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Ivermectin Works, Vaccines Happening Now, Vit-D A Biggie

Ivermectin works as preventative and therapy. Vit-D has great benefit in reducing severity and infection. Zinc & Vit-C help a lot too. Adding Quercitin or other zinc ionophore and NAC rounds out the set needed to not worry. Per the MDs & Ph.D. cited. Continue reading

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Remarkably Rational Jones On Covid

A well tempered Alex Jones gives an interesting POV on Covid & the economy. Continue reading

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More Covid Treatments – Nebulized Peroxide & Iodine

An M.D. with a treatment that seems to help with Chinese Wuhan Covid symptoms gets hate mail from the FTC. I found his treatment interesting and novel. A collection of “The Usual” vitamins (A,C,D…) along with Iodine and VERY dilute Hydrogen Peroxide. Continue reading

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Wuhan Covid: It Is About How Fast, Not How Many. Time To end Lock Downs.

30 days to flatten the curve is over. We flattened it. It was NEVER about fewer infections. Area under the curve is constant. It was about not overwhelming hospitals with a spike. Continue reading

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