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NY Italian Sourdough Cheese Melt – Yum!

Put fried Italian sausage with melted cheese on a fresh home made slice of sourdough. Man it’s good. Sort of 1/2 way from a cheeseburger to a sausage breakfast muffin… but with some spice and tang. Continue reading

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Nice No Knead Bread

A very nice “artisan” crusty no-knead bread. Continue reading

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The unimportance of land to farming

Why there is not a land shortage and will not be a food shortage in farming due to land. Continue reading

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Very Non-PC Sundae

An interesting idea for a variation on the typical Sundae. Or “How to make dinner much more interesting”. Continue reading

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Less Fish, More Crime?

Maybe if we fed inner city kids more sardines the world would be a better place… Continue reading

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Corn Roots Water and Risks

A brief look at a news story from RFDTV, and summary of what too wet, then dry, does to corn roots. Continue reading

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Bromine, Iodine, Prostate and Breast Cancer

There are many articles and what look like real medical research papers pointing to Iodine as important for prevention, and even to some degree, cure, of both breast cancer and perhaps prostate problems. I do a survey of several sites. Continue reading

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