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Friends Of Australia Friday: 19 November 2021

Australia Friday – 19 November 2021 Continue reading

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So, What Is A Cube Again? (Or formally Coub)

Ran into this semi-randomly. They call them “cubes” but it looks like the proper name is Coub. Coub is a video sharing website available on both iOS and Android. It allows users to create and share looping videos up … Continue reading

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Does “Ontogeny recapitulate phylogeny” Into Adult Citrus?

If you could only have ONE Citrus Tree, would it be one that recapitulates the biological history from limes, to lemons, to oranges, to tangerines? Continue reading

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Some Prepper Inventory Size Notes

In preparation for moving, I’m “running down the inventory” on various stored food & fuels. Along the way, I’ve noticed a few things about how long stuff lasts, and some of that may be useful in the future. This will … Continue reading

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