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Color Revolution Playbook, Trump & Russia

How to conduct a Color Revolution? There’s a handbook for that… Continue reading

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B.C. Pots, Milk, Climate Change & Red Heads

An interesting alternative thermometer found in pottery and milk fats. The deep history showing human adaptability to massive climate change along with warmth in the past and temperature controlling CO2 ppm. Continue reading

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The Serf On Soros

A recommendation for a Beththeserf article about Soros, Popper, Hegel and Marx; and that path that leads through them to global disruptions groups today. Continue reading

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Local Icon – Mustang Ranch (cars) Closed

Mustang Ranch care repair on El Camino is no more. It has recandled to a new location; replaced by Condos and places with no soul in the European Tradition. Continue reading

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