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EU, Europe, Austria – How Are Those “sanctions” Working?

What is the economic situation in the EU today? Let’s’ use Survival Lilly as our surrogate and let her tell us what it is like in Austria (and by implication the rest of the EU). Continue reading

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Germinating Extremely Old Seeds

Sprouting really really old seeds, and using “tissue culture” techniques to improve seed germination. Russians clone 32,000 year old seeds cells into viable plants. Continue reading

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A Simple & Nice Prepper Dinner

How to live well with Prepper Food: Tonight we had a very nice dinner of Salmon Fettuccine Alfredo, marinated artichoke hearts, and buttered carrots. Continue reading

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Food Drier – First Batches Experience

I used my food dryer for the first time! Works a champ! Continue reading

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