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Problems and issues in the GHCN and other data sets from NCDC the National Climate Data Center, of NOAA.

Mid-July, after the 4th, looking for fun… what to do… Ski Squaw!

What to do in the middle of summer in California? Heck, go ski Squaw! Continue reading

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My, What Big Datasets You Have, Grandma NASA

Golly, what big Files you have, NOAA… and how many of them… Seems there is a “SuperGHCNd” set of data showed up on the ftp download server. About 8+ TB worth… Continue reading

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Polk Co. Florida, Mosaic and GASP! Radiation!!!

What horrors of Radiation!!!! await the people of Polk County Florida where Mosaic has had a 40 foot sink hole drain one of their waste Gypsum stacks into the “ground water”? Continue reading

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Pondering A Funding Campaign

A soft of a Delphi Poll about possibilities of success at a crowd funding of a clean computation of a temperature data series. Continue reading

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CDIAC, Compression, Squashfs, And Oddities

Some “Lessons Learned” in making a compressed easy to search archive via squashfs file systems and temperature data file trees. Continue reading

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CDIAC Scrape Finished

The scrape of CDIAC has completed. Here I report on some sizes and such. Continue reading

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NOAA data scrape completes. At last.

A major part of the NOAA data scrape completes. Some sizes and what to expect if you do it. Continue reading

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