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Problems and issues in the GHCN and other data sets from NCDC the National Climate Data Center, of NOAA.

Thermometers Over Time

Some graphs of GHCN v3.3 thermometers plotted on a SINE perspective globe, in groups of about 1/2 century type time jumps. Continue reading

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Global Map High Cold Stations

Some global maps of GHCN v3.3 at altitude and comparing the GISS baseline to the last year of data, 2015. Continue reading

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Some Interesting Thermometer Lifetime Numbers

I take a look at how many thermometers don’t have much lifetime, and is there more dropout of short life of data in January than in July. Continue reading

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Hadley Baseline Thermometers Vs Now – GHCN v3.3

I’ve made a global map of Hadley Baseline (1960-1990 per their web site) vs “now” – the last year in GHCN v3.3 then graphed it with a SIN Perspective global map. The GIStemp baseline map is also presented for comparison even though they are almost the same. Continue reading

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