Friends Of Australia Friday 7 January 2022

(Looks like I forgot to hit “Post” on this, so it’s late)

It’s once again an Australia Time Friday! It’s FRIDAY!!!!

Once again also being posted on California Friday due to my scheduling issues. Spouse is recovering from (elective) surgery and I’m Nurse Maid Cook etc. etc. and part time Physical Therapist Assistant. I’ve just started sleeping a full night after 2 weeks…

The Tucker

A different kind lamb chops, the round bone ones. A bit thick so fried in a cast iron skillet about 5 to 6 minutes to the side.

Side vegetables of buttered parsnips and baked potatoes, also buttered.

For the parsnips, cut into bite sized chunks and simmer / low boil uncovered for about 20 minutes (they will go translucent a tiny bit and start to sink). Drain and apply lots of butter.

Bake medium sized spuds about an hour until they are a bit soft to the grab with a pot holder. Longer for larger. I poke them with a fork a few times before baking to prevent exploding spuds ;-) Nope, no foil wrap. Just naked in the oven works fine.

The starter was a “Salad Of Two Lettuces”. Equal parts butter lettuce and iceberg. Bits of smoked Gouda cheese on top, and Olive Garden Creamy Italian dressing.

For desert, Apple Pie ala mode.

The Wine

A white this time. Blue Arvo Sauvignon Blanc 2019. From Pyraneese Victoria. An easy drinking wine, it has hints of citrus along with a good fruit tone. A bit overpowered by the lamb, but nice with the sides. With the desert it was a bit tart, but that’s why they make desert wines ;-)

The News

Frankly, I’ve been ignoring the news. I did hear some claim that restrictions were being loosened in Australia. I hope that is true. News on that seems conflicted:

December 11, 2021
Australia treasurer calls for easing Covid curbs despite rising cases
By Colin Packham

CANBERRA, Dec 11 (Reuters) – Australia must loosen COVID-19 restrictions to bolster its economic recovery, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said on Saturday, even as daily infections rose to a six-week high.

“States need to keep calm and carry on. And not overreact to the Omicron variant,” Frydenberg told reporters in Melbourne.

Australia is one of the world’s most vaccinated countries, with nearly 90% of people over 16 fully inoculated. Still, Australia said it found 1,753 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, up about 3% in the last week and the highest daily total since Oct 29.

Frydenberg said state and territory leaders must loosen curbs implemented to slow the spread of the virus, emphasising the need to accelerate Australia’s economic growth while he played down concerns about the Omicron variant.

So in December a call to open up some, then recently:

JANUARY 7, 2022

Some virus restrictions back in Australia as omicron surges

Australia’s most populous state reinstated some restrictions and suspended elective surgeries on Friday as COVID-19 cases surged to another new record.

New South Wales reported 38,625 new cases, prompting Premier Dominic Perrottet to announce regulations banning dancing and singing in pubs and nightclubs, and delaying non-urgent surgeries until mid-February.

Looks like a bit of a whipsaw to me…

With Omicron, there’s no stopping it with masks, vaccines (or vexxines…), lockdowns, isolation, or much of anything but Ivermectin.

What with the folks in Antarctica catching it, despite all precautions, that pretty much says there is no place far enough away and isolated enough to avoid it.

COVID outbreak in Antarctica research station
Wednesday, January 5, 2022 12:30AM

A research station in Antarctica is battling a COVID-19 outbreak despite being located in one of the most remote corners of the world.

Since mid-December, 11 of the 33 workers at Belgium’s Princess Elisabeth Polar Station have tested positive for the virus.

Joseph Cheek, a project manager for the International Polar Foundation, which manages the outpost, told ABC News that the first case was reported on Dec. 15 in a worker who had traveled to Antarctica with a group via South Africa despite strict testing and travel requirements.

Before arriving in South Africa from their country of origin, the workers were required to have a negative PCR test at least 72 hours prior to the flight. The employees then had to quarantine in South Africa for 10 days and take another PCR test five days into the quarantine period.

Once the quarantine period was over, each person was required to take another test 48 hours before their flight to Antarctica and five days after arrival.

It was on the sixth day after arrival that the first worker tested positive followed by two more workers.

The three patients were evacuated on Dec. 23 but, following their departure, an additional eight people were confirmed to have the virus.

The workers had all been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with at least one having received a booster shot.
This is not the first time that a COVID-19 outbreak has been reported in Antarctica.

In December 2020, Chile announced that 36 cases of the virus had been confirmed at its Bernardo O’Higgins research station on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Despite Antarctica’s remote location, research and military stations have taken strict measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including limiting the number of tourists and locking down bases.

OTOH, we of the Smith House are at 2 years+ of Ivermectin and despite meeting with hundreds of thousands of folks “coast to coast” driving a half dozen times and despite going out to multiple bars and restaurants in Florida, the Spouse doing several Disney World parks, being in airports a few times and on planes coast to coast, and living in one of THE worst “Hot Spots” (Santa Clara California): We both tested free of Covid for her surgery.

So from my POV, the score is “Jabs” failing and Ivermectin 100% success as prophylaxis. Folks in Australia might want to think on that personal history record.

Oh, and I realized today that we also have had ZERO other colds, flu, infections, whatever; over those 2 years. Kind of extraordinary really.

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7 Responses to Friends Of Australia Friday 7 January 2022

  1. p.g.sharrow says:

    With Omicron epidemic through out the world in-spite of the multitude of “Jabs”, this Corona Virus epidemic is done. Herd immunity will end this thing, For Now. But they will try this again in 7 – 8 years in another attempt to complete their 2030 agenda.
    I wonder if the White Hats seeded the world with this variant deliberately to end this Plandemic. It seems to have appeared everywhere at nearly the same time. .

  2. YMMV says:

    Factoid for the day: Sotrovimab is the only monoclonal antibody treatment that works with Omicron. It was developed in Australia.

    It doesn’t say this explicitly, but the Covid antibodies were from an Australian nurse who got Covid early on in the pandemic. This may explain why Sotrovimab works and others do not — because it targets an early variant.

    I posted this link before, but just in case you missed it, it wasn’t White Hats, it was White Mice. Or maybe they weren’t White, but hats off to the mice!

  3. YMMV says:

    Australia hits the headlines again. Like this one: “Australia holds Novak Djokovic ‘prisoner’ in quarantine as he awaits deportation hearing”

    There are lots of articles; I picked this one because it was not CNN et al.

    So Djokovic had had Covid and was therefore granted an exemption to Australia’s “must be vaccinated” laws. Except not all the government levels and departments agreed.

    I guess top tennis players aren’t as high up the list as movie stars.

  4. E.M.Smith says:


    All Hail Algernon! May the Lab Mouse save and protect us!

    I think, given the long isolation period from humans, then a sudden jump back, that “circulation in a house mouse” population is highly unlikely. That would require a house mouse to pick it up, share with litter mates, but NOT give it back to humans and NOT get another human variant later.

    It seems much more likely to me that in the early days of the Plandemic, some researcher put it in a lab mouse to see if they could host it (likely as a research vehicle). Then with essentially sterile technique in said lab, it could evolved and continue in isolation for that long period. Getting closer to a Mouse Virus with each generation.

    Then the remaining question would just be:

    Did it:

    A) Become so good at being infective it leaked back to a lab worker and the rest is history?

    B) Was it a plan to attenuate the virus and when DNA / RNA examination showed the less infective spike protein, was it deliberately let loose?

    Until the origin is found and the answer give, we can not know between the two…

    A Genetic Genius? Or a semi-competent cage cleaner? Decisions decisions….

    I’d like to think it was a brilliant White Hat Maneuver to thwart the GEBs plandemic. I think it more likely someone just had a not quite perfect masking and once the virus got good at exploiting ANY leak no matter how small, it made the jump to them. Life finds a way…

    Now, my question:

    We know Chinese Wuhan Covid spreads to all manner of animals and that this one in particular does really really well in rodents, so:

    Will the Dimocrats now mandate tiny little masks for all the mice and rats in their cities? Are all the mice and rats to be fitted with a Vexxine Passport Chip? Just how will these fine protective measures be rolled out to protect us all from The UnVexxinated? Hmmm? Will all the domestic cats be fitted with Anti-Mouse Mouth Appliances so they can’t drag home a “case” via “mousing”? Will all the dogs have something to prevent them getting / spreading via the mouse droppings in their food dish or in the “poo” they love to sniff on walks outdoors? Hmmm?

    The simple fact is that we now know with certainty that all those, and more (camels, mink, hampsters, etc.) all can get Chinese Wuhan Covid. How many other animal species? Attempting to shut the Human exposure door while leaving it wide open for the rest of Mammalia is daft.

  5. philjourdan says:

    I remember that story – Flowers for Algernon – and Charlie!

    I like my baked spuds o-natural as well. The skin gets crispy and then are tastier than the innards! Especially the way my grandmom used to make them!

  6. YMMV says:

    Australia has gone off the deep end. It’s hard to be friends of Australia anymore.

    Mr Hawke argued that while the Serbian star posed a “negligible individual risk” of spreading COVID, he was still a “risk to the health of the Australian community” due to his supposed anti-vaccination beliefs.

    “Mr Djokovic’s presence in Australia may pose a health risk to the Australian community in that his presence in Australia may foster anti-vaccination sentiment leading to other unvaccinated persons refusing to become vaccinated, other unvaccinated persons being reinforced in their existing view not to become vaccinated, and/or a reduction in the uptake of booster vaccines,” Mr Hawke wrote in his justification for the decision.

    70% of Australians think Djokovic should be deported.

    When did Australia join the CCP?

  7. E.M.Smith says:


    Piling on to your point…

    Making medical decision by “majority rule” is idiotic.

    One example: Folks with M.S. are told not to get the jab as it is a big risk to their health. So are we just going to kill off all the M.S. folks via repeated mandated jabs?

    That kind of thing is why we have M.D.s and not just a set of rules in a book. ALL medicine is individual. Each of us is a unique basket of genes, nutrition, history, and immune responses.

    My spouse, for example, can not have 2 of the major classes of antibiotics as she reacts badly to them. So what would happen with a Penicillin Mandate, eh?

    Folks with significant auto-immune problems ought not be poking that tiger either. I’m fairly sure that the Jab killed Robert Felix by causing his fully controlled auto-immune disease to flare up to the lethal stage.

    There’s a long list of conditions that argue against The Jab. “One size fits all” doesn’t, and especially so in Medicine.

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