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Where AGW goes wrong, including comments about GIStemp, but NOT including the GIStemp technical discussions and source code that would interest tech folks

Early Freeze Tied To Solar Minimums

A Farmer talks about the likely early frost, after a late planting, and the lijely impactvon yields of corn Continue reading

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Wet Midwest Poor Planting

Weather and perhaps some non-weather related changes in the Agriculture and Packing / Canning industries. Continue reading

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Because Children Always Know What’s Best For Adults…

Greta does a number on the truth in her boat ride.
Tony Heller does a number on her boat ride and the truth. Continue reading

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Climate Emergency! (Yawn…)

You know the product isn’t very good when they keep changing the packaging and the name and it still isn’t selling. Just leave it on the shelf. Continue reading

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