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At 3:30 AM the doors opened…

The Bahamas roll up the sidewalks and close all the doors at night. Even at the airport. Yet I coped… Continue reading

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W.O.O.D. – 16 March 2023 – Ukraine Dead Man Walking, Banks Bleeding, Wild Weather

W.O.O.D. for 16 March 2023 Continue reading

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Some Notes on SVB & Other Bank Runs

There have been 3 bank failures in the USA. What do I think of this? Continue reading

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Are “We” The Baddies? Corruption Of The Western Governments…

I take a short look at the history of the USA & EU & UK screwing around with other countries, their oil and their money. The look is not good on them… Then the BRICS are about to explode in number to the BRICS+ with 20+ more asking to join the free markets club. Continue reading

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