CBD Oil Stops Viruses & Covid

It seems that Cannabidiol stops RNA Viruses. Unfortunately, it fails to work in the presence of THC, so just smoking up won’t work. However, since CBD Oil is over the counter in the USA, it is easy to get here.

I don’t have information on dose or frequency, but some digging ought to find it.

It is unclear how it works but likely by interference with the whole RNA virus pathway of replication. Also unclear is if it can “protect” you from the mRNA Jab (but worth a try if, for some obscure reason, you have a mandated jab against your desires…)

There is speculation about what other RNA viruses this might work against. One of them being Ebola… so I’ll be adding a bottle to my Prep Stash.


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4 Responses to CBD Oil Stops Viruses & Covid

  1. Simon Derricutt says:

    Here, the local tabac (tobacconist) is stocking various CBD products. It’s illegal to sell stuff with THC in, though there might be a minimum percentage below which it’s legal. I’ve been wondering whether to get some in and try it, with some of it looking like grass and thus needing to be smoked or baked into brownies. I used to smoke grass maybe 40 years ago, but the supply changed to stuff that was crazy high in THC and it wasn’t good, so I stopped.

    If you recall, M. Simon used to post a lot about CBD here, saying there were many benefits.

    Might be the push needed to buy some and see what happens.

  2. cdquarles says:

    No surprise to me. Dose and route make the medicine or the poison, after all. Focusing on intoxicants versus intoxicated people fails for the same reason “gun control” fails. Our ancestors were correct about punishing “drunk and disorderly” versus sale, use, manufacture, and possession of alcohol or tobacco or hemp. Ok, maybe things got out of hand when militaries started looking at ergots and amphetamines; but still.

  3. another ian says:

    Other things getting attention

    “Scientists identify antivirals that could combat emerging infectious diseases”


  4. Botany says:

    Phoenix Tears or Rick Simpson Oil treats cancer effectively.
    You have to use cannabis indica strains to make the tincture.
    CBD is hemp oil with zero THC which is the intoxicant of cannabis.
    A sibling with stage 3 keeps going almost ten years after the diagnosis with the Phoenix Tears.

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