I No Longer Care About The Rage Machine

I used to care. Some time ago I’d have my empathy saying “Those folks are hurting, I’m concerned about why”. Somewhere over the last few years, that’s “left the building”.

It’s like when you have a new kid, and the first year you are jumping up and just MUST find out why they are crying and “fix it”. Then, somewhere between 2 and 3 years old (parents will remember the “Terrible Twos” stories) there’s that point where they start doing Tantrum Display For Effect and your emotional engagement drops to near zero. Limited almost entirely to irritation at needing to choose between a good spanking, and just carting them off to their room and closing the door with them on the other side. (When “out”, one of us would just cart the kid out of the restaurant to The Car, where they could wail away without bothering anyone and without any positive reinforcement).

I’m in the Grumpy Parent mode now, with respect to DNC / Soros / GEB funded Street Theatre Tantrums by the Rage Machine Useful Idiots. I no longer care. They just need a good spanking and putting to bed.

Sadly, we’re the “Out Of Town” spouse and the one “at home” just wants to coddle them and complain on social media (metaphor for Soros’ Bought DAs doing “catch and release”, Cowed Police doing “watchful waiting” (for end of shift), and the Lying Propaganda Machine Media saying that a spanking would be child abuse…)

So the DNC / Soros / GEBs have tuned up their Crying Machine along with their Break & Burn Machine and turned them loose on the streets. I don’t care anymore. Don’t even watch any of it on the s”news”. My only concern about it is assuring my weaponry is in good condition and I’m alert to any road rats in front of me when driving. But then that’s now a habit anyway, what with 3 years or so of BLM Riots, Antifa Attacks on the innocent, and Asymmetric Legal Abuse by the fraudulent non-Justice Departments.

I know I’m on my own when out and about. I’m prepared for it, and have been long enough to no longer need to think about it. I’ve relocated to The Free State Of Florida, so I’m isolated from 99.99% of it anyway (presently residing in a tourist area where the only “action” is folks deciding what entertainment to drop $100 / head on today) I could have gotten a CCW on arrival, but haven’t even cared enough to do that. I’m in a county where the Sheriff has said he likes it when his citizens “blow you back out the door” if invading a home, so it isn’t like I’m all that likely to be bothered anyway.

But the surprise for me was that complete lack of ANY interest in the Street Riot Theatre anymore. Not even morbid curiosity. “Just Another un-Reality Show”. All fake rage and all idiots on parade. I’d rather watch Rediculousness for that kind of idiots on parade show. I already know the Street Theatre plot (the GEB Puppeteers haven’t changed it in years). The character development is near zero with a mix of Cry Actors, Rage Screamers, and a mob of mopey Placard Zombies staggering in the background. The Show is lacking any show quality anymore.

So I just “click on” when it shows up in the channel surfing. Rather like the 6-Jan Congressional Lie-Fest Show. I already know the plot and characters (the re-runs of the Impeachment Show Trial already burned any novelty in them) and the Fake Drama is just too painful to watch.

“New Evidence!” and “Subpoenaed Witnesses!!” Just ZZZzzzz fodder. They have no evidence as nothing happened ( I was there and saw nothing happen as the Trump Supporters were still listening to Trump Speak when the False Flag Entrapment Event was already underway 1.8 miles away. We were “exhorted” to “walk peacefully down Pennsylvania Avenue” and to “ask our Congress to do the right thing“. (Yeah, hard to get excited about “do the right thing” as cause for pre-election Impeachment III, The Rage Machine Rises!…) We stopped at the car about 300 yards from the Capital grounds and it was already on the radio as having been underway for a good long while. We were not at the rear of the crowd. The Trump Supporters were not near the Capitol when the FBI / Antifa et. al. launched their entrapment & false flag event. (No less than 3 of them tried to get me to go “into the building” or “up on the steps”, and moved on to try to entrap another guy when I said “No, that’s not a good idea.”)

So knowing all that, the Kangaroo Kourt Kongress Show is just stoopid and stays on the screen about 1/10 of a second as the “skip” button gets pressed. Ditto the BLM Bawlers and the Antifa Ass-Hats and the Kongress Klowns. Just no “there there” worth a moment’s thought. Metaphorically, I’m out of town and the D.A.-Spouse is not willing to spank, so “Oh, look at the time, got a big meeting tomorrow, gotta go dear…” and then watch the hockey game (so far Hockey has stuck to sports, not politics ;-) Sorry Tampa Bay lost, but happy the Colorado Avalanche coach is now the 1st Ever to get all three trophy’s from the 2 minor leagues and the Stanley Cup. Way to go Coach!)

So what is more interesting than the Rage Machine Show today? Going to the pool for an hour. Deciding what is for lunch. Looking at houses. Bought some dip to go with the chips. You know, really important stuff…

Maybe it’s a Florida Thing. There’s just a whole lot of “Don’t Give A Damn” and “Don’t bother me, I’m on vacation” going on here. I’m very very happy with that. You see someone in a store with a Covidian Mask on, and you think: “Oh, a tourist from Up North” or for employees “Oh, you work for one of those Asshole Companies, my condolences”.

IF I’m very lucky, I’ll get to The Boat tonight or tomorrow. Then my biggest concerns will be “Do we need to do a booze run for the boat?” and “Are we sleeping in, or going sailing tomorrow? Anyone check the weather?”

Pretty hard to give a damn about some Grass Fed Karens and Soy Boy Kens having a cry in the street in some Ass-Hat run DNC Ruined City “up north” given my priorities and choices down here in The Free State Of Florida.

With that, I gotta go. Have to pack, plan the run, and make sure I get pool time in before the afternoon rain shows up. Oh, and check the beer & wine inventory… Priorities, a man has got to know his priorities….

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About E.M.Smith

A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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38 Responses to I No Longer Care About The Rage Machine

  1. Canadian Friend says:

    Silly me!

    I thought you were gonna talk about the band Rage Against the Machine who just gave half a million dollar$$$ to some pro-abortion group.

    Because killing babies is so much better than killing soldiers ( one of their biggest hit ” Killing in the name ” is a song about how wrong it is that we ask young men to die for their country…but murdering millions of babies is fine with them !)

    Some of their music is good, but their lyrics are typical leftist-woke dumb stuff…unfortunately.

    Some are now calling them Rage With the Machine as an insult…obviously because they agree with the evil leftist-woke machine

    Sorry for being semi-off topic.

  2. rhoda klapp says:

    I am beginning (well, maybe not just beginning) to really resent the idea that some folks have the right to decide what’s right for me and mine. They should mind their own business and leave me alone. I am not trying to bother them, although they do seem to resent me not being onboard with their daft opinions. The entire WEF/GEB thing is the most offensive of all. And SO stupid. Their plans can’t work and it is not my/our opposition that makes that true, it is the sheer cloth-eared stupidity of those plans. The plans that will only work with human beings conforming to a conception of perfectability which has never been seen to work before. Those people are so stupid it’s amazing that anyone can invest any trust in their plans.

    I once participated in an exercise where we were trying to sum up political phiposophies in three words. The result was the Left say ‘It’s not fair’ and the right say ‘Get over it.’ I’ve moved on from that to my own three words: Leave me alone.

  3. John Hultquist says:

    The web news sites have lots of pointers to happenings. About 1 in 30 gets my attention because it points to something I might be interested in, or because it will funny in an odd sort of way. A recent example is the young girl being nudged aside by Nancy Pelosi. Some complained, but I thought it showed NP being upstaged and not liking it. However, to be honest NP was engaged in a legitimate activity and young Flores was stealing the show. Interestingly, no site mentions the kid’s name.

  4. John Hultquist says:

    It is only Tuesday, and I’ve learned 2 new words this week.
    ‘spruiking’ and cloth-eared

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    Yeah, “cloth-eared” was a new one for me. Useful, though ;-)

    So Biden is a “cloth-eared and woolly minded puppet”?


    I’m trying to figure out how to fit “Leave Me The F Alone, Or Else!” in 3 words… right now the closest I’ve come is “Twelve Gauge Shotgun” ;-)

    Though “Brace Of 9mm” has a nice ring to it too! ;-)

  6. rhoda klapp says:

    Cloth-eared: This is the definition I prefer.

    not having the ability to appreciate (= to enjoy and make good judgments about) music or the way that words sound:
    People who love this record may think I’m cloth-eared and unperceptive.
    The theatres are full of cloth-eared tourists.
    not able to hear or understand well:
    Why don’t you listen for a change, you cloth-eared idiot?
    They are too cloth-eared to pay attention to warnings about climate change.

    Other definitions which refer to actual hearing difficulty miss the point.

  7. Em smith

    Cloth eared is widely used here in England.

  8. Tonyb
    June 29, 2022 at 6:35 am · Reply
    Cloth eared is in common use here in the UK but surprised it has travelled overseas

    It derives from the noise in cotton mills

    Perhaps who ever used it was a fan of John Cleese who used the phrase in fawlty towers if you got that programme over there


  9. jim2 says:

    Loved fawlty towers!

  10. I live in the town where fawlty towers was set

  11. Jeff says:

    @Jim2 and climatereason, something like this? :) (Que?)

  12. jim2 says:


  13. jim

    here is the clip. about 1 minute in when Basil calls Polly a ‘cloth eared bint.’ (bint being a rude slang word for female)

    The background is that O’reilly has blocked up the wrong door. As I mentioned Fawlty towers was set in my home town. The hotel was demolished 5 years ago but one of the buildings that has arisen in its place-a retirement complex- is called ‘Sachs lodge’, after the actor who played Manuel. I passed it just this morning

  14. Meisha says:

    Brilliant writing, E.M. Nice to have you back helping us see the world through your brilliantly clear and artfully sarcastic eyes!

    By the way, welcome to Florida. Moved here from Portola Valley, CA (just up the road from your previous homestead). I miss (some of) the people, climate, food, wine, running the hills, and more. Lived there 20+ years. But do not miss the politics and sheer idiocy that has infected the populace. When it was all about libertarian “free love,” I thought it a place I could live. The fascists among them (e.g., SDS, Weather Underground types) co-opted the ethos and destroyed what could have been a bastion for what’s best in humans when they are at their best: live and let live.


    But, welcome to Florida—I’m a bit further down the road now in Naples—it is a breath of fresh air!

  15. jim2 says:

    That FT clip was a nice way to begin the day. Thanks for that.

  16. rhoda klapp says:

    Bint, British soldier slang for young woman, can be insulting. From Arabic, I believe.

    I’ve been going to Naples FL since the 1990ish. Only for vacations though, and not since 2019..

  17. jim2 says:

    Our betters vision of the future is we will own nothing …. suck it up, buttercup!

    The change, made earlier in the month, cruised under our radar until a reader asked for our take over the weekend. Ford could be wanting to capitalize on exceptionally high used vehicle prices, ensuring that more vehicles make it back into rotation. The broader industry has likewise been talking about abandoning traditional ownership to transition the auto market into being more service-oriented where manufacturers ultimately retain ownership of all relevant assets. But it may not be that simple as this being another step in the business sector’s larger plan to maximize profitability by discouraging private vehicle ownership.


  18. beng135 says:

    Emotional weakness and fragility has been a standard part of the cultural marxist indoctrination for many decades to promote dependency and conformity.

  19. Simon Derricutt says:

    Things seem really strange at the moment. The majority of people I interact with are strong in their belief that it’s possible and desirable to run our current civilisation on wind and solar power alone, and that not doing so would be a disaster because the world would burn up. The fact that we can’t mine or manufacture enough stuff to make that happen, and that we’d need to buy a load of stuff Made In China to do so anyway, and China uses coal to make it, and even then we’d have power cuts in Winter, doesn’t seem to register. In order to change the houses from other heating to heat-pumps, again there’s a shortage of manufacturing capacity, you need a lot more insulation because the heat output is lower, and when it’s coldest outside the COP of the heat-pumps becomes less than 1 and so it switches to resistive heating instead, raising the load on the electrical grid just when the capacity is at a minimum if you’re running on wind and solar power.

    Here in France, I get adverts that I can buy a heat-pump for 1 euro, with the State carrying the rest of the cost. Trouble is, when I actually need the heat in Winter the cost of electricity rises to around 10 times the minimum overnight rate I get for 8 months of the year. I couldn’t afford to run it, even if the wires delivering power to my place were fat enough (they aren’t). Thus I’ll keep on burning the off-cuts from the local sawmill to keep warm. I also have had adverts to build me a new barn covered in solar panels, with the cost carried by the State. Might turn out profitable to me personally, but bad for the grid in general and would raise the cost of electricity for all.

    As Jason said over on WOOD, looks like a lot of the energy policies are designed to fail and will lead to a lot of misery and deaths. That’s if the people don’t die first off from strokes, cancers, and heart attacks as a result of vaccinations.

    It’s very hard to change peoples’ minds once they have a belief, though. I can point out the financial problems and the technical problems of doing these things, but they still believe it’s possible. I can point them at the data on climate, and they still believe it’s CO2 that’s a problem and that by cutting their personal contribution toCO2 emissions that somehow China’s increases in such emissions won’t totally dwarf any cuts they can make. Thus it’s all pointless anyway. If CO2 actually makes any sensible difference, we’re locked in to experiencing it anyway.

    As I’ve mentioned before, there’s likely a way around this using new technology which I expect to advance pretty quickly, so home generators that don’t need fuel will probably become available to buy within the next decade. Dirt-cheap energy and better automation will make a lot of difference and enable manufacturing to become local again. Also enables indoor farming local to consumption, as well as cheap transport for those things that need to be transported. This won’t fix the political problems and lousy beliefs (socialist shiny thing), but will reduce the impact of them by a lot. There might however be a gap between when energy has become too costly to use and when it becomes dirt-cheap, which is a bit of a worry. Hopefully we’ll also avoid WWIII too (but hope is not a strategy, even though it’s about the only option there).

    Maybe the most dangerous thing here is the way that world leaders largely follow the same song-sheet, so we’re losing the diversity of strategies that normally ensures that if one country makes a bad decision, other’s won’t and will survive better. It’s the main problem of having a top-down decision-making process with strong coercion to obey the leader – if the leader gets it wrong then everyone fails the same way. Such systems fail gradually, then suddenly.

  20. p.g.sharrow says:

    @Simon; “The majority of people I interact with are strong in their belief that it’s possible and desirable to run our current civilisation on wind and solar power alone”
    You need to hang out with a better class of people. Lol.
    I’ve been telling people that National dependence on “Alternative energy systems” is a bad national policy for over 40 years. Man, you can’t fix willfully stupid people. They have Read Only Memory, once learned they can’t (won’t) be re-educated.
    With their Nuclear and heavily Electrified system the French was well on it’s way to a bright future, but then they chose to join with the Idiots. Get rid of nuclear, install Wind and Solar and over tax their grid.
    All we can do as realists is continue to point out the obvious solution and the fact that you can’t change the laws of physics. No matter how much you might wish.
    You and I could fix their system permanently but we are spending our hard won wisdom tending our gardens and loved ones.

  21. cdquarles says:

    Well said, p.g. You can’t change the laws of chemistry nor of economics, either. Politicians have strong magical thinking. Media folk, have this also. Thus, the spiral down is going to happen. Likewise, the wheel of history keeps turning.

  22. Taz says:

    Hahahahaha. Priceless.

    Probably why it’s so hard to find buckshot anywhere :( People yawning then quietly setting about to add to their antifa bad day stash.

    Nobody cares anymore. “Interfere with my existence and I’ll end yours.”

  23. E.M.Smith says:

    Well, I’m back from the boat. So an update on “issues”:

    We only had Guinness, white wine and Scotch on the boat. Discovered we did not have a wine cork puller on the boat, and my “emergency cork puller” had been unloaded from my bag for some flight somewhere and then not replaced, so first night was Scotch for me. Next day, did an “emergency” run to Walmart to get 2 wine cork pullers, and a bunch of Labatt Pilsner (Blue).

    The Pilsner got me through the second night ;-)

    One of those days we went to a very nice Thai restaurant for dinner. Had Kirin Beer with Seafood Pad Thai. I’m a little hazy on just which day / dinner it was ;-)

    We added a “Stack Pack” to the boat (basically some tough fabric on the boom with ropes going up to the mast so when lowering the sail, it piles up nicely without you doing anything much – easier to take in sail and such). Then you just pull a giant zipper when done sailing.

    As we had the AC set up (and it takes a couple of hours to stow / install it) we didn’t go out sailing. Or at least that was the excuse for working on the drinks inventory…

    Did extend the Vacation Cottage for another month. So today was once again Hot Tub & Pool to start the day.

    Yeah, it has been very very hard to get back into the “mood” to look at the current political stupidity and give a damn. Yeah, I’ve been lazy on the posting front. My Bad.

    OTOH, it is now time for lunch and I’ve got some Quiche & Wine waiting for me… What? It’s after noon. It’s not like I’m drinking wine at 8 AM or something. Heck, I didn’t wake up until almost 10, so even trying to drink before noon would require special effort… And I did at least an hour of “exercise” in the pool / hot tub. Walking back and forth between them… hauling my bod out of one and then the other…

    Maybe by dinner time I’ll care what’s happening in the Democratic District Of Criminals… DDC… Either that or I’ll do another beer and wine run… Decisions decisions….

  24. rhoda klapp says:

    Another Neil Oliver vid summing up what’s going on.

    Did I manage to post it before Another Ian?

  25. Simon Derricutt says:

    Rhoda – see https://www.gbnews.uk/gb-views/this-supposed-utopia-were-having-rammed-down-our-throats-isnt-working-says-neil-oliver/329836 for the text version as well as the video. I prefer to read the text since it’s a lot faster.

  26. H.R. says:

    @Simon D – Yup. I read the transcript. It’s way better than trying to follow the cc on the videos.

  27. The True Nolan says:

    Regarding reading transcripts vs watching or listening to videos: Some health issues prevent me from reading as quickly as I used to, but I often listen to videos at 1.5 speed. If you have not tried the speed setting on videos, it is well worth at least a try.

  28. philjourdan says:

    Item 1 Temper Tantrums – never had them with the oldest! I suspect that is a thing as well. #2 was a different matter. #3 worse (and I cringed when the ex wailed on her! That should have been enough for me to divorce her then!) #4 even worse, but then he had 3 older enablers!

    As for the PMS left, you are correct. Who gives a damn? But some folks are getting cranky the other way! Demanding now that the MD and VA governors step in where the feds have failed. And get those “insurrectionists” off the street from intimidating SCOTUS Justices! We will see. That is all I read about. But perhaps you are immune to it as it seems so is the rest of folks. Besides. no one is paying them any mind! Just wish we had a real FBI instead of a bunch of robeless KKK clowns posing as law enforcement.

    Ya think that last comment will bring down their wrath on me? Probably. But I am too old to care and do not give a damn.

    Biden is so bad, that my wife shuts me up with I Quote him! She was at a friends house and her friend and I started discussing mr nowhereman. And when I quoted what he said, she told me to leave! I softly reminded her that this was Sonya’s house and WE were having a discussion, and if he did not want to here was the pretender was saying, she could leave. I am sleeping in the spare bedroom tonight! :-)

  29. philjourdan says:

    @Meisha says:
    29 June 2022 at 11:50 am

    Yea, Florida has no hills, and lots of Humidity! But it also has no taxes, and less insanity. If you want hills (not really any mountains east of the Mississippi), try the Appalachian Trail. Starts in Georgia and goes to Maine! Many hike the whole trail (I know one who did – took him 10 months).

  30. cdquarles says:

    Appalachian Trail starts in AL ;).

  31. jim2 says:

    We need a law that makes it illegal to protest in front of ANY private residence, not just those of Supreme Court justices. Of course, all law are worthless if not enforced. Where do you go to get that one fixed?

  32. The True Nolan says:

    @jim2 “Of course, all law are worthless if not enforced. Where do you go to get that one fixed?”

    If you can ever fix that one, you’ll be my hero! Maybe even worse than unenforced laws are laws that are selectively enforced. Or (not quite the same thing) are selectively punished. Remember THIS young man?

  33. p.g.sharrow says:

    @ .The True Nolan; this kind of crap infuriates me ! Prison is not for “corrections” or punishment. It is to get anti-social people out of circulation among honest people. Prison does not “correct” anti-social people it just makes them better at it.

  34. Ossqss says:

    There are many hills in Florida. Just about anywhere you go you will find hills. They are just called overpasses here :-)

  35. The True Nolan says:

    There are some small hills in Florida. Visit Torreya State Park in Northern Florida. It is the very last tippy tail end of the Appalachians.

    If you kind of squint sideways, Ravines State Park in Palatka is sort of hilly. (If you go there, visit during the spring azalea blooming weeks.)

  36. philjourdan says:

    Alabama is a state? Who knew? :-)

    Meisha, please excuse my ignorance (as you might know by now, I have not hiked the Appalachian trail). CD is the expert on where it starts as he lives down there in those fuzzy states (I just assumed GA as I knew it did not start in FLA).

  37. philjourdan says:

    @jim2 – Both VA and MD have such laws. But then they also have democrats who only selectively enforce laws.

  38. cdquarles says:

    I will second that statement about FL’s hills. The tail end of Appalachia’s foothills make it into NW FL, SW AL to Mobile and into SE MS, past Hattiesburg.

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