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Not In My Lifetime – Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are in the World Series of baseball this year. Something not seen in my lifetime. The heavens spin and the world has gone unhinged… Continue reading

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Can Someone Explain Australia? (The Election that is, not the rest of it ;-)

A plea for advice and clarity on the Australian Election. Continue reading

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Laugh or Cry?- And Then They Came For The Kettle…

First they came for the vacuum cleaner, and I said nothing… but now they come for The Kettle!. Stand now, or the fate of nations hangs in the balance. Revolution will surely follow an attack on The Kettle and The Smartphone. Young and old alike will take up arms (and biscuits)! Continue reading

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Obama as Satan? It’s funny what folks can get by torturing data…

I wonder what it means when The Bible calls Satan by name as Barak Obama… and don’t know if I ought to laugh or cry at the method of finding it… Continue reading

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Last Week Tonight – Debt Buyers

An interesting and funny Last Week Tonight episode about Debt Buyers. Continue reading

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Prediction: Venezuela To Have A Coup In 3 Weeks

Venezuela is suffering many shortages, stoically, but now they are running out of beer. I predict the end is near… Continue reading

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Paris COP – I’m Sure They Will Reach An Agreement… In The End.

If there’s one thing the delegates at the Paris Gab fest COP21 can agree on, it is the need to gather in a room together, push hard, and reach an agreement in the end that fully respects the AR5 and puts it to good use… Continue reading

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