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What Happens To Chinese Wuhan Covid When A State Goes Wide-Open?

Florida has had several days now of “zero” new cases reported. Is that a reporting artifact, or does just opening the doors and going back to business as usual get this damn thing over with NOW? Continue reading

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WT? Is Happening In India?

India is having an exponential spike in cases from unknown cause. Zimbabwe, who have approved use of Ivermectin, is nearly over it. Continue reading

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Truth? Or Consequences? Or And?

When I first saw this story I thought “Looks like Click Bait or maybe Paranoid Fantasy”. Digging into it a bit, it now looks like the guy’s basic science is right, and his concerns have some merit. There’s still way … Continue reading

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Are Vaccine Passports Illegal?

Do vaccine passports violate my medical privacy and the HIPPA law? I think they do. Continue reading

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