A Truly Remarkable Thing

These folks have taken historical paintings or photos, colorized them, then extrapolated what the facial structure would be. Then they animated it.

It is a truly remarkable experience seeing these faces “come alive”.

Is it accurate? I think so, but who knows. Is it effective? Certainly.

We make a human connection with a person through their expressions, and these animations provide the expressions that illuminate the static face. Two in particular moved me.

Alan Turing as an Old Man. If you do not know, he killed himself due to being outed as a Gay Man… who just happened to win W.W.II against the Axis powers via enabling our code breaking… without which we would have lost… Seeing what he would have become, had he lived, was “special”.

Then the Tzarina. A lovely innocent young woman, murdered by Socialist / Communist Zealots for the “crime” of being high born… Who would she have become as she grew from innocent beauty full maturity?

But watch it for yourself. I found myself “connected” with these historical figures in a surprising way…


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3 Responses to A Truly Remarkable Thing

  1. philjourdan says:

    So that is all you need to do to get a drink named after you Survive to adult hood, kill your cousin, and die young? :-)

    Bit surprised about the Tesla one. You would expect that at least the artist (the animator) would have had some later photographs to go on for him. He lived relatively recently and died old. But I guess eccentrics and all. There are not many pictures of Howard Hughes in his old age (only 1 I can recall).

  2. YMMV says:

    Alan Turing as an Old Man. If you do not know, he killed himself due to being outed as a Gay Man…

    That Alan Turing was a genius is beyond question, and there is also general agreement that he was gay. Which I don’t believe was unusual in England at that time. The laws were harsh and after he was caught he chose to have synthetic oestrogen treatment. He did this for one year, two years before his death, but not in the final year. (The other man involved was given a conditional discharge — why the difference?)

    He was in “good humour” and “had shown no sign of despondency prior to his death”.

    There was an inquest which ruled it was suicide, although “the autopsy findings were more consistent with inhalation than with ingestion of the poison.”

    The half-eaten apple was never tested. This is a case where having a cute story trumps the facts.
    So he saw Snow White when he was a kid and liked it; does that mean he would want to reenact it? He wasn’t 12 when he died.


    My belief, and we will never know the truth, is that his death was accidental. No genius would ever commit suicide by acute cyanide poisoning.


  3. JPMSF says:

    The smiles are marvelously engaging, but the blinking and eye movements disconcerting and un-lifelike.

    Thanks for sharing!

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