Friends Of Australia Friday: 19 November 2021

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

The Tucker

Things have been a bit hecktic in the cleaning and packing department so this is a bit short and late…

Last night I made a Lamb Stew, but didn’t get to do more than taste it so far. Lamb “bone in” chunks, browned, into a pot. Added diced celery, carrots, and onions (also browned). Fill with water, start to simmer. Added about 1/2 cup each of barley and lentils (instead of the usual potatoes). An hour or so later, stew. (Salt, Pepper and seasonings to taste).

While I was waiting for it to finish, I had a big plate of Loin Lamb chops… lack of patience and all that ;-) Desert was apple pie. Home made bread and butter on the side. Wine & Meat? Dinner of champions! ;-)

The Wine

The “Logistics Issue” is biting now and there were very few choices at the local Bargain Market. I got a 2019 Merlot from Barramundi. A bit stronger flavored than I like in a Merlot (where I go for more of the very old smooth) but quite drinkable. Plenty of color too.

Could likely stand some bottle age, though.

The News

This I will need to add later, or y’all can fill in in comments. I’m scheduled to go look at a truck ;-)

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14 Responses to Friends Of Australia Friday: 19 November 2021

  1. Although I am British and live in the UK, for some reason I am on the mailing list of a Us Congresswoman. This is her latest newsletter. I can’t help feeling that Biden and his chums have pushed you into full blown social democracy like the Scandinavian countries, not surprising with Bernie Sanders holding such as prominent position.

    Your debt clock is terrifying and I don’t know where the Democrats think all this extra money will come from.

    — — —

    When I first ran for Congress, I had a dream that every child in America could have access to a great start through universal pre-kindergarten. Today, what was once a moonshot will soon be reality through the House passage of the transformative Build Back Better Act.

    The Build Back Better Act is a once-in-a-generation investment in families that will help us recover today and rebuild a stronger tomorrow. This legislation will lower costs, lower taxes, create jobs, and build an America where everyone has a fair shot at success.

    Do you support universal pre-kindergarten and protecting our planet?
    Yes No

    The Build Back Better Act will:

    Establish free, universal pre-k and cut child care costs for most families, and raise wages for our incredible early educators.
    Extend the largest tax cut for families in U.S. history — the Child Tax Credit — providing families up to $300/month per child.
    Fund the construction and rehab of over a million affordable homes across the U.S.
    Lower health care costs by expanding Medicare and ACA coverage, cutting prescription drug costs, and capping insulin at $35/month.
    Combat the climate crisis by slashing CO2 emissions, investing $550 billion in the clean energy economy, and creating a Civilian Climate Corps.
    Address climate injustice by ensuring 40% of climate investments are targeted to historically marginalized communities.
    Ensure the wealthiest pay their fair share through a surtax on individual income over $10 million and a minimum tax for the largest corporations.
    Combat inflation and grow the GDP by $3 Trillion while accelerating labor participation and adding an average of 1.5 million jobs per year.
    I am deeply proud of the Democratic Caucus and grateful to the White House for their work to get this bill over the finish line, and I am humbled by the impact it will have on every parent, child, worker, and American.

    This is what’s possible when American families are front and center in Washington, D.C.


    Congresswoman Katherine Clark

    Assistant Speaker of the House of Representatives
    *It is my job to listen to Massachusetts families. Please click to take my survey to share your views and join my email list.

  2. H.R. says:

    @tonyb – Katherine Clark would NOT want me to take her survey. I’m not a constituent of hers and won’t get a survey, so it will save her staff the trouble of tossing my response straight into the trash.

    If you got a survey, it might be worth a few grins to fill it out.

  3. beththeserf says:

    Yes Tony fill out, tell her what u think!

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    @Ed Forbes:

    Yeah, I was “on the road” for about 4 hours today listening to the radio when the verdict came out.

    I swapped back and forth between the Left Wing SF Stations (like KGO) and the Conservative minor stations (who’s call signs I’m not even sure of…). Two different worlds.

    Conservatives: At Last a little bit of rule of law and justice. Prosecution malfeasance needs investigation. Litany of what makes it a valid self defense scenario and “Nobody who saw the evidence would think otherwise”. Everybody was white so where does the race bating crap come from? This will cause the rioters to think twice about more riots as folks may be defending themselves.

    Looney Left: A mass murderer active shooter RACIST!!!! was let off because “white tears matter” more than black lives. Horrible injustice. Need to file civil suits against him. Have the DOJ bring charges. etc. etc.

    Then Biden is quoted as saying he wants the DOJ to “look into it” for Civil Rights charges.


    I never realized how much propaganda there was until the last couple of years, or how effective it is with those of weak minds.

    It looks like a mob is forming up to head to Kenosha to “burn the city down”. Time to watch the news and see if the Police actually show up now.

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    The Left is angry that economic reality exists. Little things like you can NOT get child care cheap enough to afford when it takes a care giver to replace a mommy. It’s a wash on actual labor hours and costs for facilities. Just does not pay off. So their answer is to take money from people who had to earn it by doing jobs that do have a good ROI and shove it at subsidy for things that waste labor in a futile effort to replace household mommy labor.

    What did work when I was a kid was several Moms sharing child watching duties and some “moms to be someday” teens learning the ropes by “Baby Sitting”. Forcing that into the Formal Economy just burdens it with a High Tax Rate and Social Overhead Costs, insurance etc. It does replace labor exempt from taxation with a new taxable labor pool, but that “fully burdened rate” is at least double (and in some cases triple or 4 times…) the money earned by a minimum wage mommy.

    It’s just economic stupidity.

    Yes, the showing by Bernie got the attention of the DNC who then went hard core Socialist Agenda (likely aided in that move by a flood of Chinese Money / Bribe-O under the table too, IMHO)

    We either get a clean election in 2022 AND the Republicans win massively enough to root out this crap, or the nation is on the skids to collapse long term and without recourse as all future elections will be rigged to the max.

    BTW, with something like 28 $Trillion owed in debt, and the ticker going up $4-6 Trillion a year, the only way that the Federal Government can possibly deal with that is to repudiate it. But they can’t just outright say “Not paying”. Instead they will want huge inflation so that then they can pay it off with the lunch money fund…

  6. Bulaman says:

    Huge inflation is what we have currently got, they just don’t want to remove the blinkers to see it but like hide and seek it is coming “ready or not”!

  7. another ian says:


    Being on her mailing list I guess that means you voted for her?

  8. another ian says:


    Back in the day did you ever get issued with a white card to “make the university computer system work”? I did. I presumed these were cancelled when one finished the graduate work. But maybe I am also voting in US though I haven’t gotten on any mailing lists?

  9. H.R. says:

    another ian: “Being on her mailing list I guess that means you voted for her?”


    [still chuckling] Possibly so, but tonyb isn’t dead yet, so it isn’t a certainty. 😜

  10. Perhaps America hopes to annex the UK as Biden is a bit of a meglomaniac and she is grooming me for a top job in the provisional UK Govt?

    Other than that possibility, it is a mystery to me why she should be communicating with me but I am open to a climate consultancy advisory position

  11. another ian says:


    To elaborate on that. As a foreign postgraduate student I was in a group taken down to the local Federal building to complete the paperwork for a white card. That was needed to fit in with the university record system. There was no formal cancellation when I completed that degree and came home, though I assumed it would be. So I have no idea if that SSN is still valid. And if it is and I am not actively using it “I fear I could be voting”.

  12. u.k.(us) says:

    Every time I bet a horse it wins, please make it stop.
    I need to cool out and eat a “healthy” meal.
    Liquid diets take a toll.

  13. another ian says:

    “Australian TOTALITARIAN Tourism Commercial – 14 Reasons to Visit!”

    Getting around – I got it via Canada

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