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Ancient in particular, but by necessity involving current ways to know how much of something something is or has.

Oct, Nov, Dec, 8 9 10, tenth eleventh twelfth months?

Why is Decem, 10, the 12th month? And what can Ethiopia teach us? Continue reading

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Bogus BMI – Body Mass Index

The BMI is a broken method of assessing health risk and ‘overweight’. It’s just bogus, in many ways. As a way to measure body fat and health risks, it’s just so wrong. Continue reading

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Concise Fun

An experience at the bank, and an online toy to play with… Continue reading

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Unifying The Cubits The Yard and The Rod

Can the Rod, the Egyptian Royal Cubit, The Roman Cubit and The English Yard / Foot be unified via method of construction? Continue reading

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