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Toxic Femininity and Toxic CRT – The Counter Revolution Underway

Dave Cullen rips the Toxic Femininity of Brie Larson by pointing out her movies suck and they lost money beyond belief. He does this in large part by letting her speak… then pointing at it… Continue reading

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4th Of July – Independence Day! BBQ & Such

Notes on our 4th of July Independence Day fixings and doings. Continue reading

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Global Slavery – An Interesting Map

Putting the Atlantic Slave Trade in perspective and highlighting the English and American contributions to ending it. Continue reading

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Ever Wonder Why Juno, Gold, Sword, etc? D-Day Names.

No one wanted to die on a beach named “Jelly”, and “Band” was optional. So why “Sword” and “Gold”? Or “Utah” and “Omaha”? A peculiar bit of W.W.II history and names. Continue reading

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