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QM vs Waves vs “Photon Rectifiers”

Can an IR PV panel be made that produces some electricity from the black body radiation of a room temperature object? Thermodynamics seems to say no, while Quantum Mechanics would imply yes, given my limited understanding of both. Continue reading

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Unlimiting Growth

An overview of resources, resource uses, and the whole notion of running out and the Running Out! Scare stories. Continue reading

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Nigeria, Electricity, Power, News – AfricLiveTV Roku

What can you learn from “Local News” from the other side of the planet? Quite a lot. Especially about the ubiquity of what makes private businesses run and how management works, how unstable electricity is a Royal Pain, and that folks will adapt, if they must. Continue reading

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A Billion Here, A Billion There – pretty soon, talking real oil

A billion bbls here, a billion bbls there, pretty soon you are talking real oil… and that in the middle of an ‘oil glut’… So, about that whole idea we are “running out”?… Continue reading

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