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I have just a few days to finish packing up the house, and as part of that my Odroid XU4 (main “desktop”) goes in a box for the journey. I’ve got a hoard of open tabs in the browser to “do something with”, and I’m not going to get it done. Some of these are things other folks recommended and I want to read in more detail, or dig at a bit. Others are potential article ideas (that can’t be done on the road). Some will be stale things that I was pointed at months ago and now forget who / why / when… Whatever.

I’m going to be putting the links in here with a note about what they are and hopefully get back to them some weeks from now when I’ve got a new office (somewhere…). Note that a LENR block is near the bottom at at the exact bottom is Yet Another Meteoric Society Destroyer. For now, enjoy the Grab Bag:

The Vaccines CAUSE more cases:

The 99-page study titled “Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19: A BigData Analysis of 145 Countries” found that in the US specifically, the jab has caused a whopping 38% more Covid cases per million – and an even more astonishing 31% increase in deaths per million.

Links to this

Abstract and Figures
*** THIS PAPER HAS BEEN PLACED HERE FOR PUBLIC PEER-REVIEW *** *** After public peer-review an attempt will be made for journal submission, any suggestions for interested journals are welcome. *** *** All comments, corrections, questions, criticism, or other feedback can be emailed to the author, or placed under Comments below. Thank you all in advance for your help in assessing and improving this study’s methods and design.*** Policy makers and mainstream news anchors have promised the public that the COVID-19 vaccine rollout worldwide would reduce symptoms, and thereby cases and deaths associated with COVID-19. While this vaccine rollout is still in progress, there is a large amount of public data available that permits an analysis of the effect of the vaccine rollout on COVID-19 related cases and deaths. Has this public policy treatment produced the desired effect? One manner to respond to this question can begin by implementing a Bayesian causal analysis comparing both pre- and post-treatment periods. This study analyzed publicly available COVID-19 data from OWID utlizing the R package CausalImpact to determine the causal effect of the administration of vaccines on two dependent variables that have been measured cumulatively throughout the pandemic: total deaths per million (y1) and total cases per million (y2). After eliminating all results from countries with p > 0.05, there were 128 countries for y1 and 103 countries for y2 to analyze in this fashion, comprising 145 unique countries in total (avg. p < 0.004). Results indicate that the treatment (vaccine administration) has a strong and statistically significant propensity to causally increase the values in either y1 or y2 over and above what would have been expected with no treatment. y1 showed an increase/decrease ratio of (+115/-13), which means 89.84% of statistically significant countries showed an increase in total deaths per million associated with COVID-19 due directly to the causal impact of treatment initiation. y2 showed an increase/decrease ratio of (+105/-16) which means 86.78% of statistically significant countries showed an increase in total cases per million of COVID-19 due directly to the causal impact of treatment initiation. Causal impacts of the treatment on y1 ranges from -19% to +19015% with an average causal impact of +463.13%. Causal impacts of the treatment on y2 ranges from -46% to +12240% with an average causal impact of +260.88%. Hypothesis 1 Null can be rejected for a large majority of countries. This study subsequently performed correlational analyses on the causal impact results, whose effect variables can be represented as y1.E and y2.E respectively, with the independent numeric variables of: days elapsed since vaccine rollout began (n1), total vaccination doses per hundred (n2), total vaccine brands/types in use (n3) and the independent categorical variables continent (c1), country (c2), vaccine variety (c3). All categorical variables showed statistically significant (avg. p: < 0.001) postive Wilcoxon signed rank values (y1.E V:[c1 3.04; c2: 8.35; c3: 7.22] and y2.E V:[c1 3.04; c2: 8.33; c3: 7.19]). This demonstrates that the distribution of y1.E and y2.E was non-uniform among categories. The Spearman correlation between n2 and y2.E was the only numerical variable that showed statistically significant results (y2.E ~ n2: rho: 0.34 CI95%[0.14, 0.51], p: 4.91e-04). This low positive correlation signifies that countries with higher vaccination rates do not have lower values for y2.E, slightly the opposite in fact. Still, the specifics of the reasons behind these differences between countries, continents, and vaccine types is inconclusive and should be studied further as more data become available. Hypothesis 2 Null can be rejected for c1, c2, c3 and n2 and cannot be rejected for n1, and n3. The statistically significant and overwhelmingly positive causal impact after vaccine deployment on the dependent variables total deaths and total cases per million should be highly worrisome for policy makers. They indicate a marked increase in both COVID-19 related cases and death due directly to a vaccine deployment that was originally sold to the public as the “key to gain back our freedoms.” The effect of vaccines on total cases per million and its low positive association with total vaccinations per hundred signifies a limited impact of vaccines on lowering COVID-19 associated cases. These results should encourage local policy makers to make policy decisions based on data, not narrative, and based on local conditions, not global or national mandates. These results should also encourage policy makers to begin looking for other avenues out of the pandemic aside from mass vaccination campaigns. Some variables that could be included in future analyses might include vaccine lot by country, the degree of prevalence of previous antibodies against SARS-CoV or SARS-CoV-2 in the population before vaccine administration begins, and the Causal Impact of ivermectin on the same variables used in this study.

World energy supply by kind of fuel / source. Good luck finding solar and wind on it… The world runs on fossil fuels and nuclear, with a minor amount of biomass burning.

TES here excludes electricity and heat trade. Coal also includes peat and oil shale where relevant.

That exclusion makes sense since electricity trading is not creating and heat use is usually just a waste heat reduction strategy from the core fuel use.

This is an old one. Japanese company confirms Ivermectin works.

Japanese pharmaceutical researchers confirm that Ivermectin works
The Japanese pharmaceutical company Kowa has confirmed the antiviral effect of Ivermectin on Omicron, in a clinical phase III. The same applies to the virus strains Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. Kowa wants to make the active ingredient available as a new drug as quickly as possible. In Japan, Ivermectin is used “off label” to treat Covid-19.

Liked this set of memes so just preserving a pointer to them ;-)

Doctor MoBean on mechanism for Auto-Immune disease creation via the mRNA “vaccine” vexine… Basically putting spike proteins on YOUR cells can train your immune system to attack your own cells since the Spike Protein shares a shape with natural ACE-2 binding site / agents; as they are presenting as an invader. The Spike Protein is the shape to bind, so the antibodies attack that same shape in your normal metabolism.

Then you can get a second recursion of antibodies against the ACE-2 receptor shape and screw up your ACE-2 dependent normal activities. So doing use the receptor binding domain as your target for making antibodies…

The Vexxine kills some folks, but now worries, just shut up and take your jab. Roll them dice… Seems a bit Conspiracy Theory / Out There to me, but maybe we need to wait a few months for it to “mature” into truth? The link to 5G usually causes me to tag things as “Likely a bit nutty in places”, since we’re already flooded with microwaves in pretty much all ranges from various radars, satellites, etc.

Covid Vaccine Scientific Proof Lethal
Post published:5 January 2022
COVID-19 Vaccines: Scientific Proof of Lethality

Over One Thousand Scientific Studies Prove That the COVID-19 Vaccines Are Dangerous, and All Those Pushing This Agenda Are Committing the Indictable Crime of Gross Misconduct in Public Office
The “safe and effective” false propaganda, put out by public officials who now are continuing to push this vaccine, is a clear breach of duty. A public office holder is subject to, and aware of, a duty to prevent death or serious injury that arises only by virtue of the functions of the public office.

Many have breached that duty and, in doing so, are recklessly causing a risk of death or serious injury, by carrying on regardless of the now-confirmed dangers associated with COVID 19 injections. Some of these risks are blood clotting, myocarditis, pericarditis, thrombosis, thrombocytopenia, anaphylaxis, Bell’s palsy, Guillain-Barre, cancer including deaths, etc.

All of these are confirmed in the following science-and-government-gathered data from the UK Health and Security agency on COVID 19 regarding vaccine damage.

The term “vaccine” was changed recently to incorporate this illegal, unlawful medical experiment to facilitate usage of mRNA technology that is demonstrably not a vaccine, and which contains biologically toxic nano-metamaterials associated with 5G urban data gathering capability.

Just a reminder link for me to remember the Computing Forever channel. He’s got good stuff ;-) Hey, “Alphbet” / Google / YouTube (EwTube) has even endorsed his stuff via banning him there. But found him on BitChute.

New Hampshire House passes a bill to approve Ivermectin in the State and protect MDs and Pharmacists who dispense it. Watch this space to see if it becomes law.

Been wanting to read this article more carefully for some time now, and just not got a round tuit…

Since when do we do climate analysis on seven year periods? — Since climate scientists get rewarded for scaring taxpayers and “seven” is this years lucky number.

2021 wasn’t THE hottest year so they have to come up with something
In climate “science” there are always a thousand combinations and permutations of climate records to pick from, so it’s a snap to find one that sings. If it wasn’t the hottest year in 2021, it might have been the hottest global summer, warmest winter, driest spring, or stormiest “on record”. And if temperatures stop rising, the hottest year record stretches elastically into the hottest 2-years, 3-years and 5 years-on-record.

Cross Reactive Antibodies protective against Sars-COV-2.

Cross-reactive memory T cells associate with
protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection in
COVID-19 contacts

Similar topic, common cold T cells can protect against Chinese Wuhan Covid…

T cells from common colds cross-protect against infection with SARS-CoV-2
by Emily Head
10 January 2022

People with higher levels of T cells from common cold coronaviruses are less likely to become infected with SARS-CoV-2.

A new study, published in Nature Communications and led by Imperial College London researchers, provides the first evidence of a protective role for these T cells. While previous studies have shown that T cells induced by other coronaviruses can recognise SARS-CoV-2, the new study examines for the first time how the presence of these T cells at the time of SARS-CoV-2 exposure influences whether someone becomes infected.

Omicron is your friend (in a few thousand words…)

Conclusions: During a period with mixed Delta and Omicron variant circulation, SARS-CoV-2 infections with presumed Omicron variant infection were associated with substantially reduced risk of severe clinical endpoints and shorter durations of hospital stay.

Variation in damage to people by Lot Number of vexxine. Does that mean targeted killing, or just that making lots can have a sloppy step and there’s things we don’t control well yet? Or does it just mean some lots were given to a more easily damaged cohort? (Like, oh, shipping it to a chain of nursing homes).

I just like checking out what Bongino is doing at any one time. Good pointer to new news. The above link is the videos. The blow link is the text version:

Just want to read this in more depth “someday”.

Purplederf has some fun stuff from time to time ;-) Only getting low digits of views and deserves more IMHO.

Like the graphic. Shows just how dependent EU Members are on Russian Oil, Gas, and Coal. Putin can shut down the EU any time he wants. Expect that if NATO gets active in Ukraine.

While I usually use GasBuddy for my price heat map on motor fuel, this is a simpler graphic that makes it clear it is tied to States. “Oddly”, it is Democrat Run States that rank most expensive. New York, Illinois, California, Oregon, Washington,… Cheapest is in the farm oriented conservative heartland. Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, etc.

ENERGYMapped: Gas Prices in America at All-Time HighsPublished 5 days ago on March 21, 2022
By Raul Amoros
Joyce Ma

A nice ForEx comparison graph site. I’d expected to see the $US going down vs other currencies, but it has been going up. I think this is likely due to the need to get 2 x as many $US to buy the same amount of oil creating a bogus demand for $US (despite inflation, or perhaps because of it…) But watch this space as the trend will reverse if oil prices stabilize or ease. An interesting one to look at is the Saudi currency. Looks like a flat line peg to the $US.

Rebel News is still having convoy reports. MSM is blind and deaf, but it’s still on. For example:

Several Members of European Parliament SHREDDED Justin Trudeau — and they weren’t wrong
By Rebel News

Convoy back in Canberra ahead of Budget release
By Rebel News

Health Ranger has interesting stuff too. He’s on Brighteon (that I tend to forget about…)

JD Rucker from NOQreport interviewed by Mike Adams: Ukraine, Biden, economic collapse and END TIMES
Health Ranger Report
5770 views • 21 hours ago

EXPLAINED: America’s MAD RUSH to escalate Russia conflict into TOTAL WAR
Health Ranger Report
11800 views • Yesterday

The LaRouche folks, who looked like absolutely crazy conspiracy theory folks a decade or two back, are now looking much more rational. No, they didn’t change; just the nutty stuff they talked about has been happening. Still not fully buying in to their POV, but their tendency to rake the right muck is amusing.

An alternative Stock Heat Map to my usual FinViz one.

A list of ForEx currency ETFs. Will be useful once the oil surge of $US demand wears off.

Marxism is fundamentally violent as otherwise it will not be accepted. Be the mirror applies, IMHO.

Marx’s philosophy and the *necessity* of violent politics
26 Comments / Human Nature, Philosophy, Politics / By Stephen Hicks

In my Contemporary European Philosophy course we discuss Marx and Engels’s The Communist Manifesto. One question we raised was why Marx and Engels rejected achieving socialism by democratic and reformist methods. Why the insistence upon violent revolution?

Here’s Marx in an 1848 newspaper article:

“there is only one way in which the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated, and that way is revolutionary terror.”

One set of reasons is about impatience with political change in a democracy or republic. To be successful in those systems, socialists must first get organized. But that will take time, and they will lose elections. Finally, they’ll win some elections, but still be a minority in the lower legislative chamber. After more time, they’ll get a majority in the lower chamber, but legislation will be vetoed by the upper chamber. Eventually the socialists may also get a majority in the upper chamber, but their bills will be vetoed by the president and/or the judiciary. At the same time, the education and journalism establishments will be against socialism or become reformist slowly. marx-chair-150pxEven if socialists overcome all of the above obstacles, the rich bourgeoisie will bribe whomever to stay in power. Or they’ll use the police and military to suppress threats. Who has the patience to endure all of that?

Just want to get around to reading it… Looks like a fun bit.

Yet Another “read it someday”…

Abp. Viganò: Globalists have fomented war in Ukraine to establish the tyranny of the New World Order
The Ukrainian people, regardless of what ethnic group they may belong to, are merely the latest unwitting hostages of the supranational totalitarian regime that brought the national economies of the entire world to their knees through the COVID deception.

The light at the end of the mRNA vaccine tunnel looks more like a train every day
Alex Berenson Mar 18

We need to talk about South Korea.

Through 2020 and 2021, South Korea chased zero Covid with strict border controls, aggressive testing and tracing, and a vaccination campaign that reached nearly its entire adult population with mRNA (and some DNA) shots.
On Thursday, South Korea reported 600,000 new Covid infections – the equivalent of more than 4 million in the United States. In a single day.

Covid deaths are skyrocketing too. South Korea reported 429 deaths Thursday, the equivalent of about 3,000 in the United States. That number is all but certain to skyrocket – cases have risen so fast that deaths have not had time to catch up yet. No one should be surprised if South Korea reports more than 1,000 daily Covid deaths in the next month.

Dial E for exponential:

Keep an eye on Nickel.

More meme’s, but I’ve not gotten to this one fully yet.

Dying in droves, the Vaccinated are not doing well in the UK. Or at least they were last November. Would be interesting to know if that trend is continuing.

Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age
And have been for six months. This chart may seem unbelievable or impossible, but it’s correct, based on weekly data from the British government.

Alex Berenson
Nov 20, 2021
I have checked the underlying dataset myself and this graph is correct. Vaccinated people under 60 are twice as likely to die as unvaccinated people. And overall deaths in Britain are running well above normal.

I don’t know how to explain this other than vaccine-caused mortality.

The basic data is available here, download the Excel file and see table 4:

Want to watch this sometime, the comments are interesting too:

Joe T.
10 days ago
I’m planning to leave Canada with my money as soon as I’m allowed to leave the country. Things are getting really bad really fast here, and most of the country seems to either not care or are so brainwashed that they’re in denial. I’m not waiting till its too late. The fact that they can just freeze your account or seize them if you say something they don’t like should be concerning to everyone

Jordan W
9 days ago
I’ve just resigned after 15 years in the Canadian military. The view from the inside is grim and I’ve never seen such low morale. Despite being chronically short staffed, they purged hundreds of members with utter indignity and disrespect because of the “vaccines.” There is no way I will risk myself being drawn in any way into the sham war in Ukraine. We are now in the process of selling our house and leaving the country. My only hope is that we get out in time before they come down with further tyrannical measures. My parents escaped from communism to Canada in the 1970s and here we are escaping communism ourselves.

Would be interesting to know where they are escaping to…

Started looking for a way to get RT videos again, but that’s on hold for a while. If anyone knows of a VPN that lets me bypass the RT block, holler. (It is essential to listen to your opponents propaganda / opinions so you know what their people are being fed and maybe some of what their POV / requirements would be in a negotiated settlement. It is NEVER a good idea to block that information.)

RT itself (text form) looks to still be reachable. They have some pointers to how to reach them, including to use TOR. But Tor is a bit slow for video…

Serious attempts have been made in Western nations to silence RT, following Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine. The EU Commission has given regulators in the bloc’s nations powers to ban the media outlet. If you’ve faced difficulties accessing RT’s content due to those restrictions, here are some steps you can take to bypass them.

1. If you’re reading RT on your smartphone, you can use our Android app, which can be downloaded via this link.

2. On your PC, you can use the Tor browser, which can be downloaded here. RT’s website address in Tor remains the same: If Tor doesn’t work for you, or is unavailable via regular means, you can resolve this issue by sending an empty email to and you will be sent the necessary link.

3. Another way of circumventing restrictions is to use the Psiphon censorship-bypass tool, which can be downloaded for Windows, Android, and other systems. (Windows download here, direct Android download here, and other options here). Alternatively, you can use a VPN service of your choice.

4. You can also stay in touch with RT through Telegram by subscribing to RT’s soon-to-be-reborn channel there.

Not interested in being tied to Android as they can turn on you in a moment. Tor is slow for me.

I’ll need to look into Psiphon. Not familiar with it (and I hope there’s some Linux version…). The vague “VPN of your choice” implies any of them work, but I’d need to buy one to find out, and if it isn’t working that’s a waste.

Not interested in Telegram… Oh Well.

An interesting bit of history of the Donbass from a Russian POV. I need to verify what they say, but it looks about right to me at a first blush.

Verifications of LENR observations in nickel-copper alloy (constantan) and hydrogen experiments

Grimshaw, Thomas W.
Concezzi, Stefano
Wenzel, Lothar
Glass, Brian

Date 2013

Francesco Celani put on two apparently successful LENR demonstrations in August 2012. They involved nickel-hydrogen reactions using specially-prepared nickel-copper alloy (Constantan) wires and were based on earlier experiments by Celani. Both demonstrations were supported by National Instruments (NI) in the form of integrated software and instrumentation. Celani has shown a strong interest in having other investigators verify his LENR observations. To this end, he has provided samples of his treated Constantan wires to a number of other researchers for verification. NI continues to be supportive of Celani and others who are conducting Constantan based nickel-hydrogen LENR experiments. A systematic study is underway to identify the various experiments and associated results achieved by investigators who have received Celani’s Constantan wires.

Then the PDF:

Claimed validation of LENR in Nickel Copper alloy.

Verifications of LENR Observations in Nickel-Copper Alloy (Constantan)
and Hydrogen Experiments
Thomas W. Grimshaw1
, Stefano Concezzi2
, Lothar Wenzel3
, Brian Glass4
Center for International Energy & Environmental Policy,
The University of Texas at Austin, USA,
2,3,4 National Instruments, USA

And another one claiming success.

Synthesis Of A Copper Like Compound From Nickel And Hydrogen
And Of A Chromium Like Compound From Calcium And Deuterium

J. Dufour, D. Murat, X. Dufour and J. Foos
Laboratoire des Sciences Nucléaires, CNAM, 2 Rue Conté, 75003 Paris, FRANCE
A working hypothesis is presented that aims to explain results observed in the
LENR-CF field. This hypothesis is based on a novel conjecture: a very sizeable
increase of the strength of gravitation at pico-meter distances. Experiments
designed to confirm (or deny) this working hypothesis are described

A bit of puff claiming NASA has LENR working.

NASA’s cold fusion tech could put a nuclear reactor in every home, car, and plane
By Sebastian Anthony on February 22, 2013 at 8:39 am

2013, so a bit old. Wonder what has come of it in the last decade…

Looks like their angle is Terahertz EMF stimulation:

So why don’t we have LENR reactors yet? Just like fusion, it is proving hard to build a LENR system that produces more energy than the energy required to begin the reaction. In this case, NASA says that the 5-30THz frequency required to oscillate the nickel lattice is hard to efficiently produce. As we’ve reported over the last couple of years, though, strong advances are being made in the generation and control of terahertz radiation. Other labs outside of NASA are working on cold fusion and LENR, too: “Several labs have blown up studying LENR and windows have melted,” says NASA scientist Dennis Bushnell, proving that “when the conditions are ‘right’ prodigious amounts of energy can be produced and released.”

And that whole labs blowing up from LENR missed the nightly news? WT?

Forbes cover of the same basic press release / story line.

NASA: A Nuclear Reactor To Replace Your Water Heater

Jeff McMahon Senior Contributor

NASA scientist Joseph Zawodny with a device used to test low-energy nuclear reactions (NASA)

This reactor does not use fission, the process of splitting atoms into smaller elements employed by every commercial power reactor currently operating on earth.

And it does not use hot fusion, the union of hydrogen atoms into larger elements that powers the sun and stars.

Instead, a low-energy nuclear reactor (LENR) uses common, stable elements like nickel, carbon, and hydrogen to produce stable products like copper or nitrogen, along with heat and electricity.

“It has the demonstrated ability to produce excess amounts of energy, cleanly, without hazardous ionizing radiation, without producing nasty waste,” said Joseph Zawodny, a senior research scientist with NASA’s Langley Research Center.

So, OK, is NASA nuts, or is it actually proven / demonstrated to their satisfaction?

What NASA said about it.

NASA Detects Lattice Confinement Fusion

A team of NASA researchers seeking a new energy source for deep-space exploration missions, recently revealed a method for triggering nuclear fusion in the space between the atoms of a metal solid.

Their research was published in two peer-reviewed papers in the top journal in the field, Physical Review C, Volume 101 (April, 2020): “Nuclear fusion reactions in deuterated metals” and “Novel nuclear reactions observed in bremsstrahlung-irradiated deuterated metals.”

So would be good to follow up on those articles to see what the actual proof might me.

Nuclear fusion is a process that produces energy when two nuclei join to form a heavier nucleus. “Scientists are interested in fusion, because it could generate enormous amounts of energy without creating long-lasting radioactive byproducts,” said Theresa Benyo, Ph.D., of NASA’s Glenn Research Center. “However, conventional fusion reactions are difficult to achieve and sustain because they rely on temperatures so extreme to overcome the strong electrostatic repulsion between positively charged nuclei that the process has been impractical.”

Called Lattice Confinement Fusion, the method NASA revealed accomplishes fusion reactions with the fuel (deuterium, a widely available non-radioactive hydrogen isotope composed of a proton, neutron, and electron, and denoted “D”) confined in the space between the atoms of a metal solid. In previous fusion research such as inertial confinement fusion, fuel (such as deuterium/tritium) is compressed to extremely high levels but for only a short, nano-second period of time, when fusion can occur. In magnetic confinement fusion, the fuel is heated in a plasma to temperatures much higher than those at the center of the Sun. In the new method, conditions sufficient for fusion are created in the confines of the metal lattice that is held at ambient temperature. While the metal lattice, loaded with deuterium fuel, may initially appear to be at room temperature, the new method creates an energetic environment inside the lattice where individual atoms achieve equivalent fusion-level kinetic energies.

A metal such as erbium is “deuterated” or loaded with deuterium atoms, “deuterons,” packing the fuel a billion times denser than in magnetic confinement (tokamak) fusion reactors. In the new method, a neutron source “heats” or accelerates deuterons sufficiently such that when colliding with a neighboring deuteron it causes D-D fusion reactions. In the current experiments, the neutrons were created through photodissociation of deuterons via exposure to 2.9+MeV gamma (energetic X-ray) beam. Upon irradiation, some of the fuel deuterons dissociate resulting in both the needed energetic neutrons and protons. In addition to measuring fusion reaction neutrons, the Glenn Team also observed the production of even more energetic neutrons which is evidence of boosted fusion reactions or screened Oppenheimer-Phillips (O-P) nuclear stripping reactions with the metal lattice atoms. Either reaction opens a path to process scaling.

So on it goes. Kick the metal lattice with gammas, eh?

NASA dreaming of nuclear powered aircraft via LENR. A Slide Show.

Current LENR Technology
Reaction materials: hydrogen loaded nickel powder
• Silicon nitride ceramic outer shell
• AISI 310 steel
inner cylinder
• 2 AISI 316 steel
end caps
• 33 cm long
• 9 cm diameter

Has a chart in it claiming that with 120W input power they produced 160,000 Whr of output over 116 hours of operation. Claims a power density of 7k kW/kg. (So a car would need about a 3 or 4 kg reactor). 160000/116 gives 1379 W constant, which is way higher than the 120W input.

The claim is that was current tech in 2013. So why are we not seeing these things popping up all over the place now? There’s something going on here that isn’t clear. TLA sitting on it? Military not wanting to let it out “in the wild”? Congress needs to dump their oil stocks first? Just hard to make it reliable and scale it up? Whatever…

Definitely needs a big “Dig Here!”.

Claims a NASA guy says Rossi has it working.

Chief Scientist at NASA Langley Acknowledges Andrea Rossi E-cat

Looks like all the stuff out there is about 2012 to 2013 then it just dies. Several articles have the same EwTube interview at NASA. Failed? Or got classified? I’ve seen this before when a New Tech has a military use. It just turns into a black empty wall.

NASA video on LENR (low energy nuclear reactions), a clean form of nuclear energy
January 13, 2012
NASA Langley Research Center posted Thursday (but has not announced) a new video on NASA research on LENR (low energy nuclear reactions), entitled “Method for Enhancement of Surface Plasmon Polaritons to Initiate & Sustain LENR.”

The research focuses on “another way of producing energy-efficient nuclear power,” says NASA Senior Research Scientist Joseph Zawodny, featured in the video (posted on YouTube by KurzweilAI). “This other form of nuclear power releases energy by adding neutrons. Eventually they gain a sufficient number of neutrons that they spontaneously decay into something of the same mass but a different element.”

The energy is “cleaner than traditional nature nuclear fuels, and can be produced by raw materials such as nickel, carbon, and hydrogen. It has the demonstrated ability to produce excess amounts of energy, cleanly, without hazardous ionizing radiation, without producing nasty waste. This clean form of energy is also powerful, able to support everything from transportation systems to infrastructure.

“The easiest implementation of this would be for the home. You would have a unit that would replace your water heater…. It would power the house, power the building, power the light industry. And then the waste heat would be used for environmental control and warm water.”

NASA Advances Evaluation of Piantelli’s LENR Research

Multiple sources have confirmed to New Energy Times that a team comprising NASA engineers and an investment group from the U.S. is expanding its interest in the low-energy nuclear reaction research of Italian biophysicist Francesco Piantelli. A meeting with the group and representatives of Piantelli will take place in the next few days.

According to Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, NASA was working months ago on experiments based on Piantelli’s research.

Yet Another Slide Show on NASA LENR.

NASA Glenn Research Center experience with
“LENR Phenomenon”
Susan Y. Wrbanek, Gustave C. Fralick,
John D. Wrbanek, Janis M. Niedra (ASRC)
NASA Glenn Research Center

Has interesting demo / test rigs explained and illustrated. But an older article. (2011?)

This guy claims to debunk Rossi via a claim that power is being fed into the device via the ground wire. A possible-I-Suppose but hardly proof. So, OK, you need a power monitor on all three power wires to assure no ground loop current. A bit too full of himself for my tastes, and does a lot of unnecessary Snark-ing. But does illustrate a needed control on the testing.

I really wanted to make an article out of this one before I posted the link. But no time. So here it is raw. Looks like Yet Another Comet wiped out a bunch of folks and changed history. Think maybe we ought to put more effort into planetary defense against such events?

Comet’s fiery destruction led to downfall of ancient Hopewell

UC researchers find evidence of cosmic cataclysm 1,500 years ago at 11 ancient sites

By Michael Miller

Gee… about 500 AD. Just about the time Rome Fell and we had 3 years+ of crap weather and social collapse (536 AD IIRC). Related?

February 1, 2022

The rapid decline of the Hopewell culture about 1,500 years ago might be explained by falling debris from a near-Earth comet that created a devastating explosion over North America, laying waste to forests and Native American villages alike.

Researchers with the University of Cincinnati found evidence of a cosmic airburst at 11 Hopewell archaeological sites in three states stretching across the Ohio River Valley. This was home to the Ohio Hopewell, part of a notable Native American culture found across what is now the eastern United States.
The comet’s glancing pass rained debris down into the Earth’s atmosphere, creating a fiery explosion. UC archaeologists used radiocarbon and typological dating to determine the age of the event.
The airburst affected an area bigger than New Jersey, setting fires across 9,200 square miles between the years A.D. 252 and 383. This coincides with a period when 69 near-Earth comets were observed and documented by Chinese astronomers and witnessed by Native Americans as told through their oral histories.

OK, so now it’s about 1700 years ago. So why use 1500 years when it is 1700? Hmmm…

But clearly something happened:

UC archaeologists found an unusually high concentration and diversity of meteorites at Hopewell sites compared to other time periods. The meteorite fragments were identified from the telltale concentrations of iridium and platinum they contained. They also found a charcoal layer that suggests the area was exposed to fire and extreme heat.

IMHO “Rocks From Space” are a far more real and important threat than “global warming you can hardly detect”…

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A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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  1. philjourdan says:

    Myths are born of oral history But usually the oral history is born of actual events. That Hopewell article is fascinating and I hope they continue to “dig there” to get more info on it.

  2. E.M.Smith says:


    What I found particularly interesting was the smaller scale of it.we now have examples from global dinosaures to North Amedican mega fauna to a regional culture being whacked from space. I think that means we need to protecf against even modesg rocks from space.

    @Per LENR:

    I really expected the NASA confirmation of function and lab test slides to stir up more interest.

    They claim to have one of practical size and power working; per how I read it.

  3. AC Osborn says:

    Re the Kyle Beattie paper, I emailed Kyle about what effect of the variant changes and Medicine would have on the study.
    He was kind enough to respond and acknowledge that his paper needed some more work which he has in the Future Research section.
    He also pointed to another paper

  4. AC Osborn says:

    Re LENR, I remember the NASA papers in particular the one on aircraft designs.
    It seems to be that once they have the patents in place they go quiet on new technologies.

  5. Simon Derricutt says:

    On the NASA LENR, see for discussions. The site is part of my daily look-see and also covers experiments reported by the experimenters. The sense I’m getting of the NASA announcements is that it’s not yet ready for prime-time, and that though the excess heat is quite often there it’s not a lot and isn’t reliable.

    NASA’s policy on “new science” seems to be to look at what experiments have been done, and to issue a patent that covers all the methods they have heard of whether or not they can actually be shown to work. That way, if one does succeed, NASA will have a patent that can be stretched to cover it. I call this a scatter-gun policy, in that you can’t take that patent and make something that will work, but if you’re lucky enough to choose the right method and get the parameters right within the wide range specified as being needed, you might be lucky enough to get something that works. The chances of succeeding are however very low from just looking at the patents. Same applies to the Païs patents on space drives etc., where some sections might be true and would mean that the USN would have a stake if someone succeeds, but overall you can’t build something that works from the patents. It seems to me that patent-writing needs skill in obfuscation anyway, since where the claims are extraordinary (OK, read that as “impossible according to standard theory”) it seems the parameter range is very wide and the person with ordinary skill in the art couldn’t replicate a device. The critical parameters are not given in detail, so you need the inventor to show you.

    Randy Mills has been declaring success with his BrLP system, but then he’s been doing that for the last couple of decades. AFAIK he hasn’t managed yet to run the device from the power it generates, though he’s got measurements that say that should be dead easy to do. Makes me wonder whether this is a measurement error, since the self-loop would be an undeniable success and he should have been able to run that test for several years now. Since if it was me doing that I’d have done the self-loop as soon as it was possible, I can only suggest that he’s tried that and it didn’t work, so until he’s done that he’s showing the meter readings that say it should be possible. The only really valid demo is that it produces enough power to run itself and something else, since I know that meters can and do lie. Maybe he’s right and it works, and I think the guy is a bona-fide genius, but that lack of a self-loop tells me it’s not quite there.

    On physics in general, I’ve found that axioms I used to think were always true have a limited applicability. I’ve largely ceased marking things as being impossible, apart from going backwards in time. I’m expecting we’ll be seeing commercial devices fairly soon that do things we used to think were impossible. Get enough people working on the fringes of science and there will be some successes. One of the problems with LENR is that mainstream theory says it is not at all possible, and so few people with any sense will fund it. Luckily there are enough crazy people who ignore the shouts of “impossible”. In LENR, the majority of those crazy people are either retired or have tenure and can’t be sacked easily.

    I’ve spent quite a few years now looking at claims in the Free Energy category. Most are dross. There are however a few where the evidence is solid. Even fewer can be replicated. Still, there are a handful of stories that point to reality being different than current theory tells us. If it’s actually possible, at some point someone will find out how to do it.

  6. philemon says:

    The Canada one was underwhelming. Mostly, it was a guy saying you should have taken my advice on your investment portfolio.

    That said, I would not be the least bit surprised if Canada has a brain-drain with other assets leaving the country as well.

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