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Gas to Gasoline at $1/gallon? (Call it 25 cents / liter…)

And interesting new catalyst pathway for turning natural gas to gasoline at about a buck a gallon at present natural gas prices. Continue reading

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Olduvai Theory, Success as Failure, and Yet Another Malthusian Mistake

A small rant about Yet Another Malthusian finding fantasy reasons to believe in DOOM!! Doom in our time!!! When the reality is that we have a world of abundance and plenty all around us. Continue reading

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Interesting Ecat report

looks like Rossi and the Ecat pass another test. Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on LENR, Vibrations, Chrystals, Phonons, and Quantum Mechanics

Some thoughts on a Quantum Mechanical basis for LENR predictions, and some ideas on how to make a small scale LENR reactor that ought to work. Continue reading

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E-Cat Found To Work By Independent Investigators

The academic test results for the Rossi E-Cat are in, and they show a heck of a lot of excess heat production. It looks like this device really works. Continue reading

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