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The Return Of Sanity Begins… “Polite” Off The Table.

Society is prone to Brittle Failure. The GEBs & The Left pushed too far too fast, and now they broke it. From Beer to Disney: We The People are saying “NO!” and there’s no going back. Continue reading

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When You Get An Opening To Resist…

Trans Beer is to real beer as Trans Women are to… Continue reading

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Bill Maher Catches Clue – No, really…

Private Jets among the Rich & Famous? With Climate Hypocrisy? Uh, yeah… and it seems Bill Maher “get’s it” (at last…) Continue reading

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First Load Cross Continent – Part 2

The 2nd half of my first trip retrieving some of my stuff (20 foot box rental truck). This part crosses the Rockies and deals with some interesting driving challenges… Continue reading

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