So, What Is A Cube Again? (Or formally Coub)

Ran into this semi-randomly. They call them “cubes” but it looks like the proper name is Coub.

Coub is a video sharing website available on both iOS and Android. It allows users to create and share looping videos up to ten seconds long, using existing video from YouTube, Vimeo, or their own files. Founded in 2012 by brothers Anton and Igor Gladkoborodov, the company is based in New York City, United States.

So OK, a 10 second clip. You can tell some interesting very short stories in 10 seconds, and sight gags work well too…

This guy collects bunches of those that are particularly good and puts them up as a EwTube Video. This one is 52 minutes with a lot of humor in it. At 6 / minute, that’s about 300 “shorts”. I tried to stop at about the 1/4 mark, but just couldn’t. Sat through the whole thing on first exposure. Enjoy:

His channel lists about 102 more of them:

With 102 of them, but his look to range from about 37 SECONDS to mostly around 10 minutes, plus a few in the 20-30 minute range. Then this one big one…

His “top photo” on the videos is heavy in pictures of women, but the content is highly variable with a collection of animals, men, kids, whatever. I think it is just a marketing gimmick on his part ;-)

The sidebar suggested videos shows another channel doing this too with about 75 of them (consistently around 20 minutes each):

It looks like the same guy has a “Best Cubes 2” channel covering from 11 months ago to the present, with the newest being 4 days ago at number 76… Mostly running about 15 to 20 minutes each.

So looks like I’m going to be addicted to these for a while… I could use a good “laughter & humor” fix in these times.

After I’m done with them, I’ll take a look at the other guys who showed up in a search 8-) Like this one:

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1 Response to So, What Is A Cube Again? (Or formally Coub)

  1. TattyMane says:

    Here’s a great YouTube tip: scroll to the end of long videos and let the clip finish. The ‘replay’ icon will then appear. Click it, and you get to watch the whole thing WITHOUT ADS!

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