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Grab Bag – November 5th

A modest collection of various topics, each of which is a bit small for a full on posting. Continue reading

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Popper on Hegel to Soros to You

The actions of George Soros can, IMHO, be traced back through a work by Popper about Hagel. It helps to illustrate why Marxism is the way it is, why it has been connected at the hip with Authoritarian ideation from the start (as Hagel was an Authoritarian Apologist in some ways) and how all this relates to the Open Society Foundations and their attempt to subvert National Governments globally, at least in my view. Continue reading

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Forcing The Cathedral

A review of Central Authority vs Self Selected Directed organizing and some notes on how governments decay. Continue reading

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How Spain & Mexico Fumbled North America

A short introduction to the intrigues of early Spanish and Mexican California, up to the point of becoming a State. Continue reading

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The Great Pyramid Has 8 Sides.

The Great Pyramid has 8 sides, or has each side made of 2 tilted panels. Continue reading

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A remarkable JFK speech

An interesting stroll down memory lane with a speech by JFK. Continue reading

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Bit Of A Grab Bag

A grab bag ranging from Celts to food to news and Earth Day, along with how to migrate off an old Linux. Continue reading

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