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Geology, Quakes, Volcanos, Weather, and any other Earth Sciences related topic. Gasses and gas chemistry, such as the CO2 cycle and acid oxides (NOx SOX).

The Shooting Gallery In Which We Live

We live in a shooting gallery of kt explosive impacts. Map, link to a site, and video. Continue reading

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Ways The Sun & Electric Space Weather Change Climate

How might the Sun and Space Weather change weather on Earth? And through that climate trends? A nice video lays some of it out. Continue reading

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Where To Be In An Ice Age Glacial

When we enter the next Ice Age Glacial period, what happens to the planet surface where we live? Where will people be forced to leave, and where must they go? What does this imply for existing nations and powers? Continue reading

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CO2 Not So Much, 60 Year Cycle Paper Actually Got Published

An interesting paper saying that CO2 maybe isn’t so important and a 60 year cycle does matter, actually got published. Continue reading

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