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Happy (American Schedule) Thanksgiving!

A giving of thanks. Continue reading

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Canned Crackers? Dry Canning? Say what?

Canning Crackers? Say what? Yup, you can… Continue reading

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More Canning & Soup

Some added results from various experimental canning and soup making efforts. Continue reading

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Old Cookbooks & Canning Tomatoes

Some old cook books, old canning and preserving recipes in them, and how to can tomatoes from the Ball Blue Book of Canning Continue reading

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Canning Split Pea Soup & “Dry” Beans

How to make DIY “Condensed” pea soup, a better peas soup, and canning “dry” beans. Continue reading

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A Very Good Boron Video

A fascinating video on Boron that lays out how it is transported in our bodies, what it does, and how it works to decrease bone and kidney stone problems, reduce arthritis, and help mental function. Continue reading

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Et Tu Fox? – “bad” Fast Food

Fox News has joined the ranks of those who can’t tell that their food is still good even if delivered fast. Sigh. Continue reading

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