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Does Satellite Internet + Femto-Cell Cellspot Give “anywhere phone”?

Is this a relatively simple way to bypass local Cell Towers and governments that shut off internet and cell service in “problem areas”? Does it provide Cell Service in disaster areas with near zero material needed? Continue reading

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M47 Medusa Multi-Caliber Revolver

The M47 Medusa Revolver that fires dozens of 9mm and .357 / .38 Caliber rounds. Continue reading

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L.A. & Long Beach Port Status

As Los Angeles and Long Beach have ground to a crawl, ships are stacking up out to sea. Many shipments are being diverted to East Coast ports, putting them into congestion early stages. Then there’s the Canadian Border where truckers will soon be SOL if not Vexxinated, meaning fewer trucks crossing. The “congestion” is spreading, not resolving. Continue reading

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The Stupidities Of Kaiser – Covid & “Weapons”

Kaiser Indulges In Stupidities, and then one Whopper Level Stupid clearly completely devoid of understanding of martial arts and NEVER having watch any martial arts nor murder mystery movies. Continue reading

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