive… for a few decades. Then it ends up with too much centralized power, corruption, and moves into Tyranny. Which is when it blows up, typically into a war or economic collapse (which often then leads to war…).

    What’s different this time is that there’s a GLOBAL push on to try and “Get it done” leaving no bastion of Traditional Liberty & Freedom from which to recover; and the methods are more psychological / social manipulative than military force.


    You are correct. FDR was a globalist Progressive. He did his best to destroy the things that made America a pure Free Market Economy. Instituted a LOT of Federal programs and structures, and especially screwed around with the banking and finance businesses. (The Gold Confiscation alone, being entirely un-constitutional, was a major blow to freedom of finances). In large part he was trying to build on and extend what Wilson had done to “advance Progressivism”:

    In 1910, Aldrich and executives representing the banks of J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller, and Kuhn, Loeb & Co., secluded themselves for ten days at Jekyll Island, Georgia. The executives included Frank A. Vanderlip, president of the National City Bank of New York, associated with the Rockefellers; Henry Davison, senior partner of J.P. Morgan Company; Charles D. Norton, president of the First National Bank of New York; and Col. Edward M. House, who would later become President Woodrow Wilson’s closest adviser and founder of the Council on Foreign Relations. There, Paul Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb, & Co. directed the proceedings and wrote the primary features of what would be called the Aldrich Plan. Warburg would later write that “The matter of a uniform discount rate (interest rate) was discussed and settled at Jekyll Island.”

    That was the start of the rot of our economic system. “Progressives” have been advancing us down that path ever since, whatever name they give themselves today. That was when banking mutated from a Free Market Basis, to a Government QUANGO controlled “3rd Way” …

    Note that our Constitution does not provide for Governance by a “Quasi-Non-Government-Organization”…

  9. Steve C says:

    @CDQ – Surely a government dominated banking system is preferable to a banking dominated government system, which was (and is) the aim of international bankers? As I understand it, whatever the merits or demerits of the decisions actually taken, his principle was that the decisions should be American decisions, rather than decisions forced on America from without – and the USD was big enough fo make it stick. A country’s government is the only body which should have control of its currency, and the citizenry should have control of the government. (FWIW, I’d agree that he was still too inclined to permit the global banking system authority, as much of what you mention shows.)

    The late Tony Benn, who was very definitely a socialist, nonetheless strongly supported democratic accountability. He had what he called “some simple questions” which we should all be able to ask of anyone who claims authority over us:
    What power have you got?
    Where did you get it from?
    In whose interests do you exercise it?
    To whom are you accountable?
    How can we get rid of you?’

    – the last being, in practice, the most important. How, indeed, can we get rid of the Schwabs and Soroses, Rockefellers and Rothschilds, the Blackrocks and Vanguards which parasitise this world and lust after total control? Their gigantic superstructure of dishonest “debt” must come down, and it is 100% they, not us, who should suffer the consequences.

  10. cdquarles says:

    In my mind, a government dominated system just lets the globalist GEBs do their thing easier. So, no, I don’t like a government dominated banking system. NB that the latest push to have every financial account in the US holding or having $600 or more pass through it strongly says “Do not go there. Tyranny to follow.” You can’t get rid of them, in my opinion, due to the inherently evil side of human nature. Since the 1930s, banks do what the government wants them to do. A side effect is that GEBs will naturally want to control both. Only He That Is can make that change happen.

  11. YMMV says:

    the Root Cause … If you want to dig deeper, I think you will find that every system of government has one thing in common. That the people who want to be top dog are not the people we would want to be top dog.

    Billl Gates was on top because he was ruthless. Stalin was on top because he was ruthless. Fidel, Mao, Pol Pot. Mafia. ISIS. Most any organization.

    The US system is great because it was set up for honest and fair people. That is also its downfall.

    Biden? Biden is a puppet. Who writes what he reads on his teleprompter?

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