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Toxic Femininity and Toxic CRT – The Counter Revolution Underway

Dave Cullen rips the Toxic Femininity of Brie Larson by pointing out her movies suck and they lost money beyond belief. He does this in large part by letting her speak… then pointing at it… Continue reading

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I might be a Slav at heart, or I could convert…

A bit of a Slavic Moment (precipitated by my usual Friday Sushi & Sake and Sake and Sake?) Continue reading

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Radio Active – Things I Did Not Know (music video / song)

Killer RadioActive Teddy Bears? Really? Continue reading

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Huckabee On Election Audit & Handmaids

Huckabee looks at the POTUS speech from a couple of days ago, and at The Left’s reaction. Plus a digression into The Handmaid’s Tale to provide background for the video. Continue reading

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