Swamp Creature Outing Day!!

For you shall know them by their deeds…

Today is “Swamp Creature Outing Day!”

The “News” will be full of gnashing of teeth, grave pronouncements about the “Coup!” on 6 January, the “radical right” or “extreme right”, and just how “horrible” it was during the “insurrection” at the Capitol.

All such things are very useful as they identify, brightly and boldly, the Swamp Creatures Of D.C.

To the extent it is your neighbor and not a D.C. Dweller or DNC affiliated person: in those cases it identifies the “Useful Idiots” of the Communist Coup in progress.

Take notes.

An Example

NASCAR had a great opportunity to get much larger crowds. I’d even talked with my Florida Friend about the desire to go see the LBG Car driven by Brandon himself! ( I’ve never been to a NASCAR event, nor to my knowledge has he.)

But NASCAR has outed themselves as Politically Left Wing Swamp Adjacent. They have BANNED the LGBcoin sponsorship of Brandon.

So we now know where NASCAR management sit. In favor of the Election Theft by the DNC, opposed to True Americans, and firmly in love of Swamp Creatures (big and small…)

So now NASCAR will get nothing from me. Instead of tuning in to watch NASCAR events and perhaps watching a whole race from start to end for the first time ever (instead of just the ending on a news program), they have asked for my scorn. They are outed.

That’s how it works.

Another Example?

On Tucker, we had video of Ted Cruz bemoaning how horrible the capital event was and placing himself on side with fellow Swamp Creatures. He had the chance to ask “Why are folks being held in solitary confinement for a year for trespassing and a ‘mostly peaceful protest’? But he didn’t. He is on side with fellow Swamp Creatures who are calling 6 Jan an “insurrection” and “coup attempt”. It was nothing of the sort.

A Reminder

The major events of 6 Jan were an entirely peaceful walk of Trump Supporters, from 1.8 miles away from the Capitol Building, toward it. AS WE WERE ARRIVING, the radio was reporting events in progress already. That is, the “troubles” had already begun long before Trump Supporters could physically arrive.

We had just reached our car, were listening to the radio and warming up / having a snack, and the “events in the Capitol” were already at least 20 minutes old by then as they were reporting on things they had already covered as a ‘recap’. Evacuating a 2nd building and talking about folks on the Capitol Steps. Our car was along the walk path to the Capitol building and folks were still mostly on the street not yet at the Capitol. We were watching them still walking past us at that time. Not yet at the Capitol building.

Upon arrival, I was solicited 3 times to enter the Capitol building by people who were not doing it themselves and who impressed me as “undercovers” or “opposition trolls”. Some of these have been “outed” already. There was a planned and executed entrapment operation.

Video of those entering the Capitol Building shows them being almost entirely peaceful. Not doing damage nor even straying from between the visitor ropes in most cases. What damage is shown on video is what looks like a team of black clad Antifa sorts forcing open an entry. I was present in a meeting between one Antifa Sort and his “handler” / superior as they discussed how things were going on the steps and his decision to get his girl-friend out of the event as the police were arriving.

The only person killed in the event was Ashli Babbitt. Murdered by a trigger happy Michael Byrd, IMHO, for the “crime” of climbing into a broken window in a door. His gun handling violates all rules of prudent gun handling and the requirement to have cause. A group of cops inside are not threatened by one unarmed girl in a window. Such use of force was unjustified.

We were in the approved area of pavement outside of the grass area and not even near the Capitol Steps (posted photos of our closest approach last year) and so did not get a close view of any of this. But it was largely filmed by others and shown on video sites. As we saw the folks on the steps, and heard those soliciting us to enter the building, we decided instead to leave. At the time Trump was telling folks to just go home, but we had not heard it. Frankly, most of the folks “just went home” unprompted and never got anywhere near the Capitol

Attempting to drive out, we were in a huge traffic jam as most of the folks at the Trump Speech were all headed home too. The crowd at the Washington Monument was several times larger than those at the Capitol Building (and never forget there was already a different group from a different rally at the Capitol Building and on the steps. Folks who chose NOT to attend the Trump Speech 1.8 miles away…) This was well before the Capitol Police decided to show up in significant numbers. (We saw cars arriving as we were leaving). Assertions about the nature of the Trump Supporters present at the Capitol are at best distorted.

Those at the Trump Speech were dressed largely in bright colors, of all ages from children to the elderly, had a large women’s component, and were generally happy and cheerful. Those we saw beyond the barricades at the Capitol building just look a lot different. Less color, narrower age band, much higher percentage of young men; and a significant percentage of Undercover Poseurs, IMHO. I have experience in Law Enforcement and spotting undercovers.

I can assure you that ANY significant event / protest will have a significant number of undercover police / TLA Agents from any and all agencies that can claim a connection. It gets overtime pay and credits on the ol’ resume. Often there are more undercovers than actual true believers in some radical groups. The undercovers come in 3 sorts. The Rabble Rousers. Often trying to cause folks to take illegal actions and inciting to violence. The Observers. Assigned to observe the group and make notes about the attendees. The Photographers. At a prior event decades ago I observed a person filming in a particular style (flat pan video of groups, never focused on a particular action, just documenting faces). At this event there was one that stood out. I call him Groucho Padre:

A guy in a priest outfit, doing a kind of Groucho Walk fast walk around all over the place, camera at chest height doing that kind of flat pan photo capture of faces. He was about a “20 Something” so just the right age to be the New Guy Fresh From Academy that gets placed undercover after a couple of years on the job but before he “looks like a cop” or agent. I’m fairly certain he was the undercover photographer for a TLA. There were others.

No protest, even the minor one I first observed as a college kid on a campus 3000 miles away, with maybe 200 kids involved, is allowed to evolve unmanaged. At that one, we had at least the local LEOs, 2 Federal Agencies (one overt, the other undercover – we confronted him, politely, and …), the Fire Department, and perhaps another. My buddy and I were “accidentally” in an undercovers meeting circle with the local LEOs to coordinate. There were about 1/2 dozen teams of 2. So many that they didn’t realize we were not actually undercovers. One of the groups was the college dorm Resident Advisor and another campus person. By my estimate there were 10 to 20% LEOs, other police, and undercovers at that “protest”. About 20 uniforms and an equal number not in uniform for a couple of hundred kids.

Given that, what do you think happens when it is the Capitol itself and with weeks to plot and plan by a group that knows they stole the election and are already worried?

So Time To Observe

During Swamp Creature Outing Day, it is time to sit back and observe. Take notes on who is calling it a “Coup” or an “Insurrection” (and not putting it in quotes as /sarc;)

It was a stage managed False Flag at the Capitol itself, and Trump, talking overtime, threw their timing off so most folks were not even there when it was touched off. Large numbers were still walking past our car in the parking lot.

So now is the time to make notes about just who is a Swamp Creature, who is Swamp Creature Adjacent, who is a Useful Idiot. Then never forget…

THAT is the purpose of Swamp Creature Outing Day. Use it.

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About E.M.Smith

A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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20 Responses to Swamp Creature Outing Day!!

  1. p.g.sharrow says:

    I think Senator Cruze knows exactly what happened Jan.6 and is making political space for his own activities. Playing Washington politics is a game of it’s own.
    The real political game being played right now is for control of the Republican Party. The people are working from the grass roots to wrestle control from the RINOs.
    The problems caused by the Communist Coup that played out from the 2020 election will not go away! The counter Media is gaining strength in it’s reach and backing and will not go away. The sleeping Giant is waking up and the Great Revival has begun.
    ..Just like WW2, in 42, when the Germans and Japanese forces were winning the battles, they were already losing the war, 2022 looks grim, In 2021, the Communists have been winning the battles, but, are already losing their war and it is they that are desperate. The life’s blood of their operations is huge piles of MONEY to spread around.They lost that last month. The open flow of money through Government programs and Banking slush funds has been shut off.
    Communist’s can only function with other peoples money. Their field operations are dwindling from lack of funding, soon the tranches of Corporate cash “donated” to them, will run out as well.

  2. E.M.Smith says:


    I propose the Rogan-CNN ratio as a valuable metric… CNN now being under 1 million viewers in prime time and Joe Rogan being way way more popular. In fact, even Tim Pool pulls more views than CNN at times.

    By this metric, THE most prominent Coup Propaganda Outlet has gone from #1 BIGGEST “News” outlet trusted by everyone, to less important than a podcast by “some guy”…

    We all know that Tucker is beating everyone else on Legacy News, and by a lot:


    Joe Rogan has more than three times as many people per episode as his next greatest competitor “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News, according to newly released data.

    “The Joe Rogan Experience” reaches a reported average of 11 million people per podcast episode.

    Fox News reigns as the most-watched cable news network, taking ten of the top viewership 15 spots. The top cable news spot goes to Carlson with 3.21 million viewers on average, Adweek reported on Nielsen data Monday.

    So Joe Rogan is pulling about a dozen times the audience as CNN. Think about it… and he was banned by Twitter or Faceplant or someone ( I no longer think of them as separate entities so don’t tend to keep track of just which propaganda outlet Outed Themselves yet again as propaganda outlets…)

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    @Per Cruz:

    He may be playing the D.C. “go along to get along” game, but…

    We need more Rand Paul’s and fewer Mitch McConnells.

    Republicans need to be aware of, AND ACT ON, the fact that the Democratic Party ceased to exist when Bernie got a lot of votes and they moved hard left. From that moment forward they embraced the Socialist Agenda and the Socialists. They are now, at BEST, the Democratic Socialists Party… at worst, the Young Communists in Drag…

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    Tim Pool has an interesting take on things:

    The key point is that Americans FAVOR the “Insurrection” over Biden’s crap… That’s what the polls say… So think on that… So one thinks the Media Propaganda is failing to persuade most folks.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    Per Cruz:

    He called it a “Terrorist Attack”. Seems pretty far gone to me.


    Oh, and Lydia is suggesting we call 6 Jan “Freedom Day”…

  6. jim2 says:

    Seattle police staged sightings of Proud Boys in conversations on public police radio frequencies during last year’s protests over George Floyd’s murder, just after protesters had taken control of a police precinct and the police had left the “autonomous zone,” according to a scathing report released Wednesday by Seattle’s Office of Police Accountability (OPA).

    The “misinformation effort,” as the report dubbed it, “improperly added fuel to the fire” of the already tense protests, wrote OPA Director Andrew Myerberg.

    “The use of the Proud Boys when it was known that the transmissions would be monitored took a volatile situation and made it even more so,” he wrote.


  7. jim2 says:

    The Dimowits real game is to try to shut down a fair, legal, democratic vote! They are making a serious power play to cement in their control forever!

  8. gailcombs says:

    Your observations dovetail with those on the site I am now commenting on.

    You are still much appreciated and read by us. s…

  9. p.g.sharrow says:

    January 6, A new “Boxing Day” ???
    We need to stick it their faces some way, Independent Day? It starts here.

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    Sidebar Comment:

    To all the Lurking Troll Wannabees: I firmly support LBG-Q-T!

    Let’s Go Brandon! – Qanon & Trump…

    So whenever your hear that someone supports the LGBQT folks & / or movement, you know…

  11. p.g.sharrow says:

    It is no doubt to me that the Capital Hill attack was an inside job. One of it’s leaders bragged a few days before, as he was requiting people, that the occupation would be easy because it would be done with inside help. The only error that took place was Trump talked 20 minutes over scheduled and made his supporters late to the party all ready under way. Pelosie and her people set up this false flag and had everything set up for this Media Event. Things were broadcast happening before they “took place”. There were other mistakes made by her and her people, but their story is the only one being heard within the media.

  12. Jeff says:

    Maybe FALSE FLAG day? (in contrast/as opposed to June 14).
    It’s also Epiphany, which this is too, in an admittedly odd sort of way (as in lots of RINOs and other detritus being revealed, especially those on Cruz control)…

  13. H.R. says:

    Jeff: “Cruz control”

    I like it! 👍👍

    That needs to get some legs and put some miles on it.

  14. H.R. says:

    @Gail Combs – You are still much appreciated and well respected by me on any site where you visit and comment.

    I miss your regular commentary, but I know you go where you are needed most and feel you can do the most good. I do appreciate you checking in. I’ve always known you are “out there” somewhere fighting the good fight, but when you stop by, it does set my mind at ease to know you are still slugging it out.

    It gives me a “Yup. Gail is still out there kickin’ spittin’, and scratchin’, so there is still hope for civilization” type of satisfaction.

    I just wish you’d pop in and say “hey!” a little more often.

  15. Annie says:

    I’m also pleased to see Gail drop by.

  16. DoNoNorth says:

    p.g.sharrow says:
    6 January 2022 at 9:17 pm

    I remember watching a very short video in the immediate aftermath of January 6 that showed what appeared to be heavy wood “staffs” being passed from the inside of the Capitol building out through a small ground-level window to a number of people waiting outside. Things similar to these staffs can be seen in other videos being used in attempting to break Capitol windows.

  17. E.M.Smith says:

    It would be a lot of work, but interesting, to round up the various videos of the Capitol Event and assemble a time sequence montage showing in detail how it started, where the instigators worked the crowd, and all that happened prior to Trump finishing his speech…

  18. philjourdan says:

    January 6 is The Feast of the Epiphany (basically the twelfth day of Christmas). But I prefer the name “Ashli Babbit Memorial Day”.

  19. another ian says:

    Latest Kunstler sort of fits here

    “When That Ol’ Mojo Stops Workin’”

    “https://kunstler.com/cluster – etc”

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