Is the whole South Pacific Woke Insane?

I was just looking for some local news about the effects of the Tonga volcano on the major islands of Tonga, and hit this “online news” site. There’s a couple of articles on the Front Page that are just Woke Nonsense on steroids.

Is the whole of the South Pacific this kind of Woke Nuts? I knew Australia had some issues, but Tonga (at least per this self acclaimed “leading” news site of theirs) is even more gone.

Some examples:

Racism & Sexism In Tonga

First up, blatant anti-white racism, and sexism (Bold done by me for finding the key bits in this long drivel):

January 6 and the possessive white male
Friday, January 7, 2022 – 10:48. Updated on Friday, January 7, 2022 – 11:26.

Princeton, USA
Although there is much more to be learned about the January 6, 2021, riot at the US Capitol, the motives of the participants can be gleaned from their own statements. Like far-right movements everywhere today, the insurrectionists were driven by resentment of others’ emancipation

What utter nonsense. Nobody there was worried about “others’ emancipation”, they were looking at the THEFT of their government by a corrupt SWAMP of the elite largely driven by FOREIGN powers (China, Soros, Klaus Schwab, UN, etc.)

I note in passing that this article is by a German named person dateline in Princeton. So not Tongan. Yet this Tongan “news site” deemed this Front Page Material.

By Jan-Werner Mueller

PRINCETON – The investigation by the US House Select Committee on January 6 is still a long way from establishing a comprehensive record of the assault on the Capitol last year, so one should resist facile generalizations about the insurrectionists. Ideally, the committee will uncover sufficient evidence to make criminal referrals to the Department of Justice for the lead conspirators, not just the foot soldiers.

Still, some basic statements about the rioters seem uncontroversial. For example, we know that many of those who attacked the seat of American democracy saw themselves as staunch defenders of the US Constitution. Did they simply have their facts wrong?

One key to understanding the event lies in a phenomenon that characterizes far-right parties and movements across countries: the promise of restoring privileged status to white men who think that women, nature, and the machinery of democracy ultimately belong to them.
The Capitol was “taken” by assailants who displayed an astonishing sense of entitlement, chanting slogans like, “Whose house? Our house!” Observers who remarked that the insurrectionists behaved almost like tourists misinterpreted what they saw. Tourists – especially God-fearing conservative ones – generally do not illegally seize, deface, defecate in, or outright destroy the sites they visit.

More nonsense. First off, it ignores all the accumulating evidence that there was a significant False Flag component. I, personally, was solicited 3 times by 3 different folks to “go into the capitol” and “take the steps” and “we got the door open, get inside” – each of them NOT doing that themselves, but moving on to “motivate” the next person when I rejected their suggestions. Very much seemed like a “put up job” on their part and my “spidey sense” said to avoid the agent provocateurs.

Second, nobody in the group listening to Trump was talking at all about “capturing the machinery of democracy” or looking for privileged status. They were talking about having Their Representatives do their proper duty. They were uniformly looking for equal status under the law and applying rule of law. We watched election laws be broken, and Left Wing Nut “mostly peaceful demonstrations” looting business districts and burning down cities; and wanted a return to fair and equal rights under the law. BTW, the group listening to Trump had a slight majority of women in it, by my estimation. Note too that the only person killed in 6-Jan was a Woman. To cast this in “all male all the time” (and show a photo of only an all male small group) is a flat out lie.

Then the article goes off into the land of psyco-babble and cites, of all things, a German author. Haven’t we had enough disruption of the world thanks to nutty German authors? Marx. Good old Adolph. etc.

A deeper insight into the day’s events comes from the German philosopher Eva von Redecker. Inspired by the medical phenomena of phantom pain and phantom limbs, she recently coined the term “phantom possession” to make sense of our era’s new authoritarianism.

For centuries, white men in America were entitled to claim much – including human beings – as their personal property. The natural environment was there for the taking, and women were expected to provide sex and various forms of care in accordance with coverture (legal submission to the husband). That their reproductive capacities were subject to men’s control went without saying.

The North American colonists seized territory that had first been declared terra nullius (land belonging to no one), even though there had in fact been many people there before. And while (white) women could not be bought and sold as property, coverture meant that women were effectively under men’s control. It is worth remembering that in some Western democracies, wives could not accept employment without their husband’s consent until the 1970s, and marital rape was not outlawed until the 1990s.

As the African-American scholar W.E.B. Du Bois famously observed, the right to oppress certain groups long served as compensation for poorer whites who themselves suffered under some form of domination. A sense of relative superiority generated a “psychological wage,” helping to keep the prevailing social structure intact.

Things have since changed. And though they have not changed fast enough (even Sweden still has a gender pay gap of at least 5%), the social transformation has been sufficient to generate the rage and resentment over phantom possessions that characterize far-right movements everywhere.

One hallmark of modern property is that you can generally do with it as you will. As the great eighteenth-century British jurist William Blackstone explained, property is “that sole and despotic dominion which one man claims and exercises over the external things of the world.” And under the Code Napoleon, one perquisite of owning property was the right to abuse or even destroy it.

There is a psychological dimension to this legal idea: An act of destruction can be used to prove that something is one’s own. This dynamic becomes horrendously clear when men decide to kill or disfigure the women they claim to love rather than tolerate their emancipation (which literally means an exit from property, from the Latin mancipium).

Viewed in this light, it is perhaps no surprise that most of the insurrectionists were men, many of whom donned military gear and pretended to engage in combat against supposed enemies of the US Constitution. The man who put his feet up on a desk in Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office was asserting “despotic dominion,” seeking to make the phantom real.

As long as far-right acolytes assume that they are entitled to things that are in fact not theirs to own, it does little good to explain to them what democracy is really about, or to point out that they are attacking the very thing they claim to value. If US democracy is not exactly as they conceive it – the exclusive possession of white men – they would rather destroy it than let it become responsive to majorities comprising people of color.

It goes on like that far longer than I am willing to quote. The whole thing is based on a recapitulation through warpy mirrors of ancient history. Then tries to say that’s what happened on 6-Jan. Nope. Not at all.

First off, there were a lot of “People Of Color” there. The crowd was a cross section of America. Asians, Blacks, Hispanics. You name it. None of it was about race or color. It was about liberty and the rule of law applied equally to all. It was about having Democracy work for ALL, not be stolen to enrich a few. (China owned the vote counting machinery company and Biden is their puppet. Think about it.)

It is just a Far Left Wing Nut interpretation of EVERYTHING as “evil white male” and misogyny. The lens of CRT distorts all into nonsense.

They take no note of the slavery practices by American Indians in California long before the White Man arrived. Nor do they note that the Black African Slaves were captured by fellow Black Africans from rival tribes, then sold to Arab Slave Traders. No White Men involved until at the coast.

Finally, they ignore that slavery had been a general rule for a few thousand years from before the time of Rome;and it was first Britain and then the USA that ended it. The Union Army was mostly White Men. Many dying in the process of emancipation of slaves.

The US Marine anthem has a line in it about “to the shores of Tripoli” that refers to when White Men went ashore in North Africa to stop the taking of US Ships their passengers and crew for use in White Slavery. Slaves were not just Blacks. Arab slavers raided the UK shores for generations.

So when ranting about the evils of Black Slavery, it would be nice to have at least a small nod to the existence of White Slavery and all the White Men who worked hard for generations, many dying in the process, to bring an end to slavery of all kinds.

Medical Insanity

Then this insanity. They seem to think that there ought to be NO Medical Privacy, and that “Your Papers Please!!” is normal, SOP. Then resorts to the typical Left Wing Nut style of “Emotional Narrative” instead of actual thinking.:

Victims of the unvaccinated
Thursday, January 6, 2022 – 18:08. Updated on Thursday, January 6, 2022 – 18:13.

By Peter Singer

Novak Djokovic, the world’s top-ranking tennis player, has just been granted a medical exemption* to take part in the Australian Open. Djokovic, who has won the event nine times (one more victory would give him a record-breaking 21 major titles), refused to show proof of vaccination, which is required to enter Australia. “I will not reveal my status whether I have been vaccinated or not,” he told Blic, a Serbian daily, calling it “a private matter and an inappropriate inquiry.”

The family of Dale Weeks, who died last month at the age of 78, would disagree. Weeks was a patient at a small hospital in rural Iowa, being treated for sepsis. The hospital sought to transfer him to a larger hospital where he could have surgery, but a surge in COVID-19 patients, almost all of them unvaccinated, meant that there were no spare beds. It took 15 days for Weeks to obtain a transfer, and by then, it was too late.

I’m calling BS on this narrative “story”. How do they know the vaccination status when most of the hospitals don’t know AND when the definition keeps changing. First off, there’s that minor problem of being “unvaccinated” for up to 14 days after your BOOSTER shot. How many of the “unvaccinated” had been jabbed 2 times already? Eh? Then the goal posts were moved (in many jurisdictions) to be after the 2nd booster.

We have formal papers published showing vaccinated folks get Omicron in LARGER numbers than the un-jabbed. Just sayin’…

Weeks became another of the many indirect victims of COVID-19 – people who never had the virus, but died because others who did were taking up scarce health-care resources, especially beds in intensive care units. His daughter said: “The thing that bothers me the most is people’s selfish decision not to get vaccinated and the failure to see how this affects a greater group of people. That’s the part that’s really difficult to swallow.”

Another emotional rant by a relative. How about just the fact that the hospitals are short staffed due to demanding vaccination of folks who already have natural immunity, hospital staff who have seen the horrible outcomes of The Jab in some folks, have had children die of heart disease after the jab in their care, so quite reasonably said “No!” to Vexxine Tyrants and their Experimental Gene Therapy masquerading as a vaccine. All that is ignored.

Want to know who caused a shortage of available hospital capacity? Look to the Biden Administration Vaccine Mandates and Hospital Administration enforcing “Your body My Choice” and “one size fits all medicine” when both are anathema to any thinking person.

Then we get another fantasy narrative:

Last month, Rob Davidson, an emergency room physician at a hospital in Michigan, wrote an essay for the New York Times that provided a vivid picture of life in a hospital that had consistently been at or near capacity for several weeks. The overwhelming majority of the patients had COVID-19, and 98% of those needing acute critical care were unvaccinated.

Again with the lack of awareness that the “unvaccinated” are largely jabbed or double jabbed, and that hospitals often do not know the actual vaccine status of patients.

Skipping over some, they then want Vaccine Apartheid:

Hospitals that are at or near capacity should warn the populations they serve that, after a certain date – far enough in the future to allow ample time for people to get fully vaccinated – they will give vaccinated patients priority over unvaccinated patients with COVID-19.

After the announced date, when both a vaccinated and an unvaccinated patient with COVID-19 need the last available bed in the intensive care unit, the vaccinated patient should get it. If the last ICU bed is given to an unvaccinated patient because at the time there was no one else who needed it, and a vaccinated patient with a greater or equal need for the facility then arrives, the bed should be reallocated to the vaccinated patient.

OK… so explain to me why, if said “vaccine” works, there is a “vaccinated patient” in the ICU?

Is this going to be applied to, say, the car accident victim who just happens to get a positive PCR test because they recovered from covid 10 weeks ago? Will they be removed from the ICU because they have natural immunity?

Is this going to apply to the vaccinated person dying of Covid from vaccine escape when the unvaccinated person is in the ICU due to a Left Wing Mob beating them up in the street?

Medicine is NOT about political decisions. It is about allocation of medical care, appropriate to the individual and their medical needs.

Oh, and I’ll remind again that folks with M.S. are advised by their Doctor to not get the jab as it can be lethal to them. Do we want to prioritize an obese 90 year old smoker with alcoholism presenting with Covid-19 who’s been jabbed, over a 20-something otherwise healthy person with M.S. who has been in a car accident?

The Stupid, it burns…

Beware of Chinese Bearing “Gifts”

But what do you expect from the Useful Idiot Naive. They even think China gives them “gifts” and isn’t just buying influence and their political class:

China donates tractors and computers to Tonga
Wednesday, January 12, 2022 – 19:27

A donation of over 200 computers and eight farm tractors from China’s Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, was handed over to the Tongan Government at the Fa’onelua Convention Centre in Nuku’alofa this afternoon.

Volcano “News”

All of which causes me to think their “news” coverage of the volcano is likely also stupid and corrupt. So I’m looking elsewhere for actual news…

It also leaves me wondering just how widespread is this idiocy in the South Pacific? Once was Australia. Now we’ve got 2 data points. I think New Zealand makes three, but that’s more supposition than gathered data. It does seem (so far) to be an Island Plague of poor thinking.

Does have some nice photos, but the text is a bit heavy on “smells” and feelings and light on actual information (bolding bits done by me to show what I’m commenting about):

Tongan geologists observe stunning eruptions at Hunga
Saturday, January 15, 2022 – 10:40. Updated on Saturday, January 15, 2022 – 15:04.

Nuku’alofa, Tonga

By Mary Lyn Fonua

A team of Tongan geologists who went out to observe the Jan. 14 eruption of the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai volcano witnessed spectacular explosions on the dangerous mission on Friday afternoon.

“Yesterday there were massive explosives, thundering lightning within two miles away, we observed and recorded,” said Taaniela Kula, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Lands & Natural Resources, who led the team

“Big day yesterday indeed!. It was great getting out there during the volcano’s peak hours. It’s a geologist’s dream to see actual geological events in process,”
he told Matangi Tonga.

So a geologist who enjoys watching active geology is news? It does have some actual factual content:

TGS reported this morning that observations from satellite images between 5:10pm and 11:30pm showed that the eruption is continuous, maintaining a 5km wide column plume of ash, steam and gas rising to altitude 18-20km above sea level.

“The plume expands radially up to a radius of 240km from the volcano, passing over Tongatapu, ‘Eua, Ha’apai and Vava’u group. At 10:30 pm the plume had declined to altitude 18km above sea level.”

All domestic flights in Tonga were cancelled for today, Saturday, due to the active volcano, which is located 65 kms north of the capital.

But then, after a bunch of good photos, goes back to the emotive hooks and sensations:

The smell of sulphur was experienced
over Tongatapu and Ha’apai and government offices closed for the day after a tsunami warning was issued.

Shane Egan, owner of the Blue Banana accomodation at Kanokupolu Beach said yesterday that he did not notice any unusal movement in the lagoon there, “The big swell and strong onshore wind were already creating enough turbulence. I did get the strong sulphur smell again, from really early this morning,” he said.

“The Hunga plume resembled an atomic mushroom as white storm birds battled against the wind. Sunset started with a weird yellow, tinted by the volcanic dust in the upper atmosphere. Then the electrical action began.”

In Conclusion

OK, I get it. Emotive dreck sells. Oh Well.

But with political attitudes that far bent left, and seeing as they hate Whites & Males: I can see no reason to go to Tonga as a tourist. People who hate me for my immutable natural birth characteristics (i.e. racists and sexists) do not need my money.

There’s other islands that are more polite, less hateful, and more accepting of folks who don’t look like them. Besides, if they are accepting Chinese “Gifts” they will find themselves part of the Greater South China Sea pretty soon anyway… /snark;

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4 Responses to Is the whole South Pacific Woke Insane?

  1. Ossqss says:

    How quickly the Climate Nutters try to proactively redirect any Pinatubo Effect from the equation to protect their agenda’s. They will have to homogenize it out of the records soon.

    Hummm, now that she mentions it, what happened to 1998 in the records of all but UAH?

  2. Scissor says:

    It’s the men in their heads.

  3. MarcusZ1967 says:

    Scott Manley has a good vid on this eruption.

  4. philjourdan says:

    They follow the lead of what their subsidizers say. Again, Econ 101. They equate dumbles Biden with their paying clientel.

    Lessons have to be learned.

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