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I’ve been busy dumping a lot of junk, and that’s left me looking for some light entertainment / relief. So here’s a “Grab Bag” of things I’ve run into.

We’ll start off with a serious look at the insanity around us (and not, that is not hyperbole – they really are suffering mass psychosis). Useful insight, but also a bit odd to realize all around us are a mass of mass hysterics, and it may be by design.

Then, to lighten up the mood, How About SouthWest! Innovating the future of airline non-travel. (Note that the /sarc; is strong in these folks:

Simultaneously “cringe worthy”, creepy, and instructive, while letting you get a bit of a chuckle at Billy Boy squirming. BTW, I recognize some of the referenced media techniques from my training to deal with media as a board member; here’s an interview analysis of Slimy Billy Gates being asked an uncomfortable question about Epstein. I have a natural “People Reader” that just screams “lying slime bucket” when I hear Gates talk, but in this one he went way OTT. The profiler describing the “tells” enlightened me about what I learned to pick up instinctively:

Then we’ll exit on a lighter mood with some good ‘ol gals:

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10 Responses to Grab Bag Of Videos & Such

  1. jim2 says:

    Isn’t moving just a seemingly never-ending pleasure?

  2. E.M.Smith says:


    Yup. As of now, I’d guess I’m about 1/2 done with the “pitching out”. The big bits are gone, but I still have a LOT of old boxes in the garage and storage unit to go through. (Most mass gone, but a lot of detail time ahead).

    One (in a chain of what seems like endless…) new issue showed up in that the Spouse needs a medical procedure and that’s “TBD” what with Kaiser laying off a few thousand folks. But looks like about a Jan end date for rehab after. That moved out my target date by a little.

    So “Current plan” is to be “Bi-Coastal” again. Just get a place in Florida (rental) and start putting stuff there. Have us be either there, or here, for about 1/2 year depending on what medical thing pulls us back here for “a while”; and what coast we are on when some airline issue or border controls show up.

    As a consequence of that, and the fact that getting a Trucker into California has become an exercise in high costs and long delays (vis the docks, containers, $8k/POD et. al.): It is highly likely I’m going to buy a pickup truck and big box trailer and DIY the physical move. Since now it will be selective and partial to start, along with a “couple of passes” as we go from “Mostly Cali w/ Stuff in Florida” to “Mostly Florida w/ Stuff in California” to “nothing left to move”…

    Hmmm… an updated song? “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to move”. ;-)

    In any case, it does look like I’m maybe 85% done with yards and exterior, have a roof contracted, and I’ve got a lot of the de-junking done, plus some of the “boxing up”. Had I a landing spot right now, I could easily take about 1/3 of the stuff and set up the new place. (We’re going to buy new couch, recliners, etc. so only Fridge, dressers & bed to move for the big furniture bits). Instead of stacking up boxes, put them in the trailer.

    Present “move muse” is a used Dodge Cummins Pickup and a 15 to 20 foot box trailer. Put a camper shell on the pickup and then I’ve likely got 2 runs I’d need to do with it, maybe a final “clean up run” for any leftovers from a sale. After the move, sell the box and buy a travel trailer instead of a Class A.


    Were you the one who did the research on “What Years are best in Dodge Cummins”? If so, please remind. I may not get the ideal choice, but I’m starting to look and want to know what’s the preferred and what was the less desirable.

    I doubt it will be a major deal for me, as it is quite likely I’m looking at about 25k total miles before I’m not driving it a whole lot more (about 12k to 18k of that The Move) so doubt I could wear out even an already very old “lesser light” one. Unless doing The Move and maybe a run up the East Coast in a Fall Tour, odds are I’m driving the Subaru everywhere else…

    Oh, and at the risk of starting a Religious War: I like the Dodge Cummins more (having never owned one), but there’s a lot of FORD Diesels for sale (but the PowerStroke seems clattery to me and my old Ford F350 4×4 was a very rough and bouncy ride… have they fixed that?), and I like Chevy the very least (just the way they build things is designed cheap and to fail from what I’ve seen working on them). So is the Dodge that much better? Is the Ford now smooth on the freeway and not a Kidney Shaker needing earplugs? (My old one had been modified to support a 5th wheel with extra heavy duty suspension and the cab would start bouncing up and down over road bumps). It would take a lot to convince me a Chevy Diesel was any good after what they did with the “Dieselized Gas Engine” on Olds & Cadilac in the ’80s and my experience getting an old Suburban to run again… but if someone wants to take a shot at it…

    @Questions About Why DIY:

    Well, we were going to have the spouse fly out and pick a place. Then the medical schedule thing came up. Then we were going to use PODS, and found they were $8,000 each to Florida and I’d need at least 2, maybe 3, and scratch that. Then we were going to have me fly to Florida and “pick a place”… and SouthWest cancelled 2000 or so flights as we were about to book… Then…

    So you reach a point where being dependent on other agencies or facilities becomes dodgy and it’s time to just eliminate some variables. I can just buy the truck and trailer and have a definitive solution that is flexible over time. I can park the trailer in the driveway (unlike a Class A where I can’t park it on the street either) and start loading boxes and stuff into it NOW even if it doesn’t hit the road for another month. Essentially, put $25k into truck and “box on wheels” instead of into PODs, and have the ability to get a lot of that money back later if desired, along with schedule freedom. I can also drive it out and park it while I look for a place if airlines continue dodgy.

    There’s still a chance we will do the whole “Fly & have movers do it” thing if costs and schedules and political crap allow. It isn’t a set process yet. More of a “Fall back to here if needed” that’s become more probable than anything else right now.

  3. rhoda klapp says:

    Just four years ago I moved house from Texas to Oxfordshire in a full twenty ft container, door to door with packing and unpacking by the moving crews. It cost $6-7K with insurance. Those were the days.

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    Continuing the “comic relief” from aches and pains theme:

    Then, had you told me this cold be done, I’d have said you were crazy.

    Then, a bent rendition of “Three Little Pigs:

    Yes, I’m having that kind of day…

    OMG, The Devil Went Down to Jamaica… a reefer madness meets muppets kind of thing…

  5. The True Nolan says:

    Three little pigs? Metal version by Green Jelly, the group formerly know as Green Jell-O until their notoriety demanded a copyright action.

  6. E.M.Smith says:


    You must show me your Vaccine Passport! OR ELSE!!!



    Then maybe you have NO Choice and will have NO life, like we have, and no JOB like we have, and NO you can not have a ride…


    I think you have 2 too many…

  7. p.g.sharrow says:

    Our leadership tells us to stand down while the communists are working at destroying our country. They say that it is being handled behind the scenes. If they don’t make a showing soon Real Americans will be out of options and patience. The growing resistance will turn into something much worse. The coming spring will bring an end to this madness or else,

  8. u.k.(us) says:

    Here’s a classic:

  9. H.R. says:

    And now for something completely different…

  10. Pouncer says:

    Why isn’t “Global Crossing” in the news:

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