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Marketplace Of Ideas

A Modest Suggestion for an alternative product design to that of YouTube. A “Marketplace of Ideas” where advertisers can chose what type of show to advertise on, and creators can create anything that attracts advertisers and viewers. Continue reading

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I Can’t Decide… Sting? Cheb? Mystery Woman?

Desert Rose, decisions decisions…. Continue reading

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United Kingdom Independence Day! BREXIT At 11P.M. UK Time!

It’s BREXIT DAY! At 11 PM UK time (midnight CET) BREXIT is complete and the UK is once again a free nation! Continue reading

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Planting Rice By Air Tractor

Three short videos of rice planting from the air with an “air tractor” (his words, but I like it ;-) and an air tour of my old stomping grounds a bit north of Biggs California. Continue reading

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