$7/gallon Biden Gas in California, Coming Soon To A Station Near You.

Well this is not good either…

Gas has hit $7 a gallon (and rising…) in my old stomping grounds of California. This is for Premium (as that’s what my car takes) but given the astounding rate of increase and no slowing in sight, I think it likely this will come to Regular pretty soon.

That Menlo Park station is already $7.29 for Regular, $7.79 for Premium. They don’t have Diesel, but it is $7.19 / gallon at that Woodside station that has $7.15 Premium. At those prices, the ML 320 CDI will hold about $180.00 of fuel.

Via Gas Buddy

Premium Gas 1 June 2022 California

Premium Gas 1 June 2022 California

I can think of few ways to break the US Economy more effectively than to have fuel prices this high. Already some truckers have refused loads from California due to the fuel costs meaning no profit. That was about $1 or $2 / gallon ago… Folks just trying to get to and from work too.

What do you think this will do to the price of salad greens, fruits & vegetables shipped from California to the rest of the nation? How about all those goods stacked up at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles? Think there’s going to be a lot of vacation travel to California at those prices? (Or from California for that matter).

Hopefully the Dimocrats are stupid enough to keep fuel prices this high through the summer and toward election day. They seem to not get it that “It’s the Economy, Stupid” and the Economy runs on cheap fuel…

Either that, or they have been assured by their Chinese Masters that the Dominion Voting Machines (where China bought the company…) are all programmed and ready to assure Friends Of China stay in D.C. Office… But there might be other reasons. Sure their might…

Bonus Images! Needles, California, is on the border near Nevada and Arizona. It is on the way out of State if traveling I-40. Here’s the cost of Diesel and Regular showing how just crossing the border a tiny way into the next State gets gas about $2 / gallon less. California is “special” dontcha know… (Really, the California specification for gasoline is unique in the nation. “Why? Don’t ask why… down that path lies insanity and ruin…” -E.M.S)

Diesel Price at Needles / Arizona Border 1 June 2022

Diesel Price at Needles / Arizona Border 1 June 2022

RUG 1June2022 California AZ border at Needles

RUG 1June2022 California AZ border at Needles

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About E.M.Smith

A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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19 Responses to $7/gallon Biden Gas in California, Coming Soon To A Station Near You.

  1. philjourdan says:

    Pair this with your previous post and you will see they do not care about the electorate. THey are doing away with elections. THe only question is can they do it fast enough.

  2. cdquarles says:

    $4.40 here in places. Up from a recent gas tax increase and all of the silliness world-wide. This state does produce some oil, coal, natural gas; and recently, high grade graphite. We do some refining, too.

  3. John+Hultquist says:

    Central Washington State gets gas from Montana via a pipe to Moses Lake.
    Trucks disperse from there; about 75 miles for my locality.
    This time next year the WA-DOT will start a 3 year bridge-deck replacement
    over the Columbia River on I-90. There will be a single lane while suggested
    detours are twice as long.
    Currently, gallons are about $5. I wonder about the increase that will come.

  4. H.R. says:

    Your move to Florida, and this post referring back to nutso CA prices reminded me of something you mentioned a few times while you leved in CA.

    You said that you’d pretty much given up on a quick meal from McDonalds or KFC or such because the mandated minimum wages pushed the price of even a Big Mac, fry, and a Coke into near Earth orbit.

    All the fast-food joints have had to raise prices due to inflation, but wage pressures and regulations are different in different sections of the country.

    Is there a noticeable difference in the prices at fast-food joints between CA and FL? Will a KFC drumstick ever pass your lips again?

  5. another ian says:

    “Claim: Skyrocketing Gasoline Price Inflation is Michael Mann’s Fault”


  6. E.M.Smith says:


    Due to spousal inability to tolerate “hunger” for more than about 10 minutes, her tendency to want to go “shopping” for something or other about 1 hour before meal time, and do it 1 hour from the coach… we have recently been having “Fast Food” when out. KFC Included.

    I just rack it up to “cost of moving”… But have packed a lunch a couple of times when it was a foreseeable need.

    Fast Food prices are high here in Florida too. Partly due to the “soak the tourist” financial model. Better the further you are from theme parks…Somewhat cheaper than in California, though.

    An example: In California we would regularly break $20 for the two of us (even with me choosing smaller or cheaper options). In Florida we’re often in the $18 and under range and I had the high end meal (at Arby’s no less).

    FWIW, I was looking up gas prices to trip plan for hauling some more stuff out here. That ARCO near Needles is about 2 miles from the freeway and has become my “Go To Station” when passing by. It’s closer than the stations at the Lake Havasue turn off, when leaving California. Basically it is the first and closest station for cheap gas when leaving the State via I-40.

    From Silly Con Valley, THE shortest route out is I-80 through Reno Nevada, but prices don’t drop until past Reno due to tourist pricing and they get their gas from California. Going through L.A. is always a lot longer (but sometimes needed due to snow in the mountains) so I usually check it too.

    I need to run the math on it, but typically it’s about one California fill-up on the way out (and depending on vehicle, one on the way in but the downhill from the mountains means sometimes I make it without a fill-up). So I may end up buying 10 gallons worth of Gas Cans to avoid buying any fuel in California. We’ll see when I’m at that point.

    Oh, and per the food question: It’s generally cheapest in Texas to Alabama on I-10 and I’ll usually be running out of lunch bucket about then anyway. So often my first “meal out” is Texas. Due to having sold the house, I went upscale this trip and hit a “Texas Saltgrass Steakhouse”

    One of the best steaks I’ve ever had. Prices are a bit high, but acceptable, especially given the quality. ( I had the shrimp & sirloin combo lunch and the shrimp were tasty, nicely seasoned without being Cajun Hot – i.e. lots of flavor without the burn). I think it was in Amarillo Tx. I was going I-40 at that point and it was in Tx and that’s about all there is on that run… They also have one in Pensacola Fl that I’m going to try when doing I-10, It was a very upscale experience from the KFC I had in “middle of nowhere” Arizona where I stayed at an Econolodge and had KFC for dinner. But there the KFC was good, I think the pieces were bigger than in California, and the price was OK not great IIRC. So I’ll be stopping there again too.

  7. E.M.Smith says:

    Google Maps reports 515 miles from Needles to San Jose Airport (close enough). That’s 1030 miles round trip or just under 1000 miles from the storage unit a bit south of there.

    The ML goes over 500 on a tank of gas not hauling, closer to 375 hauling fully loaded trailer. So “in bound” down hill I’m likely OK with maybe a couple of gallons extra needed. Outbound I’m likely about 100 miles short. While it can theoretically get 625 Miles inbound that’s no trailer and I’m going to be doing it empty trailer, so will be highly speed dependent. Adding 10 gallons of Diesel will be about 150 to 200 miles of fuel (depending on speed and up hill / down hill) and would cover the extra needed in California (or pretty darned close).

    The gas vehicles with smaller tanks get about 350 miles on a tank, so 3 x full tanks needed. That means I’d need about 18 gallons of cans to buy no gas in California for them. OTOH, I’m not using them for repeated trips at this point. Ought to just be one drive out for the Subaru (at a repair station at present) So it’s more like 150 miles of gas (assuming full at start) in cans. Call it 6 gallons. I think I’ll just pay the extra $6 to $12 on the drive out as it will not be returning…

    So looks like I ought to buy 2 x 5 gallon Diesel Cans when I’m ready to go pick up a load in California. They can ride in the trailer inbound, then when emptied into the tank, be empty / light on top of the load in the trailer. As I’m likely going to be weight limited on load their ought to be space left on top.

    OK, that works for me ;-) At $20 / run saved it will likely pay for the cans on the first run, certainly by the second.

    Now on to the next math problem: GIVEN the massive increase in gas prices AND the fact that Diesel has risen to $1 / gallon more than RUG: is it now more economical to just suck it up and pay a big truck rental fee / mileage charges and do this is one trip instead of “a few”? That’s going to be harder to work out as there are more unknowns to guess at…

  8. H.R. says:

    You answered my main question, E.M. – CA policies make everything higher in CA. I was thinking on the food price topic last night.

    We haven’t had KFC coupons in quite a while. but we recently got a sheet of them in the weekly ad mailers. I figured that inflation has already started to affect KFC customers and they needed to get some people eating out at KFC again, thus some coupons. My coupon was for the 8-piece meal (2 large sides + 4 biscuits) for $16.99. After 3 days of smoked brisket that I fixed on Monday, we were ready for a change of taste and I bought KFC with a coupon. I would not have bought it otherwise.

    Which got me thinking that as inflation continues to get worse, restaurants of all types will be struggling as people will go back to making dinner at home; lot’s of tube steak and mac ‘n cheese and spaghetti dinners.

    And grocery stores… More people have started gardens this year, from my readings on the interwebbies. Some have no clue and will have little success. Others will know what they are doing, but they have been too busy for gardening until it has become obvious it will be smart to have one. Other people who have been keeping gardens will be expanding their gardens. I will be expanding my garden by at least 50% and maybe doubling it for next year.

    All that gardening comes straight out of grocery store sales, so grocery stores will be raising prices plus losing sales to home gardens. The gross sales numbers will likely remain unchanged, but the profits won’t be there.

    Anyone in the food biz in any way is in for a rough time.

  9. Richard Brimage says:

    I filled my diesel pickup at Costco this morning. $4.80 per gallon. Two weeks ago at the same Costco my fill up was $4.99 per gallon. Really strange drop.

  10. Ossqss says:

    @EM, why would you not just put your stuff in PODS and save 2 weeks on the road driving back and forth?

    BTW, we have a Florida tax holiday for emergency supplies until the 10th which includes gas cans.

    Click to access TIP_22A01-03.pdf

  11. E.M.Smith says:


    I’d hoped to be in a place where I could start a garden by now, but “issues”… We’ve got a bead on a short term rental house here (enough to get out of the “vacation” genre) but everyone here seems to do “grass to the horizon” and not outdoor gardens. Then again, garden meets hurricane is probably not productive ;-)

    We’re still looking longer term at a choice between Florida and Tn. Valley. I think Tn. Valley has much better gardening opportunities.

    In any case, given how much we liked the hydroponic lettuce from my first effort, I’m planning on having at least 4 x 4 x 8 feet of hydroponic grow racks (probably as 2 x 8 x 8 installed for access) with LED lighting “wherever” we end up as a purchased home. So “longer term” I’m planning to be self sufficient in saladings, “summer” squash year round, green beans, snap peas and maybe a few other things. With 2 foot shelf spacing, I get 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 sq. ft. of grow area with 365 day growing season and crops in 30 days kind of timing out of that sized unit. Likely as much as we can eat ;-)

    “Greens”, radishes, and fast beans, peas and summer squash all have very fast productivity; then others can have very long harvest seasons under hydroponic conditions (nearly year long for tomatoes and such). Between the very fast, and the “produces for a year once established” you essentially have constant harvesting.

    But that’s for next year most likely. For now it will just be “open wallet” at Publix…

    Given the % of “produce” that comes from California, and the expense of transport fuel, and the insane rules in California driving truckers away (aka making transport very costly) I expect a lot of salads and such will become very pricey. (So eat more MidWest BBQ Beef and Florida Fish ;-)

    I’m just glad:

    1) I don’t have to deal with California after this year.
    2) I’m no longer paying those prices for fuel.
    3) I’m one or at most 2 truck runs away from zero California involvement ;-)

    and only looking back to make sure they aren’t gaining on me ;-‘)

  12. E.M.Smith says:


    That was my original plan… until I found out PODs from California to Florida (due to demand one way I surmise) were about $10k per pod and I’d need roughly 3 of them…

    The other thing is that I like fishing and camping, so I’m hoping that on the runs TO California I can do that along the way. Then it’s just fill a trailer and zip back. Though there’s a small possible I may just fly in, rent a BIG U-Haul type truck, and Get ‘er Done.

    Essentially I’m being frugal with money when on “no job” income. Kind of a long term habit. Being an I.T. Contractor, I’d have occasional spans of no income (2008…) as companies would end all contractors in downturns. So you get in the habit of capital investments in good times, living cheap and DIY in slow times. Retirement is basically all slow time…

    Besides, it gets me out of the house and doing something, plus I kinda like “road trips”…

  13. E.M.Smith says:


    My “rule of thumb” on KFC is $1 / piece plus sides. Expensive places are over that, cheap ones about that. Then drinks: Last I looked in California Fast Food places were pushing toward $3 / drink as they packed it with the increases. Just having a cooler of drinks in the car pays off big time. Sides about $2 each is good; IIRC it was hitting $3 each in California. (Varies a bit with size of sides we’re talking about though…)

    Your 8 pieces with sides is about at that “good” spot.

    So step 1: Put drinks in a drink cooler whenever you leave the house. 2 per person is more than enough. Cheap, easy, almost no bother or space needed with “lunch bucket” sized coolers.

    Step 2: Snack sides in a bag. Chips, cookies, fruit bars, whatever you like. Now you can leave off the “meal” portion that’s mostly fries or instant potatoes anyway.

    Step 3: This now becomes much more optional as all the highest profit centers have already been eliminated. You can choose a burger, or chicken, or whatever on the fly and still not be too much out of pocket. Or you can add sandwiches, yogurt cups, cheese sticks, even cans of ravioli and a “hot pot” 12 vdc plug in warmer if going way cheap. Or DIY fried chicken as “cold chicken”, etc.

    That’s my basic “crossing the country” kit and my “long day around town” prep.

  14. H.R. says:

    E.M. – Sheesh! I’ll say there’s a CA premium on KFC!!!

    I placed an online, pick-up order at a San Jose KFC to get a price. The exact same 8-piece meal in San Jose CA is $31.19, no coupon. Here, it was $16.99 without coupon and $13.99 with coupon.

    No wonder you quit “stopping in for a quick lunch.” They still have some $4 -$5 meal deals on our menu, too.

    Per the Florida garden: The growing seasons are different than they were for you “back home.” Many of the crops you had to wait to plant in the Spring are planted in Fall or Winter in Florida. You just get your gardening and canning done by June, and then you’re done for the Summer. Hurricanes aren’t a factor when you aren’t growing anything anyhow.

    Here in the Midwest, they have Florida sweet corn (super sweet!) in the stores right now. People here will have only started planting sweet corn… well, about 2-3 weeks ago and they will continue to plant for just a week or two more.

    Not only did you have to adjust your watch when you moved, but you needed to adjust your gardening calendar.

  15. Jon K says:

    Not exactly on topic, but the second you thought Cali couldn’t get any more stupid…


  16. another ian says:

    Might be opportunities for some in that salad market.

    Years ago i was on a pre-conference tour and learned that there is an irrigation area down the Rio Grande which usually gets beaten to market by California, The tour guide knew a rancher who had plowed in his lettuce for about 6 years. Then Imperial Valley got hit by a late frost and, for 2 weeks he had the only lettuce available in US. And allowed that he might not plant lettuce again for a while.

  17. another ian says:

    “Small Business Payrolls Collapse in New ADP Report for May, Total Employment Result Far Below Expectations
    June 2, 2022 | sundance | 11 Comments”


  18. Taz says:

    (yawn) $4.50 everywhere else. California just has a serious case “not made here syndrome”. Which does allow them to hire and overpay more useless Democrats to gum things up.

  19. philjourdan says:

    Sorry, $5 dollar a gallon gas now in the old dominion! It is not a California thing! It is a nation wide thing.

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