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Rumormonger – From Apple to Twitter to P2P

Are there any risks to a P2P messaging system that has no control point? A bit of history of an early experiment 30 odd years ago. Continue reading

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The Peculiar Greek Roots Of Modern Conflict

The grand sweep of 2500 years of history has a curious continuity in it and into our present geopolitics. Continue reading

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Thermopylae vs Sea Level Rise

Do we know of a place where there once was a well defined sea level and shoreline, and where now we can see how far things have changed? Yes, several. One at Thermopylae where the width of the beach / flood plain was variously described as 20 m to 100 m; and is now measured in km. Continue reading

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Middle East Trip- US President Shares Military Secrets With RUSSIANS!!

The USA President has met with the UK Prime Minister and the Russian Leader to share military secrets and strategy for the demise of Europe as it has been for the prior few decades. Photo evidence! Continue reading

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