Friends Of Australia Friday: 12 November 2021

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

The Tucker

Tonight we once again had the Australian Loin Chops. These are becoming a favorite. Like several little T-Bone steaks ;-) But tonight I pan fried them. About 7 or 8 minutes to a side (they are thick…) on medium heat.

I used my Coleman Unleaded Gas stove (on white gas as fuel- Crown brand) as I’m interested in using up some of my stored “emergency” fuels so I don’t need to move them. Traveling with several gallons of flammable liquids can be a pain… I’m using the Single Burner one right now. The 2 burner is still on the shelf. I only need one burner for me; 2 or 3 is good for a group meal. Right now it is only me as the Spouse is off playing.

The vegetable was Parsnips, just peeled, simmered about 20 minutes, and then buttered. Parsnips, for anyone who has not had them, are just a wonderful vegetable. Looking like giant white / cream colored carrots, you just peel them ( I scrape with the back of a carving knife as that’s faster and you lose less good bits) and chop into pieces the size you like. Cook with the lid off, as parsnips have a “piney” flavor substance in them that evaporates and leaves with the steam, but not if cooked in a tightly closed pan. Slather with butter and enjoy!

The Wine

At Smart & Final I found a Yellow Tail blend of Shiraz & Cabernet. It is just delicious, as all such blends seem to be. A 2019, so you would expect it to be a bit young, yet it was smooth and drinkable. I suspect it would stand up to some bottle age, but why bother? IIRC it was about $5 for the bottle.

Each Yellow Tail bottle has a kangaroo image on the label, and above that, a colored band with the variety on it. A different color for each variety. This one is purple, and I’ll certainly be looking for the purple band again ;-)

The News

The USA Federal Court (Circuit 5) issued a stay of the Biden “vaccine mandate” order. The Daily Wire have lodged a suit in Circuit 6. They are a good source of “banned” news.

Official Australian news sites seem preoccupied with “Tabloid” issues of the day. Is there an Australian equivalent of The Daily Wire?

For example, fussing over a too skimpy bikini and questions of the natural quality of a butt:

Gold Coast influencer Tammy Hembrow is no stranger to flaunting her toned physique, but it’s her latest bikini snap that’s left fans stunned.

Shireen Khalil @Shireenkal 2 min read November 12, 2021 – 5:45PM

(I note in passing that anyone who looks at the photos will take longer than 2 minutes with “reading” the article…)

Tammy Hembrow is no stranger to flaunting her “gym-made” booty.

The Gold Coast influencer often shares plenty of skimpy bikini snaps and activewear selfies to show off her toned physique.

However, it’s her most recent post that’s left many of her 13.4 million Instagram followers with their jaws wide open.

The 27-year-old stripped down to a colourful bikini with a top that offered plenty of underboob and matching G-string bottoms that showed off her insta-famous booty.

There’s an interesting set of before / after photos showing her transformation from “That’s nice” to What The? Supposedly just from proper diet and working out a lot.

Earlier this year, Tammy wrote on an Instagram post she had transformed her figure by eating “in abundance” and lifting weights, sharing before and after shots of her body.

“In these photos, on the left I was working out a little, I was restricting my calories HUGELY, lots of cardio, I wasn’t being healthy, I didn’t really know what I was doing,” Tammy said of the first photo, which showed her at the beach in a bikini.

Though there was this bit about the UK. I had no idea the UK had “Let ‘er rip” and thought they were still on the “Vax, Mask & Hide” recipe:

A country whose “let it rip” Covid-19 plan was slammed as “dangerous” and “unethical” could be on the cusp of having the last laugh.

Benedict Brook @BenedictBrook 5 min read November 12, 2021 – 7:07PM

It’s the nation that was derided for its risky “let it rip” attitude to Covid-19, removing almost every restriction on a single day and hoping for the best.

In the past few months, as cases sky rocketed, it seemed to be proof that was a flawed plan. There were fears a new “Delta plus” strain had taken hold and murmurs a Covid “plan B” should come into force, effectively a semi-lockdown.

But the United Kingdom could be on the cusp of having the last laugh, with Covid cases dramatically falling for weeks just as new infections in other parts of Europe – where restrictions were tighter – head north.

A huge spike in cases in Germany means, for the first time in a long time, the UK is not the most Covid-prone nation in Europe.

An epidemiologist has said that the UK could have found a “unique” method of dealing with Covid based not around restrictions but immunity.

Ya think? Sheesh, we’ve only been shouting about that for a year or so… Florida, South Dakota, Sweden, etc.

No need to “mask & jab” the children, either. Just have them go to school, do “the usual” Daily Germ Exchange, deal with a week of sniffles and such, and Be Done With It. Just like pretty much ever other common “childhood disease”. Kids are at nearly zero risk from this disease (inoculations with genetic therapies that bypass the innate immune system and cause toxic spike protein production in their bodies, not so much…)

If the parents are “at risk” give them a dose of Ivermectin for those 2 weeks (exposure / recovery) as in the FLCCC prevention protocol. A protocol shown to work Just Fine. I’m approaching year 2 of using Ivermectin as prophylactic and just “going about my life” in a “hotspot” for Chinese Wuhan Covid with ZERO issues. That includes no less than 2 “coast to coast” driving trips where I dumped the mask as soon as I left California. Interacting with a hundred thousand or so of my “closest strangers”.

In small businesses, even here, I’ll have the mask on as I enter (mandated…) but when I see the owner looking for their mask, I’ll ask “OK if I ditch this thing?”. Universally I’ll get a “Sure!” as they stop looking for theirs. Especially at auto repair shops. Those guys seem to be 100% “screw it” ;-) So it isn’t just “On The Road” where I’ve undoubtedly been exposed. It is in dozens of interactions a month over the year+ with all sorts of folks.

At this point, any insistence on “Mask, Jab, and Hide” is either stupidity or malice. It is NOT “the science” as Japan, India, and a few dozen other nations have become existence proof of Ivermectin effectiveness (not to mention the original expected “disaster” in Africa that never happened. Due, IMHO, to the widespread use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine as prophylactic drugs for other diseases).

Japan sees huge drop in cases after it switches to Ivermectin
The head of the Tokyo Medical Association appeared on national television in September urging doctors to use Ivermectin and they listened. A little over a month later, Covid-19 is under control in Japan.

Published: November 3, 2021, 4:21 pm

Dr. Haruo Ozaki, chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association had held an emergency press conference on August 13, announcing some 18000 new infections daily. However, the death count has eased as compared to previous surges. In an interview with the The Yomiuri Shimbun on August 5, Ozaki spoke in detail about his opinion that Ivermectin should be used in Japan and said that his early calls for usage had seemingly not been heeded.

Japan had slavishly adhered to all the Big Pharma prescriptions, including quarantine, contact tracing, masking, social distance, but finally the pandemic had hit them hard after they started aggressive vaccination in May 2021. The results looked good initially, but in mid July they started rising again and on August 6 cases hit a new all time high and continued to rise.

Ivermectin was allowed as a treatment on August 13 and after 2 weeks the cases started to come down. In fact, they are now down 99 percent from the peak.

Since April 28, India medical officials started providing hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin to its massive population. As India is the major pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world, they are naturally geared for mass drug distribution.

Much like the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, parts of Bangladesh, and places like Argentina and Mexico, Ozaki had called for the immediate release of Ivermectin in Japan.

My latest check of Worldometer shows Japan with 3 daily deaths as of November 9, 2021. Down from 89 on September 9, 2021. Think about it.

At this point, I’d use “Vaccine Mandate” and “No Ivermectin / No HCQ approval” as strong indicators of “Corrupted and owned by Chinese Money & Big Pharma”. Occam’s Razor and all that…

The good news is that at COP (a feel? a plee? a fortune?) 26 everyone seems to have agreed that someone else ought to pay:

Negotiations received a shot in the arm Wednesday when the United States and China — the two largest emitters — unveiled a joint climate action plan.

But trust levels between rich polluters and developing nations are low after developed countries failed to stump up the $100 billion a year they promised by 2020.

Hard to realize we’ve been dealing with this crap for over 1/4 Century and STILL no “Climate Catastrophe!!!”, just a lack of Graft Booty in the pockets of the Climate Grifters…

And: OF COURSE the Biden Regime agreed with their Chinese Paymasters as to what the “action plan” ought to be. It’s simple, the USA destroys our economy and we become dependent on China for everything. Plus we send them money, no doubt, by the bucket full… (As Biden Inc get’s their vigorish).

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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23 Responses to Friends Of Australia Friday: 12 November 2021

  1. rhoda klapp says:

    We have not exactly let her rip in the UK. No mask mandates, no social distancing or other measures in England. Scotland and Wales are less free. The NHS has a vax mandate for care workers and for all staff come April (don’t ask me for the logic there). Positive tests and deaths are effectively flat, at 30-40,000 a day and 175 dead. Interestingly there is an offical site which breaks down deaths by cause, with the excess over average for each cause, age group, social group, and locality. My reading of it is that excess deaths are up some 8-10%, but heart/circulation deaths are up 12-15% balanced to some extent by a reduction in deaths from diseases of age for obvious reasons. Whether the heart numbers are vaccine-related I can’t tell, that data is not shown.

    Here’s the link.

  2. another ian says:

    Eating is in there somewhere

    “Queensland – now Empress Anaesthesia has decreed that volunteer fire crews have to be vaccinated –

    “So to volunteer to help with emergencies you need to volunteer to take part in an experiment?”


    “Well that explains everything: Bankers bullied Australia into Net Zero”

  3. As Rhoda says things are relatively normal in England, less so in Scotland and Wales.

    It has taken the govt a long time to realise that masks may be part of the problemnot the solution but they have held back from the covid passport increasingly used in the continent.

    I think all govts have been reluctant to admit that whilst the jab does help to reduce illness it dosn’t stop you catching the virus nor passing it on. Which makes a covid passport rather pointless.

    There are new lockdowns in Holland and Austria with the lockdown in the latter ONLY applying to the unvaccinated at present but that may change

    It is a treadmill as waning protection means you have to have a third jab then presumably a fourth then a fifth….

    A vaccine mark 2 is urgently needed.


  4. YMMV says:

    “A vaccine mark 2 is urgently needed.”

    A vaccine that really worked would have been nice, and maybe some of the not yet approved vaccines will work. But what is really needed now is a big U-turn in public policy. Admit that having had Covid gives immunity. Admit that there are other things (other than vaccines and masks) that you can and should do to protect yourself (and others and get this whole thing over with). Vitamin D for example. Admit that IVM and other drugs are not just for horses and either admit that they work or do the serious study that they say they need. Admit that fear and force are counterproductive.

    FDA: “you are not a horse”
    me: “the FDA is an ass”

    At the beginning, it was “we are all in this together”.
    Now it is “all the fault of those who refuse to be jabbed”

  5. beththeserf says:

    The unvaccinated must be punished (for our sins,)
    Rene Girard’s Scapegoating Theory in action.

  6. philjourdan says:

    Masks? Cloth masks are useless! Yet that is what they are pushing. The SCIENCE says they are useless. SO it is it not about science, but control. If they can make you wear a mask that does nothing, they can make you screw yourself. Let’s go Brandon.

    Covid has nothing to do with science. And 100% to do with control. Let’s go Brandon.

  7. John Hultquist says:

    ” Masks? Cloth masks are useless! ”
    Here in the great Left Coast State of Washington businesses and offices are required to post signs saying masks are required. In the rural area where I live many folks will put a mask on as an act of courtesy to management and maybe to others that have compromised medical situations. There are many that don’t put them on; and this percentage is growing. Also, if you visit a farm & ranch store most everyone is mask-less. If a customer wears a mask, then the clerks assume that person would like the clerk to be wearing one. The rest of us (clients and clerks) just move an extra step or two away, and transactions continue.

    I have several of the cloth (handmade) ones. Some are on the seat of my truck, in pockets of coats and shirts, stuffed elsewhere. When new — April of 2020 — they were clean. I’ve thought of sending several to the CDC for analysis, and some to the Smithsonian for a future display. Mine are not particularly interesting, but I have seen many interesting, colorful, cute, and messaging ones.

  8. H.R. says:

    My mask, for the post office and whatnot, was attacked with a single hole punch; the type they use to punch tickets. It looks like I shot it with a machine gun. No one, not even a Karen, says a word about it. Just about everyone knows in their hearts that masks don’t work.

    But except for the post office, I’ve just been skipping it altogether. Even restaurants, which are required to have you masked until seated, just don’t care any more.

    I’ve mentioned I’m in the outer, outer ‘burbs of a Blue city. The city reinstituted a mask requirement about a month ago, I suppose. I don’t pay attention to those things.

    My first visit after the renewed edict, the store I went into wanted masks. So I put on my machine-gunned mask.

    The next visit to the same store, about two weeks later, only half the people were wearing masks and the gatekeepers were just ignoring the rule. I visited last week, just before my retail boycott, and it was up to about 2/3s non-compliance.

    I think businesses, even in my Blue city, have had enough of being the mask police.

    Oh, ho, ho! The county instituted a “maximum number of shoppers” policy in all stores based on square footage. The number allowed is posted at the entrance. My local Home Depot and Walmart had people-counters at the entrances and exits counting the number entering and leaving.

    Then they did the math. The parking lot of my local Home Depot can’t hold enough cars, assuming 2 or 3 to a car, to ever reach their maximum. Their maximum number by the door is 17-hundred and something. They have about 200 or 300 max parking spaces. They calculated their square footage and realized that even on their Grand Opening day, they never reached the maximum number of people in the store. Same for Walmart. So they ditched the wasted labor of having the people-counters at the doors.

    Most other businesses reached the same conclusion. I suppose there are cases where some very small store or other reaches and exceeds its maximum, but nobody who made the rule actually cares. I think the rule is still in effect, but nobody is checking up on the stores. That tells you it was all about arbitrary rules to elicit compliance in the first place.

    What I don’t get are the people who are still wearing masks outdoors in the parking lots in my county, which has changed to “masks are your choice.” I see people out on walks all alone on sunny days wearing masks.

    To me, those masks on those people just say, “Idiot warning! Do not engage!”

  9. beththeserf says:

    H.R. ‘Oh, ho. ho. ‘ It’s just a jump to the left. ‘ …Madness takes it’s toll..

  10. beththeserf says:

    :An old one but a good one! That jump ter the left.(;

  11. It is said that wearing a mask against the 5000 micron large covid virus is like trying to stop mosquitos entering a field using barbed wire.

    Surgical masks worn under hygienic conditions in the manner of surgeons then disposed of if compromised are useful. However I have never seen any member of the public doing this. Instead they wear grubby unwashed masks often pulled below their nose with which they fidde frequently often after scratching parts of themselves.. Useless!

    however they believe it confers some measure of immunity so stop taking other commnosense precautions such as keeping your distance


  12. another ian says:

    “Our country’s in the very best of hands” as the song from ‘Lil Abner had it

    “”The promised land of a vaccinated public isn’t quite turning out what we were expected to believe:

    This is not how it was supposed to go.

    Deaths hitting new highs in Singapore (85% of the population fully vaccinated – NOT adults, the entire population).

    Virus gonna virus.

    And it looks more and more like the harder we try to keep it from virusing, the worse the rebound.

    But don’t worry, the boosters will fix everything!”


    And then

    “Australian Technocrat: Comply Or We Will Destroy Your Life!”

    But look at the graph there

    And, from somewhere, and goes with that

    “What do you call the person that came last in their medical group”?


    Makes me punt on what the local news headlines might be early next year

  13. Beth Cooper says:

    Nullius in verb acka check it out.. beth theserf.

  14. p.g.sharrow says:

    H.R. says; “To me, those masks on those people just say, “Idiot warning! Do not engage!”
    LOl… exactly! Virtue signaling “I want to be seen as a slave.” Sometimes if I see an acquaintance wearing one I chide them for still wearing a face diaper and grin. you should hear the lame excuses they come up with. I know that they are just doing it for show because they know it confers no protection from a virus to anyone.
    I like the “Bullet holed mask” and have considered a face mask that leaves the mouth uncovered just as a mask protest. As I very rarely go to town I just ignore their requirements.

  15. cdquarles says:

    Um, the virus is about 50 micron in diameter; but the point is made. And, if the report that the minimum infectious dose is 300 virions is true, then *no* mask makes a difference, particularly where the circulating numbers are in the millions or more. Surgical masks were made to keep the surgeon’s spit out of the patient and the patient’s blood out of the surgeon. Whether that really makes much difference in infection control isn’t well known (and some studies suggest that post-op infections were not reduced by the surgeon’s mask).

  16. H.R. says:

    @cd – The old saw, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant,” works for germs and politicians alike, eh?

  17. cdquarles says:

    Oops, my bad. The virus diameter is about 50 nanometers, not microns; or a bit wider than a human cell’s lipid membrane. 1 millimeter is 1000 microns is 1,000,000 nanometers. A millimeter is one thousandth of a meter. Yeah, very small. A human hair’s width, which is about the human eye’s resolution limit, is about 100 micron or 0.1 mm.

    Yes, indeed :). There is a reason why there are UV lights in surgical suites, along with cold air and HEPA filters.

  18. Pinroot says:

    In my area, nobody seems to be wearing masks, even though there may be a state-wide (or at least city-wide mandate; I don’t keep up with things enough to know for sure). I still see people out walking by themselves, or driving alone, wearing masks. I’m not sure who they think they’re protecting. I keep one in the car, and when going into certain stores (like Wally world) I’ll carry it in my pocket, just in case.

    At one time they were basing occupancy on store square footage, but once the allowed occupancy got higher than normal store occupancy (like HR mentioned above), most stores just quit counting.

    I have a couple of friends who still wear masks (one is vaxxed, one isn’t) when they enter our local watering hole, but once seated, remove the mask. I don’t get it, but that’s their business, not mine.

    I finally got a company email regarding vaxxes. Our company apparently has govt contracts, so because of that, they are going to require vaxx proof (or weekly testing) by Jan 4th. (I don’t know if the recent court stay on the OSHA mandate makes any difference in all of this). They sent out a short five question survey which I answered. What’s your work location, what’s your job, what’s your current vaxx status, do you plan to change that status, and how do you feel about weekly testing. I answered them all honestly (no vaxx, no plans to change status, don’t want weekly testing), but it doesn’t really matter since my last day will be Dec 31 due to plant closing. So I’m getting out just in the nick of time. After that, I have no plans to get back in the job market for a while, and then only if I can find something part-time with a company of under 100, or just occasional side-jobs.

  19. H.R. says:

    So long as we’re talking about ignoring arbitrary rules by government parasite Hitler-wannabees under the guise of “it’s for the greater good”, does anyone remember those arrows on the floors indicating which way you were supposed to go down an aisle in that store?

    You’d run into the occasional Karen on your wrong-way journey down the aisles, but that one was so stupid, even the Karens quickly gave up on that one.

    Sometimes, there are rules so obviously stupid that everyone, Karens included, ignores them.

    Ah…. aisle arrows. Those were the Bureaucratic Glory Days, my friends.

    P.S. I haven’t run across a Karen or Ken in many a moon. Unless they are all together in a gaggle, where no one needs admonishing anyhow, I believe they’ve come to realize that they are pariahs.

    Chalk up a victory for the “Everyone just mind your own business” crowd.

  20. philjourdan says:

    @Beth the Serf

    Nullus in Verba dicta!

  21. philjourdan says:

    @PG and HR – and tripled! When I see an idiot driving with a mask, I give them a very WIDE berth!

  22. philjourdan says:

    We are about to become Mask Free! The freedom fighters won! Death to the oppressors! Alas we have another 45 days go go.

  23. YMMV says:

    “Covid jab compensation claims soar in Australia”

    Under its no-fault indemnity scheme, eligible claimants can apply for compensation amounts between AU$5,000 (US$3,646) to AU$20,000 (US$14,585) to cover medical costs and lost wages as a result of being hospitalized after getting the shot. The scheme’s online portal is scheduled to be launched next month.

    The article’s take on this is that the govt is going to be paying out big.
    My take on it: this is how you uncover more adverse reactions.
    Currently, it is hard to get a doctor to take you seriously. “it’s in your imagination”, “you are making it up”, “it’s not that bad”, “you will get over it”, “it wasn’t caused by the vaccine”, and so on,

    But offer to pay, presto, an adverse effect reporting system. Not perfect of course, but neither is the current one.

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