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Bill Maher Catches Clue – No, really…

Private Jets among the Rich & Famous? With Climate Hypocrisy? Uh, yeah… and it seems Bill Maher “get’s it” (at last…) Continue reading

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Why e-Vehicles, Solar & Wind Will Not “Transition”

Why it is impossible to do the “Green Energy Transition”: Not enough minerals, it takes many times more solids mined than are possible, and the energy required is almost as much as the fossil fuels displaced. You are up against an exponential cost increase curve in mining. Continue reading

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So Close – Missing Convection & Homeostasis

An interesting Global Warming video that comes so close to being right, but ends in a miss. Continue reading

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European Energy Shortage – France Restarting Reactors

A brief admiration of European Power AwShit coming and “coping” actions that won’t fix anything. Continue reading

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