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Gonner Goma?, Or “Ebola Goes To Town” Of Millions

Dancing on the edge of an Ebola Pandemic, the first case in a major city of over 2,000,000 people. Ebola goes to town, and the world waits to find out if a “transportation hub” is a risky place to have an epidemic. Continue reading

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Bill, A Regular Guy, “Gets It” On Global Warming & Crops

A video where Bill, of Tinyhouse Prepper, talks about his journey to realizing Global Warming is bunk, and that in a Grand Solar Minimum crop failure matters. Plus a bonus set of videos on a small wood stove and cooking freeze dried foods on a pile of bricks rocket stove. Continue reading

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Interesting “off the grid” Hydroponics Using Kratky & Others

A hydroponic growing system for food “off the grid” (or when electricity is not available) that they call Guerilla Buckets. Continue reading

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$432 Of Food Prepper Inventory

In a SHTF moment and a quick run to the grocery store, what would be the likely result. What would be in the back of the car when you got home? Continue reading

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