Cat Among Pigeons Now – Swiss Stop mRNA Jab

Well… this is an interesting development. The Swiss have dropped their recommendation for the mRNA Jab unless your M.D. recommends it due to you having some co-morbidity or being an old fart. Kind of what it ought to have been all along. But wait, there’s more… Seems some folks are suing over the original mandate in Switzerland…..

As a PureBlood with pushing 4 years now of “No Problems” (using Vit-I most of the last 3-ish years) but happy to cross the country a few times, meet with 1/4 million or so of my “closest strangers” at J6; oh, and lately going to a foreign country and visiting several bars… to say I’m “skeptical” of the mandate is to say that police are “skeptical” of criminals stories…


Bottom line is it looks like the Swiss are “going there first” and their courts will get first shot at shooting those pushing the shot… But “we’ll see” …

I think I hear a dam breaking somewhere… or is that a Damn Breaking going on?…

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7 Responses to Cat Among Pigeons Now – Swiss Stop mRNA Jab

  1. Graeme No.3 says:

    “Our government” in Australia is still advertising “get your booster in time for (the coming) winter”. There seems to be decreasing public enthusiasm.
    Recently at bridge there were 2 who had recovered from Covid in the previous fortnight. Not hospitalised but not happy, yet talking of getting another jab.
    Both have had 4 jabs. I’m now wondering if one of the “side effects” of the vaccine is diminished mental capacity.
    Vitamin I is banned in Australia, so I have been relying on Vitamins C, D3, and K2 along with zinc and haven’t had even a sniffle in the last 30 months. Neither have some friends who ‘failed’ to get the vaccine.

  2. John Hultquist says:

    I find the entire mess confusing. I hope it gets sorted out.
    Reading about masks and distancing –
    Seems common masks don’t do much and 6 feet isn’t good enough. Yet these were the standards at medical places until just recently.
    I may not live long enough to use them but ordered a set of 3M 9205+ N95 masks. If a serious outbreak of whatever happens and I am forced to mask-up, I’ll print “stay away” on these masks. I may check out before the next one happens.
    N95 are made in the US, KN95 are imported.
    I think we should be hearing more from the medicos about Zinc and red fruits and veggies, Iron, and Vitamin D3.
    They will never tip to “I’ – cause Trump mentioned it.

  3. H.R. says:

    On a related note, yesterday the AMA (American Medical Association) announced the new head of their organization was the first gay to lead the AMA.

    Say what?!? Who cares if the person is straight or gay or swings from the rafters and eats bananas? It has no bearing whatsoever on whether the person is competent and the best choice to head up the AMA. There’s no need to mention it at all. The AMA should be extolling the brilliance and accomplishments of their new leader.

    So what am I to think but that this is a virtue signaling diversity and inclusion hire and probably not the best candidate for the position.

    If they really want diversity and inclusion, they should have picked the candidate that swings from the rafters and eats bananas. In for a penny, in for a pound because I think competence wasn’t part of the equation.

  4. The True Nolan says:

    @Graeme No.3 “I’m now wondering if one of the “side effects” of the vaccine is diminished mental capacity.”

    I have been thinking the same thing. And since the lipid nanoparticles pass the blood-brain barrier, brain damage is a perfectly plausible result.

    HR says: “So what am I to think but that this is a virtue signaling diversity and inclusion hire”.

    I think you are right. What else could it be? When they hire or promote a heterosexual person, they never announce proudly “Our new manager prefers to put his penis into a woman’s vagina!” The only time they proclaim a hire’s sexual practices are when the person is gay (or transgender).

  5. beththeserf says:

    It’s diversity and delusion


  6. DonM says:

    @ graeme

    4 shots … probably not entirely extreame, but infinitely more than me.

    Recently, walking past a pharmacy counter I saw a sign saying they give free shots … no I.D. required, no name required (probably to encourage illegals).

    What be, do you think, the record for Covid shots received? Anybody up to 7 or 8 or 9 yet?

  7. Tony Hansen says:

    12 months or so ago there was a report from New Zealand about a bloke who was getting the vax and onselling the paperwork. I think he was up to about 70 shots.

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