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Gluten or FODMAP?

Is Glutin the cause of wheat sensitivity, or is it a marker for other things? FODMAP is a list of those things. Continue reading

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Making Hooch and Cider

In the End Of The World As We Know IT (EOTWAWKI) just how will you prepare for the EOTWAWKI pary? When you can’t run down to BevMo for the party fixings, what will you do? I explore the answer, and how to make hootch the right way. Continue reading

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DIY Canned Soups

Some thoughts and links on DIY canned soup and particularly DIY Cream Of Chicken soup. Continue reading

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Go Vegetarian to Save The Climate?

Governments, at the urging of The Green Blob, indoctrinating citizens with the Vegetarian Mantra, despite it being a risky lifestyle choice. Continue reading

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NY Italian Sourdough Cheese Melt – Yum!

Put fried Italian sausage with melted cheese on a fresh home made slice of sourdough. Man it’s good. Sort of 1/2 way from a cheeseburger to a sausage breakfast muffin… but with some spice and tang. Continue reading

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Nice No Knead Bread

A very nice “artisan” crusty no-knead bread. Continue reading

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The unimportance of land to farming

Why there is not a land shortage and will not be a food shortage in farming due to land. Continue reading

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