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Where AGW goes wrong, including comments about GIStemp, but NOT including the GIStemp technical discussions and source code that would interest tech folks

Global Warming “snowed in” B.C.

A short video on being stuck in the snow in B.C. as a major storm takes out ALL the roads into Vancouver . Continue reading

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Climate Models Get Clouds Wrong – They Cool

Warm Clouds, Cold Clouds, and how Climate Models are broken in more ways and to greater degree than before. Ignore the actual processes in clouds, and you will be wrong. Ask anyone who’s lived in Florida or Hawaii and they will tell you Clouds & Rain cools you as the summer rains come. Continue reading

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Given These Political Goals What “Facts” Can We Create?

Bongino #1543 covers how the present administration is running the intelligence system backwards (given priorities, develop reasons to persecute; instead of given facts, and analysis, develop threat profiles). Continue reading

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Going To The Sun Road Closed

Glacier National Park still ploughing the Going To The Sun road. Opening late the last couple of years. Continue reading

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