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Where AGW goes wrong, including comments about GIStemp, but NOT including the GIStemp technical discussions and source code that would interest tech folks

A Well Done Comparison of Iceland Temperatures V.S. GIStemp Fantasies

While reading over at TallBloke’s, there was this article: That was largely a repost and link to this article: That does a very nice job of showing why I found GISS product GIStemp to be “unfit for purpose” … Continue reading

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Well, someone finds a well proven 2000 year cooling trend with MWP and RWP Climate in northern Europe reconstructed for the past 2,000 years: Cooling trend calculated precisely for the first time Date: July 9, 2012 Source: Universit├Ąt Mainz Summary: Scientists have published a reconstruction of the climate in northern Europe over the … Continue reading

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Global Warming is a Progressive/USA-Liberal Belief System

A brief look at the geographic distribution of belief (yes, belief, as in ‘belief in fairy-tales’) in AGW – human caused Global Warming. Not too surprisingly, it shows dense progressive / USA-Liberal urban areas are believers while more rural ‘in touch with nature’ areas that are also usually more conservative are in the skeptic camp. Clearly such belief is a political marker for the left / USA-Liberal / Progressive crowd. The rest of us not so much… Continue reading

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Some More Trouble With Temperatures and Nice Analysis

Some interesting and useful articles / papers on why temperature data are a bit over adjusted and why slice and splice is a Very Bad Thing in data series. Continue reading

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Paraguay, you are remote, but not alone…

A nicely done article on the absurdity of the temperature data adjustment process and results. Nice graphs of Paraguay, too. Continue reading

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