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Get Your Program! Can’t Tell The Globalist Players Without A Program!

Looks like the WEF is the control center for The Great Reset and pushing the Climate Fraud along with the Covid Panic Fraud. Players behind the curtain TBD, but many “Outed” now. Plus how Soros relates is murky still. UN working in the wings, but likely as co-conspirator or just useful tool. Continue reading

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The Great Narrative to boost The Great Reset…

The Great Narrative to plan your future for you, but not for your benefit… Continue reading

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What We Know, What We Don’t, What We Need

A semi-orderly listing of things of importance to the present Global Takeover in progress now, via COP / Climate Accords and Chinese Wuhan Covid ploys (honorable mention to DNC and Election Fraud). Continue reading

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Logistics, California Diesel, Truckers, & You

Rules on sleep cycles, duty cycles, and California attempting to suffocate the Diesel engine: Think they might be contributing to truck and trucker shortages? Continue reading

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