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“Me” News

I’ve got the first 20 foot box load of “stuff” from California moved out here. The house is starting to feel like our home. Familiar dining room, familiar plates & cups. Familiar wall hangings. LOTS of books (now I need to decide on “new bookcases” or haul out the old ones… likely going for new ;-)

Still a couple of loads to go, but lower priority stuff and largely not harmed by heat in storage. ( I moved my seed archive and photos this trip too )

Figure about a week from now I’ll likely be going again, maybe.

News & Events

The Queen is dead. Long live the King. Things will change. The world morns. She was an anchor holding the values of The Greatest Generation in modernity. The world is now more free to spin out of whack…

The NATO Proxy War with Russia continues. I’m hesitant to call it the Ukrainian war since Ukraine is just providing the bodies and the money laundry for the west. Europe writ large is trying to cope with the significant inflation, energy starvation, and recession their choices have brought. Good luck with that. Really, I hope you pull it off. But it won’t be easy…

The USA continues to thrash about under President Brainless. FWIW, on The CW network I watched “Braindead” the series. Liked it rather a lot. From before the Trump presidency, but with lots of jabs about Trump & Hillary, the basic plot line is that alien Bugs From Space eat selected parts of the brains of The Political Class in DC, and nobody really notices ;-) It’s a rehash of a plot line we saw before in Star Trek TNG, but with a comedy twist. If you like political spoofs and / or B SciFi, it’s worth it. Much of it seems to apply more now than it did when first shot…

It is the anniversary of 9-11. Nuff Said.

All in all I’m finding escapism more attractive than The News.

Oh, and China is going dark, Covid Crap and more is continuing to mess up logistics globally, China’s $Trillion of debt for High Speed Rail is running into issues as fares are so expensive that ridership is not making a profit, so cutting back service; because, you know, reduced service and higher prices are the way to attract more customers… /sarc;

Monkey Pox seems to be in the process of leaving the news due to the intense laughter mixed with No F-ing Way response to the marketing of it.

The EU is in recession. The USA is in recession. China is lying about being at 4/10th growth to avoid admitting they are in recession. I think the UK & Australia are in recession too (and likely Canada). Global economics not looking too hot.

Figure about 2024 we have a shot of getting out of recession as they usually last about 1 to 1.5 years. Unless it is a Great Depression due to massive ongoing money printing and interest rate hikes… Oh Dear…


This will continue to be DIY for a while still.


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I’ve also gotten addicted to the Top Ten Memes of the week from WatchMAGA here:


They have interesting “bite” to them, along with a tendency to highlight the news of the week in memes, so good as a social attitude pointer too. Plus they are “way fun” ;-)

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  1. philjourdan says:

    On the Queen news, I have never been a royalphile. But I greatly respected QEII for what she did! Now most of it was to hold the old UK together. But there are other instances where she knew the pulse of the world and acted accordingly! Most recently, playing the Star Spangled Banner 2 days after 911 and then on the 20th anniversary.

    What disturbs me about her death is that resident Bumbleshoot will now represent the US at her funeral! That is a disaster waiting to happen!

    As for Prince Charles (with deference to your wife), he said all the right things now. But past behavior means he has too much to make up for with no time to do so. He is already in his 70s. And while the females in that lineage live to 100 or so, the males are no as lucky,

    So long live the King. As long as he keeps his yap shut.

  2. H.R. says:

    This could go under the “Moving Stuff” thread, but it deserves more scrutiny here on a W.O.O.D. thread.

    There is a shortage of urea, and it is used for making Blue DEF for the newer diesel engines. We talked about it last year and knew it was coming. While still in Florida, I stocked up on it as it was still pretty readily available. I saw empty shelves a few times, but they were restocked soon enough. So, DEF supply was more of a logistics problem that hit last year and not one of availability of the ingredients.

    All summer long, I’ve been doing fixits to the Northern Outpost and have made a lot of trips to Home Depot. At the ‘Pro’ checkout, there’ a display of Blue DEF for the contractors to grab and go, since many of them have diesel rigs. It has always been full.

    Two weeks ago, the display was totally empty, seemingly overnight (and overnight may be true). I have still been making trips about 3 or 4 times per week and the rack has remained empty.

    Has the urea shortage finally caught up to the U.S.? Is it just another logistics glitch?

    I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

    So E.M. it sounds like you are planning “Moving; The Sequel” fairly soon. I think that’s the right move.

    Here’s the ‘politics’ part from my intro. The Dems, GEBs, and Biden Administration have put the brakes on gas prices going into the mid-term election. Still high, but no longer climbing.

    But here’s what I see come the mid-terms. If the Dems win, legit or stolen and it doesn’t matter, they will put the pedal to the metal to make fuel unavailable and unaffordable. That’s been the goal all along.

    If they lose all their majorities in the mid-terms, they will triple down on fuel prices and availability via regulatory measures just to punish “those stupid, deplorable voters” (that’s us!) and make it hard for anyone to reverse the roadblocks they have put in place.

    Someone talk me down off the ledge, but I see high fuel prices and shortages (rationing?) ahead regardless of the outcome of the mid-term elections.

    The Government Evil Bastards in DC can do a lot of damage before January 2023 rolls around.

  3. E.M.Smith says:


    Is There a Diesel Exhaust Fuel Shortage in The U.S?

    The U.S. could soon experience a severe shortage of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), impacting U.S. drivers already hit with soaring fuel prices.

    DEF is a solution made up of urea and de-ionized water that is needed for almost everything that runs on diesel. It reduces harmful gases being released into the atmosphere and works by converting nitrogen oxide produced by diesel engines into nitrogen and steam.

    The solution is injected into the exhaust stream to limit pollution from diesel engines in order to meet current exhaust emissions standards.

    Every diesel truck manufactured since 2010 is required to use DEF. It is also a requirement of many diesel vehicles, including trucks, tractors, buses, RVs, and private vehicles.

    Due to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, supplies of urea, a key ingredient in DEF, have fallen.

    Russia is a major fertilizer exporter and a top exporter of urea, which is manufactured as a derivative of natural gas. Supplies, therefore, have been impacted by the war.

    The global supply of urea was already being impacted by ongoing supply chain issues, but this worsened after the invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

    Russia’s government has also weighed suspending fertilizer and urea exports, while China, another major exporter of urea, has placed restrictions on exports.

    In 2020, the U.S. imported 4.5 million metric tons of urea, coming in third behind India and Brazil.

    But Wait! There’s More!


    Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Sensor Shortage Updates
    October 14, 2021

    EPA is aware of how the global shortage of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) sensors is impacting vehicle owners, and we are working diligently with manufacturers to support them in providing solutions.

    EPA has approved all the software solutions provided to us by the engine manufacturers, and manufacturers have already begun implementing many of them. Each manufacturer has numerous engine families, and each family typically requires a unique software solution. Manufacturers are determining the pace and sequence in which they complete software deployment for each of their engine families. Vehicle owners should contact their local dealership’s service department for information about when a solution for their specific vehicle will be available.

    So there’s that…

    That’s why I’m not going to buy any Diesel that required DEF. (The ML is the very last 1/2 year before Mercedes require it… Early in that year it was not required. Then they did the change over to BluTec… My 240D rather obviously doesn’t need it ;-)

    IF I get a different tow vehicle (if the Mechanic says the ML won’t be ready on time or budget…) it will either be gas or a 2009 or earlier Diesel.

    The old ones will run on all kinds of “emergency fuels”. The new ones won’t even run if they are out of Blue Pee…

    FWIW, I once figured out that with all my old cars full, I’m good for about 1800 miles of driving. Other than hauling stuff from California, I’m going about 20 miles a WEEK. Call it 1000 miles a YEAR. So I’ve got about 1.8 years of “grocery run” fuel on hand. In a real Fuel Emergency, I could likely stretch that to 2 years (Diesel will keep that long, so I’d run the gas cars down first…)

    Per Gas Supply:

    We KNOW for fact that the WEFies, GEBs, Globalists in general, Gang Green, and the UN (along with minor players like the DNC…) are all bought into the Big Climate Scam and want to ban / eliminate fossil fuels. It is a stated goal. Believe it.

    So I’m pretty sure they will do everything possible, regardless of votes, to do so.

    FWIW, I intend to get a stand-by generator “whole house” sized, and have enough fuel in it for a couple / few weeks. Big Question is just Diesel or Propane. It isn’t too unusual to see a 250 gallon propane tank next to a house in a semi-rural setting… It keeps forever too. Also, not a lot of folks interesting in trying to “siphon” it ;-) OTOH, I could siphon diesel from car or generator for the other, as needed… Whatever, we’ll see.

    Were I you, I’d have a very simple solution. Get a truck bed aux fuel tank with pump. Put 100 to 200 gallons of Diesel in it when prices are cheap. Use it up when prices are nutty or fuel is out of supply. My Texas Uncle did that with his truck. Used to fill up in Texas (near Dallas) and drive to San Jose / Silicon valley to visit. Then return home. Filling up again in Texas when he got home… Paid for itself “right quick”…

    BTW, due to the use in home heating and cooking, I expect Propane to remain available long after gasoline and car Diesel have been attacked to death… But due to the massive cost and impossibility of converting large industrial machines to anything but Diesel, I do expect it to remain around (even if perhaps a bit harder to get… in future decades).

    I’m figuring on a 10 year need window only. Why? Because I think I’ll not be driving when I’m 80… With some kind of Ramp Down in that 10 years. I think it will take that long to demonize cars and trucks enough to get the majority of the fleet sales over to electric. Also, as the Average Vehicle Lifetime in America today is a bit over 12 years, the cars sold in the last 3 years will still be needing fuel so they can’t just entirely shut it off without horrific backlash. Industrial kit is more like 20 to 40 year lifetimes, so it will be even longer… thus my expectations of Diesel and Propane at the 10 year mark.

    Will they try? Certainly. But as you just saw in California: They can’t get electric cars & trucks sold any faster than they can double the grid, and they are not trying to double the grid capacity… they are trying to remove the reliable sources. So, IMHO, the Grid will LIMIT e-Car sales for at least a decade as they discover this and then discover that building a full sized 2nd grid AND generation capacity will take more than 10 years…

    So e-cars & e-Trucks are going to hit a hard wall when “adoption” crosses about 10% (so about the same as the effective added solar & wind) and then starts putting more power suck on the coal, nat gas, and nuclear plants preventing their shut down.

    That’s the way I see it anyway…

    Florida will have a hard time selling many “can’t escape the hurricane” range anxiety on steroids cars. California will have an increasingly hard time selling “A/C or Working Car” cars in summer. (Ditto Arizona, New Mexico, …) While in Texas you will find it is hard to sell “doesn’t work well in below freezing” and “can’t charge and run the AC in summer” AND “Not enough range to get to work and back” in a State that is 1000 miles from edge to edge… It can take an entire e-Car range just to get from one side of Dallas-Fort-Worth to the other on the ring road… then you get to talk about getting back…

    So they simply can NOT shut off Diesel and Gasoline and swap everyone to e-Cars at anywhere near their stated schedule. All they can do is either fail, or catastrophically break the system while failing.

    So I think it prudent to prepare for disruptions; but I’m not seeing the end of gasoline and Diesel in the next 10 years…

    BTW, you can make your own urea and make your own DEF…


    Urea is basically urine from any mammal, and you are a mammal.
    It is a little more complicated than simply moving your bathroom to your garden however, and there is a method to making the fertilizer.

    Step 1 I think you can figure out, so…

    Step 2: Making the Mixture
    It is important that the urine is used within 24 hours from elimination because otherwise it will turn to ammonia and will kill your plants. Mix 1 tsp. of baking soda per gallon of urine. The baking soda neutralizes the acid in the urine. Add at least 10 times as much water as urine you’ve collected (example: 10 gallons water for 1 gallon urine) to neutralize the nitrogen in the urine. These ingredients can be mixed directly in the bucket or transferred to a smaller container for mixing.

    Personally, I’d use potassium bicarbonate for making fertilizer urea as the plants want it, not sodium, but that’s just me.

    Oh, and no I’d not use this in my car as the salt will not be good for it. Find another way to extract the pure urea…

    Were I wanting to make my own DEF, I’d buy pure Urea Prills and dissolve them in water:


    This item: Feed Grade Prilled Urea (1 Ton/2,000 lbs) in 50 l…Feed grade urea is a non-protein nitrogen supplement for ruminant animal feeds. It is produced by the reaction of ammonia with carbon dioxi…$869.40

    So a bit under $900 for a ton of it, then dissolve it about 1 : 2 in pure deionized water.


    Used by vehicles fitted with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology, AdBlue® is an aqueous solution for converting most of the nitrogen oxides into water vapour and harmless nitrogen. Can you make AdBlue® yourself?

    Making AdBlue® yourself: standards which cannot be met
    AdBlue® is a chemical solution of high purity which meets the physico-chemical specifications and characteristics described in standard ISO 22241, a guarantee of quality. This aqueous solution is made up of 32.5% high purity urea and 67.5% demineralised water. It can only be produced industrially. Making AdBlue® yourself may have adverse repercussions on your vehicle.

    So remember, don’t do this yourself. It takes lots of money, industrial plant, people with Ph.Ds and stuff to mix industrial pure urea with water and stir…

    There are two ways of making AdBlue®:

    the first involves dissolving granules of solid urea, called prills in demineralised water;
    the second involves mixing synthetic urea with demineralised water.

    Did you know?

    The AdBlue® trademark is registered by the German Automobile Industry Association (VDA).

    IF one has a DEF dependent Diesel and wants a Hail Mary DEF supply, consider the utility of a bucket of UREA prills in the closet. Worst case, you use it on the garden as a 46 0 0 fertilizer one day…


    Quick facts
    The agricultural industry widely uses urea, a white crystalline solid containing 46 percent nitrogen as an animal feed additive and fertilizer. Here, we’ll focus on its role as a nitrogen fertilizer.

    In the past decade, urea has surpassed and nearly replaced ammonium nitrate as a fertilizer. This has brought up new questions about urea and how to use it.

    Personally, my guess is that if the grade is clean enough to be fed to animals, it is clean enough to be squirted into the exhaust of a truck…

    But I would want to find out the microns limit on the injector for it and filter to lower / smaller than that first….

  4. H.R. says:

    Gosh, E.M. You are such a Pollyanna!

    The whole push by the GEBs is to eliminate ICEs while holding out the promise of EVs, which will never happen because we can’t make enough EVs to replace ICEs. We can’t even charge the ones we have now because of fickle whirligigs and the lack of lunar panels to charge EVs overnight… and that’s not even considering what it would take to run wires all over hell and gone to get electricity to charging points.

    The plan is to deny personal transportation, and thus freedom of movement, to all but the elites. That really is the plan. Evs are just so much hopium to keep the masses calm while their ICEs are made useless.

    You cannot control a population that can go willy-nilly wherever they want whenever they want.

    If someone wants to go to buy food but has been suspected of wrong think, they’ll just have to sit in their 10’x10′ cube and starve, because they ain’t goin’ nowhere, nohow without permission.

    You’ve seen the old films of Red Square years ago where the absolutely huge space had only a dozen or so cars driving through it? Everyone else was walking or riding a bicycle. Not even motorbikes in sight.

    Utopia! That’s the plan.

    P.S. I’ve got about 8,000 miles worth of Blue DEF stashed. I’ll be adding to my stash this week if I can find some more. So I jumped the gun a little buying it in Florida. It paid off now. I figure I need about 15,000 miles worth for the truck before it’s time to hand over the keys. It’s a tow vehicle, not a daily driver.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    Um, Pollyanna? No…. I’m not finding “good in everything” nor am I irrepressibly positive about things. (and yes, I heard the ‘sarc’ even if not tagged…)

    They WILL try to do just that. They will fail is my prediction (and fail for 2 simple reasons: 1) It is technically impossible. 2) When they shut off the fuel before the e-Cars are universal, the public will revolt for the simple reason that the alternative is an utterly collapsed economy and death. That doesn’t seem “positive” to me… Positive would be thinking folks would see that coming and stop it before the fuel gets shut off…

    I’m able to make my own Diesel fuel from edible oils, and if need be: my own DEF from fertilizer. I’ve prepared to do this. Not because I want to, nor because I think it is a great idea. But because I’m pretty sure there will be a period of time when they have broken the fuel system enough I may need to do it. Preparing for a government induced Armageddon is not exactly “seeing the positive” in it…

    So I think your metaphor is wrong. I’m more an intractable surly curmudgeon with a lot of burro genes ( i.e. I can be a hard ass about a lot of things…) who will never give up and never surrender. I expect things to get bad, likely horribly bad. I just think I’m smarter than them and can work around them for my personal needs (and that of family & friends) at least for the next 10 years. (After that, it’s someone else’s problem…)

    What I’m also pretty sure of: They will start with edicts just banning all cars (and especially anything not electric) from City Centers. Then they will build out from there. At the same time, they will be trying to herd everyone off the land and into Mega_Cities. Thus reducing vehicle use in the rural areas. I’m just expecting that the hardest ones to move will be the suburbs / semi-rural. Just need to hold out for a decade on that one. Oh, and accept that I won’t be able to drive into Big Cities without getting the hairy eyeball “What is HE doing with a working car?”… but I don’t voluntarily go into big cities anyway, if I can avoid it at all. So ban away… It’s their preferred habitat so let them deal with it…

    My expectation is that, given the history of The Projects (think urban slum high rises) failing dramatically and being dynamited… these new Super Duper Projects will also fail dramatically. For the same reasons. Rats in an overcrowded maze go crazy criminal.

    FWIW, ATM I have all but one car FULL of gas / Diesel. That one gets a fill up tomorrow. I plan to keep them all over 1/2 tank and mostly topped up for as long as I have them… “For that day”… I can only have 2 gallons of gas in a gas can, but having 90 in gas tanks on cars is Just Fine! (Goes to 108 when the 240 D gets moved here ;-) Yes, it would be better with a Fuel Bunker in the bed of just one pickup truck… but … you work with what you have.

  6. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh, and FWIW, my 2 bikes are in California. Once they are here, the grocery store IS in bicycle distance if necessary. Though the trips to COSTCO & Sam’s would be right out… and I can’t fit 3 flats of water (36 x 3 x 16 oz bottles) on the bike… so some adjustments would be needed ;-)

    I have thought of getting one of those little barely street legal Pocket Bikes that get about 200 miles to the gallon though ;-) Figure with a little trailer it would work for grocery runs… once the cars and trucks are off the road ;-)

    Oh, and 90 gallons x 200 miles = 18,000 miles of fuel on hand… though I’d need to trade the Diesel for gasoline… but about 5 years of fuel for grocery runs… IF the stores stay open… what with nobody able to drive to get groceries… Hmm…

    Maybe that’s not such a good idea… 8-{

  7. John Hultquist says:

    The direct and immediate impacts of “net Zero” (shorthand for a lot of things) will likely not cause me great concern. E. M. mentions age and location as a couple of the reasons. I’m a bit older and (now) only have one vehicle (a 2019 gasoline F150) and I don’t drive much. The house is 100% electric with a wood stove for emergency heating. My next move and downsizing (from a rural home) will likely involve some sort of elderly-care facility and an electric scooter.

    However, the 3rd and 4th order impacts cause great wonderment.
    Use Google Earth or similar and look at this region from about 30 miles altitude.
    Lat/Long: 47.113613, -119.664407
    On the left side is the Columbia River and the small town of George, WA. Each green circle has a ½ mile diameter, so there are 4 per square mile.
    The apples and other fruit, corn, hay, and wine from this irrigated area is carried to other parts of the Nation or exported. Local population is small so not much relatively is consumed locally. Most is carried out on trucks.

    With increasing cost of fuel, all that harvest will become more expensive and less competitive on the world markets. I wonder if all the growers and support people are pondering their future, or are they unaware?

  8. E.M.Smith says:

    @John Hultquist:

    We are getting a preview of “net zero”, but at a very reduced scale. (Just the gas shut off so far, not the oil and coal…)


    European Energy Concerns Deepen
    SEPTEMBER 8, 2022 / MIKE
    Energy markets are volatile right now with prices surging. If this was not bad enough, many European energy companies are facing margin calls at the worst possible time. Collateral cash is not available in the amounts needed, mainly owing to the volatility of energy markets, which has been sparked in-turn by the energy. The chips are down, and the red light is flashing on the continent as leaders and energy ministers try and come to terms with the crisis now staring directly at them.

    Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo warned today that swift action must be taken to prevent a broad economic shutdown continent-wide. “A few weeks like this and the European economy will just go into a full stop. Recovering from that is going to be much more complicated than intervening in gas markets today. The risk of that is de-industrialization and severe risk of fundamental social unrest.” De Croo made these comments in an interview with Bloomberg. Tomorrow 27 EU energy ministers will meet in Brussels to discuss a plan for intervention in European energy markets. As some analysts have said earlier this week, Europe is now facing a “Lehman Event” and swift intervention could be the only tool strong enough to stave off major disaster.

    Even though European officials continue to claim gas storage supplies are sufficient enough to get EU nations through the winter, there’s increasing worry that if even one member-state must resort to blackouts and other energy restrictions it will create a domino-effect throughout the entire EU. Given the current state of energy in Europe this is a very possible prospect once winter sets in.

    Now imagine it without the coal plants started back up and with oil shut off too…

    That’s Net Zero. It just ain’t gonna fly. Countries will be overthrown, leaders tossed out of office, and lynching will the the weekend hobby of the masses if they even try to get to zero.

    One hopes for a long cold winter so that this truth will be firmly fixed in everyone’s mind come spring… One fears they will just squeak by and then Do The Stupid Thing in summer with blowing up fossil fuel driven plant & equipment…

  9. H.R. says:

    @E.M. – Yeah, I figured you’d get the teasing. I mean, when was the last time anyone called you a Pollyanna? My guess is “never,” and I was operating on the surprise factor of that. 😊

    Well, I was going on and on about “The Plan” and not so much about how people would react to “The Plan”.

    My comment was already too long, but I was thinking about the Bond villains. They had billions and billions to spend on armies of minions and henchmen, insanely huge and complex facilities, and then that Earth destroying kit that took an army of scientists and techies to build and maintain.

    And in the end, it was always that one little detail they hadn’t planned on, something like a little dart from 007’s watch that hit just the right button that crashed all of the Evil Villain’s facilities and hardware and brilliant plan into a smoldering ruin.

    You are just one example of the many smart, hardheaded, and independent spirits that used to make up most of America. There are a bunch of us here who are like minded and not just Americans. The GEBs have reduced the numbers of people that have the mindset of “put an obstacle in my way and I’ll find a way around it.” But not enough.

    Just my opinion, but I think they have pulled the trigger a little too early. Most of the GEBs are getting long in the tooth and so they wanted to see the results of their brilliant plans. Thus, the trigger was pulled too soon.

    I’m sure they think they have planned for resistance. But I’m reminded of a manufacturing saying used for assuring quality or safety. “You can always idiotproof something but then there’s always a bigger idiot that comes along.”

    I still believe that they have holes in their plans, and there are still too many old-school people who would rather be left alone, but when pushed to the limit, are precisely the wrong people to piss off. And some of us do have little darts in our watches and pockets full of sand to sprinkle in the gears.

    You can monitor and infiltrate a movement, but you can’t watch a few million people all of the time that will tend to toss that strategic can of ball bearings on the floor independently and on their own initiative. Maybe loosen the odd bolt… maybe put sugar in the fuel supply of the thug army… lots of little surprises like that.

    The spirit of Bugs Bunny still lives in America (“Ain’t I a stinkah?”)

  10. Taz says:


    “The NATO Proxy War with Russia continues. I’m hesitant to call it the Ukrainian war since Ukraine is just providing the bodies and the money laundry for the west. Europe writ large is trying to cope with the significant inflation, energy starvation, and recession their choices have brought. Good luck with that. Really, I hope you pull it off. But it won’t be easy…”

    Is it possible you might not be so flippant concerning NATO involvement if Chinese or aliens were attacking Ukraine instead? Or if some muscular military was on the US border, after WE had decided never to play war no more? Ukraine gave up it’s nukes for a paper promise of protection. That paper was signed by Russia and the United States.

    I’ll admit that Ukraine’s demands are cringeworthy…much like a perpetuity Chinese obligation. But NATO was stuck here. Ukraine clearly doesn’t want to get into the car with the black man beating her. So are you just gonna stand there? Do nothing?

    NK has already passed laws this week virtually granting the death penalty to anyone questioning their nuclear arsenal. My bet is that Iran too is watching Ukraine closely too.

    Non proliferation is gone thanks to Russia. Any tiny country in their right mind will now seek nuclear weapons. Just in case the US proves unreliable.

    Tonight the Russians destroyed many electrical substations in Ukraine. No power, no water, no heat for you. Then they published a nice little twitter photo describing “Moscow lights” through the decades. Coincidence? Maybe.

    If Ukraine had those 320 mile range Himars – they could easily wipe that smirk from Muscovite faces. Give them a taste of real war. Maybe Syria them too in a few months. Ukraine can then just shrug “this is war”.

    What our political elite did in Ukraine is odious, and it’s possible many should do prison time. That’s still a separate issue. OUR dirty laundry. Why should some poor mom lose her apartment and husband due to the actions of US politicians? Try to imagine returning to YOUR new home as a pile of debris.

    Have connections to Florida. The natives there shoot people who misbehave.

    Floridians don’t fool around. That once was true of Californians.

  11. Taz says:

    Visa announced today that they will effectively create a national gun registry from better indexed purchase records. Now the reality of this has been in place for years, but they still felt it necessary to rub everyone’s nose in it to score virtue points.

    Makes one wonder how any of us ever fell into this trap of endless “intermediaries”. Time for change?

  12. H.R. says:

    Visa’s records will be incomplete. But they will also tie in ammo purchases, so that 9mm you bought with cash from ‘some guy’ will still have ammo sales hinting at you.

    Then it doesn’t matter because the background checks, which were supposed to be deleted when completed… surprise! They weren’t. They lied.

    The thing is, there are so many legacy guns around that are not recorded anywhere. I’d imagine anyone with a lick of sense has already separated their ‘on the books’ guns from their legacy ‘off the books’ guns. And I’m sure they will be stored somewhere that powder sniffing dogs won’t detect them.

    It’s going to be quite the chore rounding up all of the firearms in the US. And I’m guessing there are some ornery cusses out there who will make sure that at least one or more of those rounding up the guns don’t make it home for dinner. If that happens on a daily basis, I’m fairly certain that few people will be interested in being on gun roundup duty.

    I suppose it will come down to the ratio of ornery cusses to gun grabbers.

  13. E.M.Smith says:


    Is it possible you might not be so flippant concerning NATO involvement if Chinese or aliens were attacking Ukraine instead? Or if some muscular military was on the US border, after WE had decided never to play war no more? Ukraine gave up it’s nukes for a paper promise of protection. That paper was signed by Russia and the United States.

    Nope. Ukraine is NOT a NATO member. NATO has zero reason to be in Ukraine as it is a Mutual Support When Attacked agreement among the MEMBERS only. No NATO member was attacked.

    I’d be just as annoyed if NATO decided to go set things right in Venezuela or Cuba or South Sudan. NATO is NOT a world Police or even UN Police force. Just a mutual support agreement when attacked. Getting the “club” members all gung ho to pick a proxy fight with Russia, fund it with $Billions, and ship in train loads of high end weaponry is both stupid and a violation of charter and purpose. It’s the kind of thing that lead to W.W.I and W.W.II. (mutual aid agreements). Doing it after you installed the government via a coup and set it to shelling Ethnic Russians is just blatant picking a fight.

    That NATO is engaged in the adventure is a violation of its purpose and risks Global Thermonuclear War. It’s stupid in the extreme. In Theory, this is just individual countries getting in on the war, but in practice it is NATO.

    Do note that those same “paper promises of protection” included Ukraine never becoming a NATO member and that NATO would not extend its membership to the Russian Border. NATO has violated those agreements first, leading to this war. Embrace that. Understand that THAT is the root cause. NATO deciding to poke the Russian Bear just too much. Extending an offer to Ukraine to apply for membership in violation of the agreements. Only after that was Russia pushed into responding.

    BTW, while the USSR nukes were in Ukraine, all command and control was Russian. They could not launch them even if they had been left. Essentially, Russia just took back the Russian nukes stationed in Ukraine (instead of handing over the keys and such). Ukraine never had Ukrainian nukes they could launch.

    Those are just the inconvenient facts being swept under the rug.

    Yes, you stand there and do nothing when it is not your fight, not your problem, and it is a Family Fight. (The “black man beating” is a particularly lousy analogy, BTW and stinks of racist stereotyping too.) This is a disagreement between a Western Installed Regime and Russia, with about 1/3 of the Ukrainian citizens being Russians and wanting to be part of Russia again like they were for about 900 out of the last 1000 years. About another 1/3 being non-Russians absorbed at the end of W.W.II when Ukraine took a chunk of Poland, and about 1/3 misc. not really involved before the war broke out. Almost all Slavs of some sort.

    Sticking your nose into a Family Fight gets more police officers killed than just about anything else. NATO is presently suffering greatly for going on this “Adventure” without thinking it through (then again, they largely caused it via the Color Revolution to install a Russia Hostile regime and make it their Money Laundry.) The fuel shortage caused by their sanctions on Russia may end the EU (if the rampant inflation doesn’t do it first…)

    Non Proliferation was gone 20+ years ago. Maybe closer to 40… It was the 1970s that India got the bomb. So many folk have it now I’ve lost count. USA, UK, France, Russia, China, Israel, India, Pakistan, North Korea, who else? (South Africa at one time)… Iran soon as Biden is busy funding it and permitting it (again…). Don’t blame Russia for that.

    You seem to not understand at all the true nature of war and the way of “diplomacy by other means”, nor when it is used, and why. Russia has already said “hit Russian soil and you are ended”. If Ukraine put the lights out in Moscow, Kiev would cease to exist. Putin is being very limited in what weapons he is employing. Trying very hard to not hit civilians nor destroy any more structures and facilities than needed. Hit Russia and that changes immediately to “All weapons” (and do remember Russian military doctrine includes the use of Tactical Nukes.) Ukraine is the one being very overtly damaging to people and structures. Shelling a nuclear power plant? What fresh idiocy is that? (And the cover story that Russia is shelling itself is just incredibly stupid. Ukraine does particularly horrible propaganda, usually proven to be fabrications within hours.).

    And no, it is NOT possible to separate “our dirty laundry” from the NATO proxy war in Ukraine. It is “our dirty laundry” including financing and coordinating a coup, installing a Russia hostile government, setting up a Money Laundry (and other corruptions), inviting Ukraine into NATO (in violation of agreements), being happy with Ukraine bombing the Donbass, etc. etc. that were the root causes leading to this war. You do not get to just wave them away.

    Wars are hell and the fact is that while folks try to not harm innocent civilians, there’s just no way to avoid it 100%. So yeah, lots of injustice happens in wars. Cry about it or just realize “that’s life” and get back to trying to fix things. Lose the sob stories; they are just wasted tears in the gutter. Hard? Yup, that’s the nature of wars. Something like 15,000 to 19,000 Ethnic Russians in the Donbass were murdered by their government in Kiev over the last decade via shelling, for the crime of being ethnic Russians. Cry me a river if you want… but cry for both sides.

  14. E.M.Smith says:


    Then there’s the folks who will put contact poison on the surfaces or make Ricin dust from their Castor Beans… and yes, you can buy castor beans to plant your own vines…

    I’d wager some number of places will require a hazmat suit to “collect” things…

    The number of commonly available toxins is huge. One does not need anthrax spoors. (There’s a tree in Florida that will kill you if you seek cover from the rain under it… the rain dripping on you carries enough…)


    A present-day Spanish name is, “little apple of death”. This refers to the fact that manchineel is one of the most toxic trees in the world: the tree has milky-white sap which contains numerous toxins and can cause blistering. The sap is present in every part of the tree: the bark, the leaves, and the fruit.
    Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León died shortly after an injury incurred in battle with the Calusa in Florida—being struck by an arrow that had been poisoned with manchineel sap.


    Standing beneath the tree during rain will cause blistering of the skin from mere contact with this liquid: even a small drop of rain with the milky substance in it will cause the skin to blister. The sap has also been known to damage the paint on cars. Burning the tree may cause ocular injuries if the smoke reaches the eyes. Contact with its milky sap (latex) produces bullous dermatitis, acute keratoconjunctivitis and possibly large corneal epithelial defects.

    I would expect the active ingredient to be easily extracted with acetone or rubbing alcohol and concentrated via evaporation… provided you have a HazMat suit of your own…

    Just as one example….

    But my gun buying days are pretty much done. Last gun I bought was somewhere around 30? years ago. Lately I’ve been reducing the inventory. Ditto Ammo. About 30 years ago. (did some reloading since then though). I doubt VISA has records that old ;-)

  15. H.R. says:

    @E.M. – 30 years ago? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. The instant checks were instituted in 1998, so all you own is legacy gear. You’re not even on a list to go check out.

    And besides, everything you had all went overboard in a tragic accident while you were staying on your boat in Florida, having not yet moved from California. #@!% slippery decks! 😉

    I’ll have to keep an eye out for Machineel trees. Ya never know when its healing properties might come in handy. Makes a dandy dandruff shampoo according to the linked article. 😉😉

    Yup. There are still too many left who won’t go gently into that good night.

  16. E.M.Smith says:

    It’s got a lot of the same active ingredient as in poison oak and poison ivy, though highly concentrated. Perhaps with some other toxins too.

    As I’m highly reactive to said poison oak / ivy I’m not going anywhere near the Machineel tree nor touch anything under it. Last time I had just a little bit of poison oak resin on me, I swoll up so much my neck was the size of my head … and my face got into the act too… and…

    Come to think of it, that was also the last time I went hiking in the woods in California… about 1985… I’m happy to walk down roads, even wide clear hiking trails, go to camp grounds, beaches… Not so happy nor willing to push my way through brush and trees anymore… Sand and low grass are my friends ;-)

    So I figure given my reaction to regular old poison oak, just being down wind of one of those suckers is likely to start me itching and swelling… Thus my interest in knowing how to identify and avoid it…

    In California ever year some yahoo decides to clear the brush off of some land they bought / own and burn it. Then they discover the effect of poison oak smoke on skin, eyes, and lungs… Just to give you an idea how a Devious Mind works:

    Were I able to go near that thing without risk of having my skin fall off… One could get one of these nice little gadgets called a Thermocell. They are used to drive away mosquitoes. They have a pad of volatile mosquito-repelling stuff that gets heated up by a little propane flame inside. Innocuous. But what would happen if you made your own little pad with your own little goo on it? Someone says they are here to collect your goods, you click the built in igniter and say “Wait here, I have to go get the key”…

    FWIW, at one time a college friend worked for the DOD doing weapons testing. We used to try and dream up new weapons… I decided after my first dozen or so that I was not an appropriate person for this job as I thought up a lot of things that were just too hard to spot or stop. I decided sharing those ideas would be a Very Bad Thing, so have kept them private. (One, the flying “land mine”, has come into being as the Suicide Drone, only about 40 years later…) I came to realize that the weapon is not the thing, it is the person who figures out how to use the thing…

    Kaiser, in a fit of stupid beyond belief, did a phone interview prior to sending over a Physical Therapist (post knee replacement). This is for a couple of Medicare Recipients… They asked, among other more proper things, “Any weapons in the house?”. I was taken aback. “What?” I said in a fit of non-Brilliance…. “Um, you know, things like knives,guns, …” they “explained”. I semi-stammered something like “Knives? In a house?” Flashing on Jackie Chan movies… To myself I think “Have these people never seen a Jackie Chan movie?” Chairs, appliances, even his shirt in one movie, used as “weapons”. Mind catching up (after flashing through the dozen or so Lethal Weapons inside 6 feet of the front door – Kitchen knife set (one a nice 1.25 foot short sword if needed), French Rolling Pin (hard wood baton), 1 pound “battle hammer in waiting” in drawer, Meat Cleaver on peg, Nice “garrote” cord on hand mixer, … (the Kitchen is just off the entry…) ) I said “After many years of Karate, I am a weapon“… at which time the clerk on the other end let it go…

    But that is, in fact, the truth. Beer Bottles are the classic “knife in waiting” of bar fights. Whack the end on the counter to “sharpen”… Belts are garrotes. Shirts can strangle too. Forks and BBQ Spatulas can do amazing things. A chair leg is a great club. A hand full of dirt from a potted plant can blind an attacker. I have a hard wood cane with a brass bird head I like to use in bad areas (when my leg ‘acts up’ ;-) Then there’s the ever present power cords… All that before you even get to the Tool Box with screwdriver Dirks and minor Battle Hammers. (both in my kitchen drawer ‘house tools’ BTW).

    “Is there a weapon in the house?” Always if the right person is there…

    Guns are “nice to have” for self protection and for defense of the nation, but if they are taken, there’s plenty of other options. There’s an existence proof of this fact, too:

    Japan forbade Okinawans to own swords, bow / arrow, and other “weapons”. So they figured out how to convert Farm Tools to weapons as needed. The “rice flail” is the Nuchacku (Nunchuck) which in a fit of lack of historical understanding is banned for possession in California unless you are in a dojo that is teaching it… The well crank handle is the “side handle baton”. Etc. etc. Ever heard of that ancient American Martial Art of “Tyer Iron”?… The end result was the creation of Karate – Empty Hand. “For I come to you with empty hands”… I am the weapon…

    It is a fools errand to ban “weapons”. But the Government seems to employ an endless ocean of fools…

  17. cdquarles says:

    Dose and route make the medicine, or the poison. Too many mislead by lying by omission. That and nature is full of poison. You just need to find a medicinal dose; and those always exist (even for botulism toxin). Biology developed ignorant of chemistry, and it shows.

  18. H.R. says:

    I’m not particularly allergic to poison ivy. At most I get a mild rash after extreme exposure. Some years I can’t get it at all. I have an older brother who has never reacted to poison ivy.

    Our current property was bordered by the old farm fence line. Of course trees and brambles and whatnot began growing along that line. And of course the poison ivy was rampant. Some of the vines were twice as thick as my wrist!

    It took me two-plus years to clean out all of that poison ivy. I don’t recall any reactions to the exposure, but I’m sure I must have raised a small patch or two on the back of my hands in the course of clearing it out, and it was probably gone in a day or so.

    The Mrs.? She is highly, highly allergic to the stuff. That’s why clearing it out was job one.

    That’s the perfect plant for me to use to make a ‘smoker’. 👍

  19. Gail Combs says:

    “…IF I get a different tow vehicle (if the Mechanic says the ML won’t be ready on time or budget…) it will either be gas or a 2009 or earlier Diesel….”

    Sure glad my two diesels are 1992 and 1993 and still running strong.

    And yes the plan is to get us into a cashless society with NO long range transportation.

    Rosa Koire outlined it a long time ago: THE POST SUSTAINABLE FUTURE

    Your government is a corporatocracy, a new authoritarian state in the process of consolidating your output into a more controllable, exploitable channel. The reason you are being misled by your government and told that all of this is good for you, is because there is no profit in managing a mass uprising. It is too disruptive. The markets want you to continue to consume—quietly and obediently. The technology that is being marketed to you is actually being used to condition you to expect to be spied on, and to spy on others. Every totalitarian state in history has relied on data collection. The Nazis were masters of data collection and analysis. Your government now has technological capabilities that far exceed anything ever seen on the planet to this date. You are in the midst of the biggest public relations scam in the history of the world. The pretty pastel vision of life in a Smart Growth development is a manipulation, a mask. In fact these plans are designed to restrict your freedom of movement and choice.

    Transit villages (formerly known as cities) will be restricted to having only the population that can be supported by food grown within a 100 mile radius (called a ‘food shed’). Food sheds will dictate where you can live and when you can change your residence. Calculations, such as those done recently at Cornell University, will determine how much food can be grown within that area and then the Transit Village population will be limited to the number of people who can be fed by that land (click on the blue to go to the Cornell website). It is reasonable to expect rationing based on this mode. If you want to move to that village you will have to apply and wait for an opening. ….

    Cornell long ago removed the website on food sheds but I read it at the time.

  20. H.R. says:

    @Gail – Thought of you when I was writing about poison ivy. I remembered that you were extremely sensitive to it, and you live on that large property where it’s probably impossible to eradicate it all. I can’t remember the story, but you told how you went through a circus act every time you had to deal with the stuff.

    Also, when I was shopping diesels, I appreciated your input on your Dodges (now RAM) with the Cummins engines. Others chimed in, too. That’s what I wound up buying. Thanks for the input!

  21. another ian says:

    “Asia’s largest new energy automaker goes bankrupt, Why? Warren Buffett reduces stake in China’s BYD”

  22. another ian says:

    “And that’s why you should rehearse the five steps in making your own body armour.”


    Links to


  23. another ian says:

    More Ukraine

    “Who Could Have Ever Foreseen…..”


  24. Taz says:

    Only one report – but there are others.

    700,000 green soldiers. The ones which survive will be a huge problem for Russia. Russia will have next level opponents.

    They still don’t grasp this, and are claiming these are NATO troops overrunning them.

    Casualty count is still 5 to 1 in Russia’s favor. Needs inversion. That will come.

  25. jim2 says:

    Well, that body armor better work really well cause you won’t be runnin’ far widit.

  26. E.M.Smith says:


    Be wary of “taking sides”, it is fog in front of analysis.

    It is entirely unclear what is happening. It looks like a large Russian withdrawal from the area was well underway (perhaps completing?) at the time of the Ukrainian attack. Was that due to Russia thinking that territory not strategically important? Or is it setting up for a trap? We won’t know for many more days.

    It is also possible they just saw no way to hold that land without losses, got wind of the Ukrainian attack coming, and ran. That can’t be proved up at this time either.

    Wars are often “wars of attrition” and if Russia was bleeding Ukraine at a rate of 5 to 1 that’s a huge advantage to Russia (i.e. a “win” in the process domain). But I have no way of knowing who, if anyone, has a kill ratio advantage or what it might be.

    One report I found said that the NATO Armour “gift” of an army was loaded up on trains and being sent toward the front. Then Russia took out the power (and most trains in Ukraine are electric…) Leaving the armor sitting where it would be very easy to hit by air. If true, that’s a remarkable bit of strategic action. But most likely this too is just “fog of war” rumor from some nobody.

    To the extent that is true, a strategic retreat to draw the armor forward via transport, fix it in place, and then shoot it up, would be a stellar bit of strategy. Getting a 5:1 kill ratio on the infantry in the process would just be frosting on the cake.

    But it is just as possible that these are just “after the fact” fabrications by folks who are Ra-Ra Russia and the reality could well be a great Ukrainian Attack.

    The problem is how to know.

    How does a person sitting at a keyboard 1/2 a world away, where ALL the media are now proven liars, where we know the Western Governments / NATO are lying, and where we know Ukrainian propaganda is non-stop and silly, AND we know that Russia is not going to hand out any valid strategically useful information: How do we know any of this true?

    That’s why I’m not “on the bandwagon” with you about any of this. Because, as I’ve said many times: We will only really know when it is all over, if ever.

    A great victory advance today, can be the cut off salient of tomorrow. A Glorious Armor Advance can be the tank graveyard of tomorrow. A “Russian demoralized defeat” of today can be a rubblized Kiev from the air tomorrow…

    Remember the Glorious Advance of the USA / UN army to the Chinese border in N. Korea? VICTORY!!! all the way… until we did a massive retreat under fire with horrible losses https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UN_retreat_from_North_Korea

    It ain’t over ’till it’s over. Never is in any war. Experience or just reading a lot of that history teaches that the “easy victory rushing forward” ought to be cause for a lot of searching for the trap in front of you… Sometimes it is just a great win. But others…

  27. Ossqss says:

    One needs to look at geography, value, and end results.

    Why was Crimea valuable? History, maybe?


    And a bonus maybe.


    Hey, I don’t write this stuff, but thought to expand the discussion.

  28. Taz says:

    Ever fire suppliers? It’s taxing, it always takes longer than hoped, but in the end – you take your money elsewhere.

    NO ONE fires suppliers capriciously. Just too much work. But the rainbow always seems to appear at the end…..

  29. E.M.Smith says:


    Nice links. I’d quibble with the WisonCenter one in that it claims the transfer from Russia to Ukraine of Crimea was in accordance with USSR law. It wasn’t in one very important point: The Duma had to vote to ratify the transfer and that final step was never completed; leaving the transfer incomplete and therefor not in accordance with law.

    It also kind of glosses over that Khrushchev was Ukrainian and was basically gifting Crimea to his home state… and power over an important area with it. But in the USSR you didn’t argue with the head of state…

    On the value of Crimea: It is THE warm water port of Russia. Important for trade and military. Also, from the Russian POV, Crimea was always part of Russia; giving it to Ukraine was always wrong. Finally, NATO was busy converting neighbors and coming closer and was working on Ukraine. Russia pretty much had to take it back to avoid NATO taking over their Warm Water Port via Ukraine membership.

  30. another ian says:

    latest on rocketry


    Seems the in crowd meaning of “SLS” is “shuttle leftover shit”

  31. another ian says:

    Some interesting questions

    “Washington, DC’s Energy Colonialism”


  32. another ian says:

    “Beware: Ukraine’s touted Kharkov offensive is probably not what the US news media cracks it up to be….”


  33. Ossqss says:

    What could possibly go wrong experimenting with altering and asteroid’s orbit?


  34. Pouncer says:

    What could go wrong with an asteroid mission?
    1) You miss. Whole mission is a waste of money.
    2) The target rock could come apart upon impact — pieces too small to detect and track then move into dangerous intercept paths.
    3) You wake up the dormant alien or alien-built Von Neumann machines. Uh-oh.
    4) You discover gold, or some such very valuable resource kicking off a “land rush”
    5) You bounce off. The mass does not deflect as calculated, calling fundamental measures of gravity into question.
    6) You puncture through the outer shell, lose contact, and are left wondering what’s inside.
    7) The target activates a cloaking device, drops into stealth, and “disappears.”
    8) A swarm of larger “adult” rocks change their eons-old migration patterns (what we’ve called, “orbits”) and rush in to defend this small “baby” rock from attack. Or maybe the adults retaliate.
    9) Increases in orbital carbon waste/dust from the impact cause Earth’s ice caps to melt, sea levels to rise, ocean currents to divert, corals to die, islands to sink, bees to go extinct, hurricanes to get worse, droughts and famines to afflict the entire globe, and children to forget what snow looks like. Wait, this WAS a carbonaceous chondrite asteroid, wasn’t it? If not, well, never mind.
    10) You get a whole bunch of data the physicists attempt to analyze. Using first-year statistics and FORTRAN. Which the former they mis-apply, and the latter they code very badly. Peers review one another. Groupthink ensues. Ultimately a consensus develops that is completely contrary to the actual situation.

    I’m sure other risks exist.

  35. another ian says:


    You got out just in time!

    “Vaccine news is so good that California State bans doctors from saying what they think”


  36. another ian says:

    More California

    “Third world status coming right up.

    California Public Utilities Commission- Utility Public Safety Power Shutoff Plans

    Utilities may temporarily turn off power to specific areas to reduce the risk of fires caused by electric infrastructure. This action is called a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) or “de-energization.”

    Pacific Gas and Electric- Prepare for a PSPS

    A PSPS means you could be without power for several days. We know it will be a hardship and want to help you prepare in advance. Use the following tips to get ready for, and stay safe during, a PSPS.”


    (First one in the bin)

  37. jim2 says:

    What’s not to like ian? CPUC is “improving” the PSPS experience for their customers. Awwww … what a great bunch of people!

  38. another ian says:

    “Will California “Learn” to Avoid Peak Rolling Blackouts?”


    A California ban on such talk in 3, 2, 1 too?

  39. another ian says:

    “California And New York: Do Not Back Off Your World-Beating Green Energy Schemes!”

    “Today the Manhattan Contrarian formally calls upon the states of California and New York: Whatever you do, do not back down from your crash program of green energy schemes!

    The full text of the Manhattan Contrarian official announcement follows:

    California and New York: It is critical to mankind that you pursue the full extent of your green energy schemes to conclusion as soon as possible and at all costs. If you really believe, as you proclaim, that all-renewable energy is a moral necessity to save the planet from the existential crisis of climate change; if you really believe that energy derived from fossil fuels is dangerous and polluting and is causing dangerous climate change; if you really believe that renewable energy is now less expensive than fossil fuel energy; if you really believe that an all-renewable energy system can actually work to power a modern economy; and if you really believe that all that is needed to get to an all-renewable future is to build enough solar and wind generators to do the job — then you absolutely must see this project through to conclusion and without delay.

    Now is not the time to go wobbly. You owe it to the world to show everyone how this can be done. This is your moral duty.”

    More at


  40. another ian says:

    And in comments there

    Maybe some hope for the UK and “Net Zero” yet

    Read this comment

    September 13, 2022 7:25 am
    When Boris was sacked and the competition began to select the next PM I said at the time, it won’t be the PM that’s important, it will be the Cabinet choices which will be critical.

    And so it’s proven, I believe in word and in deed.”

  41. another ian says:

    A second try

    E.M. looks like you got out just in time!

    “Vaccine news is so good that California State bans doctors from saying what they think”


  42. another ian says:

    “Megyn Kelly: ‘Now is the time to celebrate the greatness of this country’ ”

  43. jim2 says:

    Who in their right mind would buy a Deere now?

    Software fees to make up 10% of John Deere’s revenues by 2030
    1.5 million machines and half a billion acres of land connected to the John Deere Operations Center within a matter of years


  44. Ossqss says:

    Sooooo, the “My Pillow” guy gets the feds to raid him on a hunting trip and took his phone per documentation.


    Albeit Bannon told us this was happening.

  45. p.g.sharrow says:

    @Ossqss and they gave him orders not to tell anyone, so he published it. Apparently they think he and Trump planned the whole January6 insurrection.
    In other news it is now the latest “swatting” game to anomalously contact the FBI that your target was a part of January 6. Trump supporter in New Jersey was accosted in her home by 3 FBI agents with guns displayed about a report she was at the Rally. She wasn’t there.

  46. David A says:

    Taz says;
    “Is it possible you might not be so flippant concerning NATO involvement if Chinese or aliens were attacking Ukraine instead?”
    (AFAIK, neither China or Aliens have centuries of history in the Ukraine)

    Taz, please note how our host E.M.responds to your comments; with paragraphs DIRECTLY addressing every assertion you made, like the very weak one I quoted above, yet paragraphs, directly challenging your every assertion.

    Please also note how your subsequent comments remain entirely orthogonal to E.M.s comments, like they never happened, basically just new assertions, ignoring the history and logic lesson graciously delivered. Not only is this weak and almost troll-like, it is IMV rude to ignore thoughtful responses to your hasty assertions.

    @ another Ian, good link on the Ukraine counter offensive. My concern is the billions of dollars a month pouring arms and ? (graft, lots of that) into the war will only force a more severe Russian response, and far greater loss of life and infrastructure. It is reported by some that Russia has held back extensively on the damage that could be done, and only used a small fraction of their capacity.

  47. another ian says:

    David A

    Find a copy of John Steinbeck’s “Once there was a war” and read the chapter on Mussolini

    Seems to me a similar running of where conjecture can get you in an information blackout

  48. another ian says:

    You might be pleased to know

    “The Conversation: Climate “scepticism is rapidly becoming a topic for historians” ”


  49. another ian says:

    Note that a crown was coinage except when –

    Hopefully the sort of advice Charles will get as king will be along these lines

    “The Queen also toyed with the idea of making the whole of St James’s Park private, and asked her prime minister, Robert Walpole, how much that would cost.

    “Only a crown, madam” he replied with a thin smile”

    From Bill Bryson “At Home”

  50. rhoda klapp says:

    ” It is reported by some that Russia has held back extensively on the damage that could be done, and only used a small fraction of their capacity.”

    Why make it last a year because of restraint when by employing overwhelming force you could do it in days? It makes no sense.

    A related point is that where there is disputed territory there is always a case for both sides made by picking selected bits of history. Of the many instances obviously we can look at the Holy Land, the Falklands or Northern Ireland. Hundreds or thousands of years of conflict and all sides still make their claims. It would be a good idea if current borders were respected no matter where they are. Most wars begin when they are not. Vlad should never have invaded Ukraine no matter the provocation (granted NATO has not been innocent). The taking of Crimea after a plebiscite is justified, if the vote was honest. Absent an honest account of the views of all the population of eastern Ukraine we cannot even assume those people want to belong to Russia.

    Lastly, where does the figure of deaths by one-sided Uke shelling of Donbas come from? Not saying it isn’t true, just wondering whose truth is it?

  51. H.R. says:

    Quick update – I was in Home Depot (yet again) yesterday and the Blue DEF display was fully stocked.

    So a true shortage hasn’t happened just yet, though I find it odd that they were out for about two weeks.

  52. David A says:

    “rhoda klapp says, Why make it last a year because of restraint when by employing overwhelming force you could do it in days? It makes no sense.”

    That is taking the point to an extreme not asserted.
    Russia claims they do not want to take all of Ukraine, and did not want to destroy the land’s infrastructure, or its people. Russia perhaps thought that Ukraine was not suicidal, and would negotiate an acceptable peace treaty that NATO would not screw up. (There is some evidence that this almost happened, but the west would not allow it.)

    Regarding… “Vlad should never have invaded Ukraine no matter the provocation (granted NATO as not been innocent).”

    That is a hard assertion, perhaps too unconditional. (“no matter the provocation”)
    Russian intelligence may be that NATO and the “globalists” really intend to destroy Russia for not playing their “One World” games. Threats of NATO and nuclear power minutes from the heart of Russia must be taken seriously.

    The “Russians are Coming” rhetoric has been over the top for a long time. ( I thought it was previously primarily a ploy to attack Trump, but in retrospect I think that Putin’s private responses to HRC communication when she was SOS were deeply disturbing to the globalist agenda.

    In my perspective the US history of regime change has progressively grown darker in the past 25 years, from very questionable to downright evil. Theoretical talk of “winning a nuclear war” has increased. All wars are logistics battles, and distance is a very very real factor in such battles. Russia possibly had very very real reasons to fear for their survival. Dismissing this is not, IMV, valid.

  53. p.g.sharrow says:

    It makes no difference about Putin’s 22 year long campaign of propaganda and his dream of liberation of Eastern Europe. This assault on Ukraine will not stand. No justification will be accepted by Europe this time. They will not allow a new Hitler to rampage on their doorstep. Putin has wasted his Army and the Federation is refusing to build him another one. He has been to China, Iran and North Korea in attempts to get more backing in his war against the hated westerners.
    Now he will push his fall back option which is to Squeeze the Europeans so harshly this winter that they will force the Ukrainians to capitulate to his demands. That is also failing, even his attempted Blackmail at the Zaporisian Nuclear power-plant seems to be failing. All of this makes no difference. Zelinsky and the Ukrainians will not settle. for anything less then their total International recognized borders. Borders that Russia and the United States and Great Britain agreed to in Treaty. They now have the upper hand against Putin’s Army and The Russian Federation is contemplating remove him and ending his adventure.

  54. cdquarles says:

    What worries me here is what happens in or to Russia if/when Putin is deposed or dies. He is 70 or approaching 70 and his health, if reports are true, is not what it has been. My opinion is that Putin is fighting internal pressure and there are people in Russia who are worse that he is. We have seen too many bad leaders in the West, too, over the last few centuries.

    This could all end very badly, and not just in the West. If reports of Chinese economic difficulties are true, what pressures will be felt there? We do know that their “one child” policies have badly damaged their demography. India’s population has caught or will soon catch and surpass China’s population. Ours has likewise been damaged by our own silly abortion policies the last 50 years and massive immigration, legal and illegal, for about 60 years.

  55. H.R. says:

    @cdq – Good question about who will succeed Putin.

    He’s fairly predictable after lo these many years. He is a ‘strong man’ leader which is what it takes to keep the Russians in line. The Russia IMO wouldn’t run very well with someone wishy-washy at the helm.

    Russia is like the one-rat-rock-trap** I have mentioned. The guy at the top will never be nicey-nicey. Putin certainly isn’t. Ask any dead oligarch that got in his way. So I’d hope for the next guy to be as predictable as Putin and not some hardcore Rasputin type.

    We’re not gonna get nice, but predictable would be good.

    ** That’s the 55 gal drum with a couple of feet of water in the bottom and a rock that sticks out enough for one rat. There’s a ramp to the top of the barrel with bait that a rat can’t quite get and falls in. The rat has to kill off the current Rat King of the Rock or drown. After a while, the surviving rat is the biggest, meanest, nastiest rat you’ll ever come across.

  56. another ian says:

    A handy list here.

    “Media Can’t Agree on the Number of Climate Tipping Points, Much less When”


  57. Ed Forbes says:

    The Russians conducted a mobile defense in the north by a quick withdrawal from exposed positions to shorten the line behind a very defendable north/south river line. This area withdrawn from is not critical so no reason to defend it. All subsequent Ukraine attacks have failed. Defending ground with no strategic utility is foolish.
    Ukraine putting a strong force across the border to try and outflank the northern line would be Putin’s wet dream. This would be declining war against Russia and would open options not currently available to him. NOT a good option.
    Russia is perfectly willing to stand on the defense if Ukraine is willing to attack. Gives Russian artillery MUCH better targets.
    The western line of conflict maps will soon need to be updated. Russia blew part of a dam upstream of the salient where Ukraine had broken through with pontoon bridges across the river. It raised the river about 2.5 m and looks like if washed away these bridges. Ukraine forces in the salient is now cutoff from resupply and will likely be overrun.

    The Russian rules of engagement has changed. Infrastructure is now open to be targeted if military useful.

  58. Ossqss says:

    It has become very apparent the assault on humanity, in the still free zones, is in full force. People forget!>

  59. E.M.Smith says:


    Why make it a year? Look at how much “men and material” of Ukraine & NATO that Russia has destroyed. The longer t goes on, the less potentially / actually hostile capability is facing them.

    It all comes down to “what are the goals” and “what is winning”. Part of why I so frequently point out that we DO NOT KNOW what Putin wants. Assertions about his emotional state, or desires for conquest and such are all CONJECTURE. Worthless for any military planning. It is best to only look at known facts and not speculate about things that are unknowable, like emotional state of your opponent or what their goals might be.

    War is all about DECEPTION. You simply must accept that “everything you know may be wrong” in a war. This is especially true when it comes to the appearance of weakness. ALWAYS assume that something that looks very attractive is a trap until proven otherwise. My Dad disarmed booby traps in W.W.II and taught me about them. LOTS of juicy looking war souvenirs and / or “desirable” things were made to kill you. One was a toilet. Folks wanted to use real plumbing again. Use it and you died. Another was a building that was partly destroyed. Best exit was going out a window on the backside. Outside was a nice flat bit of concrete. Unfortunately, under it was a Tank Mine. Normally a person can’t set off a tank mine, but the concrete was just enough to prime it so that 120 lbs more or so would set it off, taking out you and your team behind you. Etc. etc. LOTS of things set up to look normal or attractive, but designed to trap and kill.

    So is Putin really intent on conquest over all of Ukraine, the Baltic States and more? Or is it an emotional trap to bleed NATO of material and Ukraine of fighting age men? To slowly macerate the opposition to Russia without a full on war? Nobody but Putin knows.

    So Far the emotional response is “Putin Evil! Putin The Conqueror must be defeated!”. But the “Facts on the ground” (limited as they may be) has been more in line with “Russia degrading Ukraine military and NATO equipment with lesser losses to Russia”. While protecting ethnic Russians in Donbass and Crimea.

    Count of dead in Donbass from Ukraine shelling? Well we know the shelling happened over about 9 years, and there were a fair number of reporters there reporting on it. Funerals held and more. Satellite images of areas blown up. But yes, there is the potential for deception on numbers by the governments in Donbass and Russia.

    If you have an existential threat from a Hostile NATO expanding right up to your border, with the expectation of NATO nuclear missiles 5 minutes from a ‘decapitating’ strike on Moscow, with violation of agreements and treaties NOT to get that close, and with 1000 years of history of invasions from The West, including 20 to 30 MILLION dead just 70-80 years ago in the last one; and ongoing current shelling of Ethnic Russians killing about 18,000, and a “coup” funded and planned by your NATO opponents installing a hostile regime to you in that country doing the shelling and stating a desire to join NATO: Do you really sit and do nothing until that “reality on the ground” means you are unable to do anything without your country dying? We didn’t in the “Cuban Missile Crisis”…


    It is an interesting question. My best guess is that he’s got a Russian Nationalist who he trusts, hand picked to take over in the case where he is unable to continue.

    @Ed Forbes:

    That’s exactly the kind of “outside of expectations” act that makes an effective trap.

    So now that Great Victory! over Russia has turned into a cut off salient and no supply lines; surrounded over a large area by Russian artillery and air power.

    It looks to me like Ukraine was baited into a trap via a strategic retreat and leaving a token force behind that would look weak and uncoordinated when attacked. Once a significant force crossed the river to proclaim Victory!, the hidden trigger of the trap was sprung, the hidden weapon of a flooding river changed the battle field; and now we wait to see what rains down on this “cauldron in the making”…

    The key to victory is to not BE predictable but to look predictable. Set the trap, bait it with what your opponent wants to see / believe, then once they are in it, reveal the “change up” assault.

    If the cut of salient only gets minor damage, then it is likely the flood was a desperation act to slow down the assault. If they instead get a coordinated chewing up via artillery & air: it is much more likely a planned deception. As I’ve said before, we’ll find out in a few days.

    @David A (per Taz):

    No worries. I suspect he’s engulfed in an emotional mild fugue state that makes it hard to impossible to think outside of that state and accept that assumptions may be wrong.

    My answers are as much for the few hundred folks who read and do not comment as they are for Taz, possibly more so. They are not wasted.

    A person who ignores my (often detailed, sometimes TOO detailed ;-) replies is likely in one of two major buckets:

    1) Didn’t read it. So indulging in some “willfully blind” and “willfully ignorant” style. You can’t help folks like that until they choose to be helped; so don’t fret about it. (like the saying “You can lead a horse to water but you can’ t make it drink” or the more rude form: “You can lead a whore to culture but you can’t make her think”… and no, I am not implying anything in the “whore” version applies to Taz. I just like the play on words vs the original as a bit of humor.)

    2) Did read it, and have no “come back” or reply. This usually means they are either unable to come up with a reply (so recognize they are outclassed by the argument and want to just pretend it didn’t happen) or are “dismissive” of it as they are just too wedded to their preconceived notions (and again you can not disabuse them of that).

    Very rarely there’s a 3rd class: Folks who read it, recognize it is more correct and they were wrong, and are just embarrassed to admit it so say nothing. This is rare.

    My sense of it is just that Taz is a younger person, doesn’t think in terms of things like “strategic deception” and doesn’t have the history base of deception in war turning “Great Wining Advances!!” into catastrophic losses; and is too enthralled with the emotional hatred blinders to get outside of them and think about where they might be wrong. Oh Well, not my problem.

    My job is just to set the table. Folks can choose for themselves what they want from it. Besides, it is possible I’m wrong too and that I might be the one “not seeing the big picture” due to my own blinders. I’d like to think otherwise, and I’m usually not that person… but it’s always a possible even if rare. We’ll find out soon enough and, since nothing I think or say is going to change Putin’s actions nor NATO’s; we all really can only sit back and enjoy the ride while tossing our opinions on the campfire…

  60. Ed Forbes says:

    EM…Russia has been chewing on that salient for several weeks now. Ukraine has continuously put in new replacements and Russia continues to pound them with air and artillery.

    I think Russia has tired of the game and has decided to end it by flooding the river. I am also now hearing that flooding the river may have spiked Ukraine plans for an upcoming Ukraine assault on a different section of the line. A 2 fer :-)
    For the backstory on this, Ukraine pushed over the river and the militia defenders immediately pulled back and to the flank to allow Ukraine to advance quickly and without opposition for a considerable distance on a narrow front. This was until they ran into Russian airborne troops backed up with armor, artillery, and air dropping 500kg iron bombs on their heads. Ukraine was thrown back immediately to the current general position and there it has remained.

    Ukraine is fielding a generally light inf force with little armor and artillery support, no air support, and is attacking and defending over an area that compares very nicely to a pool table. The village’s shown on the maps are mostly just the foundations of the remains of small houses, and not many of these.

    Ukraine is thought to have lost over 5k dead with estimated 3x to 4x wounded in this latest offensive in the west. Most of the actual casualties are being caused by artillery and air. Ukraine is attacking over open ground, much weaker in artillery, and no air support, so the loss ratio is likely better than than 5:1 in Russian favor.

    Moon of Alabama has a very good write up on this

  61. another ian says:

    “Climate change denial is now a mental condition”

    I guess true of those pissing up the storm

  62. another ian says:

    Anyone trying to access Small Dead Animals there is a site upgrade going on – maybe longer than projected

  63. David A says:

    E.M. says, My answers are as much for the few hundred folks who read and do not comment as they are for Taz, possibly more so. They are not wasted.”

    Indeed and appreciated! My wife asked me once about a long reply I made on WUWT, and that was essentially my answer.

    Alas the phrase, “Brevity is the soul of wit” may not easily be applied to your writings, yet, perhaps it can be. The paragraph of your response to Rhoda K, beginning with…
    “If you have an existential threat from a Hostile NATO expanding…”
    is a fine example of a brief paragraph encapsulating a subject that books could be written about into one paragraph.

  64. E.M.Smith says:

    @David A.:

    While most of the time my emphasis is on “accuracy and completeness” even if it make for prolix prose; there are times I go for “wit”. Though “wit” often does not inform so much as it embarrasses…

  65. E.M.Smith says:

    This guy rather effectively sums up my view of what has happened in Ukraine and the facts on the ground today. His prediction of what is to come is, IMHO, likely close.


    This is very important – instead of cheaply funding and arming an insurgency, helping coordinate acts of sabotage and the like (something western intelligence agencies excel at), the west (mostly the United States and to a lesser extent the UK) is stuck financing a hemorrhagic Ukrainian state and attempting to prop up its armies. This is far more costly than an insurgency, both in pure dollar amounts and in the level of munitions and equipment that are being poured into Ukraine.

    Already, we have seen plenty of evidence that the attempt to supply Ukraine is draining western inventories. Smaller NATO members have already sent much of the capability in their limited arsenals, but even more alarming is the acknowledgment that American stockpiles are being depleted. Leaked texts have revealed that active duty units are being stripped of weaponry for shipment to Ukraine, while a recent Wall Street Journal article claimed that US stockpiles of howitzer ammunition are “uncomfortably low.”

    Meanwhile, analysis from the Royal United Services Institute (a UK based defense thinktank) came to the sobering conclusion that manufacturing in the west is too degraded and too expensive to keep up in a war like the one being fought in Ukraine right now. A few highlights of that report:

    Annual American production of artillery shells is sufficient for only two weeks of combat in Ukraine.

    Annual Javelin anti-tank missile production is, at best, sufficient for 8 days of combat.

    Russia burned through four years worth of American missile production in the first three months of the war.

    Russia so far has demonstrated that it can sustain its operations in Ukraine with ease; artillery activity in the east remains relentless (even with HIMARS systems hitting a few ammo dumps here and there), and the Russians have specially made a mockery of the relentless predictions that they are almost out of missiles. On Ukrainian Independence Day (August 24), the Russians launched the largest and most sustained missile attacks of the war, as if to deliberately mock those who predicted that the would be out of missiles by the start of summer.

    In short, because Ukraine has little indigenous production and logistics, the west is bearing the actual industrial and financial burden of the war for them, and this burden is becoming far heavier than western planners expected. The logic of the proxy has been reversed; Ukraine has become a vampiric force, draining the west of equipment and munitions.

    On the other side of the coin, the logic of sanctions rebounded strongly against the west. Western governments hoped that a rapid, all-in sanctions regime against Russia would crush the Russian economy and turn the Russian people against the war. The second part of this assumption was always silly – Russians blame the west, not Putin, for sanctions. Even more importantly, however, it is clear that Russia’s economic planning for this war bore tremendous fruit.

    At the risk of massively oversimplifying the economics, the Eurasian vs Western economic rift that is emerging is a contest between a bloc that is rich in materials and a bloc rich in dollars. Attempts to financially strangulate Russia have so far failed, both due to the competence of Russia’s central bank, and due to the basic fact (which should be trivially obvious) that a county which makes its own energy, food, and weapons will always be difficult to pressure. The western sanctions regime was largely doomed from the start, because Europe simply cannot embargo the energy products that are the main source of Russian revenue.

    Russia’s energy weapon remains the bomb in the heart of the EU. With all the “winter is coming” memes floating around, it can be easy to write this off as simply a figment of the internet. Far from it – small businesses around the EU are already closing in the face of crushing energy bills, energy intensive industrial sectors like smelting are shutting plants entirely. Europe is facing a perfect economic storm, as the Federal Reserve hikes rates, leading to a general tightening of financial conditions, energy prices explode into the stratosphere, and export markets dry up amid a global economic slowdown.

    All of this is likely to tip over into a cataclysm over the winter. I would not be surprised to see a financial collapse and unemployment in the EU in excess of 30%. Given the fact that the EU is notoriously bad at solving problems of any kind, there’s a non-negligible chance more countries try to leave the EU. Spexit anyone?

    Based purely on the economic trajectory, I believe Russia has absolutely no interest in ending the war this year. They are attriting Ukrainian manpower and dragging the EU to the precipice of the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression. America will be far better off, simply because it has its own indigenous energy supply and is generally wealthier and more robust than Europe in every way. But even if Americans won’t freeze and starve, contagion from European collapse promises economic difficulty for Americans already struggling under inflation. And in the end, because Ukraine is at this point completely dependent on the west for financial and material, a major economic blow to the west would also be catastrophic for the Ukrainian pseudo-state.

    It is very hard to build replacement munitions if your smelting and metal fabricating industries are shut down due to energy prices…

    There’s a whole lot more at the link…

  66. p.g.sharrow says:

    I read that link. If that is the kind of trough you have been feeding at, you have been really poisoned.

  67. The True Nolan says:

    If anyone here does not know what Russell Conjugation is, please look it up. While RC specifically deals with first person vs second and third person, the principle is applicable to any emotive arguments. What is the truth about Ukraine? Or Climate Change? Or Covid? Look for RC. Look for data and logic. If one side uses emotionally loaded descriptives and the other uses data, which should you believe? Personally, once I see a preponderance of RC I just discount the argument.

  68. E.M.Smith says:


    Please do not insult me. I do not “feed” at “troughs”. And I have not been “poisoned”. Such talk is just to insult. Emotional drek.

    Prior to today, I’d never read anything by that guy, at that link, ever before. I’ll likely not read there again, either, as I just ran into it randomly (link from a link to a link in a comment…) and I’ve not bookmarked it. I read broadly at all sorts of sites (including some MSM crap, some Russian sites like RT (but not often), Al Jazeera on occasion, even get news from France24 sometimes.) To assert I’m only reading / watching narrow news from one side is just idiocy; and you know this. Please stop.

    Read what I said: HE illustrated the same conclusions I had already reached. All on my own. Before I even knew that article existed. Largely from reading some HISTORY, knowing how wars are actually fought, and being aware of deception in war as a key element. I’d also actually listened to what Putin said to his population. (THE key folks he needs to keep “on side”; so the ones he needs to convince that the cause is just.) So I know the story he is selling was accepted by many / most of the Russian people, meaning it matched their sense of history and just goals. That doesn’t mean I automatically agree with them, just that I know their POV now.

    So back at the link:

    If there is a lie in it somewhere (like, oh, rate of US production vs consumption of arms in Ukraine), go ahead and illustrate it. Point it out. That would be a useful contribution. For my part, I worked in the arms industry for a while, and it was clearly the case that we were making things far more slowly than they would be consumed in battle. So I don’t see any lie in those bits. Nor in his description of “facts on the ground.” There is a narrow Ukrainian salient, it is now cut off via bombing a dam. Soon we will know if it has become a “cauldron”.

    I do see a lot of “hate blinding reason” in your comments. I think you can get past that, but only if you try. (No, I don’t have a preference what conclusions you reach then. I’d just like the “hate blinders” out of the way of your vision…)


    I didn’t know it had a proper name! I just knew it as “Irregular verbs” via Yes Minister:


    The inherent incongruity also lends itself to humor, as employed by Bernard Woolley in the BBC television series Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister:

    It’s one of those irregular verbs, isn’t it?
    I have an independent mind, You are eccentric, He is round the twist.

    That’s another of those irregular verbs, isn’t it?
    I give confidential press briefings; you leak; he’s being charged under section 2A of the Official Secrets Act.

    Part of why I try very hard to avoid an emotional loading of my assessment of things, or the words I use to describe them. I very much work to have the “Martian View” (about the only useful bit I got from my Sociology class…) of anything involving people and their beliefs. Then swap to the Verstehen approach. Then compare and contrast the two understandings. Note that BOTH involve removing ME and MY VALUES (and my emotional engagement…) from the process. One is from the “Martian Perspective” and the other from understanding the POV of The Subject.


    Weber also made a major contribution to the methodology of sociological research. Along with the philosophers Wilhelm Dilthey (1833–1911) and Heinrich Rickert (1863–1936), Weber believed that it was difficult if not impossible to apply natural science methods to accurately predict the behaviour of groups as positivist sociology hoped to do. They argued that the influence of culture on human behaviour had to be taken into account. What was distinct about human behaviour was that it is essentially meaningful. Human behaviour could not be understood independently of the meanings that individuals attributed to it. A Martian’s analysis of the activities in a skateboard park would be hopelessly confused unless it understood that the skateboarders were motivated by the excitement of taking risks and the pleasure in developing skills. This insight into the meaningful nature of human behaviour even applied to the sociologists themselves, who, they believed, should be aware of how their own cultural biases could influence their research. To deal with this problem, Weber and Dilthey introduced the concept of Verstehen, a German word that means to understand from a subject’s point of view. In seeking Verstehen, outside observers of a social world — an entire culture or a small setting — attempt to understand it empathetically from an insider’s point of view.

    The Martian Perspective observes from an alien POV and just notes what is seen.
    The Verstehen POV observes from the POV of the observed and tries to note what they see, feel, and think about what they are doing. IMHO, both are useful tools. Both remove “me” from the observation.

    Hopefully that will help folks to understand part of why I say “It isn’t about ME.” I’m not trying to fit anything into my emotional bias, my intellectual preferences, my values or preferences. In fact, I try very hard to not put “me” or “my values” in front of my observations. Martian View, then Verstehen, then compare and contrast.

    Only after that will I look at the result from my POV. And not always do I do that.

  69. E.M.Smith says:

    Just to clarify MY preferences:

    I’d prefer that the USA & NATO held fast to the agreements they made to not move up to the Russian border and not expand NATO into FSU lands. Under those conditions, I’d also agree that we said we’d protect Ukraine and then our involvement would be justified. But once WE broke the agreements, that breaks it all, not just one side.

    I’d prefer that they had accepted Putin’s request to join NATO and ease the (justified) Russian Paranoia about invasions from The West via a pan Eurasia mutual defense / non-aggression treaty.

    I’d prefer that the folks shoving Color Revolutions into all sorts of countries around the world, and Ukraine in particular, had not done it, and did not do it again. Let individual nations evolve as the citizens of those countries desire it.

    I’d prefer that Soros, the WEFies, the CIA / FBI / NSA / Five Eyes Agencies, etc. TLAs of the world just stop screwing it all up with faux revolutions and insurgencies.

    I’d rather we all focused on building a prosperous and healthy world for everyone instead of breaking things faster than we can fix them.

    I’d prefer that we didn’t shove our nose into all sorts of other countries all over the world as they are FREE and INDEPENDENT Nations deserving of our acceptance and respect for their freedoms; even if we hate their leaders and their values just as they might hate ours. We have no business being the World Police.

    I’d also prefer that they gave us the same respect (and I’d pitch out all the Chinese Influence Operations…).

    I’d rather we spent 90% of our time trying to remove “hate” as the lens we use to view things instead of the present 90% trying to use hate to destroy The Other and reach an ends.

    Basically, I’m all about “Live and Let Live” and “You do you and let me be me”.

    Evil is to be removed from the world, and honor / truth respected. (The hard bit is knowing what is really the evil and really the truth…) But absent that, at least we could just try to stop stirring the pot and blowing things up. Stop destroying cultures, nations, peoples, and history.

  70. another ian says:

    A look from outside

    “Political Purges in America, FBI Intimidation, but hope against Woke rises in Florida”


  71. another ian says:

    “Connections, Facebook Spies on Private Messages and DHS Uses Private Chats Against J6 Detainees
    September 15, 2022 | Sundance | 26 Comments”


  72. another ian says:

    A broader scope for

    “Safe and Effective®” (/s)

    “Journal of Clinical Medicine: This study aimed to determine the characteristics and clinical ocular manifestations of acute corneal graft rejection after coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination.”

    Link at


  73. Simon Derricutt says:

    EM – to me, looks like the main problem is that most people seem to think that the pie is of limited size, so that allowing others to get more reduces the slice they get. Thus the UN wanting to impose communism under various names so that everyone is equally miserable (except for the elite, which is them).

    A better solution is to make the pie bigger. That was done using fossil fuels, but it’s looking like we’ll have better solutions pretty soon. If we can get those Africans educated and well-fed, just think how much faster we’ll get other advances. Also solves the environment worries, since rich people like to improve their local environments. Poor people don’t have the spare time.

    I think you’ve covered all the political stuff I’d like to happen, except for the AGW scare. So many people have swallowed that that changing that belief will be hard, maybe especially because the kids coming up have been brainwashed into it their whole lives.

    For the Russia-Ukraine war, I don’t comment much because I can’t tell what the truth is. The only thing I’m pretty sure of is that people are getting killed and property is being destroyed. I see Putin as an intelligent guy, but his background and culture are a lot different than mine. Was he lied to as to the state of the Russian army and how keen the Ukrainians were to rejoin the Soviet Union? May also be somewhat similar problems for the USA and the EU.

    It does seem that the impact of the loss of chip fabs on smart weapons hasn’t been thought through yet, or how well you can fight when limited to dumb weapons.

    It would be easy to assign a conspiracy as the cause of the current sh1tstorm. Might apply to the leftwards lean of the educational establishments, as in the Long March through the institutions, but maybe more of a mass delusion that most people believe is true or accept on authority because following what appears to be consensus or at least appearing to support it gives an easier life. “If everyone thinks that I’d be a fool to think any diffetent, Sir!”
    (Yep, I think “Catch-22” is probably banned or at least has trigger-warnings attached. This book risks making you think rather than just go along.)

    Government seems very much a game of Cover-your-A$$.

  74. jim2 says:

    For many of these Trump-related FBI raids, the media is tipped off. It looks like the FBI is trying to bait the right into rioting like antifa. Biden’s Red speech and Newsom is saying governors sending illegals to blue cities should be charged with kidnapping, also obviously very public acts, are calculated to add to the fire – but there’s no fire, so there’s that.

  75. another ian says:

    “Guardian: Why did Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral Receive More Coverage than the Climate Crisis?”


    Probably goes with

    “Peter Ridd’s James Cook University “Dramatic Drop in Student Enrolment” ”


  76. Jon K says:

    Men who just wanted to be left alone…

  77. E.M.Smith says:

    @Jon K:

    I think that is what the GEBs and DNC / WEFies do not understand. They push, and get a little complaints, but not much more. So push harder. They cheat, lie, even steal elections and all they get is some louder complaints. They think their opponents weak, afraid, stupid. Their confidence builds that they can do anything and get away with it! What they do not understand is just how much “The Saxon” has begun to hate, and just how much effort it is taking them not to turn the key to the violent reaction. That continues until that time when the embrittled culture breaks. Then they wonder why they are the ones in line for The French Haircut or The German BBQ or The American Hunt… as those Men Who Wanted To Be Left Alone realize that’s the one choice they do not have.

  78. E.M.Smith says:


    The DNC / Swamp desperately want to hang the word “Insurrection” on Trump. They have tried to do this via J6 and failed. Now they are trying to broaden it to “MAGA Movement”. This too will fail (though I suspect they will Judge Shop to find one who will rule it “true” so they can proceed to a 14th action attempt.)

    IMHO their J6 attempt has failed due to several things:

    1) About 1/2 of America would love to have DC remade and dramatically reduced so sees anything that pushes that way as good, not bad.

    2) Trump’s words were recorded and clearly “walk peacefully down Pennsylvania Avenue and {ask? tell?} congress to do the Right Thing” is hardly the stuff of insurrections. They can’t legally pin anything on him.

    3) There’s a huge amount of video and still photos showing a carnival like atmosphere at Trump’s Speech with lots of grey heads, kids, and more Red White & Blue than anything else. This is in very stark contrast to the camo, green, black, etc. evidenced on a lot of the J6 “protesters” and especially the ones who were already getting rowdy before Trump had finished his speech 1.8 MILES away. Clearly 2 different cohorts.

    4) The False Flag / Entrapment of the FBI working with BLM types and Antifa to instigate has been outed. It will only get more outed if they push it. “Discovery” is a wonderful thing… Already a large part of the populace is seeing the lies in the differential application of Rule Of Law and enforcement; the corruption of the FBI / DHS / DOJ.

    5) The ludicrous “Mostly Peaceful Protest” burning and looting rampages of Democrat Ruined Cities contrasts with extraordinary impact to the j6 protesters who on entering the capitol stayed inside the velvet ropes and did no damage acting like tourists and who were let in by police and insiders opening the electronic lock doors… That WILL be trotted out a whole lot if this gets pushed.

    and more…

    So they are stuck with just “Let the J6 folks rot in solitary until they take a plea deal” and then try to tout that as “evidence”… But even that is starting to make the Dems look more dirty than helping their cause…

    Once Again having made a giant FUBAR of their J6 Entrapment attempt (as seems to happen with most of their plots…) they have moved on to Propaganda / Demonizing of anyone MAGA in the hopes that will go somewhere.

    I think it will fail hard too. Just way too much footage of Maga Movement Grampa and Grandma in lawn chairs and walkers going to Trump Rallies. The degree of peace, order, and frankly, blandness, makes painting it as anything stronger than a Church Bingo Night rather difficult… But they will still try.

    IMHO what they did not count on was that they had ONE and only ONE chance for an entrapment, and that one is already blown. Now The Right knows that it’s a Social Trap with differential enforcement. There will be no more “protests” or “demonstrations” from The Right. They will just quietly let the pressure rise until either it comes out in the election, or they realize there is only one last solution; and that will not be a “protest”. But that will only be after the election and after it is demonstrably another stolen election (so proving that the ballot box is no longer working correctly). By then it is too late to entrap again.

  79. H.R. says:

    E.M.: “There will be no more “protests” or “demonstrations” from The Right. They will just quietly let the pressure rise until either it comes out in the election, or they realize there is only one last solution; and that will not be a “protest”. But that will only be after the election and after it is demonstrably another stolen election (so proving that the ballot box is no longer working correctly). By then it is too late to entrap again.”

    That’s me. I am waiting to see if the ballot box can be overwhelmed beyond cheating this November.

    We leave for Florida October 31st, so I won’t know the results until we’ve been in Florida for a few days.

    I am prepping as best I can for the unknown results. Here at home, I have more tools, an extra gas-sipping car, a larger food stash, and more other stuff. I’ll be taking extra to Florida, including more of the other stuff. I’d prefer to be home should things get spicy.

    Jon K’s post is how I’ve been all my life. For so many Americans, we take the serenity prayer to heart. It’s absolutely foreign to leftists and Karens who want to control every little thing, including other people.

    “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    the courage to change those things I can,
    and the wisdom to know the difference.”

    I’ve heard and read enough to know that a LOT of people are waiting for the November election to receive some wisdom; whether or not we will need to change the things we can change.

  80. another ian says:

    “Chinese environmental care means spraying grass, trees, rocks oil paint “green” ”


    Like Democrat political pronouncements?

  81. another ian says:

    “The Great Economic Pretending Yet Again Meets Main Street Reality
    September 16, 2022 | sundance | 169 Comments”

    Fedex and Maersk


  82. another ian says:

    “Blackout News Friday: Germany, Europe Teeter on The Economic Brink as Energy Crisis Intensifies”



    “Panicked Germany Seizes Russian Energy Company Rosneft, Uses National Trusteeship to Control Oil Refinery – The Current Economic Outlook of Europe, Full State Control of Critical Energy Production
    September 16, 2022 | sundance | 25 Comments”


    Hmmm! “Supplied 90% of Berlin’s fuel” – wonder where the raw material comes from?

  83. another ian says:

    “Quote of the day, week and month”

    “Nothing creates poverty. Poverty is the beginning state. It takes zero effort to be poor. It does take a lot of work not to be poor.”


  84. H.R. says:

    @another ian – Apparently, the Bayou Renaissance Man has never heard of Democrats or Marxists (yes, redundant).

  85. another ian says:

    Check the tweet

    “The only question is, do the residents of Martha’s Vineyard realize what utter & complete NIMBY hypocrites they are?!?”


  86. another ian says:

    “Today we reject the idea that corporations have a freewheeling First Amendment right to censor what people say. Because the district court held otherwise, we reverse its injunction and remand for further proceedings.”

    More and link at


  87. another ian says:

    Suggestions for Martha’s Vineyard wanted –

    Roaddog at http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/2022/09/16/marthas-vineyard-irony-alert/#comment-1684324

  88. another ian says:

    It gets worse

    It gets worst –

    “Vot vill you drink to vosh down ze bugs?”

  89. another ian says:

    “If you can’t be there, Jonathan Lea gives you the next best thing. God Save The King.”


  90. another ian says:

    Second try

    “If you can’t be there, Jonathan Lea gives you the next best thing. God Save The King.”


  91. H.R. says:

    A couple of virtue signaling yet total hypocrisy notes:

    1) Quite a few months ago, I wrote about seeing 12, yes 12, Teslas in one day while running errands in my stomping grounds. The Mrs. and I had a game where we’d shout TESLA! when we spotted one. They are so common in the area that it’s no longer any fun. It’s easy enough to spot 20 in a day.

    Three years ago, before the big influx to our area, there were, as best as I could determine, only a blue and a white Tesla in the ‘hood. I thought they were just early adopters to have a car no one else did – Porsche Cayennes are the favored SUV around here – and the cool factor of having ludicrous mode.

    I know all the new ones are Dem virtue signaling Dem interlopers. One vanity plate I saw on at Tesla at the grocery store read something to the effect of zero emissions, in some clever way that uses only the allowed 7 characters. If I had a Sharpie on me, I would have written ‘Coal Powered’ on the plate. Our State averages 46% coal generated electricity and more when the sun don’t shine and the wind don’t blow.

    2) A couple of weeks ago, I heard on the radio that 95% of the teachers in the huge Blue abysmal Blue school to the South of us did not live in the school district. They did not want their kids going to those crap schools.

    I’ve concluded that part of the big influx to our area is made up of those teachers because our schools “are excellent”. Well, they were excellent. They taught the 3 Rs, math, science, history, geography, and English.

    With the influx of the Regressives, we now have litter boxes in the grade school classrooms for kids who identify as ‘furry’ or some such nonsense. No kidding. All the ‘woke’ indoctrination has crept in and there’s little time left for learning the basics that schools should teach.

    There are some parents fighting against the woke nonsense, but it’s an uphill battle. Assuming we dodge a bullet and America escapes total collapse, I’d say that in about 15 or 20 years you can pick up some nice McMansions around here for a song as people flee for ‘good schools’. As I understand it, besides oceanfront, mountaintop, lakeside, golf course communities, or other special features good schools are number one on the list of reasons for moving into an area.

    Speaking of virtue signaling and Karens and Kens, I was in a Walmart in Florida while they briefly had mask mandates in place. I had on my ‘chin mask’ so I could breathe, and a guy walking past said, “Your nose is too high” meaning my mask was pulled down too low. He was a hit and run, and on the move before I could point out “Your IQ is too low.” Ah well. I have slowed a bit in my later years.

  92. E.M.Smith says:


    I guess I’ve been in Florida enough now that I’m a “local”… I’m used to being in stores with 90%+ of people not wearing masks at all. Just some “tourists” (at least that’s my guess…) wearing masks and looking nervous. Most folks just living a normal life.

    At this point I’m not even sure where any of my masks are. In a drawer somewhere? Maybe?

    On my last trip to California (to pick up a truckload) I visited a few folks. One was my Dentist (who is also a friend…). Was very odd to have to find a mask to go in… Seeing folks behind counters at various stores, in masks and a fair number of customers too; was a lot like going back in time a year or two… Glad to be out of there. Once in rural Nevada it was all normal again. Some servers with mandated masks (some wearing them barely fitting…) but a lot of folks just over it. Pretty much normal life in Texas to Florida. (Didn’t really pay any attention to anyone in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico…)

  93. H.R. says:

    @ E.M. – That incident was right at the beginning of “The Great Covid Everybody Panic!!” stampede.” Something like March of 2020, was it? That was also when Fauci said on network TV that masks don’t work, then a week or so later he reversed all that. BTW, the “masks don’t work” came mostly from a 2019 CDC study that found no significant difference in infections and outcomes from those wearing masks and those who did not.

    What amazes me is that I still see people driving alone in their cars with a mask on and sometimes a pedestrian will be wearing a mask outside in the sun with no one around and there are no mask requirements.

    It makes me angry that some people were scared that badly. The ones doing it just to virtue signal can go pound sand, but some people were truly scared and scarred. They think they will die from Covid if they don’t protect themself with a mask. grrrrrrr… that was an evil thing to do to them.

  94. cdquarles says:

    I agree. There are still way too many wearing the face talismans. Upside is that the number of those is much fewer now. The local hospital and some other medical facilities still require them. Those places just need better ventilation, UV lights, and HEPA filters.

  95. another ian says:

    “Neil Oliver Notes the Appearance of the Silent Majority Paying Respect to Queen Elizabeth II and the Traditions of Great Britain
    September 18, 2022 | Sundance | 55 Comments”

    Link in there



    Via https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2022/09/magnificent.html

  96. another ian says:

    More “Safe and Effective®”

    “First child myocarditis ad I’ve ever seen”


    (Note – #89 in the series)

    Another Dr Campbell mentioned in comments there

  97. another ian says:

    “Cost Of the Green Energy Transition: Who You Gonna Believe, Some Research Assistants from Oxford or Your Lyin’ Eyes?”

    “Over in Europe, and particularly in those countries in the vanguard of the green energy transition, the enormous costs of this folly have begun to hit home. In the UK, average annual consumer energy bills were scheduled to rise as of October 1 to £3549/year, from only £1138/year just a year ago. (The figure may now get reduced somewhat by means of massive government subsidies, which only conceal, but do not obviate, the disastrous cost increases.) Germany’s regulated consumer gas bills are scheduled for an average annual increase on October 1 of about 480 euros, about 13%, from an already high 3568 euros.

    Anyone with a pair of eyes can see what has happened. They thought they could get rid of fossil fuels just by building lots of wind turbines and solar panels, which don’t work most of the time. Then they suppressed fossil fuel production, because that is the virtuous thing to do. Somehow they lost track of the fact that they needed full backup for the wind and sun, and have no alternative to the suppressed fossil fuels. With supply of fossil fuels intentionally and artificially constrained, prices spiked.”

    More at


    for discussion of the paper

  98. The True Nolan says:

    “Tom Kerridge, the celebrity chef, revealed that the annual energy bill at his pub has soared from £60,000 to £420,000 and warned that ‘ludicrous’ price rises left the hospitality sector facing a ‘terrifying landscape’,”


  99. another ian says:




  100. another ian says:

    “Biden-Speak to English: A New SDA Service”



    “We fed it through the SDA Biden2English™ Translator and this is what came out:

    “It was no longer politically expedient for us to milk the pandemic with all of the fear mongering that worked so successfully with Democrat voters in 2020 & 2021 so we decided to drop the Covid theatre entirely.” “

  101. H.R. says:

    @TTN – The restaurant biz is one that I figured would be hit hard due to increasing food prices. They have been fighting menu price hikes as best they can, but now inflation is starting to affect restaurant sales from fast food to high end establishments. And now that utility costs are rapidly rising, they won’t be able to hide that with menu pricing tricks.

    Some people are still well off enough that $100 going to $200 per person dinners won’t matter. But those who went to those places once or twice a year for special occasions can’t absorb the price increases. So they move down to the ‘nice’ chain restaurants. Same thing for those of even lesser means. They have scaled down from the nice chain eateries to fast food shops. And now fast food is either an occasional treat for the lower end of the economic scale or totally out of the question.

    There has been a shift down the scale in restaurants as prices have gone up relative to incomes. The next shift down the scale will hit the chain restaurants really hard and I think even fast food will struggle. The high end restaurants will be hit or miss as the pool of very well off patrons shrinks a good bit and they will have to compete for those remaining high rollers. Some of those high end places will lose.

    When I am looking up menus for new restaurants to try, the convention is to put dollar signs to give you an idea of what to expect. I think it’s $, $$. $$$. and $$$$.

    What I suspect will be hitting soon is there will be fewer than there already are of $$$$ restaurants. An enormous hit to $$$ places and a strong hit to $$ and $ (fast food) places.

    The expectation for the US is that there won’t be food outages. But supplies of most things will be spotty yet still be available at much higher prices due to demand for the smaller supply.

    It seems to me the question is when, not if.

  102. another ian says:

    The Russians seem to be doing better with projecting future global temperatures. Are they ahead on weather as well?

    “Good News: 2022 Hurricane Season Mild. Bad News: Pressure Pattern Threatens Europe with Hell Winter”


  103. AC Osborn says:

    another ian says: 18 September 2022 at 11:02 pm

    If that document is authentic it explains a great deal, not just to limit Russia, but the EU & especially Germany to the benefit of the US and the Democrats.

  104. another ian says:


    He got worked over by your system which I can’t give you a quick link to the site where I read that.

    Check him on the net.

    “Justice Denied” (I haven’t read) book with a review here


  105. another ian says:


    His latest FWIW



  106. another ian says:


    Also FWIW –

    Last thought – after that work over he’s likely got the system in his sights but ought to realise that bs ain’t going to be good ammo

  107. another ian says:

    “Wish You Weren’t Here”


    A cartoon caption that goes with that

    “Breaking: all but one illegal immigrant was removed from Marth’s Vineyard…. one had a fake birth certificate from Hawaii”

  108. another ian says:


  109. cdquarles says:

    Victor Davis Hanson nailed it again. The old South was as aggressive as the New “Progressives” are now. Sure they called it the War of Northern Aggression, which it would be from their point of view. From the Unionist point of view, it was a war of Southern Aggression. We see that playing out today, sadly. (Mind you, my generation was taught both points of view. Good luck getting that today, if you don’t go looking for it yourself.)

  110. cdquarles says:

    A quibble, though. George Wallace was not a segregationist. His predecessor was (and he died earlier this year, without fanfare). George cosplayed a segregationist on TV. That business at the University of Alabama’s Foster Auditorium was a staged stunt. The two students were quietly enrolled and received protection. Wallace’s administration pursued the killer Klansmen, though it took decades of quiet work to yield fruit. Why? To get Alabama past its previous failures and move forward to be a better place to live in.

  111. The True Nolan says:

    @HR: “And now fast food is either an occasional treat for the lower end of the economic scale or totally out of the question.”

    My wife and I mostly eat at home, but a couple days ago we were on the road and stopped at a Subway for lunch. We ordered one foot long veggie, one salad, two drinks and two bags of chips. Total? Over $23. I am seeing some price increases at other restaurants, but also smaller portion sizes. I certainly do NOT blame the restaurants. They are doing their best to cope with supply and price problems, including higher labor, energy, insurance, taxes, etc. I remember a politician a month or so back explaining that inflation would not be a big issue, that it would “only affect people making less than $200,000 a year.”

    I do not support the “eat the rich” mentality, but I know that MOST people will gladly do so if their only other choice is starvation. I am still of the opinion that the destruction of affordable food supplies is a step toward the introduction of rationing and a Central Bank Digital Currency.

    @EM: “One could get one of these nice little gadgets called a Thermocell. They are used to drive away mosquitoes.”

    I wonder if a plug-in air freshener would work?

    Gasoline, while not as subtle as poison, is so cheap and available it can be used for many attacks. I once did a mental design for a large scale home defense system. Actually, more of a Götterdämmerung system if not used prudently. Do you have a large yard? A sprinkler system? A flare gun? Splice a drum of gasoline into your water feed line. Of course you would have the appropriate check valves, 24 volt on/off valves, etc. Use water pressure to pressurize the drum. The details are all pretty obvious. Too many salesmen in your yard? Activate your drum feed valves. Wait 15 seconds. Aim and fire flare gun. Quickly stand away from any exterior glass windows.

    Need a smaller version for unruly neighbor? Load two shells into a 12 gauge shotgun, one buckshot, the other a boating safety flare. Fill Super Soaker with gasoline for one time use. Fire buckshot through front door or window. Insert nozzle of Super Soaker and squirt. Insert shotgun and fire flare. Retreat quickly. Total elapsed time? Under ten seconds.

    Have access to interior of a building? Does it have a coffee maker, crock pot, griddle, pressure cooker, hot plate, or a stove? (No open flame, just electric!) Place lighted candle 15 or 20 feet away. Fill coffee maker, pot, whatever with gasoline, apply heat to evaporate gasoline. Wait somewhere far away until cloud of vapor reaches candle.

    Destruction is easy. In fact, it is so easy that it gives me a certain amount of hope for the future. If the US were REALLY threatened by terrorists, bugabears, and Russians, we would see massive destruction on a daily basis. Here in the real world, what we see is an endless outpouring of fear porn by our media and politicians but almost non-existent terrorism. Conclusion? If the danger is not so large, then the fear must have some other purpose than warning us to be vigilant.

    (Sidenote: We ARE seeing (so they say) an uptick in destruction aimed at food production. But is it purposeful? By whom?)

  112. The True Nolan says:

    Not sure what this means, but 4 of the world’s largest mints have moved their women HR heads into the top positions. US Mint, Canadian Mint, UK Mint, South African Mint, and looks like a fifth mint, Australia’s Perth Mint is perhaps going to do the same. Five HR Directors moved to run five big mints?! What experience do they have with running a mint? Are the big mints planning on shutting down completely? If there is going to be a Central Bank Digital Currency, why have a mint? Is that the reason? Or maybe they just see a BIG rise in gold and silver prices and expect to halt production for a while until prices stabilize. Very odd.

  113. another ian says:

    Another “Whodathunkit”

    “Sulfur: A Potential Resource Crisis That Could Stifle Green Technology and Threaten Food Security as The World Decarbonizes”


  114. YMMV says:

    another ian: “Fauci and Birx are liars”

    That was a good video clip, but the title is a bit weak.
    That’s like saying “Hitler was a liar”. That could be true, but it’s beside the point.
    The point is that whatever Hitler was, he was far worse than that.
    I know everybody is called a Nazi these days, but sometimes it’s true. Hitler was a Nazi.

    Another of Brett’s videos worth watching, about Fauci and Gates is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJl_cfTehEU
    The title is “Extraordinary indictment of the public health system” but it is really about the book “The Real Anthony Fauci”.

    Which is killer. I thought, yeah I already know about Fauci, but I didn’t even begin to know the years of evil. It’s worse than we thought.
    Get the e-book edition, it’s cheap.

  115. YMMV says:

    And for a bit of good news. A published paper explaining a new mechanism for how HCQ works. In vitro, so no extrapolation to real life. But it shows that it is possible that HCQ is more effective against Omicron than for past variants, and that there many be a reason some studies showed that it did not work — It was sensitive to the amount of cholesterol in the tissues (not in the blood).

  116. another ian says:

    More on what we’ve already worked out

    “The green energy movement is a scam”


  117. another ian says:

    And a hit up the other side of the head

    Oh Dear!

    “EV Running Costs Now Higher Than Petrol Cars”


  118. another ian says:

    “The British Empire Was A Force For Western Civilization (And That’s Why They Hate Her)”


  119. another ian says:

    What was missing here



    I saw a photo years ago based on more “super droopers” but that will get the idea across

  120. Jon K says:


    Germany producer prices of industrial products increased by 45.8% on the same month last year

    Electricity producer prices up 174.9% on the year


    I can’t see how the economy isn’t in total collapse by the end of the year.

  121. another ian says:

    Well worth reading IMO

    “The Great Pretending – Denial of Truth Allows Easier Trespass
    September 20, 2022 | sundance | 236 Comments”



    “The Joe Biden Recession Cancels Christmas for Many Americans, Billions Worth of Holiday Orders Cancelled by Retailers
    September 20, 2022 | sundance | 4 Comments”


  122. another ian says:

    More Martha’s Vineyard

    “Hypocrisy So Thick, You Could Build a Wall With It!”


  123. another ian says:

    “Until we meet again”

    “Red roses hit the side of the state hearse as the Queen’s coffin was driven from London to Windsor at the conclusion of the funeral. By the time the procession reached Windsor Castle, many flowers had caught against the windscreen and lay atop the glass body of the vehicle, held in place by nothing except the grace of fate. They were left there – an unplanned tribute in an otherwise meticulously orchestrated event.”

    More at


  124. another ian says:

    Via SDA

    The British Empire on slavery


  125. another ian says:

    More fake ballots

    “Erich Speckin Forensic Document Analyst”


  126. The True Nolan says:

    Most readers here remember Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Vice President of Pfizer Respiratory Illness Unit. Please listen to the first 5:35 of this video:

    Many of us concluded two years ago that the COVID scare was pre-planned mass murder, and NOT simple error and misunderstanding. Looks like Dr. Yeadon has come to the same conclusion.

  127. another ian says:

    Via SDA

  128. another ian says:

    A review of the “Three Prong eVito Electric Courier Van”

  129. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    That is just a hoot! An Australian ripping the eVita a new one is a joy to behold…

    (do note the ‘gender change’ on the eVeto to what is more appropriate and be sure to use the “proper pronoun” when referencing it… ;-) Clearly the CDI Diesel is the masculine pronoun and this one is not… )

  130. another ian says:


    He seems to have the knack of “the light sarcastic”

  131. another ian says:

    “No, They’re Not Trying To Kill You”

    “IMHO, nope.

    Why? Because while those who think they’re your “betters” are indeed desirous of you all getting “out of their way”, such as not being on Martha’s Vineyard if you’re brown and from Venezuela, unless of course you’re already a servant (Want to see this in prime action? Visit Jackson Hole, MV, or any of these other places); if you are suddenly there and “in their face” they want those folks as actual people who expect to be treated on an equal footing about as much as a plantation owner wanted the black folks in his house sleeping in his bed (other than when providing sexual pleasure “on demand”, of course.)

    But even so all these people do fully understand that without plenty of roughnecks and “lessers” in the form of something as simple as a car mechanic they’re f—ed. Their jet is useless without fuel in size and to get it to their airport it first must be drilled for, extracted, refined and then transported and none of these people will dirty their hands to do any of that. Never mind that effectively zero of them could replace a wheel bearing on their nice expensive car if it required it; without said replacement when it needs to be done the vehicle is a 2-ton brick.”

    More at


  132. another ian says:

    “Prison now”

    A look at the latest Facebook shenanigans


  133. The True Nolan says:

    @another ian: Great link you gave to market-ticker. The Money quote from it has to be “We will never stop the crazy in this country until and unless people who lie in this fashion are held to account — and “held to account” does not mean the firms are fined. It means people MUST go to prison, which is an equally-nasty consequence for all irrespective of how rich you are, a severity that is never true in the case of a fine because a fine that impoverishes a middle-class chump is laughed at by people like Zuckerpig.”

    When people do evil without suffering consequences, the evil never stops. It only gets bigger and bigger.

  134. another ian says:

    Latest Dr Campbell

    Relative to Biden declaring the covid pandemic over

  135. Simon Derricutt says:

    A bit of fun – the Lysistrata option to fix the Claimate Crisis:

  136. another ian says:

    Another one

  137. YMMV says:

    another ian (20 September 2022 at 10:50 am): “What was missing here”
    …and some porn-like photos. I figured it was photoshop, but no….

    It (that’s short for he/she/and other neo-pronouns) is a transgender teacher from Oakville, Ontario.

    “the Halton District School Board says it is “standing behind” the teacher”
    (hard to say that with a straight face)

    So, Canada is woke-crazy. It looks like almost the only sane Canadian is Rex Murphy.

    “Canadian school boards have a problem. Or perhaps they are the problem.”

  138. another ian says:


    Or that all encompassing and non-engineering “shim”.

    Rex is great, as are a few others up there like Kate who runs Small Dead Animals

  139. another ian says:

    “Winning: Antitrust laws slow down the climate plans of $130T monster cartel of UN and global bankers”


  140. another ian says:


    Pigs feature in customs of parts of Papua New Guinea

  141. another ian says:


    And it is a bit hard to get search results that are no “guinea pig”

    Here is one


  142. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    I think the breast feeding piglets was only for those who’s mama pig rejected them; done so they would not die. (Now we would bottle feed them with cow’s milk, or put them on a sow with more teats available – assuming you had a larger breeding operation. FWIW, some breeds have more teats so can support larger litters and it’s a selling point for breeders…).

    Oh, and in Iowa, pigs are still a form of wealth… Indiana too… Lots of pigs on the farm there ( I got to feed some of them ;-) Many prize breeders go for way over the “meat value”…


    A breeder boar (male) weaner piglet is $250 and a breeder gilt (female) weaner piglet is $450. Those are the breeder quality prices since you had asked on the breeder page. It is $50 less per piglet if you just want feeder stock to raise to eat. See the Piglet Page for feeder piglets which are the lower price than breeder piglets.

    At about 2 months the piglet is on mixed diet and run about 10 kg. So that female weaner is about $45 / kg “on the hoof”. At 3 months they are about 20 kg, so would “only” be about $22.50 / kg … still far more than the value of the meat.

    (FWIW, Granddad would load up the truck with pigs and head to town to sell them. Based on when he had to downshift on the hill, he knew the weight of pigs, and then by the top of the hill would tell my Dad how much they would sell for at the current prices. He was quite accurate! Dad grew up on an Iowa farm… I grew up in a California farm town. County Fair had a big pig and cattle judging section, and Dad took me to several animal auctions…)


    I suspect the meat eating men would easily beat up the vegan men who would end up in the non-sex cohort… I’m reminded of the start of the Oldest Profession when the men went out and hunted for dinner… and the guy who came back with the most meat generally got the most interest from the “hungry” women… At least that’s what the stereotype images show…

    Then there’s the modern trend to women hunters…


    IF the hunter cohort became a separate breeding pool… so meat eaters were not intermingling genes with the vegans… How long would it take to evolve a species of Predator Humans and “Grazer” type Humans (‘tastes of pork’…) I’d guess about 20 generations, or about 600 to 1000 years. Yeah, that’s doable…

    I’ll believe that women will stop being interested in meat eating men when I see them no longer drooling over the Football Players, Weight Lifters, and other “hunks”… and chasing down “soy boys” at the video game tournaments instead… ;-)


    I wonder what they have on SuckerZuk that he’s tolerating a halving of his stock wealth? Were I down $50+ Billion I’d be doing something about it…

    @Another Ian:

    Oh, and in my opinion, NO giant plastic faux breasts belong in any classroom at any time. Frankly, anything to do with sexuality ought not be in the schools. Teach them how to get a job first (and NOT one that requires the use of sexuality…)

  143. another ian says:

    “50 Reasons to Re-Think Climate Policy”


    Griff doesn’t like it

  144. another ian says:

    Not only Europe

    “Massachusetts Energy Companies Announce 64% Increase in Electricity Rates Beginning November 1st
    September 22, 2022 | Sundance | 95 Comments”


  145. another ian says:


  146. Ossqss says:

    @EM, I gave you my # the last time we met. Give a call on what is coming next week on the weather front. Prep is required. We will know more tomorrow with an initialization point.

  147. another ian says:

    Things the internet didn’t forget

    “Why does anyone have faith in a lefty with ‘a plan’?”

    Link at


    I guess he stayed true to the trajectory

  148. E.M.Smith says:


    Saw the low off Cuba / Central America with Wed projection of Ft. Meyers. I’m doing the prep. (packing anything outside into the shed, looking at window covers…).

    I’m waiting all of about 1/2 a day to 1 day to see the next projection before I run out and buy a load of plywood…

    BTW, wagon is full of fuel, bug-out bag is ready. Generator is inside and has fuel for about 4 days. (more in the cars but no siphon at this time, would need to pull a fuel line or use an improvised hose…) Food stores inside interior walk in closet / pantry. Open issue of water (3 flats in car trunk, may move to house) but don’t have my water purifier kit – just a 1/2 gallon of bleach (hope to not need to purify puddles anyway…) Do have a gasoline stove and a couple of small camp stoves (with fuel – alcohol and a flat of sterno for the last resort stove both in the bug-out kit)

    My big issue is just that it’s a new house and I’ve not figured out how to attach window covers (yet…). The frames are aluminum and the walls are stucco / brick, so not just wood screws, but I think the neighbors can give me a clue on that. Sure I can drill the aluminum frames and use screws, but then you have holes. (I need to do a walk around while I pick up anything loose in the yard and look for evidence of prior art…) I’m going to look at doing a load of tape to at least hold any broken glass bits together (wood to follow…) but would be a nice first step. (I’d hoped to get proper hurricane windows / shutters installed before my first one… Oh Well… Gang Aglee…)

    I think I’ll open a Hurricane Prep thread sometime tonight or tomorrow for more detailed discussion (rather than a phone call – let advice be more widely known…)

    This is very different from Earthquake Prep as you have days of warning.

    FWIW I’m at a high point in the State, good water drainage downhill to a lake drain about 300 yards away (and about 30 feet lower than my foundation) and inland a good ways so zero storm surge / flood issues. As long as the roof stays on and the garage door doesn’t blow in, I’m mostly looking at flying debris risk and blown in water / precipitation damage. The “good news” is that about 1/2 to 3/4 of my “stuff” is still in California ;-) while the “bad news” is that the photos and such that I care about most are now here… so We’ll need to find a way to put them “up” and inside interior closets where they can survive a broken window / water spray.

    But unless it’s a direct hit on Tampa I’m not too worried. Even then, we’re about 60 miles from the coast, so a Cat 1 (projection right now) impact would likely drop to below 100 mph winds by the time it got here. Even less if it’s offset N / S from a direct hit (my best guess ATM).

    Oh, and IFF it looks like a hit is likely, I’ll most likely make the 2 to 2.5 hour drive over to the boat in St. Lucie. It’s got bunks for 4 or 5 so not an issue with finding a hotel room. (V Berth front, 2 x settee, and aft cabin for 1 or 2 if good friends ;-)

    Final decision on “bug out” vs “hunker down” to await clarity on where things are likely to wander and likely size at impact… Plus “spousal input” ;-)

  149. Ossqss says:

    @EM, don’t waste your time with tape. If you house is new, check the windows and see if there is a Miami/Dade rating on them. I would be called out and labeled in the corner of them. If it has that, they are hurricane rated and you are good to go.

    I have used these type of permanent fasteners with washered wingnuts on all of the windows for panel installation. You will need the specialty driver for installing them. They vary in size, and some can also be used for plywood. Just make sure the thickness works. They also make push in place recessed plywood clips that I used prior to these permanent screws.


    I also use these recessed units for other applications. Amazon link so may be a problem.

  150. another ian says:

    Something else to worry about

    How did a non-Timken bearing race get into GM product built about 20 years ago?


  151. another ian says:

    “An economist’s thoughts about English food”


    And the comments!

    John Steinbeck also has some observations in “Once there was a war”

  152. philjourdan says:

    @E.M.Smith says:
    18 September 2022 at 2:28 am

    Re: Masks – was just out your old way, but not on the coast (flew in the PSP and drove to Imperial valley). No one was wearing masks except Karens.

    But here in the OD, they still require them going to see a doctor! Even though every one and your aunt mary says they are useless! But the democrats have made us CA East! Fortunately they were not too intelligent so some of the damage has been undone. But the 35 mandate has to be repealed!

    Sorry, I have not been posting Too many deaths. Will post on that shortly

  153. philjourdan says:

    Sorry folks. I am going to miss many of your comments and bon mots! Just got back from Kalifornia, where I was lucky enough to say goodbye to a dear old lady (my BIL mom) who I have known for many years and was instrumental in the Frankie Chavez Memorial Foundation fund raiser!

    But we knew that was coming. But then I got hit with a new one. My younger brother has stage 4 cancer! And it is really stage 4!.

    SO I will be signing off for a bit It is one thing to bury an older brother (hint: I have none). It is another to bury a younger brother!

    Getting old sucks!

  154. another ian says:

    A headline of note

    “Break out the Weapons-Grade Chlorine: Video Shows Hunter Biden Naked on a Waterslide at $$4,140-per-night Malibu House”


    Via SDA

  155. The True Nolan says:

    @philjourdan My prayers go with you and yours. Difficult times. Lots of cancers going around. I also have a brother fighting cancer, and a good friend also with cancer. Both of them jabbed and boosted for what it is worth.

    Take care, philjourdan.

  156. E.M.Smith says:


    Do what you must and take the time you need to experience what life has thrown at you. We’ll be here when you are ready, or when you need an escape.

    @Another Ian:

    I agree with the guy who said he’d not trust Krugman about anything. Mum made surprisingly good scones. Bacon & Eggs with buttered toast and jam is great. I had more delicious “Fish & Chips” than I care to think about (with proper MALT vinegar and no tartar sauce to be seen – as GOD Almighty intended!). Then “Sunday Roast” which was put in the oven on very low at about 8 am and eaten at about 1 pm…

    The assertion that there is something lacking in proper English Cooking is, IMO, a plot by the French. I’d rather have a slow braised beef roast with potatoes, carrots, celery, salt & pepper, bay leaf and such “as you like it” served over slices of bread … than just about any other meal around. Buttered scones (made with unbleached flour and lots of butter) with raisins (or proper currants) in them, buttered, with tea (proper milk & sugar too) are to die for. Then not much can beat fish & chips for me (provided tartar sauce is tossed in the dumper prior to delivery and malt vinegar with salt are in abundance…)

    It’s folks who like over complicated cooking, with too much spice and too much wine that just don’t know how to appreciate a clean clear flavor.

    I’ll take a good roast or a nice meat pie over a German flour noodle or a French drowned onion buried in cheese any day.

    (Don’t get me wrong: I don’t mind Spatzel or French Onion Soup; but give me Fish & Chips or a meat pie over them any day…)

  157. E.M.Smith says:


    Look at the potential of Vitimin-I to deal with cancer… just sayin’….



    Ivermectin has powerful antitumor effects, including the inhibition of proliferation, metastasis, and angiogenic activity, in a variety of cancer cells.
    On the other hand, ivermectin promotes programmed cancer cell death, including apoptosis, autophagy and pyroptosis. Ivermectin induces apoptosis and autophagy is mutually regulated. Interestingly, ivermectin can also inhibit tumor stem cells and reverse multidrug resistance and exerts the optimal effect when used in combination with other chemotherapy drugs.

    Never give up, never surrender. Look for alternatives and find what will work.

  158. H.R. says:

    E.M.: “Then “Sunday Roast” which was put in the oven on very low at about 8 am and eaten at about 1 pm…”

    That’s how mom did a roast and always on Sunday. So did a lot of other moms. The other Sunday dinner was fried chicken or a roasted chicken, back when you could get chickens big enough to feed a family of six.

    Sunday cooking was all about church. Most people attended at least Sunday morning and some churches met mid-week and twice on Sunday.

    The whole impetus behind the slow roast or the chicken was to make the big deluxe meal of the week come out at about 1:00 pm.

    Every now and then, the church would have a potluck dinner a 1/2 hour after services ended. Those were my favorite meals! Each of the ‘church ladies’ had a specialty dish that they always brought. I knew who made the best – at least to my liking – potato salad and that’s where I learned to love sliced cucumbers and onions in vinegar. Then there were the pies…!!!!

  159. H.R. says:

    Oh, fish & chips. The best I ever had was in Swansea, Wales.

    I really like Long John Silver’s fish. The fries suck. The key is to get the fresh batch. Otherwise, they aren’t particularly good at all. I go inside and order and wait now. The longest was for 20 minutes, but it is always worth the wait.

    I’ve had good and bad at casual joints. It seems every joint has them on the menu, but it’s often a real crapshoot.

    BTW, whose bright idea was it to do the panko crust? They should be taken out and shot.

  160. H.R. says:

    @philj: Take care of family first. Read when you can. And take care of yourself.

    I’ve had a couple of stretches where I could only read about 1/3 of the articles and went many months without commenting. The articles were great for giving me a break to think of other things, and here, ‘other things’ can be quite eclectic.

  161. David A says:

    @philj, very sorry to hear… I will second or third the read here sometime suggestions for an occasional needed distraction from the personal. Here we solve all the GREAT GLOBAL problems, or at least lend a rational perspective to them.
    All the Best…

  162. another ian says:

    “Not a joke – this is the official US Space Force song.”

    And note the bloody origin!

    Maybe they’d better start again


  163. Simon Derricutt says:

    Phil – may also be worth looking at Fenbendazole, another anti-helmitic that’s also available for veterinary use. EM had an article on it a while back, based on the story of a guy who decided to try it and was still alive years after he had been predicted to die. When the official options have been exhausted, seems zero-loss (and maybe great gains) to try others.

    There have also been “miracle” cures of cancer when the person involved caught ‘flu or something similar and had a high fever – cancer cells are less resistant to over-temperature and thus can be selectively killed. This weakness of cancer cells relative to normal cells is after all the basis of chemotherapy, giving a careful dose of poison that only kills the weaker cells and doesn’t quite kill the ones that are more-resistant to the challenge. Sauna may be a substitute to an illness and fever.

    Seems a lot of people are suddenly getting aggressive cancers, strokes, and other unexpected ways of dying. Seems that cancer cells are often generated, but that the immune system normally removes them before they can grow, so injections of preparations that redirect the immune system to produce massive numbers of antibodies for *something else* may be reducing the capability of the immune system to perform its normal job properly. Thus might also be useful (along with the I or Fenbendazole) to also dose up on Vitamins D and K2, and keep the C levels higher than usual.

    I hope things go better than expected.

  164. Pingback: The Hurricane Cometh | Musings from the Chiefio

  165. The True Nolan says:

    @HR “I really like Long John Silver’s fish. ”

    I had my first ever visit to a Long John Silver shop not quite two weeks ago. Very good fish! Good coleslaw as well. The manager there tells me that their shop (Neosho, MO) consistently ranks in the top ten LJS shops in the nation. Huzzah!

    @EM and Simon Derricutt: Yes, Ivermectin and Fenbendazole would be high on my list — but my brother and friend don’t believe “that conspiracy stuff”. They think “If those medicines were good, then ever doctor in the country would be prescribing them!” It is maddening. And saddening.

    I do find it very interesting that Fenbendazole and Ivermectin are both antiparasitics. Add another, an extract made from the American pawpaw tree (not to be confused with the papaya which is sometime also called a pawpaw.) It too is an antiparasitic with reported anti-cancer properties. Dr. Jerry McLaughlin of Purdue University researched it IIRC twenty years ago and ran into a stone wall when he tried to get pharma interested. Here is part one of a talk by him.

  166. another ian says:

    “Just like that: European Fertilizer production down 70%”


  167. another ian says:


    “Safe and Effective®”

    Links to

    ” Such a swift progression for lymphoma in just three weeks was highly unusual…”


    And comments

  168. another ian says:

    “Sunday Talks, Neil Oliver – Those with Trumpets are Not Going to be Silent in the Fight Against Tyranny and Nihilistic Collectivism
    September 25, 2022 | Sundance | 9 Comments”


  169. another ian says:

    ““Joe Biden’s” Last Stand”

    “Not to put too fine a point on it: the sh* has already hit the fan. We are where we were going. If you truly believe those 2020 national election results, then this is what you voted for, America. Feeling any buyer’s remorse yet? Got the feeling that something must be done? Okay then, what?”


  170. The True Nolan says:

    Two potentially related stories.
    Deep Fake of Justin Trudeau:

    FBI sends 25 armed men on morning raid of Catholic pro-life man:

    There are multiple cases of FBI (and State, and City) forces getting warrants on made up charges. If amateurs can make deep fakes, how long before the FBI make their own “surveillance tapes”? Or phone logs? Or transcripts? Or maybe they already do. How would we know?

  171. another ian says:

    “We should stop all Covid vaccinations says UK Cardiac Surgeon who once promoted them”


  172. another ian says:

    “Real Progress” – California definition


    E.M. – better get the rest of your gear out before the ban on the wheel hits

  173. another ian says:

    Oz newspaper headline on a local cyber scam

    “Optus hacker deletes data. FBI called in”

    Must have discovered a Republican voter did it?

  174. another ian says:

    “Which part of “economic” does the World Economic Forum not understand?”

    “By the logic of the World Economic Forum, it is a “good thing” that it takes more people to produce and deliver 7% of the world’s primary energy needs, than it takes to produce and deliver 55% (oil & gas).”


  175. another ian says:

    CNN and Ivermectin



  176. another ian says:

    Conservative Tree House seems to be off line – IIRC they’re out of Florida?

  177. cdquarles says:

    Main person is in FL and has done hurricane prep work, if I am not mistaken.

  178. another ian says:

    Some serious reading here –

    “The Death of Germany, and Europe”

    Particularly this bit –

    “For that matter, the explosives might already have been in place. Back in June, it was reported that the US Navy was conducting underwater operations in the Baltic Sea, off the island of Bornholm – where the explosions took place.”


  179. E.M.Smith says:

    From the “Death of Germany” link in a comment:

    CDH beat me to it. If they can put the pipeline down in the first place, then it can be repaired. The leaks are in 70 M water, so this won’t even be hard for the professionals.

    70 M is in the range of scuba using normal air mix (though there’s better gear at that depth that is commonly available). So anyone with a decent SCUBA hobby group with some military guys can drop to that depth, put on a magnetic shaped charge with timer, and get back to the surface in time.

  180. another ian says:

    More fwiw around that



  181. cdquarles says:

    Given the USA’s fascination with “renewables”, I really wonder about the USA doing it. Not impossible, true; but would the USA really benefit since we have also cut off our own nose to spite our face, so to speak, by killing Keystone and the other attacks against our own oil and gas production?

  182. cdquarles says:

    I’d also say that lots of state actors would benefit by making it look like the USA did this.

  183. The True Nolan says:

    @cdquarles: ” but would the USA really benefit since we have also cut off our own nose to spite our face,”

    The US benefits economically. The worse things get in Europe, the more investors in Europe move their capital to the dollar. The dollar gets stronger, the Euro (and the Pound) get weaker. Also, the dollar is still (for now) the world reserve currency. The higher prices go for food and energy, the more Europe is forced to pay in the world market, and they need dollars for those bills. Again the dollar gets stronger. As the demand for dollars strengthens the Fed can create MORE dollars while still limiting the inflation suffered in the US. The people who are running the Dollar Scam continue the game just a little longer, sucking out the last profits.

    ALL fiat currencies are failing, but the US wants the dollar to be the last one standing. The GEBs would rather have Europe fail than have Europe ally with Russia, and ESPECIALLY than having Germany and Russia join up. Destroying the pipeline damages both Europe and Russia. The dollar will fail — but when it fails, the GEBs would rather have a weak US facing a weak Europe, and a weak Russia. Why? Because any partnership between Europe and Russia, especially a partnership which saves the economies of both, would create a competitor which the US could not match. Better to have a general collapse with us buying up the failing bits and pieces, than a collapse which left us in third place. If we fail before Europe and Russia, they will be buying us out instead of the other way around.

  184. another ian says:

    “Trust The Science??”

    “Dr. Naomi Wolf Video: No Mojo in the Air – The Vax’s Killing of Sexual Desire

    How the life force/flirtation vibe got switched off.”


  185. jim2 says:

    OK, I’m going to say it: The idea that the US blew up the NS pipelines is crazy. Europe has continually imposed sanctions on Russia and we know Russia has responded before this by throttling back nat gas to Europe. This is just a continuation of that trend, but with plausible deniability. IMO, it is highly likely that Russia blew up the pipelines. There is zero evidence and even less in the way of motivation for the US to have done it.

  186. jim2 says:

    Adding to that, crippling a major trading partner, Europe, is NOT a benefit to the US. This whole idea is patently stupid.

  187. The True Nolan says:

    One snippet from the link above. Looks like pre-planted explosives are a real thing:

    In 2015 Pipeline Journal reported:

    [T]he Swedish military has successfully cleared a remote operated vehicle (drone) rigged with explosives found near Line 2 of the Nord Stream Natural Gas offshore pipeline system.
    The vehicle was discovered during a routine survey operation as part of the annual integrity assessment of the Nord Stream pipeline. Since it was within the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) approximately 120 km away from the island of Gotland, the Swedes called on their armed forces to remove and ultimately disarm the object.

    The national identity of the drone has not been verified so far, as many countries use Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) of a similar construction, [Jesper Stolpe, Swedish Armed Forces spokesman,] said.

  188. Jon K says:

    I turned this on as some meaningless noise while I reviewed some drawings, but it was more interesting and informative than I anticipated. The video author makes some eye opening observations about the crisis cycle in the English speaking world, interesting notes on models and the role of inflation combined with the anti-men movement. I recommend, while I am sorry for the ew-tube link.

  189. David A says:

    Jim2, and yet the US President and assistant Secretary of State made clear US policy.
    Nord Stream II “will not open”. “ one way or the other”
    So they think it is to their advantage. I am not confident their goals represent what is best for the US. There has been a whole lot of crazy lately.

  190. jim2 says:

    n June 2021, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Nord Stream 2 completion was inevitable. In July 2021, the US urged Ukraine not to criticise a forthcoming agreement with Germany over the pipeline.[24][25] On July 20, Joe Biden and Angela Merkel reached a conclusive deal that the US may trigger sanctions if Russia used Nord Stream as a “political weapon”. The deal aims to prevent Poland and Ukraine from being cut off from Russian gas supplies. Ukraine will receive a $50 million loan for green technology until 2024 and Germany will set up a billion-dollar fund to promote Ukraine’s transition to green energy to compensate for the loss of the gas transit fees. The contract for transiting Russian gas through Ukraine will be prolonged until 2034 if the Russian government agrees.[26][27][28]

    On November 16, 2021, European natural gas prices rose by 17% after Germany’s energy regulator suspended approval of the Nord Stream 2.[29][30]

    On December 9, 2021, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called on Germany’s newly appointed Chancellor Olaf Scholz to oppose the start-up of Nord Stream 2 and not to give in to pressure from Russia. On a visit to Rome, Morawiecki said: “I will call on Chancellor Scholz not to give in to pressure from Russia and not to allow Nord Stream 2 to be used as an instrument for blackmail against Ukraine, an instrument for blackmail against Poland, an instrument for blackmail against the European Union.”[31]

    Scholz suspended certification of Nord Stream 2 on 22 February 2022 in consequence of Russia’s recognition of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics and the deployment of troops in territory held by the DPR and LPR.[32]

    Nord Stream 2 AG filed for bankruptcy on 1 March 2022 and laid off all 106 employees from its headquarters in Zug, Switzerland.[33]


  191. YMMV says:

    The who-done-it ideas are interesting. The even more interesting question to speculate about is “now what?”

    What is the response? Someone will be declared to have done it, and they will be punished. Probably not by sanctions. But how? I doubt it even matters if the blamed group was responsible. So that’s the first question. What has somebody been itching to attack?

    The second question is what are the ultimate implications. Escalation? WW3? It’s easy to see this could get out of hand. Putin might be the coolest hand of the bunch.

    You will have nothing (left) and you will be happy (to be alive). If you are alive.

  192. David A says:

    Yes, yet the 2022 US policy, post Ukraine/Russia conflict, was that NSII would not open, regardless of critical German and EU energy needs. (The pipe was full). Putin was offering it at a good price ( It was cheeper for them) Germany was subject to protests against continued support of Ukraine and not allowing the energy to flow. German production and factories are closing. ( 2021 policy was somewhat based on mocking Trumps concerns) So, post Russian invasion, US policy was “one way or another” NS will not open. And Biden made clear, German support was not necessary, or relevant, in that it would not open.

    If you missed it, read this substack …

  193. jim2 says:

    Germany appears to me to be suicidal. So, yes, I suppose the US could have blown it up, but I read it never delivered any gas, so why would anyone bother to blow it up? The world makes less sense every day.

  194. cdquarles says:

    I make a distinction between GEB elements in the USA’s government and the USA as a nation. That USA GEBs/government agents benefit does not mean that the USA as a nation benefits.

  195. jim2 says:

    And why hasn’t someone thrown a match on those leaks? Just askin’.

  196. p.g.sharrow says:

    In the “Game of Thrones” The United States of America is the prize, capture them and you capture control of the World. Small problem is that they have a Constitution that Guarantees them the right to be Armed and dangerous. The GEBs work in the shadows and depend on government agencies to do their dirty work to subdue the citizens to the Grand Designs that all GEBs harbor. There is no government security force that can withstand an Armed and dangerous population.

  197. another ian says:

    “Hacking group hides backdoor malware inside Windows logo image”

    Link via


  198. David A says:

    Jim 2 says… “Germany appears to me to be suicidal. So, yes, I suppose the US could have blown it up, but I read it never delivered any gas, so why would anyone bother to blow it up? The world makes less sense every day.”

    I have been thinking ( and it is disturbing indeed) the west suicidal for years. Unfettered indiscriminate immigration of millions, many that hate you, is insanely suicidal. Covid, and Covid policy is insane. I suppose the reason to blow NS up is to make certain Germany and Europe do not capitulate to Russia’s ace, their ability to save the German and EU economy.

    Energy is the life blood of EVERY economy, and the entire CAGW doctrine and policy is based on poisoning that life blood. The motive? The goal? Apparently some combination of malthusian ideology, crossed with the desire to rule. “Blue Planet in Green Shackles”

    The US GEBs (working closely with the European GEBs,) appear to be maniacally desperate to harm Russia precisely perhaps because Putin won’t play their One World GOVERNMENT games. And Trump was a beacon to all nations to also not play their “Rule the World” games, and exercise strong self interest. Keeping Trump and Russia apart appears, in retrospect, to have been the deeper benefit of the “Russia Russia Russia” manufactured attack on Trump. The number one goal was to remove Trump and an independent nationalist USA, and two, aligned with that goal, keep the nationalist US and nationalist Soviet Union apart, punish them, and you crush Nationalism everywhere.

    Trump’s economic success, and beacon call to rational Nationalism made his removal necessary, made Covid 19 ( almost certainly a man made manufactured crisis) necessary. And Trump’s success was massive and growing! He had China by the short hairs, India was fully aboard, Mexico was cooperating, Asia was cooperating, Eastern Europe was cooperating, anti indiscriminate immigration ideology was growing, bilateral and tri -lateral trade deals were rewriting global trade, with the number one economy and super power in the world, a strong USA. Canada was being dragged , against their will, to the trade table. Even North Korea was bowing to the Trump doctrine. It took Covid 19, two illegal Impeachment attempts, and “Russia Russia Russia” to stop Trump, and the world from getting on board his train of rational Nationalism.

    So blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline, is simply continuing that Malthusian “Rule the World” attack on Sovereign independence, suppressing Russia, while supporting the US puppet, a corrupt controlled Ukraine. These folk could not care less about populations, indeed, populations are the enemy, strong Nations are the enemy.

    Controlling a nation is so 20th century passe, just as corporations are global, ruling the world is so tantalizingly close. Breaking a few eggs to make the One World Omelette, now means destroying National Sovereign ideology.

    Well, that’s my take thus far.

  199. AC Osborn says:

    jim2 says: 29 September 2022 at 11:05 am
    “Adding to that, crippling a major trading partner, Europe, is NOT a benefit to the US. This whole idea is patently stupid.”

    Did you read the link provided by Another Ian?


    7 Trillion Dollars sounds like a pretty good reason.

  200. David A says:

    AC, an amazing report. How is the document authenticated, aside from its relevance to actual events?

    I do not necessarily agree with their economic predictions working out for the US, other than the US is likely to fare better than most in this engineered global recession.

    It is tragic, in that Trump was showing a way for all boats to rise, possibly excepting China. The global economy has become ever more interdependent.

  201. jim2 says:

    @ AC Osborn says:

    There are no backing facts for the 7 trillion number. It appears to have been pulled out of their collective arse.

  202. The True Nolan says:

    @David A: “I have been thinking ( and it is disturbing indeed) the west suicidal for years. Unfettered indiscriminate immigration of millions, many that hate you, is insanely suicidal. Covid, and Covid policy is insane. I suppose the reason to blow NS up is to make certain Germany and Europe do not capitulate to Russia’s ace, their ability to save the German and EU economy.”

    That entire comment (not just the paragraph above) deserves a major thumbs up. I realize that mutual agreement does not prove either of us correct, but your large scale analysis certainly matches my own.

  203. another ian says:

    Meloni and Macron

  204. another ian says:

    “UN official at WEF: ‘We own the science & we think that the world should know it’ so ‘we partnered with Google’ to ensure only UN climate results appear”


  205. E.M.Smith says:

    Amusing: Liz Cheney has said she “will not be a Republican” if Trump gets the nomination. My question: Was she EVER really a Republican? 2nd question: Wouldn’t most Republicans celebrate her formally admitting she’s a RINO Dim Wannabe?

    Never threaten to give your opponent what they really would love to have…. Frankly, I’d be thrilled to make Trump the nominee just to dump Cheney on the street…

  206. another ian says:

    The origins of ESG in comments

    October 2, 2022 9:24 am
    Interesting article here about how this rot began. Featuring a failed Aussie rocker/eco activist, a bloke who wrote for rubbish British tabloid newspapers and, of course, the UN.

    The United Nations free-thinkers who coined the term ‘ESG’ and changed the world | Euromoney”


    More here


  207. another ian says:

    Re the current path of new covid style “vaccines”

    “John Connor II
    October 2, 2022 at 1:38 pm · Reply

    FDA is using Covid Vaccines as a “Platform Technology”. Robert Malone
    There was a WHO consultation in April, 2021 (Sept, 2022 online publication ahead of Dec, 2022 print) whereby US government officials laid out strategies for the process of future mRNA vaccine approvals by the FDA. A summary of this meeting has just been published online, ahead of print. So, we no longer have to speculate about what the FDA has decided about considering future mRNA vaccines and using the past pre-clinical data package as the foundation for these vaccines as being a “platform” technology.

    CBER has determined that this is in flux, and has not required that biodistribution studies be performed on a new vaccine if studies with another vaccine using the same manufacturing process and same LNP have already been done. (WOW. This is over the top malfeasance. With all this new mRNA vaccine and mRNA clinical trials being conducted – CBER DID NOT REQUIRE NEW BIO DISTRIBUTION STUDIES!)

    Essentially, CBER has completely bypassed the issues of these vaccines not having a complete pre-clinical evaluation, and in April 2021 decided that new mRNA vaccines in development will not have to comply with the norms for vaccine development. That is all mRNA vaccines in the future, as long as don’t vary from what has already been done, will be like processed like the the influenza model, with only the “payload” to be tested.

    Finally, CBER has determined that bio-distribution studies on new mRNA vaccines using this “platform technology” will not have to be redone, even though they were not properly evaluated in the first place. This is over the top idiocy. New products will be allowed to proceed with human testing without having a complete pre-clincial data package – as what was submitted to the FDA was cobbled together from previous studies is incomplete.

    In the future, as companies will have to face an onslaught of new requirements, such as addressing the stability of the mRNA in these vaccines, it will be almost impossible to now move away from this manufacturing process and LNP. This will become the platform technology because of the shortsighted position taken by the FDA/CBER.

    Another issue is that this synthetic mRNA (pseudouridine was substituted for uridine) is that it is immunosuppressive. Having this mRNA in the body suppresses not only the ability to fight off latent DNA viruses such as shingles, EBV and CMV, it is likely to also suppress the ability of the immune system to detect cancer.


    And you thought the Covid mRNA vaxxes were bad now. The entire medical sector has a looming tidal wave of unimaginable scale coming. And the unvaxxed shall inherit the Earth, or what’s left of it…”


    And on that subject
    “Bulldoze The NIH”

  208. E.M.Smith says:

    Looks like The Fed has scheduled an “Emergency Meeting” for tomorrow.

    This could be good if they decided they had raised rates too far too fast. Unfortunately, that is highly unlikely.

    There are rumors of a major International Bank Failure (in Europe).

    It is asserted that China is dumping $Trillion of US bonds and moving that to non-dollar assets.

    Who knows…

    But hang onto your hats, it will be a bumpy market ride tomorrow…

  209. H.R. says:

    Nothing like a bit of panic to scare the average Joe.

    As you mentioned, E.M., there will be bargains to scoop up sometime down the road.

  210. cdquarles says:

    There is a catch when you talk about pseudouridine. There are quite a few known forms. It is estimated that there are 100 forms of pseudouridine in human’s RNA. See (yeah, I know, wiki): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudouridine. So, did they make a “natural” one? Did they make a semi-synthetic one?

    Pseudouridine is known to have regulatory functions with respect to synthesis of nucleic acid polymers and their degradation.

  211. David A says:

    Re, “Looks like The Fed has scheduled an “Emergency Meeting” for tomorrow.”

    Hum, from Putin’s speech…
    “People cannot be fed with printed dollars and euros. You can’t feed them with those pieces of paper, and the virtual, inflated capitalisation of western social media companies can’t heat their homes. Everything I am saying is important. And what I just said is no less so: you can’t feed anyone with paper – you need food; and you can’t heat anyone’s home with these inflated capitalisations – you need energy.
    That is why politicians in Europe have to convince their fellow citizens to eat less, take a shower less often and dress warmer at home. And those who start asking fair questions like “Why is that, in fact?” are immediately declared enemies, extremists and radicals. They point back to Russia and say: “That is the source of all your troubles.”

    Interesting. The initial US reaction was to try to collapse the Rubble. I think the dollar is vulnerable, despite its recent (least ugly) relative strength, and the initial attack on the rubble, only motivates much of the world to not be dependent on the dollar.
    Zerohedge has a cogent late article today…

  212. jim2 says:

    I just heard on Fox news that many homes are uninsurable in Florida and that the insurance pool of last resort in that state contains a million home owners. There are a lot of homes that aren’t insured at all. They said a Federal bailout is coming, but not yet announced.

  213. The True Nolan says:

    As a former Florida resident, I can attest that MANY, MANY, MANY new homes have been built over the last 40 years that should absolutely NEVER been constructed where they were. Homes along the beach, homes along creeks, homes liable to being destroyed and washed away not merely once every hundred years, but once every five or ten years. Ah, but build ’em anyway! Insurance will pay for rebuilding, and in the mean time think of the rising tax base!

    As a side benefit, every big storm fuels the CAGW “Biggest storm evah!! Most expensive storm evah!! Once in 500 years!!”.

    Insanity. Very carefully planned and encouraged insanity.

  214. Ossqss says:

    Not surprising. I am certain there will be more to follow.


  215. H.R. says:

    I just searched on for the results of today’s Expedited Closed Federal Reserve Meeting of the Board of Governors.

    It went one of 3 ways:
    1 – Keep rates the same
    2 – Raise rates on schedule
    3 – Cut rates

    I’d bet on #1 because of the election in 4 weeks. Something will be announced like, “Inflation seems to be holding, so we are goung to pause raising rates for now.”

    The markets will take a breather and the Dims are counting on all those 401k holders to forget about the trashing they are taking and go ahead and vote Dem.

    The plan also was to make gas unaffordable. But the looming election and the backlash from the gas prices put the brakes on plans to hike gas prices. After the election, win, lose, or draw, gas prices will start rising again.

    Just a guess. I had forgotten about the election coming up. Anything negative or evil gets put on hold. “Smiles, everyone. Smiles!”

  216. E.M.Smith says:


    When I was a kid, the barrier islands were mostly empty. A few fairly rich folks would put vacation homes on them (mostly on big stilts that would be above surge & waves in a storm), but expected to be disposable in a major hurricane.

    There was NO insurance available at all for homes on barrier islands or even in coastal surge areas.

    Then a Federal Insurance give away program was passed that subsidized “insurance” in those areas. Making it affordable to build where it was absolutely clear it was stupid to build and anything built there would be washed away in a hurricane. The Coastal Building Boom nationwide resulted.

    Now we have houses & businesses built all over the coast. Right down to the edge of the beach.

    This has been known for at least a few decades as my first awareness of it was somewhere back in the ’80s or ’90s…

    Another Bit:

    When I insured my home, the insurer asked how old my roof was. I was happy to state it was fairly new at 10 years. (Roofs in California often go 30+ years, mine was about 45+ when I put on a new one…) I was very surprised to be informed I was “lucky” as many insurance companies will no longer insure anything older than 10 years and I was just under the wire…

    Why? Well, it comes down to smart roofing companies…

    Several companies developed databases of wind speeds and dates of events. Then they would go door to door and suggest a new roof “for free”… Since clearly their roof had suffered storm damaged in the {Storm of 19xx at yyPM when the wind was blowing 68 MPH}. This resulted in a whole lot of new roofs all over Florida, a lot of rate hikes, and insurance company excess payouts. And eventually in insurance companies catching a clue and realizing that if they just didn’t insure any “new” policy on a roof over 10 years old, they would end 20 or 30 years of “obligations” for that weather history database.

    Until this particular scam helpful roofer process is ended, there will be a LOT of houses in Florida that are “un-insurable”. Like any one with a roof 11 or more years old… anywhere in the State. Even where I am in about the least hurricane damaged part of Florida.

    BTW, I know at least one person personally who had his roof replaced after the roofer informed them of the storm, date, and time, (many years ago) that had undoubtedly damaged his roof… so it isn’t just a story or hypothetical,

  217. another ian says:

    “Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion — a documentary on things the media won’t mention”

    “If Youtube decides it’s too dangerous to show this documentary below, go to Oracle Films. In the meantime, spread the word, not just about the invisible victims but about the culpable media.

    When will we get to see those contracts our governments signed on our behalf?”


  218. The True Nolan says:

    Adverse effects of spike protein found in patients with NO nucleocapsid proteins. In other words, it is the jab, not actual COVID.

  219. jim2 says:

    In Texas after a storm there, a roofer came around and examined the roof. He said there was damage. But IIRC, an insurance adjuster came around after to verify that.

  220. E.M.Smith says:

    IIRC, the “game” here was a roof that DID need replacing as there were shingle issuess would have those “assigned” to a storm some years earlier. And adjuster would find the same problems with the old roof, but is faced with proving a negative – that it was NOT a result of the storm 8 years ago…

  221. jim2 says:

    That makes sense EMS. The insurance industry has a case of shingles.

  222. E.M.Smith says:

    Grooaaannn…. but with a smirky smile of appreciation ;-}

  223. Ossqss says:

    Albeit a law was passed last year, they are still doing the same thing. Neighbor just got a new one from a drive by inspector and his insurance company dropped him like a hot Potatoe afterward.


  224. H.R. says:

    About 17 or so years ago, a Gulf hurricane, the name of which I can’t recall, went straight inland and up to the Midwest. We had winds of about 55-60 mph but there were some much stronger gusts.

    There are 42 houses in our neighborhood and about half of the houses lost a few shingles and 4 or 5 houses lost maybe a quarter of their shingles. The two houses across the street from us lost about 25-30% of their shingles. We were somewhat sheltered and only lost about 1/2 dozen tabs and 3 full shingles, IIRC.

    Yep, the roofers came around. The two neighbors got all new shingles because you couldn’t get a color match. They said they’d help us with a claim for a new roof for the same reason.

    Well, our builder left about 2-1/2 bundles of the original lot of shingles so we could get a repair and the color would match. I turned two or three roofers down because that is what drives up the cost of homeowners insurance for everyone. I’d be driving up my own rates.

    A roofer who did some houses around our area (not our house) lived about 2 miles away and mostly worked down in ‘the Big City’. But we’d always get fast service because he could stop at our house on the way home. No real scheduling needed, no dead driving time, and no materials.

    Called him and he stopped by in a day or so in the evening and replaced what was missing, about 1 hour start to finish. It cost about $100 out of my pocket because the deductible was – can’t recall – about $1,000? So, no rise in next year’s rates, either. No claim ever filed.

    Man, those drive-by roofers were really pitching me, though. “We’ll take care of everything, and you’ll have a nice, new roof. Just sign this paper making us your agent.”

    Ummm… no.

    Our roof had 20-year rated shingles and we replaced them 2 years ago at 21 years. Could have gone another couple of years, but we had lost a few shingle tabs over the Winter.

    We got a newer, better roof system. It’s 30-year rated and also wind rated for gusts up to 120mph. Gusts that high are rare around here. Not unheard of, but fairly rare.

    We’re never getting another roof on our dime in our lifetime. It’s factory warranted for the 30 years, so even if the company that installed the roof goes under, the factory will get another company to do any needed repairs.

    Ha. ha, and HA!

    Got a quote on a metal roof rated 50 years. It was way higher than I thought it would be. I liked it and told the guy so, but I said, “I’m not gonna be alive in 50 years! I think I’ll save the money and go with a 30-year shingle roof.”

  225. Jeff says:

    @Jim2, shades of an industry soap opera, “The Young and the Roofless”…

    Happens here too. Concrete or clay tiles are assumed to be heavy enough to stay put, and the rare “Orkan” comes along and redistributes them (if not properly installed).

    Tradespeople are thin on the ground right now, and COVIDIOCY is not helping at all…

  226. jim2 says:

    Hitler switches to Lotus Notes …

  227. jim2 says:

    Ewetube have warned Dr. Campbell about a video he did on ivermectin. If you hit the link, below the video there is a drop-down where you can tell Ewetube what you think about that!

  228. The True Nolan says:

    Nice simple explanation of why you do NOT want a Central Bank Digital Currency. Send to your friends who need a basic idea of what is involved. I still think that the CBDC will be introduced as a way of rationing food, gas, and electricity this winter.

  229. another ian says:

    More what CDC didn’t tell you for your “informed decision”

    “Previously hidden CDC data shows 7.7% of 10 million people needed medical care after vaccination”


    And in comments –

    “The data was hidden from view and required courts to approve access.

    The question is, who in the CDC made the decision to go to court to fight the access? Identify that person and get them into the court to tell you why they did it. Who is pushing their buttons? Is it a financial incentive or government intervention, maybe both.

    Unless the cause is found and removed, the same will happen again and again.”

  230. another ian says:

    Goes with that Jo Nova CDC item (IMO)

    “Welcome to being exploited by people who don’t give a wet cr**” about you, never did, but love money — and will protect that cash flow including doing literally anything until and unless someone makes them stop.”


  231. jim2 says:

    OPEC+ cut production by 2 million bbl. Gotta love em.

  232. jim2 says:

    A logjam of more than 100 ships, tugboats and their convoys of barges in the shrinking Mississippi River is threatening to grind trade of grains, fertilizer, metals and petroleum to a halt.

    The largest US barge operator warned customers it won’t be able to make good on deliveries. Ingram Barge Company declared force majeure in a letter to customers due to “near-historic” low water conditions on the Mississippi, the top route to get US grains and soybeans to the world market.


  233. E.M.Smith says:

    FWIW, after hurricane prep, and then clean up afterwards, I managed to get a bit of a chest cold. Partially this resulted from the discovery that “fresh” plywood when sawn gives a dust that is particularly irritating to me. Then subsequently “some bug” moved in. This was also enabled by my not bothering to do all my “immune system support” – i.e. didn’t bother with vitamins and such for a week or two.

    Bottom line is that right now, I’m almost over it. Just a little residual clogging. Energy is coming back up and I’m trying to get caught up on everything. I’ve got 1/2 dozen posting ideas 1/2 done, but it will likely be a day or two before I start productng at my usual rate.

    So now you know why it’s been a bit slow on postings…

  234. cdquarles says:

    Yes, this variant and subvariants of a human corona virus is endemic. The PTB will never admit it if they can get away with that. Nuremberg style trials, anyone? /rhetorical and they still have not generally published minimum infectious doses (one can see why).

  235. The True Nolan says:

    @EM: Sorry to hear you have been ill, but glad you are doing better. Speaking of second order hurricane effects…

    Y’all may have seen some version of this floating around the Interwebs:

    Hurricane Season With Electric Vehicles:

    Something to think about ………..

    Imagine Florida with a hurricane coming toward Miami.

    The governor orders an evacuation. All cars head north.

    They all need to be charged in Jacksonville. Or Daytona. Or Tampa..

    How does that work? Has anyone thought about this?

    If all cars were electric and were caught up in a three-hour traffic jam with dead batteries, then what.?

    Not to mention that there’s virtually no heating or air conditioning in an electric vehicle because of high battery consumption.

    If you get stuck on the road all night, no battery, no heating, no windshield wipers, no radio, no GPS (all these drains the batteries), all you can do is try calling 911 to take women and children to safety. But they cannot come to help you because all roads are blocked, and they will probably require all police cars will be electric also. When the roads become unblocked no one can move.! Their batteries are dead.

    How do you charge the thousands of cars in the traffic jam.? Same problem during summer vacation departures with miles of traffic jams. Yes, AAA is starting to prepare tow trucks to charge electric vehicles. How many can they charge before returning to home base and recharge the trucks.?

    There would be virtually no air conditioning in an electric vehicle.

    It would drain the batteries quickly. Where is this electricity going to come from.?

    Today’s grid barely handles users’ needs. If battery powered cars become the norm, we will have to roughly DOUBLE the capacity of our grid. The United States has taken about a century to build our current electrical grid. Imagine the cost, time, and effort it would take to duplicate and maintain every generating power plant (including hydroelectric), every local substation and transformer farm, every high tension tower and line, every local distribution center, and then to finish up, to upgrade every home and business in the US to double its capacity.

    Can’t use nuclear, natural gas is quickly running out. Oil fired is out of the question, then where?

    What will be done with billions of dead batteries, can’t bury them in the soil, can’t go to landfills. No thought whatsoever to handle any of the problems that batteries can cause.

    The fact is, I LIKE electric cars. Someday, when we have fusion power and much better ecologically responsible batteries, and a power grid to support them, I hope to see more battery cars on the road. But today is not that day.

    The cart is way ahead of the horse.

  236. E.M.Smith says:


    I’ve been “running around” pretty much the whole time (so not “laid up”) what with prep, removal of prep, clean up downed junk, etc. But doing it while felling drained and not interested in doing optional stuff… As of 2 days ago, sill have some “cloggy bits” but ramping up productivity. (Last night made ham & bean soup from scratch and canned some “little smokies” and an experimental hotdog batch… The hotdogs “need work”‘ as the “plumping agent” they put in them had them balloon up to fill the ENTIRE jar… One of those things to post about ;-)

    @Per eCars:


    I’ve said it dozens of times. There is simply No Way AT ALL for this conversion to work; just due to the “schedule” being 8 years while folks keep their old cars for 12 years and rising (so expect draconian attempts to manipulate oil prices crazy high to drive them out) and it is impossible to double grid size and ALL generation capacity in 8 years. Can’t even get permitting done in under 5 years… and that’s after you have identified the place and the project… Oh, and forget it on materials too. Copper supply to build all those generators, cables, fittings, switches, etc. etc.

    Heck, we can’t even get pickup trucks built right now, and what about the logistics of getting most of that crap through the West Coast Ports (as it will mostly be made in China…)

    So I’m figuring the problem to solve for me is just “how to keep access to fuel as TPTB try to break it prior to having support for EVs?” My Diesels I can power with home brew BioDiesel if necessary. The gas cars will need some other approach… Using multiple vehicles will be helpful during “sporadic but available” times…

    My 2 x Diesels both get about 600 miles range if you are careful (so things like 50 to 55 MPH, not a lot of start / stop) and maybe further. A single 5 gallon can extends that by at least 125 miles and maybe as high as 150 without trying too hard. I think I can get that up to about 800 total using “all tricks I know”. In any case, one full tank gets me out of hurricane range. The gas cars are more like 400 mile range if careful. BUT 3 of them have roof racks and 10 gallons on top adds at least 220 miles for the worst and up to 300 for the best / smallest one.

    I’m planning to bug out early IF bugging out is important, and taking back roads most folks don’t think about. (One goes almost straight north out of very near me ;-) So my plan is to be ahead of the EVs… when that day comes.

    Were I a Tesla Owner: I’d get a small ‘garden type’ trailer and mount a high capacity (12 KW or so?) generator and tank on it… An Aux Power Unit ;-) Hmm… does a Tesla support a trailer hitch?


    Does not mention towing capacity, but does mention what I think is hitch weight:

    Will towing a trailer impact range?
    Yes. Since towing a trailer increases the vehicle weight and drag, driving range can decrease. Your Trip Planner will adjust estimates based on Trailer Mode; however, actual energy consumption may vary. We recommend drivers plan trip lengths and charging destinations accordingly when towing a trailer.

    How can I install and use an accessory carrier?
    Tesla offers a Model Y Hitch Rack for bikes and a Model Y Ski/Snowboard Carrier for Hitch Rack. The hitch rack attaches directly to the 2” hitch receiver.

    The hitch receiver is designed to support vertical loads up to 160 lbs.
    When carrying bicycles, skis or other items on the Model Y Hitch Rack, always check to ensure that the maximum weight is not exceeded.

    Since towing capacity (as a rough rule of thumb) is about 10 x hitch weight; you would need to keep your towed power supply under about 1600 lbs, trailer included… Probably doable.

  237. another ian says:

    Re digital ID

    “Klaus Iz Appy”

    “From conspiracy theory to contractual fact.”

    Links to copy of the contract


    And FWIW

    “Bill Gates push for DIGITAL ID with $1.27 billion donation to Agenda 2030 ”Global Goals”


  238. YMMV says:

    “There is simply No Way AT ALL for this conversion to work”

    This is how you sort out the physics impaired ideologists from the global elitist ideologues. One group might say, oh I didn’t know that. Ignorance is bliss. The other group is not ignorant, they count on the rest of us being ignorant. We think they are trying to promote EV cars when they are actually planning on no cars at all (except for the elite). You will have nothing …

  239. another ian says:

    “The Penetration Problem. Part I: Wind and Solar – The More You Do, The Harder It Gets”

    “Increasing penetration levels of wind and solar is like a Sisyphean task, except that it is worse. The challenge may be better understood as akin to pushing a huge rock which is getting heavier and heavier, up a hill of a steeper and steeper slope while the ground below gets slicker and more unstable. The problems associated with increased penetration swamp any potential benefits that might be achieved through economies of scale. ”

    More at


  240. another ian says:

    Via Rafe Champion

    “Bad news for the US Electric Vehicle industry”

    “The Department of Labor plans to add lithium-ion batteries to a list of products whose components are known to be made using child or forced labour. This means that there is not a single EV assembled in the U.S. today that would fully qualify for the $7,500 per unit subsidy contained in the IRA. That’s a huge financial hit to Ford, GM, Toyota and other U.S. auto-assemblers if it is not changed – OR – if the U.S. doesn’t somehow develop its own mining and processing industries for these critical minerals, an effort that would take decades and hundreds of billions more dollars than are contained in the Inflation Reduction Act.”


    Now you’ve passed it things you get to read!

  241. The True Nolan says:

    Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming! Ooooooooh! Scary!!

    Looks like self styled CAGW prophets John Cook, Naomi Oreskes and some others, have release a new PEER REVIEWED paper. What about? About whether or not peer review can be trusted to show us the truth. Surprise! It can — and (abracadabra!) that shows they were right all along.

  242. jim2 says:

    The one that DIDN’T get away!

    The founder and CEO of Konnech, a company at the center of many 2020 election denier conspiracy theories, was arrested on Tuesday under suspicion of data theft. Specifically, Eugene Yu is accused of storing Los Angeles County poll worker information on servers in China, in violation of Konnech’s contract with the county, according to a press statement from the LA County District Attorney’s Office. The story was first reported by The New York Times.

    Yu was arrested in Michigan, where he lives, the statement said. The LA DA’s office wrote that it is “seeking [his] extradition to Los Angeles.” On top of the executive’s arrest, investigators also seized “hard drives and other digital evidence.”


  243. another ian says:

    “I Hate Paper Straws”

    “Fraser Institute- Science exposes Ottawa’s ill-founded war on plastics”


    Via SDA

  244. E.M.Smith says:

    Who could have predicted…


    NY State Of Emergency over Illegal Migrant Costs…

    Hey, NY! Talk to Your Boy Biden. Y’all are Democrats, so I’m sure he’s on your side…

    (For the rest of us: Just stay out of big cities. Let them collapse. Find a nice clean neighborhood with folks you can trust. Work locally and prepare for life without big cities as they collapse into dysfunction just like San Francisco.)

    Comes a time when you no longer care about trying to stop the rising crap. Just get in your own boat and float above it.

  245. jim2 says:

    Google is trying to cancel Issues and Insights, a conservative web site, in case you want to help them out.


  246. another ian says:


    “New system retrofits diesel engines to run on 90 per cent hydrogen”


  247. cdquarles says:

    Where are they going to get the hydrogen? Nuclear? Steam reforming? Very little hydrogen on this rock isn’t bound to something else.

  248. another ian says:

    “The power of the people . . .
    October 9, 2022 | stella | 197 Comments

    It seems that “voting with your feet” (this time electronically) still works. PayPal, which had announced new “legal agreements” earlier this month, is backing down.”


    Mentions one alternative

  249. Pingback: W.O.O.D. – 9 October 2022 | Musings from the Chiefio

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