The Jab – Damage and Some Causality Info

This is a collection of some videos that cover some of the damage caused in some individuals by the Spike Protein from The Jab. It is a bit of a mix. Some just Dr. John Campbell frowning at the statistics of increased miscarriages and stillbirths, some detailed medical information on Free Spike Protein In Blood in children with myocarditis post jab, but not in the asymptomatic controls. Etc.

I’ll have limited summary of the video and related, not a full analysis, as that would make this posting very long.

Dr. John Campbell looks at the statistics showing roughly a doubling of miscarriages and stillbirths in the years after The Jab started, but curiously only a tiny increase during the pandemic years prior to The Jab:

Dr. John Campbell on pathology post mortem post vaccine. Long white clot like things found when embalming. Form after death and seems to be temperature dependent. (So if you have cold hands of feet will you get blood blockage in the extremities?) It looks like they are real things, but “a new pathology”… NOT infection related, but from vaccinated ones. Found to happen in blood from living patients with reduced blood flow such as to the feet. So the jab makes proteins in your blood coagulate if it cools.

Free spike protein floating around in the blood of young people after The Jab. Britain now limiting the Jab to old folks and those with risk factors (but not in the USA). In folks with myocarditis. (More detail in the one below from DrBeen)

This is DrBeen discussing a study that found “free” spike protein (not bound to antibodies) in the blood of adolescents and young adults with myocarditis post The Jab. They did not find any evidence of autoimmunity in these patients. (In other studies that was found). They found here that damage was caused by the spike protein, and the inflammation was caused by the Innate arm of the immune system

So it looks like if you don’t make antibodies, you get free spike proteins that damage the myocardium of the heart, that then has inflammation.

Histopathology of 5 who died of myocarditis post Jab from Germany.

The more Jabs you get, the more you swap to IgG4 and become unable to nutralize the spike protein as you make ever less of the neutralizing antibodies.

Medcram showing that the spike protein damages hearts in mice via the innate immune system.

New “W.H.O.” “treaty” (AKA Power Grab) being pushed so a few un-elected folks at the UN can mandate you get jabs and such. You know, the folks that regularly got it all wrong on Chinese Wuhan Covid:

More on that:

Viral mediated autoimmunity issues in the pandemic. What is the difference in outcomes between highly Jabbed countries and one with nearly no Jabs? (Papua New Guinea). A bit “complicated” to interpret due to the data being “contaminated” by the folks in Papua having a campaign to eradicate a parasitic infection (using Vit-I)… yet the people had very very low deaths and illness despite nearly no Jabs…

FWIW, I’m still having nearly no infections of any kind on Vit-I. In the 4th year now… repeatedly crossing the country. Being in crowds of thousands. Etc. Nice to see an “accidental study / experiment” with a whole country…

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9 Responses to The Jab – Damage and Some Causality Info

  1. andysaurus says:

    If you haven’t seen this one, I think it explains everything. We (the West) are losing an undeclared war. The arguments are rational and internally consistent.

  2. H.R. says:

    I started dosing with Vit-I early on when we discussed it here. There were waves of FauXi Flu going around and I was pretty faithful to scheduled usage for prevention.

    Then the original virus went bye-bye and the variants had subsided and I was less than circumspect with my treatments. I got a 2-day case of the ‘D’ variant and treated for it as I felt it coming on. That was a mild strain last season and most only had symptoms for about a week without treatment. That puppy was really contagious as almost everyone here in the RV park got that bug.

    There’s another strain going around this season and we’ve had over 20 cases so far here in the RV park. It’s a nastier strain and people who got it felt really sick for about a week. When I heard it was loose among us, I went back to regular dosing with Vit-I.

    For me, Ivermectin has been pretty successful as a preventative and early treatment if I do get a big snootful of virus.

  3. cdquarles says:

    One part of me wants to know if I ever caught it. Another part of me doesn’t want to know. Typically, I catch every virus circulating; but typically don’t get very sick from them. Just a minor irritation from common to many viral illnesses signs and symptoms (most likely a generalized immune response which is a bit aggressive when not tamped down a bit; and I am on mild anti-inflammatory meds, which include vitamins :) ).

    A glaring thing is the lack of minimum infectious dose reports. The infectious disease types should have that at their disposal to let the front line folk know and to guide clinic and hospital infectious disease protocols.

  4. jim2 says:


  5. John Hultquist says:

    In March of 2020, I began supplementing with Vitamin D3 and a vitamin/mineral pill with Zinc. Red potatoes, red onions, other red fruits and veggies, and red wine provide the Quercetin (a Zinc ionophore).
    I do have two doses of Ivermectin for horses in the fridge, but got rid of the horses. I got the booster Covid shot last fall and 6 weeks later the flue shot. I had a short old-fashioned cold last December.
    If I have had Covid, or been exposed, I do not know.
    My one “comorbidity” is age. This strange word begins with the Latin morbus or sickness. I reject the notion that old age is a sickness.

  6. TattyMane says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is Vit-I?

  7. E.M.Smith says:


    My Bad. I try to remember to always expand acronyms at least once in an article (or at least in a recent one) and to avoid “speaking in code”…

    Since many places (like Youtube and other Social Media) are banning folks for saying Ivermectin works, many folks have adopted the code for it of Vitamin I

    So “Vit-I” is “Vitamin I” or Ivermectin.

  8. Stewart Pid says:

    EM your post made me think of this oldy goldy
    The needle and the damage done

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