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Ebola, Again; This Time A Big City

Ebola in Congo has reached the major city of Mbandaka. The world will now find out what happens with ebola in an urban environment and IF an experimental ebola vaccine works. Continue reading

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What Happens When A Hurricane Meets Wind Turbines & Solar Panels

What happens when a hurricane hits solar panels and wind turbines? They get destroyed. What’s being done on Puerto Rico to restore power? Well, for one thing, Tesla is installing a LOT of “battery walls” and solar cells. Who’s paying? Crickets…. Continue reading

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Grill Review – Kingsford 20″ Portable Charcoal

I review a 20 inch / 51 cm Kingsford Portable Charcoal Grill that costs about $40 to $50. Continue reading

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Propane, Global Warming & Corruption

The individual propane tank lets small entrepreneurs bypass some of the attention of governments as applied to utilities. Is this part of the reason we see so many propane tanks used for cooking fuel in the middle east and other 2nd / 3rd world places? As electricity costs reach crazy levels, will we see that in The West too? Continue reading

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