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Grab Bag Of Videos & Such

A bit of light amusement for the evening… mixed in with some serious “if I didn’t laugh I’d cry” stuff. Continue reading

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It is Somber Sunday, so, of course: F-BOMB ALERT! Do Not Proceed unless you are of stout heart and forgiving nature!

What happens when you blend fatigue from physical labor with pain relief from alcohol anesthesia? Well… let’s just say it is not appropriate for Democrats or Small Children, but I repeat myself, and I’ve not got much more “forgiveness” to give. Yes, I’ve “No More F’s to give”… Continue reading

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Pure Bloods, Niki Minaj, Tyrants & Revolutions

Dank Memes: Side by side we stand. Continue reading

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At Last, Australian Truckies News!

Some news from Australia about the Truckies Strike, found in a video of humor, sarcasm, and political bite. Continue reading

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