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The Global Warming Cat-ass-trophy Award

What would be the suitable “mascot” or icon to use for the Warmistas? Why, how about a butt. A Cat Butt to be explicit. A nice object de art or de derision for all things deserving of a Cat Ass Trophy for predicting nutty catastrophe. Continue reading

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MacBits, Esq.

Seems AI is better at contract reviews than Real Lawyers. What’s next, AI ambulance chasing? Continue reading

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OMG! “Climate Change” Moving Earth POLES! We’re All Going To Fall Off!!

The North Pole is headed to England and we’re responsible, us naughty naughty humans. Continue reading

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Dear Russia – Thank You!

Hey, Russia! Democrats and the Politically Correct Media say you elected Trump. I gotta say: Thanks for that!! Continue reading

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