A Modest Question…

Having watched the Bud Lite Clydesdale Ad that tries to recover their image, where they have a giant horse running free around a farm like place (and more)… well… I didn’t see a lot of “dangly bits” on said horse…. so my, um, question is just, um…

How many of the Clydesdale horses are mares and how many are “geldings”? Hmm?

I mean, given their present brand “strategy” and “positioning”… showing a gelding “running free” is a lot different than showing a stallion… and I’m pretty sure what they showed in their “GOD Please LET ME Escape the Non-Woke Wrath!” ad was not a stallion as there were no “dangley bits” showing. So “Mare or Trans-horse?”

It really does matter to the message they were sending… was it “I’m a fully transitioned Clydesdale” or was it “I’m a real woman horse, so ignore those non-studs without the goods“. What was very clear was what was “not in evidence” on their cute horsey…

So does anyone know just how many Butt Wiper Clydesdales are studs, how many are Mares, and how many are, shall we say, “in transition”… ’cause the one in the ad clearly is not in full possession of Studly Values…

Maybe someone needs to ask what pronouns are desired… (And “fu… me” is not allowed.. nor is “where the Hel… did they go?”… nor even “I remember when…”

I suspect that a LOT of the Clydesdales used in shows and such are “in transition”, so maybe that’s why they went all wokey wokey… Because they are all in touch with their nutless side…

Google To The Rescue!


Can any Clydesdale be a Budweiser Clydesdale?
No. In order to join the World Famous Budweiser hitch, a Clydesdale must:

stand at least 18 hands high (6 feet tall)
be a gelding and at least 4 years old

have a bay coat, four white stockings, a blaze of white on the face, a black mane and a black tail
weigh between 1,800 and 2,300 pounds

Well, that explains a lot…

So Bud is showing a nutless horse to emphasize their nutless ad and brand promoter… Got it!


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  1. Graeme No.3 says:

    Well said:
    And thank the Lord that Budweiser “beer” isn’t available in Australia; although there are certain pockets of odd (very odd) people in some inner city places who have weird preferences and might indulge in it. HINT Sydney Gay Mardi Gras.
    P.S. Knew a bloke who went to the USA in the early seventies who got to drink Budweiser with some relatives. He was surprised to hear them calling it “beer”. He called it other things but I don’t want to upset the Budweiser Publicity Dept. by repeating them.

  2. Agree Graeme Budweiser beer is “p*ss” but all US and Canadian beer is not much better. Travelling away from US east or west the beer gets better. Australia has had the best beer in the world for at least the last 75 years but now with microbreweries showing up the majors which have been taken by overseas companies (one a Japanese concern -Kirin I think)

  3. E.M.Smith says:

    Many folks in the USA (at least in the circles I move in) call that category of “beer”: Piss Water Beer. I am not sure if that is because it tastes a lot like pee water, or if it is because the only result of drinking it is pissing a lot of water…

    Doesn’t matter if it is Bud Lite or Coors Lite; it’s all piss water beer if it is lite.

    I’m old enough to remember when there were no “lite” beers and if you ordered a “light beer” that meant a standard light yellow color Lager or Pilsner (as contrasted to a “dark beer”). Then they came up with the idea of making a beer with 1/2 the stuff in it and calling it lite in calories… and flavor… and …

    Oh, and folks who are not fond of Bud Lite in particular will often call it Butt Lite or related terms… which leads me to again question the sanity of using a (supposedly) “trans” person to advertise a product who’s “nickname” is Butt… and then to try to recover by showing a Gelding running away… I hope it was accidental and just nobody thought it through… but really…

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    FWIW, Samuel Adams makes a pretty good lager that is in a lot of stores. Some bars have bottles of it, a few on tap. They abide by the German Beer Purity Law (only barley, water, yeast, hops…) and are not owned by any conglomerate.

    There’s also a LOT of microbrew beers around now. Lagunitas IPA is good, though with a very strong hops to it.

    In Florida at various bars I’ve visited, it has become nearly impossible to get a good Lager or Pilsner. For some reason, they have a lot of “citrus IPAs” on tap. So the choices are often “Some Lite Crap”, Citrus IPAs, Dark or not much else. Some places also have “American Lager” that is a little better than Lite, and not as strange as a Citrus IPA. But Pilsner seems to be unobtainium…

    World Of Beer, sometimes called WOB, has a very nice selection (as you might guess from their name). A whole wall of beers in the wall of cooler behind the bar.

    Total Wine (a store) also has a lot of beers. Pretty good selection.

    So you can get good beer in Florida. But the various “road side bars” (and “beach side bars”) for some reason like to have a lot of IPA on tap, and often with “citrus” in the flavor profile. Have not yet found an IPA in a Florida Bar that was just a regular IPA.

    Oddly, the gas station down the road from me has Elysian Space Dust IPA… Their web site describes it as:

    Space Dust IPA
    ABV 8.2% IBU 73 STYLE India Pale Ale
    Space Dust balances bitterness with a sweetness of hop flavors. Grapefruit, mango, and orange aromas with a medium body and a dry finish.

    So again with the “citrus notes”, but I found it quite drinkable and not intrusive in the citrus department. They go on to say:

    First brewed in 2012 as a one-off at our innovation brewery, Elysian Fields. Name originates from the brew day, where leftover Galaxy hop dust was spontaneously thrown into the brew, hence Space Dust. The beer grew in popularity within our pubs, was bottled in our Manic Series, and eventually became the #1 beer in our portfolio. Galaxy hops were eventually replaced by Amarillo.

    Unfortunately, it has been swallowed up by Butt Wiper Inbev:

    The Elysian Brewing Company is an American brewery, owned by AB InBev, that operates two pubs and a taproom in Seattle.

    Making it, like Stella Artois, off limits for the foreseeable future.

    So when in America, don’t do as most Americans do. Pick up an IPA at a store, or have one in a bar, and avoid the “lite” trap.

  5. E.M.Smith says:

    So, speaking of what the Geldings don’t have…

    Bill Maher has a hoot of a show here. It is The Cojones Awards.

    He promised to hold them once a year, and hands out “a set” to those folks who told the Wokerati to go, um, stuff themselves… Not only is it very funny, but it makes a good point too: Just tell the Nattering Ninnies to get lost. It’s OK and it works.

    Has some F-bombs in it, and pokes fun at both the Loony Left and the Right.

    Brass ones at that 8-0

  6. H.R. says:

    Before the Linger Lodge and campground was sold, I was visiting Ossqss and we went for a bite and a quaff at the Linger Lodge.

    They had a custom brew on tap called Linger Lager made for them by a microbrewery somewhere not far away. Of course I had to try it and it was excellent!

    Ossqss was having his usual Busch Light, but when round 2 came up, he went ahead and ordered a glass of the Linger Lager. He pronounced it as really good, although how he could tell after his taste buds have been permanently damaged by all that Busch Light he’s had, I’ll never ken.

    At the recent Chiefio’s Blog Winter Gala and Dodgy Proceedings I asked at the bar if they still had Linger Lager, but it seems the new owners didn’t continue the arrangement for the custom brew. *sigh* That one was a winner.

    @E.M. – Remember a few years back that meetup in Lakeland where you stopped on the way back to California? I gave you a 6-pack of Florida beers with a couple of bottles of my favorite, Unholy. That’s the Belgian-style tripel ale that is very smooth and not hoppy in the least. Made by Copper River, I think.

    If you’ll recall, you had those two when you got back to California and then posted about it late, late, late the next day when you finally woke up. 😜 Doesn’t taste like a 9+% brew and is quite refreshing, not cloying. I think I forgot to mention the alcohol content to you. I apologize for the oversight.

    Unholy is no longer available in bottles (drat!) and with the switch to cans, they now have printed the alcohol content on the cans, which was missing from the bottles. We agreed that a few bottles were a good stealth way to get someone hammered, because it just didn’t taste like a high-test brew.

    One last note on light beers. Years ago, our State had a two-tier system for alcohol. For those 18 to 21, you could buy “3-2 beer” also called “near beer”. That was 3.2% abv beer, and you could go to bars and clubs and have a good time. They checked IDs at the door and if you were under 21, you got a hand stamp that limited you to only ordering 3.2 beer.

    Well, the Feds came along and screwed that up. They were going to withhold highway funds from any State that didn’t switch to 55mph speed limit and raise their drinking age to 21-years old.

    For example, back when, names like Eric Clapton, Jethro Tull, Ike and Tina Turner and many more that became a big deal later, would come and play the clubs and the 18-21 crowd got to see them. But that all changed with the switch to 21-for-anything.

    Also, underage drinking of the harder stuff and fake IDs became common. Hey, before the switch, you didn’t need a fake ID to get in clubs and you could drink, although you had to drink a lot more of that low-test for a heavy buzz.

    That was also before Miller and Coors came out with light beers. When those hit the market, I was over 21 and my friends and I agreed that it was just like the old days of drinking 3.2 beer. Our State had ‘Lite’ beer long before it was a thing. Funny that.

  7. Graeme No.3 says:

    I don’t know if the Trappist monasteries in the Netherlands still brew their beers, as my recollections goes back 45 years.
    I was told that they brewed 3 grades. The base beer was the then standard 4.5-5% alcohol and deliciously malty. The monks were allowed one litre a day. The Duble was about 9% and the ration was 500mls. on rest days. The Triple was 12% and the monks could have 250mls. on feast days for Saints along with the others.
    Trappists are allowed to speak and on feast days I doubt that they could.

    And while I was in the UK (in 1977/8) there was a publican prosecuted for watering a beer called Old Peculiar. (The name relates to a special license to brew originally granted back to the 1500’s). The police officer took a sample and had it analysed at 7.1% alcohol so the publican was watering that beer by 21%. I tried a pint and thought it an enjoyable drop but discretion ruled. These days the product being sold (in Australia) is less than 5%. Bill Mather wouldn’t award it.

  8. The True Nolan says:

    I left this comment (below) on YouTube for the Budweiser horse advertisement.

    This ad is the Budweiser version of the abusive husband after beating his pregnant wife.

    “Ah, Baby! You know I love you! I never meant to hurt you. I just lost control there for a while. You know I’d do anything for you! Look here, look here! See this calendar? I am circling next Saturday night on this calendar, and that is a promise that I will take you out to that restaurant you like. That’s a promise! I’m gona do that cause I love you, that’s the only reason I’m gona do that! Now I know this ain’t the first time things have gone bad between us, but believe me, you can believe me this time, this is for sure going to be the last time. I love you, Baby. You KNOW I love you Baby!”

    Do you drink Bud? Even now? Are you really that stupid? If you are, then you deserve to get beaten.

    Quit the Bud. Grow a pair.

  9. Canadian Friend says:

    It could be CGI; Computer Generated Imagery

    they don t use it only to add things ( an example, in the movie “300” the abdominal muscles on Gerard Butler are added trough CGI, they appear and dissapear every few seconds in a very unnatural way, it is easy to see they are CGI ) but they also use CGI to erase things they don t want us to see.

    It is not impossible they used a computer program to erase the male parts of the horse.

    These days it is easy to add or delete anything from not only photos but from video.

    They probably erased the male parts of the horse…now the exact reason why is unclear…

  10. Margaret Berger says:

    I have no idea if this piece of information is accurate. I have read that the female impersonator tik toc influencer hired to promote bud lite is a fully intact male.

  11. E.M.Smith says:


    And that is the most horrible thing about this whole Trans-person in women’s sports debacle. The “trans” person can just claim that they feel like a woman and get 100% access to the women’s shower room, dressing room, etc. and then can compete with full testosterone driven muscles against a real woman. It effectively destroys both women’s privacy and their sports.

    Same thing for prisons. Thus the “transwoman” who impregnated two other real women prisoners in the “women’s” prison.

    FWIW, Tim Pool who does news podcasts has also claimed that Mulvaney is just a guy in “woman face” who found a gimick to get clicks. His “show” is essentially an over the top stereotype of women. It was reputed that “real” “trans-women” found him offensive in his portrayals and that real women find him offensive too.

    IMHO a simple “first step” in fixing a lot of this stuff is pretty simple:

    Some guy wants to be in women’s sports, or women’s prison? Here’s you’re knife… off they come.

    I’d make it really simple: There’s innies, outies, and oopsies (and very few people are born hermaphrodites). Innies go to the Women’s bathroom, dressing room, showers. Outies go to the men’s side. Oopsies go to the Doctor. You want to go to the women’s side? Get yourself an “innie” and lose the outies parts FIRST.

    @Canadian Friend:

    Note that I found a reference stating that the Clydesdales are all geldings.

    That’s right: To “overcome” their debacle about pushing Trans Agenda men as women at us was to show us a horse with his balls removed… shall we say a “horse in ‘transition’…”

    Curiously appropriate for a Trans-Beer to be showing us a Trans-Horse…


    Yup. Damage control, not a sincere retraction and repair.

    @Graeme No.3:

    There’s also something called “Malt Wine”. I had a bottle at 18% …

    As they said in Red October “Just one, Vasili… ” and what a ping it was…


    I’ve had them before, and noticed “that odd metallic taste” so looked into it. Made with corn, so not for me. Somewhere along the line I’ve learned that corn in beer gives me a metallic taste aftertaste as my immune system seems to recognize it even at first sip.

    Folks without a corn reaction don’t get that flavor at all. That makes it a good diagnostic for me. First noticed it with Corona some decade and a half back…


    There’s plenty of other beers… but yeah, old friends lost and all that.

    My first beer ever was an Oly at about 8 years old. Still have a fondness for the memory of the flavor. Now Oly has returned, but just as Yet Another Pabst Brand. No idea if the flavor is at all close. Not using the water of Tumwater Washington and all that…


    I’ve been checking out the beer cases in a few grocery stores the last few days (when buying food on the road, and for home). A curious thing:

    Normally, the two giants have about equal shelf space as they both have clout with the store. So A.B. InBev (Bud…) and Molsen / Miller / Coors.

    The last few days, the Molsen / Miller / Coors section has been squashed down to about 1/4 the size of the Bud area (that includes Corona, Stella Artois, and more) as the Bud area has expanded a LOT.

    My conclusion? They are selling out of Coors & Miller and can’t keep that section fully stocked, so squash it down to keep the case full and not looking picked over. Then the Bud they can’t sell gets stuffed in any open space…

    In a local Win Dixie, the “craft beer” cooler was very picked over. Domestic bulk beer was in another cooler. The Miller / Coors area was about 3/4 stocked. The Bud section had ONE 12 pack missing from the pile.

    So it goes…

  12. Margaret Berger says:

    Before the impersonator sold beer he sold tampons, makeup and nike sports bras. I wish that my sisters were as outraged on our behalf at the theft of our essence as those good ole’ boys who drink beer are. Wouldn’t it be grand to do to nike what is happening to bud?

    For those who would say “Yeah but bud’s stock it up.” The stock market is rigged and don’t kid yourself those lost sales are hurting the company big time. Keep up the guys. I love you. I raise a glass of water in appreciation.

  13. Margaret Berger says:

    And p.s. I don’t want them competing even if they are completely fixed. Renee Richards should never have been allowed to compete against women.

  14. another ian says:


    “Anheuser-Busch Thinks
    We’re Idiots
    The brewer thinks pictures of horses and a reminder of 9/11 will make its alienated customers forget that the company holds them in contempt. Nope.”


  15. Keith Macdonald says:

    An old friend of mine was a Master Brewer, working for a major UK producer of mainstream low-grade beers. He explained that they put a lot of Sodium Nitrite in their beers. On the label, it was just a “preservative” to extend shelf-life. Other uses of Sodium Nitrite just happen to include weedkiller. Which might explain what happens next. Consumers would wake up with a headache. Naturally, after consuming several pints of the brew, consumers would have a headache, and assume “Wow – that was strong stuff!”. Not realising it was toxic chemicals, rather than the low alcohol content. Such is the art of “MSM” beers.

  16. Simon Derricutt says:

    Talking about the dangly bits could be regarded as an immodest question.

    Sodium (and Potassium) Nitrite are also used for preservatives in ham and other meat products (salami, dried sausage, bacon). Thought to be carcinogenic. Maybe some sense in specifying what each ingredient actually is rather than just saying “preservative” or “spices”.

    Knowing what actually goes into food and drink might also put you off consuming it. Peppercorns are extracted from the plant by treading on it barefoot, and of course wine used to be produced by treading the grapes either barefoot or with hobnail boots (likely to add some extra piquance from sweat, leather, maybe cheesy feet). Cider, on the other hand, traditionally had a leg of meat added, which reduced the acidity (and dissolved the meat and bone). A local cider in the Forest of Dean was reputed to have been good the year a lot of rats drowned in it. Even a microscopic examination of a good cheese (and the cheese-mites that inhabit it) can be a bit disturbing.

    AFAIK, I’ve never drunk a Bud Light anyway. Pure water is better at quenching thirst. From comments here, it probably tastes better too.

  17. E.M.Smith says:


    Looks like cheese mites are only present in large quantities in a few cheeses and mostly on the surface. Interesting to note, though, that some folks prefer them… and of course the USA has banned at least one of them as being a potential allergen.

    One suspects the same fate ought to be in store for the “Eat Ze Bugs” movement…



    Given the description of how the cheese shrinks when infested, I suspect any of the bulk produced common cheeses in the USA will be devoid of them due to the reduction in profit…

    But I note in passing you didn’t mention the various fungi needed to make some cheeses such as Brie… where the fungal rot puts the white coat on AND the enzymes make the middle soft… but we are sort of accustomed to eating fungi what with mushrooms being a thing (and don’t get me started on “aged” meat and the mold on it…) Seems that being an omnivore includes more “omni” than most folks think…

  18. E.M.Smith says:


    “The poison is in the dose” holds for pretty much everything. This article (that is mostly anti-nitrites/nitrates) even points that out;


    Benefits of Nitrites
    Nitrites are used in meats to help cure them and add flavor, as well as act as a broad antimicrobial to prevent bacterial growth. This inhibition of bacterial growth plays an important role in food safety and can help prevent foodborne illness.

    Nitrites have also been found to be beneficial for several health problems. Nitrite that has been converted to nitric oxide has been linked to cardiovascular and metabolic regulation.

    Some health benefits associated with it include decreased blood pressure levels, increased function of the endothelium (the thin membrane that lines the inside of the heart and blood vessels), improved exercise performance, reversal of metabolic syndrome (a group of co-occurring conditions that can raise your risk of stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes), and improved outcomes for people with diabetes.

    Due to the heart-health benefits of nitrites and nitrates, healthcare providers have been able to utilize them for the benefit of different heart-related medical conditions. Namely, nitroglycerin, which is a medication that contains nitrates, is used to treat chest pain, heart failure, as well as other heart-related health problems.

    So go ahead and have that beer with your hot dog, eat that bacon…

  19. John Hultquist says:

    The Elysian Brewing Company sale is discussed here:

    Founders start small, succeed, grow, cash out.

  20. E.M.Smith says:

    At the local Public’s store:

    11 paces (about 33 feet or 11 meters) of Anheuser Bush products PLUS 3 “display fingers” poking out from the refer case with 16 x 24 cans each (or about another 2 paces worth). A 4 long by 4 high stack of 24 packs… of 3 different Bud products. Not one box missing…

    Oh, and there was also a similar “free standing display” of A.B. beer over by the frozen meat case…

    Coors & Miller products? 3 paces AND it looked a bit “ratty” / picked over.

    NO Sam Adam’s left at all other than their non-alcoholic product. About 2 feet wide of Yeungling. Similar for Heineken and a smattering of other craft like beers.

    They are getting cleaned out of Anything But A.B., and can’t clear the built up inventory of A.B. Product.

    I was intrigued to note that even Corona and Modelo looked like they were not moving, while Pacifico was down to one 12 pack left… So our Hispanic Bros and Sisters are aware too ;-)

    Also of note, it looked like the case had been arranged to hide the connection between the Corona/Modelo group and the Bud group (wedging in the Yeungling / Heineken between them) and then the Bush & “Natural Light” (also an AB product) were set at the far end after the Coors / Miller strip. Yet folks were not taking the bait ;-)

    Very Interesting…. Maybe I’ll visit Winn Dixie and Walmart later for an audit…

  21. YMMV says:

    Marketing in a nutshell:

    “If you sell people what they want to buy,” he said, “you’ll have a very successful career. If you sell people what you think they want to buy, you might still be successful. But if you sell people what you want to sell them, you’ll fail miserably.”

    Anonymous, via

    Democracy: give us what we want
    Woke/Socialism/Fascisim/etc: we will give you what we want, with force

    Russell Brand should get the last word, as he analyses/skewers Bud’s two recent ads, and does it so well.

    Note his point that the Woke Mob is forcing big companies to go against their own interests (money).

  22. The True Nolan says:

    @YMMV: Interesting video. At 6:55 the (former) marketing director says (paraphrased and condensed) “I’m a business woman and I had a clear job. Bud Light was in decline for a long time, and I had to bring in young drinkers or Bud Light would die.” That is actually correct — but it is hard to understand how stupid she must be to not understand that her job was to bring in new drinkers without alienating the current customer base. Here’s an extreme analogy. Suppose Afro-Sheen hair products is in decline. They have a hot new advertising executive that makes ads showing gap toothed KKK members extolling the virtues of Afro-Sheen. Or maybe elderly nursing home residents.

    Maybe she is not actually stupid — but if she is NOT stupid, then she is experiencing a level and form of social and cultural ignorance which is truly breathtaking. And for an advertising “business woman” that is the worse form of ignorance of all.

  23. YMMV says:

    The second ad has a horse running free. Escaped from the stable?
    What’s the subliminal message in that? If you are a horse longing to escape, Bud Light is your beer? If you identify as a horse?

    The most amazing part of all this does not get mentioned much. Dylan’s Facial Feminization Surgery. I don’t know or care about the sex surgeries or hormone treatments he took, or didn’t. But to go to that extreme to fix your face is unimaginable. I won’t ask how much that cost. It’s more than one step beyond Drag Queen. Alien to me.

    Do you ever feel like asking, When did the earth get repopulated by aliens?

  24. H.R. says:

    TTN wrote: “That is actually correct — but it is hard to understand how stupid she must be to not understand that her job was to bring in new drinkers without alienating the current customer base.”

    Does she think ‘tranny’ is the future? I’m seeing that people are sick of all things tranny because it’s being forced on them. The Mulvaney commercial proves it because it pushed a huge portion of the US population over the edge. “What… even my beer now?”

    ‘Trans’ is too small of a market to be worth going after, not to mention disliked (hated?) in a large part of flyover country.

    Also, in my marketing classes we were taught that it is very costly to add a customer, so it is important not to lose the customers you have. Spend some dollars on promos, coupons, and whatnot to reward loyalty to your brand and keep those customers from trying any alternative.

    For example, we cut the cable several years ago. There are two cable companies serving our area. One of them sends a mailing about once a week and calls about every two weeks. We screen calls and don’t answer them. Oh, they are also our chosen internet provider, so I guess they have that much of our money. The mailings are to add cable TV.

    The other company send various mailings (slick, gimmicky, and expensive) at least 3 times per week and sometimes more. Their calls also get screened out.

    Mrs. H.R. and I marvel how much they spend trying to get us as customers. It’s actually a joke when we check the mail and there is no mailing from them that day. We speculate if the ad department was sick that week or comment that they don’t love us anymore. A day without a Spectrum mailing is like a day without sunshine ;o)

    All that is just to reiterate just how expensive it can be to add new customers. If you lose customers, you may never get them back if the competition is acceptable to the customer, and you will have to spend big bucks, perhaps in vain, to try to get them back.

  25. YMMV says:

    marvel how much they spend trying to get us as customers.

    Keep in mind that it is really your money they are spending.

    ‘Trans’ is too small of a market to be worth going after

    According to this CDC report, it is 1.9% of Generation Z.
    That would be a niche market, so why didn’t they make a new brand for them?

    Does she think ‘tranny’ is the future?

    Does anybody think that is the future? I see it as a fad which cannot pass soon enough. Other fads in this category: tattoos, piercings, green hair, gender, diversity hires, ESG.

    Back to gender. They never have found the gay gene or genes, yet there are certainly people who are light on their loafers. It’s a mystery. And there are no doubt people who feel they have been born into the wrong body. (That’s an alien theme for sure.) They could make a case for gender is what they feel/think and sex is what the body is. But no, they have to go the extra mile and say the body is wrong (and could be fixed).

    When we neuter a dog we don’t start calling it “she”.

    “Just over 7% of the US adult population identifies as LGBTQ, according to a Gallup poll published in February.”

    I have not seen this survey, and I suspect “identifies as” is different than “is actually gay”. Many of those who identify are probably also virgin. That may count for something but that is different. think vs do.

    “According to CDC data, the number of students who have ever had sex has fallen from 47% in 2011 to 30% in 2021, while the number who said they were currently sexually active fell from 34% to 21% in that same period.”

    Data from https://www.rt.com/news/575493-lgbt-gay-teen-increase/

  26. H.R. says:

    @YMMV – No, from the second company, it’s not our money [GRIN].

    Yeah, from the first company, they are using a bit of their revenue from our internet service purchase to try to get us to add cable TV.

    What just occurred to me is that they probably target their marketing at a street address, not based on the users at the address. A quick analysis of our account would show no takers for cable in about 5 years, so they might want to pocket about 1/2 or more of their ad budget they spend on us.

    It’s like when the lottery goes up into the hundreds of millions of dollars, and people who normally never play figure, what the heck, and buy a couple of tickets. They could just send an offer every now and then, hoping for a miracle.

    This is where ‘AI’ could be useful to a company for cost-cutting.

  27. cdquarles says:

    I am a Charter customer for their internet service. I get marketing stuff from them about monthly via email. I get mailers occasionally and with each bill I get a marketing flyer inserted. They’re just spending a dollar or so, on the margin, sending me marketing stuff. I get stuff from competing cellular radio telephone service companies on occasion, as well. The local fiber folk who compete with Charter also recently sent me stuff, including AT&T.

  28. cdquarles says:

    All of that stuff, in the past, was recognized as a mental illness. The Catholic catechism specifically calls it disordered. Have the Y chromosome associated genes? You’re male and if you don’t look it; that’s an accident. Should you be mistreated because of it? No. Don’t have the Y chromosome associated genes? You’re female. End. Of. Story.

    Homosexual sexual intercourse is sterile, by definition. Only by human intervention, which has risks, can that be overcome. And abortion is homicide by definition, too. The question with abortion is when said homicide is justified. Life of mother and the baby can’t be saved, too; definitely is justified. As a convenience? Not justified in my opinion. Rape and incest? Tough calls.

  29. H.R. says:

    @YMMV – 1.9% are not ‘trans’. They may think they are trans, but they are just confused and easily influenced; following the latest ‘thing’ as it were. If the teachers, parents, social media, and YSM catch them early enough, 1.9% could be convinced they are displaced aliens and would spend all their time looking for the Mothership. But that’s not the current ‘thing’.

    Waaaay back when, quite a few people were convinced they had ESP or were telekinetic. It was on TV and in newspapers and magazines everywhere. Yeah, that had maybe an 8 to 10 year run.

    How many ‘trans’ were there 20 and 10 years ago? It certainly wasn’t 1.9%. It was just LBG for the longest time.

    And where are all the hippie communes now? Oh, there are a few left, but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen love beads with a peace medallion hanging from them. It seems the whole ‘pot’ thing remained and gained popularity ;o)

    Some people have weak minds and are easily influenced. It has been that way since forever. I just hope cutting open someone’s chest to pull out their still beating heart as an offering to the Sun god doesn’t come back around again. I can see it happening with the miseducated kids of today, ’cause “The Science® says. Follow The Science®.”

  30. E.M.Smith says:


    The second ad has a horse running free. Escaped from the stable?
    What’s the subliminal message in that? If you are a horse longing to escape, Bud Light is your beer? If you identify as a horse?

    A gelding horse. One 1/2 “transitioned”… What subliminal message is that?


    Also there’s the point that “Lite Beer” is a fungible commodity. Any low flavor fizzy water with a vague odor of hops and marginal alcohol is pretty much the same. So swapping to Coors Light or Miller Lite is trivial. Hardly noticed at all.

    Mix with the fact that the historic loss of sales for Bud Light were to “Craft Brews” and “Mexican Lager” (i.e. better beer with actual flavor and ‘kick’)…

    So what this Stupidity On Steroids has done is get the bulk of their buyers to try a Better Beer (Craft, Lagers) or a fungible alternative. There is ZERO reason to ever swap back.

    That one word, FUNGIBLE, needs to be horse whipped into every Woke Idiot in business and government. It was a complete lack of realizing that Lite Beer is indistinguishable from any other (much as Russian Oil is indistinguishable from any other) and that folks can just change beers and Russia can just change customers WITH NEARLY NO DOWNSIDE: it is that which is why they are failing in such an explosive manner.

    They are attempting to use Marketing Force on things that are so fungible that there is no force big enough to make a difference.

    ANY other like product can be substituted, and ANY other customer can choose to buy a like oil for a trivial price discount. You can’t bring “differentiation” for political means to products that are indistinguishable.

    @All, Per “Trans”:

    Once Upon A Time I read my sister’s “Abnormal Psychology” book when she came home from college. (What bored 15 year old kids do in a long summer… and they can’t stop the brain from thinking…)

    It was very fascinating.

    One of the points made was that there are various odd kinds of sexual mal-formed brains (and bodies). These are in fact very rare.

    There is a “testosterone flush” that happens at a key point in the development of a male fetus. In that moment (days?) the male brain is formed. (Nature, by default, makes females). IF for some reason, the testosterone flush is too little, you can get a male body with an incompletely masculine brain. IF there is a mutation to the testosterone receptors of the brain that disables them, you get a female brain in a male body. Then the wild one: IF the testosterone receptors in the whole fetus are disabled, you get an apparently female body & brain with an XY chromosome set. (The book described one such person – and that may be the only one…). They are infertile, as they just do not have all the right equipment and it is in all the wrong places… They have testes internally, not ovaries, but they do not produce gametes.

    I wonder how much of the present push for “gay” and “trans” is due to the generally falling testosterone levels, the rampant “estrogen analogs” in our environment, and the potential for any of the thousands of untested “additives” to be a testosterone receptor blocker…

    Now what percentage of the population has those testosterone or receptor problems? Some small fraction of a percent. (There are other fascinating oddities too: XXY and XYY and even XYYY genetic mistakes with various strange brain and body effects). There are even “chimeras” where an XY and XX set of twin fertilized eggs get joined and develop into a single person. Extremely rare. Properly a Natures Mistake.

    Ought we upset the natural order of society for a fractional percentage of Natures Mistakes? Or even for the 2% of the population without such an issue, but with a psychological problem that causes them to think they are such a person? Nope. Treat them with care. Help them live their best life. But don’t shove it at our kids. They have a medical condition and it ought to be treated, respectfully. Not lionized.

    Those of us with normal X and Y sets, with normal testosterone receptors on our cells (and in our brains) and with normal healthy minds ought to be the ones who set the social norms.


    A LOT of the push for “gays” and “trans” and such comes out of the psychosis of belief in “Over Population”. During the peak of the Population Bomb mania, it was proposed that to prevent the destruction of the planet from too many people: We need to promote homosexuality, sterilization, abortion, and anything else that stops people having babies. Learned people with high degrees said that and now push for it. The goal is depopulation “by any means possible” to “save the planet”.

    These folks are in positions with a lot of power and money, believe that crap, and are pushing it on “society”. Blend in a little Eugenics and TPTB are thrilled at the idea…

    Thus the Hard Core Push aimed at the children

    This isn’t just an idle fad that developed on its own. Look at the history of The Club Of Rome… and what they push. Look at the Gang Green agendas.

  31. YMMV says:

    proposed that to prevent the destruction of the planet from too many people

    The basics of that list: fear of global warming, fear of destruction of the environment. Everything else follows. Except one thing, perhaps the major thing, affecting family size is economics. The richer a society or a family gets, the fewer children it has, as a general pattern. Now that destruction of capitalism is a common goal, and the economy is “progressively” failing … as Mark Steyn used to say, the future is demographics.

  32. Simon Derricutt says:

    A lot of the fear of overpopulation is misplaced. We grow food in the open, and subject to weather variations with a risk of the crops failing, because it works well-enough and is cost-effective, yet the Dutch do a lot of indoor farming and are second only to the USA in food exports. Even so, around 1/3 of the food grown ends up being thrown away, either through overbuying or bad storage/transport, so there’s no systemic shortage of food to keep half as many people again as we currently have without increasing food production. Just fix the storage and transport problems. If it becomes needed, we could easily produce a lot more food anyway, but there’s no point in doing that unless there are people wanting to buy it and eat it. Here in Europe there are still butter mountains and wine lakes from overproduction, and rules that farmers leave some of their land un-farmed.

    There is a problem with producing enough energy, though. Self-inflicted, of course, since we have the technology to produce cheap energy, though we haven’t yet got the technology to cheaply store it. I’m expecting that we’ll soon have ways to produce energy more cheaply, and using fewer resources, so in the longer-term that energy problem will go away. Given enough people, with enough education, and with a higher standard of living rather than dirt-poor and needing to spend the majority of time making a living, there will also be more people with the time to define and solve problems. The proportion of genius-level people is probably around constant, and with the current situation a large proportion of them won’t get the opportunity to follow their ideas (or even get enough education to base those ideas on), and of course malnutrition in childhood affects brain development and IQ.

    Somewhat along the lines of China’s one-child policy, the LGBTQWTF movement will lead to a demographic problem. May be deliberate, but it’s hard to tell. People get ideas and beliefs that may not be based on fact, and the young have always been more swayed by peer-pressure and following a fashionable idea. Lots of cosmetic surgery these days, and where it used to be nose-jobs and boob-jobs for teenage girls it’s now also Turkish teeth for everyone, fat-injections of filler to increase buttock-size or lip-size, Botox to reduce facial lines, and other stuff based on appearances rather than function. People go quickly mad in crowds, but only slowly and individually come to their sense (and it seems some never do).

    Are things really that different than they used to be, at the human level? Probably not, since looking back in history I think we’ve always been that way. Just that today, the technology has improved to the point where we can change peoples’ functioning with pills or with surgery without them dying too often and discouraging others who want to do the same thing. Spanish “c” is pronounced as “th” because some Spanish monarch had a lithp and everyone copied it. There was also some king who had difficulties crapping because he had a fistula (hole in the wrong place), and his courtiers largely said they suffered from the same problem (or made themselves have the same problem with self-surgery). Weird stuff. Seems people largely want to be simultaneously the same as everyone else but also unique, and it’s a small proportion who choose their own way. In “Life of Brian” there’s a scene where everyone decides to wear one sandal because Brian lost one of his sandals – funny, but also a sharp observation of human nature.

    Thus we probably have as many silly ideas as we used to have, but now the technology allows us to do something about it rather than just changing appearance with paint. The sky is falling, but we can fix that by installing wind-turbines and solar panels. If we follow the rues, the Earth and the oceans won’t burn up even if the Chinese and Indians keep installing way more coal-fired power stations than we can retire. Wear a mask – it won’t make any real difference, but it looks like you care,and thus is something you can personally do to avoid someone else getting ill and you’ll also be safe.

    People who forget their history fail the exams….

  33. Simon Derricutt says:

    Incidentally, at a bit of a tangent to the main post, seems that in the UK the teachers’ unions want more freedom to teach gender identity. Maybe better if they didn’t make it officially something that needs to be taught.

  34. cdquarles says:

    What do folk think the Salem witch trials were about? /rhetorical (besides the ergot poisoning, power lust, etc)

  35. Terry Jackson says:

    A City Journal Article on Transgender

    “Here are other truths about young children known to experts and parents alike. They are prone to magical thinking; they believe, as Jazz Jennings did, that a fairy will change their penis into a vagina, or that they play with invisible companions, like the castle-dwelling ninjas that my grandson used to “fight” when he was five. Their sense of time is primitive. Young children have trouble thinking about being six years old; imagining themselves as 20, as they would need to do to know their identity, is like science fiction. Their personalities change; the placid infant turns into a chatterbox five-year-old, who suddenly turns into a withdrawn ten-year-old. Dysphoria itself is often a temporary condition. Assuming that they don’t socially transition, as Jazz did, the large majority of dysphoric young children will desist as they get older; most will become gay.” (snip)

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