Curious… Langley on Ukrainian Kill Site Heading…

I haven’t done anything with this. Just at the very early WT? Stage of looking at it.

See, this Russian Journalist was attacked with a roadside bomb and his driver was killed. The caught the guy who set it up and set it off. He’s a Ukrainian agent. So far so good, and fairly normal.


It seems that since 2014 Ukraine has had a “Kill List”. It even has a Wiki Page.

What’s even more curious, is when you visit that page, while almost all of it is in Cyrillic Alphabet (that I can, just barely, decode given a bit of time, and can figure out some of the words, then… yeah, ought to just use Google Translate, but Q.A. verification matters…); there’s a little bit in English.

Not linking to it as I don’t want them putting me on their list… but see: LINK:”https : //” if curious.

Among the bit in English is this curious bit:

Non-government Center for Research of Signs of Crimes against the National Security of Ukraine, Peace, Humanity, and the International Law
Information for law enforcement authorities and special services about pro-Russian terrorists, separatists, mercenaries, war criminals, and murderers

Langley, VA, USA

Warszawa, Polska

Langley, where the CIA is based. Makes a fellow go “Hmmm….”

One could reasonably speculate that the CIA is somehow involved or coordinating or just consulting on a Ukrainian Kill List that includes USA citizens. Golly… I thought that would be a crime? I guess not these days.

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8 Responses to Curious… Langley on Ukrainian Kill Site Heading…

  1. E.M.Smith says:

    Reading the wiki on it is a bit creepy:

    On 7 May 2016, the website published the personal data of 4,508 journalists and other media members from all over the world who had worked (or had received accreditation to work) on the war in the uncontrolled government territory of Donbas, and therefore were considered by the site to have cooperated with terrorists.
    There were phone numbers, email addresses, and some countries and cities of residence of Ukrainian and foreign journalists received from the hacked database of Donetsk People’s Republic Ministry of State Security; journalists and support staff provided these data to be accredited by the unrecognized Donetsk People’s Republic. In response, the Security Service of Ukraine issued a statement that it found no violations of Ukrainian law by Myrotvorets. According to Yulia Gorbunova, senior researcher for Human Rights Watch, the implications this list has for press freedoms is serious, adding that the existence of the list puts lives in danger. The then President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko called the leak a “big mistake”.

    So ANY Journalist who went to Donbass during the independence movement there was considered to be “working with terrorists”? So an ABC Reporter who went there, interviewed someone who said “We are trying to stop the shelling” and then commented that these were, say “Rebels fighting against their legitimate government in Ukraine” could be marked for death?

    Seems a bit (as in very way) over the top to me… Zealotry, it’s a thing…

  2. Josh from Sedona says:

    It actually sort of makes a bit of sense to me.
    But then again I’ve got an extra special tin foil hat.
    Next wood im going to propose a little thought experiment…

  3. E.M.Smith says:


    I don’t have nor believe in “Tinfoil Hats”!

    Mine is aluminum… ;-)

  4. andysaurus says:

    Have you seen RFK Jnr’s interview with Russell Brand? One would think that he had a fair bit of insider knowledge of such things given his lineage.

  5. E.M.Smith says:


    No, I’ve not. Been on the road “way too much” lately. (Roughly 8,000 miles driving in about a month…) and I have, so far, mostly skipped anything long after getting back and catching up.

    I guess I’ll have to look for that one.

  6. Josh from Sedona says:

    I bet you pronounce it alu-min-e-um foil ; )

  7. E.M.Smith says:


    Actually, I “swing both ways” on most words. Mum was English, Dad from Iowa. I’ll say any given word with either mode, and accept the same. But yes, sometimes I do say it “min-E-um” and sometimes “min-num”…

  8. Josh from Sedona says:

    Bonnet/ Hood, boot / trunk, apartment/ flat, line/q
    And so on.. it conveys the same INFORMATION

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